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  • 40 New Free Fonts for Your Designs

    It’s essential for Designers to have a good understanding of typography and selection as the importance of typography in design can’t be neglected. The proper selection of typography can convert your

  • 70 Professional Logo Design Ideas

    All businesses have analogous basic issues when it comes to branding and logo design. As a brand identity logo design is one of the important factors.

  • How To Create Fixed Position Share Box

    Learn how to create a fixed position share box on the side of your webpage.

  • Best Ways to Submit Your Design Portfolio

    There is a snapshot in every designer’s life that captures all emotions: excitement, fear, anticipation, dread, confidence, and hesitance. All of these gut-wrenching feelings stem from one single act, an act in which designers will perform several times throughout their careers:

  • 40 Best Apps Giving Life your New HP TouchPad Gadget

    It’s an age of technology in which we are alive in other words we can say that now technology becomes part and parcel of everyone’s life. Everyday new devices have come and in this..

  • 50 Remarkable Websites With Full Screen Backgrounds

    The web is a huge place packed with websites. According to Netcraft there are over 182 million websites that we have record of. If that number does not scare you, then I don’t know what will. Consider

  • How To Create A Pure CSS Glow Text On Hover

    Learn how to use some of the new features of CSS3 includes text-shadow and animation. This tutorial uses text shadow to make the text glow.

  • 200+ Maximum Resolution Wallpapers

    A beautiful wallpaper always creates a great and inspirational mood for your work and leisure time. It is always great to turn on your computer and see an attracting and gorgeous image on the background.

  • Five Rules for Creating a Killer Digital Portfolio

    A digital portfolio is the introduction to a designer’s premier skill set. Along with a well-crafted resume and cover letter, a killer digital portfolio can be the winning combo to landing your dream design position.When creating a digital portfolio, be mindful of what to include and the effort it will take to showcase your design skills.

  • How to integrate Magento into WordPress e-Commerce site

    Magento is the best eCommerce software, well architected and well designed too. You can easily customize it and change theme according to your needs. I have compiled a list of Great Themes for Magento

  • 20+ Beautiful Red Logo Designs

    Red catches people’s attention, and can be used either in a negative way to indicate danger and emergency, or in a positive way in advertising to gain more viewers. Here are the 20 beautiful examples of Red Logo Designs that will serve as an inspiration for your next design project. Enjoy !!

  • AJAX in JQuery using jQuery.get and jQuery.post methods

    JQuery tutorial about applying AJAX in JQuery using the jQuery.get and jQuery.post methods

  • How To Design the AIDA Sales Process

    The AIDA sales process has been with us for more than 100 years. It’s a simple model for the stages that occur in making a sale. Without a sales person to guide the process how can we design for AIDA?

  • Photographs – Col. Muammar Khadafi From Past to Future

    We have a photos collection of the Gaddafi. These photos are got from some famous resources such a collection of Gaddafi’s photos which present him. The Gaddafi’s updates, he born…

  • How to Increase WordPress Performance through Lazy Load Widgets

    If you are using WordPress as your blog platform and want to increase its performance, The Lazy Widget Loader plugin provides lazy loading for widgets to improve page loading. Use it on slow widgets,

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