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July 21st, 2008 in Articles, News by

Any of you are using photoshop to resize image? Or other software? Do you find that it is kind of troubles when you are going to resize a 100px X100px into a 500px X 100px without losing any quality of the image, and, also without cropping any of it? Let say you are really good in photo edit. But, how about make something disappear from a photo and resize it and with all the condition I mentioned before? And, make it just a seconds? I can’t do that. But I found this video from youtube today and I just can’t believe what I am watching! There is only one thing in my mind, how if this technique can be implemented in web design?

The Video

If we can use this in web design. So, we no need to border much with the complicated layout and we can all go for fluid layout with all kind of design! Have a nice day! By the way, the video is about 1 year ago. Anyone of you know about this software? Is it in the market right now?

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