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Hello! Welcome to the Web Design News. Everyone can submit links with a short description that will then appear in the sidebar. We prefer something related to web design. mind to share your stories?

We DO NOT accept any articles related to SEO, sites promotion and any news with description longer than 200 chars. We will black list your email and IP if you want to try us. Also, please try to keep the community healthy and clean. Please don’t spam. Thanks!

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  • Google Plus: The good, the bad and the ugly

    A big analysis on Google’s new social product. On this article you’re going to find the best things about Plus as well as those who are not so good.

  • 8 Footsteps to Rank Purely High in Search Engines

    Gaining a solid search engine place suggests that your website is a respected and popular online source. Like a graphic designer who perform his services in Printing, flyers, brochure..

  • How to Photograph People Indoors

    When it comes to creativity then there is no limitation on resources. Here we talking about indoor photography. If you know how to shoot a photo then you can also change something fairly simple to som

  • Resource Roundup: 10 Fresh Textures

    A good texture isn’t too busy or distracting, but adds an element that you can’t achieve with flat color. Play around with these textures and see what they can do for you.

  • How to create a 3D Portfolio layout

    Learn how to create a sleek3D Portfolio layout using photoshop

  • 40 Incredible Collection of Creative Advertisements Designs

    Everyday we have alot of companies in our surroundings who are advertising their products, services, business etc and trying to inform the public or their target audience about them. Sometimes they ar

  • Creative Bumps Design Blog

    A Web Design inspiration and Tutorial Blog for web designers and developers which can get a lot of material for their work.

  • Ultimate Useful WordPress SEO Plugins for Get Better Results

    Now a day WordPress is one of the most widespread and well-known instrument used for publishing content on the web. The whole thing from E-Commerce websites to blogs can be established..

  • Free WDF Green Icon Set

    Today we bring you another icon set from the WDF vault – a collection of useful green icons. This set comes in 3 different sizes: 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels. We have provided both the .PNG and .AI files.

  • 10 Must-See Infographics about SEO

    You know SEO(Search engine Optimization) is basically improving the visibility of a website or to rank your site higher than the other millions of sites.The main aim is to drive more traffic yo your site but of course SEO is not really that simple.

  • How to create an advanced administration layout

    Learn how to create a sleek admin layout using photoshop

  • Photographs – London Under Riots Looting and Violence Captured

    Now we have seen the riots in London in recent times, such as the riots in London look set to continue for a third night and to spread to other parts of the UK as well. 68 people of..

  • How to Use 3Ds Max to Make Some Useful Models

    3Ds Max is a most useful and popular software to make some wonderful elements in modern life. To create a interior design model, machinery elements, furniture, animation films etc. 3Ds max is very much useful software.
    Today we present some tutorials that surely help you to learn how to make some useful elements with 3Ds max.

  • 20+ Awesome JQuery Slider Tutorials

    Here is a collection of the newest Jquery Slider Tutorials out there on the web. These tutorials include Image Sliders, Content Sliders & Gallery Sliders!

  • Don’t Do TOO Good Of A Job!

    Maybe this is happened to you. You’ve really nailed a project. You skip out of the client’s with a big smile because you’ve done the best work you have ever done. Months down the line, you haven’t hea

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