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  • Amazing and Colorful Insects Photography

    Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether its the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from them.

  • Excellent Tips for Branding Your Blog

    Branding is an important factor behind the success of all business. Whether you are selling a pen or a car, brand names work everywhere. People still prefer buying a Pelikan and a Toyota. This is beca

  • Beautiful Tech: the 10 Sexiest Gadgets of 2011

    We gadget lovers are visual people by nature, and our attraction to technology is very much by design. These 10 gadgets represent the most visually appealing and functionally valuable items of 2011.

  • Freebie: White Clean 3d buttons

    Today`s freebie is mini set of 36 3d buttons/icons that are divided into 3 groups: social, media and web.
    I`ve included PSD but without layer style only scalable buttons and buttons in png format.

  • 30 Awesome and Fabulous Examples of Lino Printing

    Lino Printing is a popular print making technique using by many professional artists. Lino printing was originally held in low esteem by the art world until Pablo Picasso made a series of lino prints

  • Stunning Collection of Top Quality Printing Tutorials

    There are a large number of tutorials on different topic of print media. Today we are mixing two kinds of this media first one is printing related tutorials which will guide you about printing techniques

  • Uncharitable Charitable Design

    Like many people, I always say, “Never work for free.” Like many people, I break that rule when it comes to a good cause or meeting women. So far, I’ve only been screwed… by the good causes, that is.

  • 23 Beautiful and Inspirational Fashion Print Ads

    A collection of over 20 beautiful, inspirational and somewhat controversial fashion print ads.

  • What Elements Are Necessary In The Design Of A Blog Post?

    From the title to comments and social media buttons, what should be included in the design of a blog post?

  • Responsive Web Design – Does Your Site Still Look Good?

    Responsive web design is quite simply the coding of a website in order that it presents itself in a different format, layout or scale depending on the available browser window on the device it is being viewed on.

  • What to Know When Photographing Children

    One of the most common reasons for buying a camera is to capture those precious moments of children’s lives from the time they are born. Capturing regular moments of the children as they develop is so

  • Prevent Hotlink Images With htaccess

    Hotlinking is when people use images from another site on their own site. This is a common practice which will waste a lot of bandwidth from the site that hosts the images.

  • Create Simple Ribbon With CSS

    Ribbon style right now has became one of web design trend, it has been used in main menu navigation, background, header style, and any other part of web design.

  • How to Watermark Your Digital Art and Photography in Photoshop

    20 Examples of Gorgeous Fashion Stores Socialites, millionaires and the curious flock to high end fashion stores for the chance to see the latest and greatest styles from the best designers in the world. Not wanting to travel all over the world to view the newest designs

  • The Politics of Typography

    Graphic designers will already appreciate the important role of typography in delivering a message, and that throughout the ages the character and form of typography has often reflected the historical

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