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  • 10 Useful Tools For Web Designers And Developers

    In this collection, we are showcasing a list of 10 fresh and useful tools for the web developers and web designers. Although,

  • Dynamic Web Development with Ajax, jQuery, and JSONP

    Frontend web developers must be somewhat familiar with the jQuery JavaScript library. This open source solution gives birth to a whole new method of coding website animations and effects. I remember f

  • Illustrator CS6 on Your Fingertips with These 40 Tutorials

    Our post today contains 40 such CS6 tutorials which have been gathered keeping in view all the different requirements. These tuts will guide you to create characters and useful design

  • 40 Best Photo Editing Tutorials By Photoshop

    best collection of Photo Editing Tutorials using Photoshop and only listing latest Photoshop tutorials because that has new tricks and techniques for enhance your photo editing skills

  • Learn How To Create a Dreamy Surreal Scene – Photoshop Tutorial

    We will learn how to create light and darkness to make the background look seamless. We are going to learn how to use textures and give life to our image, and we are going to learn hoscriptions

  • Elegant Website Design Secrets for Your Web Design Projects

    If you are searching for good website design secrets and you really want to create outstanding and elegant web design so you are on the right platform. We have some best web design secrets…

  • Amazing Business Cards Design: New And Revolutionary Designs

    A business card shouldn’t be dull or boring. You can make a decent plain business card through a unique different idea of creating it. Like you can create 3d business cards or some ar

  • How to Transform a Small Business into Brand Identity

    Do you think that your brand identity is limited to your Logo design? Well the answer is a big NO. Branding the business plays important roles in the growth of your company, and brand

  • 25 Awesome Catalog Design

    Catalog design in printed form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building. Without catalog design company’s marketing toolkit always incomplete and your

  • Infographics: overview and best practices

    The use of infographics also known as information graphics in web design is a quite new trend in the designer community. They are mostly used in order to represent complicated information or workflows

  • How to Design Awesome Infographics

    Even if information is highly out of ordinary and attention-grabbing, if your content contains lengthy plain text without illustration or images whatsoever, the entire page becomes dull and unimaginat

  • 90 New High-Quality Free WordPress Themes (2012 Edition)

    In this showcase below, you’ll find a Excellent Collection of Fresh High-Quality Free WordPress Themes Around because We all know that we’re going to use our blog as a tool to promote our business, so

  • 70 Excellent and Creative Posters Designs

    An excellent poster on our wall would certainly catch our attention and even inspire us. For the design aspect of us here is a collection of excellent of excellent posters that most likely you would like to be hanged on your wall and also suit your taste buds for design.

  • How To Develop Scalable And Maintainable CSS

    It’s relatively simple to learn the basics of css. What’s not so simple is creating scalable and maintainable css systems.

  • Mobile Web Design A New Market of Website Development

    With the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets having a website that is compatible with users browsing on these mobile gadgets is critical to your business. If you have an older or outdated website, users could have a very difficult time accessing the content on your site. navigating through the website.

  • How to use shadow highlight to get impressive results

    In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use the shadow/highlght effect to create a boost in your images, intense colors, and a more sculptural look.

  • Is There A Better Way To Style Paragraphs?

    What’s the best way to indicate a new paragraph has started? Should you add an extra line space as is most common on the web or is it better to indent the first line as is common in print? Are these o

  • 45 Unusual and Unique Business Card Designs

    Business card is an important part of offline exchange in the world of business. Business card speaks for your brand, and creative business card will help you gain a better impression from your potential clients. Other than this the logo of the company is important.

  • Web Design Trends In 2012

    Happy 2012 everyone! And what better way to start 2012 than with a review of the web design trends for the year. Now, please allow me to be the first to tell you that I am no psychic nor am I a fortune teller so I won’t be able to guarantee that the following trends will definitely become the most popular designs.

  • Tips for Making Clients Read Your Emails

    Email marketing is one of the in-vogue techniques in the online marketing world. Over time, it has turned out to be one of the best ways to interact with one’s audience, keep them informed and share u

  • Where Is Web Design Heading In 2012 And Beyond?

    Where is the web design industry heading in the coming years? Here’s where I think it’s going. Do you agree?

  • I Got 99 Problems, But Creativity Ain’t One

    As designers, we have moments where it seems impossible to come up with one more creative idea. How do we stay creative after years of designing, completing project after project, being creative day i

  • Wonderland Landscape Photography Real or Fake

    There are certain places on earth which transcend beauty as we know it. Ihave known some friends who have taken this journey to follow their dreams and trust me there is no better hobby than Photography.

  • How to Social Network for Self-branding

    In today’s culture famous personalities exist in all manner of incarnations, largely thanks to social networks. From artists to musicians and politicians to PR people pushing their various interests, people are using social media to promote and create their own personal ‘brands’.

  • 15+ Cool Sticky Notes You Can Buy

    We often use the square yellow sticky note to remember important things. Whether you have short or long term memory loss, sticky notes are quite a helpful reminder. Getting tired of the boring square

  • Free Texture Friday – Vintage Paper 3

    5 Free high quality vintage paper textures. These textures are perfect for adding a vintage feel to nearly any design, illustration, or scrapbooking endeavor.

  • The Comprehensive Guide of a Guest Post Writer

    A guest post is nothing more than an article written by anyone different from the blog administrator or the team hired to write articles. To quickly recognize a guest post is recommended to search for

  • Why Content Is Best Created By Those Best Able To Create It

    Who should be responsible for content creation within an organization?

  • 25+ Lively WordPress Plugins for an Interactive Blog

    Blogging as a concept and a culture has gained widespread relevance in the present times. People today are driven by a new found zeal and self reliance, and have moved out of the shadows of self doubt

  • 25 Vintage Poster Designs

    Vintage posters are just beautiful! Even considering that they were designed years ago, we still think they are full of style and beauty. As I really like this kind of art I decided to make this selec

  • Amazing and Colorful Insects Photography

    Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether its the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from them.

  • Excellent Tips for Branding Your Blog

    Branding is an important factor behind the success of all business. Whether you are selling a pen or a car, brand names work everywhere. People still prefer buying a Pelikan and a Toyota. This is beca

  • Beautiful Tech: the 10 Sexiest Gadgets of 2011

    We gadget lovers are visual people by nature, and our attraction to technology is very much by design. These 10 gadgets represent the most visually appealing and functionally valuable items of 2011.

  • Freebie: White Clean 3d buttons

    Today`s freebie is mini set of 36 3d buttons/icons that are divided into 3 groups: social, media and web.
    I`ve included PSD but without layer style only scalable buttons and buttons in png format.

  • 30 Awesome and Fabulous Examples of Lino Printing

    Lino Printing is a popular print making technique using by many professional artists. Lino printing was originally held in low esteem by the art world until Pablo Picasso made a series of lino prints

  • Stunning Collection of Top Quality Printing Tutorials

    There are a large number of tutorials on different topic of print media. Today we are mixing two kinds of this media first one is printing related tutorials which will guide you about printing techniques

  • Uncharitable Charitable Design

    Like many people, I always say, “Never work for free.” Like many people, I break that rule when it comes to a good cause or meeting women. So far, I’ve only been screwed… by the good causes, that is.

  • 23 Beautiful and Inspirational Fashion Print Ads

    A collection of over 20 beautiful, inspirational and somewhat controversial fashion print ads.

  • What Elements Are Necessary In The Design Of A Blog Post?

    From the title to comments and social media buttons, what should be included in the design of a blog post?

  • Responsive Web Design – Does Your Site Still Look Good?

    Responsive web design is quite simply the coding of a website in order that it presents itself in a different format, layout or scale depending on the available browser window on the device it is being viewed on.

  • What to Know When Photographing Children

    One of the most common reasons for buying a camera is to capture those precious moments of children’s lives from the time they are born. Capturing regular moments of the children as they develop is so

  • Prevent Hotlink Images With htaccess

    Hotlinking is when people use images from another site on their own site. This is a common practice which will waste a lot of bandwidth from the site that hosts the images.

  • Create Simple Ribbon With CSS

    Ribbon style right now has became one of web design trend, it has been used in main menu navigation, background, header style, and any other part of web design.

  • How to Watermark Your Digital Art and Photography in Photoshop

    20 Examples of Gorgeous Fashion Stores Socialites, millionaires and the curious flock to high end fashion stores for the chance to see the latest and greatest styles from the best designers in the world. Not wanting to travel all over the world to view the newest designs

  • The Politics of Typography

    Graphic designers will already appreciate the important role of typography in delivering a message, and that throughout the ages the character and form of typography has often reflected the historical

  • 40 Exciting Occupy Movement Poster Designs

    The Occupy movement has been in the news for many previous weeks. If you have been living under a rock, here is a summed-up purpose it holds for the people involved. “This Occupy movement empowers rea

  • What Visual Impression Can You Convey In An Instant?

    People begin forming judgements about your site in as little as 50ms. How much can you communicate in 50ms?

  • Elements to Remember While Creating a Business Logo

    A business logo is like an identity of a business. And when it comes to an online business, first impression is the last impression. It is a business logo design that represents the online business an

  • 45 Latest Free Fonts To Enhance Your Designs

    Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Display typography is a potent element in graphic design, where there is less concern for readability an

  • CSS3 Spinning Icons

    In this tutorial you will learn how you can use CSS to create spinning social media icon on the hover event to draw more attention to your social media icons.

  • Freebie: Coming Soon Page PSD Template

    Nowadays the “Coming Soon” page is more than just an ordinary white page that hints visitors about the up-coming website. This kind of landing page consists not only under-construction sign it also c

  • Top 20 WordPress Plugins of 2011

    This article contains a selection of the most popular and useful free WordPress plugins of 2011

  • What is Ghost Blogging?

    Ghost bloggers and ghostwriters are authors who are hired to write content for clients. Sounds pretty simple, right? The catch–and reason for the funny name–is that these authors don’t receive credit

  • Best iPad Apps 2011 For Web Designers-Time to Strengthen Your Productivity!

    iPad- since its emergence has got a great deal of popularity among all sorts of users. It’s extremely powerful and loved because of its portability and usability. The fame of iPad is not just limited to general population but it has got with it so many features that influenced the world of designers as well.

  • Why Great Designers Quit Designing

    The design field is one that tons of people want to be a part of, and yet the turnover rate is incredibly high. Many good designers don’t make it more than ten years. For a very sought after field tha

  • How To Make Forms More Usable With HTML5

    html5 is introducing some enhancements to forms. There are new form elements, new input types, and new attributes to help making building and using forms easier.

  • 15 Great Scripts for Creating a Brilliant Forum

    These are top platforms for creating professional bulletin boards and also a web community with maximum sexurity and style.

  • How To Quickly Install A Photo Gallery With Mac Dock Effect To Your WordPress Site!!

    WordPress CMS is popular for its blog friendly characteristics. Heaps of blog sites offering various services such as tutorial sites to educate and lead the audiences to buy the products/services o

  • Traditional Offset vs. Digital Printing

    Evolving technology has brought more choice to printing. However, having more options can sometimes make it difficult to make a final decision about which commercial printing process is right for your project.

  • Getting To Know HTML5 Forms

    HTML5 comes with loads of new things to do with forms. All the things you used to with Javascript with forms you can now do most of things with HTML5. You can now easily add validation, date pickers,

  • How to Handle Negativity in Your Design Business

    Negativity (or Criticism) is extraordinarily helpful and, at the same time, can be extraordinarily destructive. It depends where it comes from. We have probably all come across individuals who critici

  • Brilliant Church Marketing Templates

    A successful marketing strategy for Churches shouldn’t blow your budget! These templates are Premium, High Quality, Contemporary and designed by professional graphic designers.

  • 125 Awesome Typography Collection

    Typography is the ultimate form of science meeting art. Space size type treatment effects contrast color selection and much more go into every piece of design that involves the use of type. Typography is the art or technique of arranging type.

  • 60 Examples of Responsive Website Design

    The digital age is here to stay, and we must adapt in order to compete. The growth of smart-phones, tablets(let’s be honest, iPad), and netbooks is increasing every year. While moving into the so call

  • Hiring Staff for Your New Blog: Is It Worth It?

    Blogging is one of the greatest businesses growing with the emergence of the online economy. There are innumerable blogs from every corner of the world, whether by amateurs or professionals. Some post

  • How to Secure the Customer Privacy on eCommerce Websites

    A comprehensive guide showing how to take measures in order to ensure the privacy of customers on your ecommerce websites.

  • CSS Transitions: A Simple Way To Delight Your Visitors

    CSS3 transitions are an easy way to begin creating a delightful experience for your visitors. They’re simple to work with and create a nice effect so that changes on your site happen more naturally.

  • The CSS Display Property: A Reintroduction To A Familiar Friend

    Every html element behaves according to one of the css display property values. Most of the time you probably don’t change the default value, but it’s good to understand them for the times you do.

  • 20 Stunning Examples of Cinematic Photography

    Beautiful and inspirational examples of cinematic photography.

  • 50+ Vector Background and Vector Graphic

    I’m sure designers always in need of a cool free vector background and vector graphic for illustrations and sometimes it can become a little tricky to find the right one. So here is colorful vector b

  • How To Design A Clean And Beautiful Portfolio Webdesign

    This Photoshop tutorial teaches you how to create a website layout, from the beginning, creating a document under Photoshop, how to the publication in HTML5 and CSS3. This tutorial is really useful fo

  • What Is HTML5?

    Learn how easy it is to get started using HTML5 even now. Learn new HTML5 tags to create more semantic code.

  • Mega Bundle from VectorPack.net available now for only $29 instead of $545

    We, at Vectorpack.net, have prepared an amazing Mega Bundle which contains all the elements a designer needs in his work. This pack is available, from the 3nd till the 13th of October, for only $29 instead of $545

  • Wonderful Collection of Candid Photography

    You might be wandering what photography this is, when you capture pictures of your friend at his wedding, your girl friend on her birthday, people walking in the street and so on. The important thing

  • Examples of Textures in Photography

    By cleverly using textures and overlaying them on a photograph, you can add a grungy feeling, a watercolor or painted feeling, a surreal feeling, or many other feelings to the photograph.

  • The 8 Best Freelancing Books for Designers

    View 8 of the best freelancing books that will surely help you in your design career.

  • Wonderful website designs of Famous Music Artists

    Today I would like to show you some cool website designs that belong to various music artists. All these artists are well-known World Wide. But to be honest, despite of their achievements in music, th

  • 75+ Amazing Adobe After Effects Tutorials

    Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool to give visual effects in motion graphics. It also provides a huge range of predefined combinations to give stunning animating
    effects to movies. Designing Mall has a tradition to give quality roundups

  • CSS Selectors: Should You Optimize Them To Perform Better?

    Here are some guidelines for optimizing your css selectors along with some thoughts on the importance of optimizing.

  • 5 Elements that Make a Font Successful

    If you’re anything like me, you can get a bit obsessive when it comes to typography. Sometimes subtle, but often critical, the font selection for a piece can make or break it. But not every font is de

  • Create a Versatile Sofa in Illustrator

    When it comes to web and graphic design, Adobe Illustrator is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to master.

  • 32 Classic WordPress Themes for Business

    Creative or classic, which type of WordPress themes would best suit my business? Some people find it not an easy decision to make. Are you one of them?

  • 20 Great Uses of HTML5 Techniques

    As one application programming, HTML5 is widely used in some platforms script based. One of the functions that can be optimized is the use of the HTML5 web design to application development.

  • 35 Cool and Stylish Social Media Icon Sets

    Icon sets, a source to enhance your products and make them attractive. Icons are the most growing part of web designing till now and its the most popular query among Graphic Designers and Web Developers

  • 17 WordPress Online Store Themes

    17 WordPress online store themes with built-in shopping cart. Free and premium WordPress themes that are very simple to install and maintain

  • Top 50 Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials from 2011

    We all know that Photoshop is the best computer software program for editing digital photos and images.But it is also excellent for web designers.Most of the web designers use Photoshop to design web layouts.Today we have compiled really high quality photoshop layout tutorials from 2011.I’m sure that you will learn many new photoshop techniques from these tutorials.

  • Getting Started in Digital Photography

    Digital photography has many advantages over using a traditional film-based camera. Once one has made the initial investment, one is not expected to purchase endless rolls of films and pay for their d

  • 5 Childish Reasons No One Is Guestposting At Your Blog

    Want some quality articles contributed to your blog, but noone is offering you to guestpost? I think I know what might be the reason and how to cultivate guestposts on your own blog!

  • Superb and Inspiring Collection of Realistic 3D Robots

    Robotic technology represents the vision of the futurism and robotic art is becoming very popular now a days. 3D designers have designed stylish shaped of robots which can be inspiring for those who want to make 3D characters and especially robots.

  • Yellow in Web Design! 45 Bright and Inspiring Examples

    When it comes web design colors play a great role.We know that websites are created in various colors and creating a website with right colors or let’s say creative use of colors in web design can give you many advantages.The balance and style between the color and the content is very important.For example Yellow.Yellow is a little bit risky color.

  • Interview with Juliet Towner

    Designer Juliet Towner, also known as 7ulio, has done an amazing job in her position as Graphic Designer for Victory Highway Wesleyan Church.

  • What to Know When You Printing Images

    After taking pictures the next obvious step is to see the result. This is possible by making prints of Images.

    When black-and-white photography was popular, enthusiasts of this hobby generally gave t

  • 20 Best Image Manipulation Apps for Android

    As one of the frequently used applications on multiple types of Smartphone, Android is a software that continues to experience growth, both in terms of features and facilities, and existing functionality.

  • Thoughts On How Social Networks Impact Search Results

    A look at how signals from social sites might be affecting search results, particularly Google’s results.

  • Awesome WordPress Premium Plugins and Themes

    Design is a very important part of your website and blog to get some loyal visitors and also getting advertiser for you blog or website. Today we will discuss about look and feel of WordPress and also about wordpress plugins.

  • 50 Color-Creative Website Designs

    Eye catching web design starts with good use of color. Creative color combinations can instantly tell users what a website is about and why they should care.

  • A Brief History of Typography

    Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, so its history is inextricably tied up with the history of printing. Covering the entire topic in detail would require years of study, but this p

  • How To Use CSS Combinators and Simple Pseudo Class Selectors

    CSS combinators and pseudo-classes are ways to target specific html elements with your css.

  • 40 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

    After seeing all the amazing photo manipulations by many talented artists from around the design globe, I wanted to post an article containing the best photo manipulation tutorials that have been written on the web.

  • The Close Relationship Between Gestalt Principles and Design

    Inspiration and creativity always follow recognizable patterns which come from culture and social trends to be effective. To works well design has to consider not just the single element but how the t

  • 10 Basic Rules to Maximize your Blog Writing

    Writing a blog can become a snap once you get used to the motions. Keep these 10 basic blog writing rules in mind and you will be publishing great blog content in your niche market.

  • 40 Clean and Well Crafted E-commerce Website Designs for Inspiration

    Almost every kind of product is being sold via online and there is a great competition between companies in e-commerce industry.One of the most important issue of online shopping website is the design and functionality.First of all it must be definetly a user friendly and a totally functional website.So today,we are showcasing well-designed user friendly e-commerce websites.

  • How to Effectively Photographing Interiors

    Lighting conditions indoors are much more uncertain than in the open air. The strength of the light as well as its direction may vary a great deal according to the size of the windows and the way they

  • What is a Pixel Font? Explanation and Examples

    There have been many fonts in the past that were once used for pure necessity, as nothing else would show clearly on a computer screen.

  • A New Flexible Solution To A Responsive Layout Problem

    This post is a second look at a real problem I’m facing in a responsive layout how I managed to solve the problem.

  • 40 New Free Fonts for Your Designs

    It’s essential for Designers to have a good understanding of typography and selection as the importance of typography in design can’t be neglected. The proper selection of typography can convert your

  • 70 Professional Logo Design Ideas

    All businesses have analogous basic issues when it comes to branding and logo design. As a brand identity logo design is one of the important factors.

  • How To Create Fixed Position Share Box

    Learn how to create a fixed position share box on the side of your webpage.

  • Best Ways to Submit Your Design Portfolio

    There is a snapshot in every designer’s life that captures all emotions: excitement, fear, anticipation, dread, confidence, and hesitance. All of these gut-wrenching feelings stem from one single act, an act in which designers will perform several times throughout their careers:

  • 40 Best Apps Giving Life your New HP TouchPad Gadget

    It’s an age of technology in which we are alive in other words we can say that now technology becomes part and parcel of everyone’s life. Everyday new devices have come and in this..

  • 50 Remarkable Websites With Full Screen Backgrounds

    The web is a huge place packed with websites. According to Netcraft there are over 182 million websites that we have record of. If that number does not scare you, then I don’t know what will. Consider

  • How To Create A Pure CSS Glow Text On Hover

    Learn how to use some of the new features of CSS3 includes text-shadow and animation. This tutorial uses text shadow to make the text glow.

  • 200+ Maximum Resolution Wallpapers

    A beautiful wallpaper always creates a great and inspirational mood for your work and leisure time. It is always great to turn on your computer and see an attracting and gorgeous image on the background.

  • Five Rules for Creating a Killer Digital Portfolio

    A digital portfolio is the introduction to a designer’s premier skill set. Along with a well-crafted resume and cover letter, a killer digital portfolio can be the winning combo to landing your dream design position.When creating a digital portfolio, be mindful of what to include and the effort it will take to showcase your design skills.

  • How to integrate Magento into WordPress e-Commerce site

    Magento is the best eCommerce software, well architected and well designed too. You can easily customize it and change theme according to your needs. I have compiled a list of Great Themes for Magento

  • 20+ Beautiful Red Logo Designs

    Red catches people’s attention, and can be used either in a negative way to indicate danger and emergency, or in a positive way in advertising to gain more viewers. Here are the 20 beautiful examples of Red Logo Designs that will serve as an inspiration for your next design project. Enjoy !!

  • AJAX in JQuery using jQuery.get and jQuery.post methods

    JQuery tutorial about applying AJAX in JQuery using the jQuery.get and jQuery.post methods

  • How To Design the AIDA Sales Process

    The AIDA sales process has been with us for more than 100 years. It’s a simple model for the stages that occur in making a sale. Without a sales person to guide the process how can we design for AIDA?

  • Photographs – Col. Muammar Khadafi From Past to Future

    We have a photos collection of the Gaddafi. These photos are got from some famous resources such a collection of Gaddafi’s photos which present him. The Gaddafi’s updates, he born…

  • How to Increase WordPress Performance through Lazy Load Widgets

    If you are using WordPress as your blog platform and want to increase its performance, The Lazy Widget Loader plugin provides lazy loading for widgets to improve page loading. Use it on slow widgets,

  • Free WDF Old School Icon Set

    Today we bring you another icon set from the WDF vault – a collection of retro-ish old school icons. This set comes in 3 different sizes: 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels.

  • 45 Amazing and Cool 3D Typographic Text effect Tutorials

    Which one is better for manipulating text, Photoshop or Illustrator? There is no clear and defined answer. Photoshop typographic text effect tutorials teach important graphic design techniques from 3D text effects to vector text effects as well.

  • 30+ Best Endorsed Chrome Extensions for Your Photos

    Google chrome working to be famed day by day even new web browser, we also getting popularity with its great speed and features. We arrange some of really useful Google Chrome Extensions…

  • Learn the Basics of Digital Photography

    As a popular hobby over the past 170 years, one feature that remained constant in photography is the need for a camera to be loaded with a film that needs chemical processing. In a traditional camera,

  • An Attempted Solution To A Real Responsive Layout Problem

    This post is a look at a real problem I’m facing in a responsive layout how I’m attempting to solve that problem, and where my solution succeeds and fails.

  • Absolutely Amazing Eye Makeup Designs

    Definitely eye makeup is very important among the women. They give special care and time while decorating their eyes.When it comes to relationships, peoples eyes can be a window into their hearts. But taking the eye makeup into consideration, it is also a key point for you to decorate. A pair of sexy eye is able to attract peoples attention.

  • Design Study : 20 Interesting Logos with Hidden Messages

    20 Interesting Logos with Hidden Messages. We take a look at the hidden messages behind 20 beautiful famous logos.

  • How to Buy Digital Photography Equipments

    Before you start using your camera, make sure that you have all the right equipments that you will need to start the journey of digital photography. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, havin

  • 80 Astonishing Digital Painting Designs

    Digital Painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet, stylus, and painting software. The main difference between digital and traditional painting is the non-linear process.

  • The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

    Social media is indeed a powerful thing these days. Social media has a lot to offer to its audience however, everything has a baggage of good and bad things. Same goes for social…

  • Bait and Switch Job Seeking

    Certainly there are many of us out there seeking jobs. Either we were laid off or just can’t stand our employers and their weird take on employee’s rights or practice of the Peter Principle and the pr

  • Appealing Elements of Best Crowd-sourcing Sites for Logo Designers

    With the emerging trend of crowdsourcing in the logo design industry, it has become tricky for logo designers to pick the best logo design crowdsourcing site from themselves. Here are the 5 features l

  • Why You Need To Keep Up With New Technologies

    How well do you keep up with the latest and greatest technologies? Do you use them in practice as soon as possible? Learn them for when the time is right? Wait until everyone says they’re ok to use?

  • Issue 3 iPad postponed until next year

    Apple has abandoned its plans to release iPad tablet 3 to the end of this year. According to the resource DigiTimes,

  • Showcase – Typographic Art Develop Influence in Logo Designs

    Typography permits every graphic designer or artist to provoke frame of mind and spirit in their designs. In other words we can say that, numerous graphic designers and artists take..

  • Google Plus: The good, the bad and the ugly

    A big analysis on Google’s new social product. On this article you’re going to find the best things about Plus as well as those who are not so good.

  • 8 Footsteps to Rank Purely High in Search Engines

    Gaining a solid search engine place suggests that your website is a respected and popular online source. Like a graphic designer who perform his services in Printing, flyers, brochure..

  • How to Photograph People Indoors

    When it comes to creativity then there is no limitation on resources. Here we talking about indoor photography. If you know how to shoot a photo then you can also change something fairly simple to som

  • Resource Roundup: 10 Fresh Textures

    A good texture isn’t too busy or distracting, but adds an element that you can’t achieve with flat color. Play around with these textures and see what they can do for you.

  • How to create a 3D Portfolio layout

    Learn how to create a sleek3D Portfolio layout using photoshop

  • 40 Incredible Collection of Creative Advertisements Designs

    Everyday we have alot of companies in our surroundings who are advertising their products, services, business etc and trying to inform the public or their target audience about them. Sometimes they ar

  • Creative Bumps Design Blog

    A Web Design inspiration and Tutorial Blog for web designers and developers which can get a lot of material for their work.

  • Ultimate Useful WordPress SEO Plugins for Get Better Results

    Now a day WordPress is one of the most widespread and well-known instrument used for publishing content on the web. The whole thing from E-Commerce websites to blogs can be established..

  • Free WDF Green Icon Set

    Today we bring you another icon set from the WDF vault – a collection of useful green icons. This set comes in 3 different sizes: 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels. We have provided both the .PNG and .AI files.

  • 10 Must-See Infographics about SEO

    You know SEO(Search engine Optimization) is basically improving the visibility of a website or to rank your site higher than the other millions of sites.The main aim is to drive more traffic yo your site but of course SEO is not really that simple.

  • How to create an advanced administration layout

    Learn how to create a sleek admin layout using photoshop

  • Photographs – London Under Riots Looting and Violence Captured

    Now we have seen the riots in London in recent times, such as the riots in London look set to continue for a third night and to spread to other parts of the UK as well. 68 people of..

  • How to Use 3Ds Max to Make Some Useful Models

    3Ds Max is a most useful and popular software to make some wonderful elements in modern life. To create a interior design model, machinery elements, furniture, animation films etc. 3Ds max is very much useful software.
    Today we present some tutorials that surely help you to learn how to make some useful elements with 3Ds max.

  • 20+ Awesome JQuery Slider Tutorials

    Here is a collection of the newest Jquery Slider Tutorials out there on the web. These tutorials include Image Sliders, Content Sliders & Gallery Sliders!

  • Don’t Do TOO Good Of A Job!

    Maybe this is happened to you. You’ve really nailed a project. You skip out of the client’s with a big smile because you’ve done the best work you have ever done. Months down the line, you haven’t hea

  • iPhone Apps For Developers, Designers, and Marketers

    Awesome Collection of Important iPhone Applications for Web Developers, Graphic Designers, and Internet Marketers.

  • Why (And How) You Should Use HTML5 Microdata

    HTML5 microdata allows you to deliver more semantic meaning to any machine or program capable of understanding the structure.

  • Amazing Collection of CSS Based Professional Form Design Tutorials

    Today we have collected number of contact form tutorials for web developers and web designers. You will get very proficient experience regarding contact forms which have been building up after using CSS technology and you will also get more knowledge about CSS skills from this post.

  • Print Ad Campaigns That Boomed Thanks To Great Graphics

    In 1962, a group of designers and art directors met to celebrate creative communication and raise the standards of their industry. They called themselves British Design & Art Direction and the very ne

  • How Many Pages Does A Website Need?

    Designers and clients frequently ask this question before designing or ordering a new website. Is there a “right” answer to it? No.

    The number of Web pages that a particular website needs directly de

  • 100 Creative Logos: Fresh Logo Designs

    Today we are presenting 100 Creative Logos: Fresh Logo Designs. It’s been month ago since my last post on logo designs titled: 100 Fresh Logo Designs For Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical eleme

  • 17 Sleek and Modern WordPress Themes

    Modern WordPress themes not even provide outstanding functionality, but they also rise to the top with an excellent use of Cufon and Google fonts

  • How to deal Bad Client

    A Bad Client spoil the whole project, so everybody should know the different between Bad Client and Hired Party. Here are some definitions and distinctions of Clients, you should avoi

  • Saving custom fields in quick or bulk edit mode in WordPress

    Learn how to extend WordPress’ Quick Edit and Bulk Edit to retrieve and save the value of our custom fields using jQuery.

  • Web Usability: Getting Ahead of the Game

    What is great usability for a website? Usability means being able to find exactly what one is looking for while spending the least amount of time doing so. It can also mean accomplishing something through a web site, but still while spending the least amount of time doing so.

  • Using JavaScript to emulate HTML5 placeholders in Internet Explorer

    Create a simple polyfill for lack of native support for the placeholder attribute in Internet Explorer

  • 35 Beautiful Christian Wallpapers

    The Bible is filled with life changing words that can also be translated into beautiful eye-catching wallpapers.

  • Beautiful Wallpapers Belong to Ramadan Kareem 2011

    We really warm welcome the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem, special month for Muslims for spent time in prayers, this holy month Ramadan is the innumerable blessings. In this special..

  • How To Handle The Business Side of Design

    Starting a small business involves a lot of hard work and also requires the proper knowledge of how to manage it all. Having a degree in web development or graphic design is one thing, but does it rea

  • 30+ Amazing and Beautiful Apple, Mac Wallpaper

    Today we bring a very nice collection of Mac wallpapers. We are sure that these desktop wallpapers with the beautiful Apple logo on them will win a lot of converts in to the Mac world. Take a look and

  • A Guide to Freelance Writing as a Career

    Writing is an essential job skill. Businesses nowadays require writers in a variety of capacities, which has expanded the freelance writing field. If you are interested in working as a freelance write

  • Digital Painting in Photoshop – Episode 6: Brush Tool

    In this tutorial we will learn how to use the brush tool and how to utilize different settings for Digital Painting, we will also learn how to set up hot-keys

  • Keep People On Your Site With A Strong Information Scent

    Improving information scent on your site will help visitors find what they want and encourage them to get there.

  • Heart Touching Photos of Dogs with Humans

    Believe me,it is really hard to find a friend like a dog.It’s been 2 months since my dog passed away.He was 13 years old and of course he was one of my best friend,maybe the best.Anyway,I promised myself to publish an emotional post for him so i’ve collected photos showing the friendship

  • Digital Painting in Photoshop – Episode 5: Layers Palette

    In this tutorial we will be learning about layers in Photoshop and how they can be used in our Digital Painting workflow.

  • 60+ Finest CSS Website Designs

    The web is constantly evolving. New and creative websites are being created every day, pushing the limitations of HTML & CSS in every direction. CSS has come a long way from formatting the structured

  • Some Incredible Offline Mediums for Business Promotion

    There are various advertising agencies who are working on designing advertising campaigns for various products in order to promote them. I have seen such products as well where..

  • 14 Beautiful iPhone and iPad PSDs

    Today we have rounded up some of the best PSD and vector iPhone and iPad designs and we bring them to you. Some are for the iPhone 3G, others for the iPhone 4 and iPad, and we also threw in some GUI elements to aid in app design.

  • How To Develop Using HTML5: Demo Part 2

    Part 2 of a demo of a typical blog post coded with html5 along with explanations of the code.

  • 40 Useful CSS3 Tutorials Would Help Web Developers & Designers

    Some time we paid lot of time into search a useful tutorial for learn about CSS3, we arrange a ultimate list of free CSS3 tutorials and techniques to get maximum advantages in their..

  • 21 Fresh WordPress Code Snippets and Detailed Tutorials

    You know wordpress is the most popular content management system for years and basic wordpress functions may be enough for people who are blogging using wordpress platform but if you want your wordpress blog stand out from the crowd you can change many things to make it more functional.

  • 23 Tips For Effective Poster Design

    Creating an effective poster is different that designing for print flyers or brochures: you need to grab your audience’s attention in half a second, sometimes from across the street and you need to ma

  • A Book Review of Designing Web Interfaces

    A nice encapsulation on many of the latest UI trends for web and desktop applications.

  • What Best Alternatives Of Adobe Illustrator Are Out There To Be Adopted?

    Adobe illustrator is considered among the best software’s to compose such astonishing artwork that is distinct and one of its class. It is used widely by web designers all over the world for vector graphics.

  • 100+ Photoshop Backgrounds and Patterns in Shades of Blue

    Blue is one of the most popular colors, for design, fashion, and even just simply as a favorite color choice. Maybe the reason that blue is so popular is because of the feelings it…

  • Showcase of Inspirational Sticker Designs

    Sticker printing is becoming much more popular nowadays,especially in promotional campaigns.There are a lot of reasons for this popularity but i think the main reason is the cost effectiveness of stickers and also you can use stickers in many areas like advertising,politics,entertainment,special events and so on.

  • How To Develop Using HTML5: Demo Part 1

    To really understand the new html5 semantic elements you need to use them in practice. Toward that end I’ve created a demo of a typical blog post page. I want to share that demo and do my best to expl

  • How to Customize Your Design Business for Your Locality

    There are a lot of advantages of doing a freelance business. You are your own boss and you get to work on your own timings but what I consider the best part of being a freelancer is..

  • Create a Clean Blog Theme in Photoshop

    In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a Clean Blog theme in Photoshop also i will show some of technique that may help you to create more themes in the future, we usually create one pag

  • Common Web Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    Mike Davidson, CEO of Newsvine a user-updated news blog, remarked that, “Because the competitive landscape of the web is such that the site which looks and works best gets the most traffic, developers and designers put a premium on the presentation of that content and let structural markup take a back seat.”

  • How to Make Plasma Text Effect in Photoshop

    We will create plasma text effects in this tutorial using some basic and some advance Photoshop tools and layering effects. This is very easy tutorial and you will be able to make this text effect 10-20 minutes.

  • 6 Hilarious Web Comics from The Oatmeal

    The Oatmeal is a hilarious web comic that touches on an array of subjects and we are going to focus on the one we care about the most: web design.

  • Weekly Web Design Inspiration #34

    There is no limit for inspiration and when it comes to webdesign this is much more unlimited. As usual we continue to showcase beautiful and interesting webdesigns that we came across during the week.Hope you like this week’s collection too.

  • 36 Best Menu Designs Template

    A best menu design should be self-explanatory, comprehensive, yet simple, and should allow the user to get an idea about all that the website has to offer at a glance. Take a look at the following bes

  • The Off-Publishing Activities of a Blogger

    The blogosphere is in an abiding increase both as size and importance, many blogs being considered as very trustful and enjoyable entities. Following this trend, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that,

  • Understanding HTML5 Content Models

    HTML5 content models provide for new levels of document hierarchy and more modular and portable content.

  • Professional Practices about Client Contracts

    Yes, everyone says GET IT IN WRITING! Still most people are afraid to ask a client for a contract. Don’t be ashamed of yourself for not doing it – most freelancers don’t. There are many reasons behind

  • Graphic Design Basics for Non-Designers

    Sometimes you don’t have a graphic designer on staff. So what do you do when you need to mock up templates for business cards or letterhead? With the abundance of computer programs and online template

  • 400+ Free Label and Stamp Photoshop Brushes Worth Downloading

    You know photoshop brushes are one of the most helpful and useful element for designers and you can find thousands of free photoshop brushes over the internet but it is hard to find specific collections.

  • Facebook vs. Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Google has finally unveiled its new social networking project Google+ and normally users begin to compare 2 giants;Facebook and Google+.To be honest,i’m not an active Facebook user and very new to Google+ but i like Google+.Anyway,The Tech Addicts made a great infographic comparing Facebook and Google+

  • Ways to Use Email Marketing Effectively

    Many businesses implement the use of email marketing in tandem with their overall marketing strategy. From e-commerce sites to brick and mortar stores, large or small, business all around are engaging

  • Wonderful Flixya.com – How to Make Money Online

    Now a days all and sundry wants to make money or a desire to get revenue from this and that way. Flixya.com presents you a right platform for your desire to get revenue, because Flixya..

  • Dazzling and Best Photoshop Tutorials to Augment Your Mind

    Now day’s designers are using Photoshop in their designs like Text Effect, Photo Manipulation, Abstract, Illustration or 3D using. I think it would be a best scheme to compose a round..

  • My 3 Most Epic Freelance Fails of All Time

    Learn from my mistakes young padawan.

  • A must bookmark: 250+ fresh and useful Web design/development tools

    250+ Web design software tools: HTML editors, form tools, CSS3 buttons, CSS optimizers, color management, sprites, animations, jQuery plugins, patterns & more

  • 14 Gorgeous Google+ Icons

    With the release of Google+ this month, designers everywhere are getting their perspectives of the logo on the canvas. Here are 14 gorgeous examples of custom Google+ icons.

  • Collection of Awesome Free Gothic Fonts for Your Designs

    Although we use the most standart fonts,sometimes we may need some different fonts for our designs.Gothic fonts are one of them.If you design something gothic or even old fashioned you can prefer a gothic font.Today we bring together a collection of most

  • Lessons to Learn from Past Social Media Debacles

    In many ways, social media represents a dangerous space. Customers have an easy means by which to share negative stories with millions of people and companies now have to communicate back, often publi

  • Setting Your Freelance Schedule So You Can Be Flexible

    One of the biggest benefits that goes along with being a freelancer is being able to work the hours you want — as many of them as you want to, in any particular order. If that means working at night o

  • Modern Handwriting Fonts Roundup

    A lot of people like the look of a handwriting font because it can make their website look more casual and inviting, and their documents unique – especially when crafting things like stationary or gift cards.

  • Unbelievably Creative Hand Painting Art by Guido Daniele

    Guido Daniele was born in Soverato (CZ – Italy) and now lives and works in Milan.From 1964 to 1968 he attended Brera artistic High School. He graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) in 1972.Its search started in 2000 about “Handimals” maked with the method of body painting has a great international interest.

  • How to Prepare a Well-Focused Graphic Design Portfolio

    A graphic designer has to take care of its portfolio because it is the way in which he presents his abilities. The portfolio is a collected sample which showcases your creativity and ability and you n

  • 45 Eye-Catching Flyer Designs to Get Inspired

    You know flyer designs are one of the most powerful marketing tools for business organizations.With a very good flyer design you can attract your clients very easily and also it is a cost effective method for companies.Using the right images for your flyers and of course typography

  • 6 Methods For Vertical Centering With CSS

    Centering elements vertically with css is something that often gives designers trouble. Here are 6 simple methods for vertically centering inline and block level elements.

  • The Constitution of a Modern Freelancer

    The majority of the nations around the globe base their interactions between the habitants on a basic law, written or unwritten called the constitution. This entity guarantees various aspects of the c

  • 30 Incredible Dribbble Shots

    Sneak peaks into the latest and ongoing works of your favorite designers: what could be better? So to celebrate Dribbble’s noble existence, I am bringing you 30 of my favorite shots on the site

  • 70+ Latest WordPress Site Designs for Inspiration

    Now days Creative Designs is one of the key aspects for improving your website’s traffic and pagerank. Getting a site featured in some of the popular WordPress/CSS galleries can bring thousands of vis

  • Guidelines For Remarkable Article Writing

    Important Guidelines For The Remarkable Article Writing so Your Blog would Succeed and Draw More Readers.

  • 25+ Free Gorgeous HTML Templates

    We all know that today is the era of online business; IM-Creator is all on the subject of making website structure a trouble-free and pleasant experience, and it is easy to get to for…

  • 9 Steps To Improve Your Design Confidence

    Being confident in your work is not always an easy thing to do, especially where anything creative is involved. The trick is to find a small measure of confidence and build from there. What can you do

  • How you shouldn’t develop in Zend Framework

    The following material will be useful for beginners in ZF-programming, as a kind of instructions on what you shouldn’t do in Zend Framework. Also, I’m going to tell you about some things that are not directly related to the framework, but they are the striking examples of ignorance of different developers.

  • 7 Key Elements of an E-Commerce Website

    A layout for an e-commerce site is not new to any web designer but any such project has a fairly large scale. Its importance is that the difference between a good design and a decent one can be the key to profit.

  • Widescreen Wallpapers – Freshen Your Brain with Natural Sights

    Wallpaper represents the esthetic sense of any users. Lots of computer users all over the world search for wallpapers and display images for their own interests. But some care a lot i

  • 20 Inspirational and Well Constructed Subnavigation Examples in Web Design

    There are many important elements in web design and navigation menu is one of them.So creating a navigation menu is a very important task for web designers.The site navigation must be easy to use and very well constructed so that the visitors can find what they are looking for easily.

  • WordPress Theme Shops You May Not Know About

    Below you will find a rundown of some lesser-known WordPress theme shops and some of my initial thoughts on the quality and pricing they offer. I thought it would be nice to have a resource such as this to refer to when looking for a new theme.

  • 23 Detailed Pixel Art City Creation

    Pixel art is one of the digital art technique that first used in 2D computer gaming, with the raise of 3D art pixel art became rarely used, but today some creative design agency applied this technique

  • Thoughts On Developing A Responsive Design Workflow

    Designing for the web means being open to its flexible nature. We need to develop sites that work well and across a range of devices and device characteristics. The technical details of responsive des

  • The Team Behind a Blog

    Nowadays the blogosphere is getting bigger and bigger and the users of the Internet are becoming aware that the new best friend of men is the blog. This online presence, created initially as an online

  • A Showcase of Illustrated Business Cards

    This may sound obvious, but your business card says a lot about your company’s personality. It can also be incredibly difficult to express that identity on a 3.5” x 2” piece of card.

  • HTML5: Inspirational Examples of Sites Designed with HTML5

    The web is constantly evolving. New and creative websites are being created every day, pushing the limitations of HTML in every direction. HTML4 has been around for nearly a decade and now its time to

  • Powerful and Inexpensive Wordpress Themes for Churches

    Church websites are getting better and easier to maintain, thanks to WordPress and its amazing content management system.

  • Complete Guide to Facebook Fan Pages

    Facebook fan pages are a great way to promote a business, and an important part of any social media marketing plan. Creating a basic page isn’t that complicated, but creating a page that fans will lik

  • Best Grunge Backgrounds for Web Design

    The term “grunge” within graphic design is often mistaken to mean dirty; however, a grunge look is simply one that is achieved by including natural elements into your design.

  • How to Actually Make Text Look Interesting: Minimalist Web Design

    Typography is not merely the process of arranging font on a page. It is a living creature; it feels joy in an exclamation point, takes deep sighs at periods, grabs consciousness with each bold strike

  • Digital Painting in Photoshop – Episode 2: Organization

    This tutorial is teaches us how to organize our workspace in Photoshop, having an organized workspace is essential for efficiency when doing digital painting

  • Recent Graduate? 5 Steps Towards Your Career

    In the world of Internet marketing, many students are stepping into a side of social media, Google and other search engines, and web development that they never saw before. Who would have thought that

  • Some Secrets to Make Money Online

    Blogging is a complex combination of making the most excellent use of creativity and technology. Blogging is not just the heritage of all and sundry, each and every person who wants…

  • Collection of Very Creative and Colorful Vector Wallpapers

    It’s been a few months since the last wallpaper collection.(40 Meaningful Wallpapers Dedicated to Japanese) so it is time to another one.This time we’ve collected very beautiful and really creative vector wallpapers.They are all colorful and i’m sure you will like most of them.

  • Top 5 Elements Every Website Must Have

    A list of website must haves to ensure a more pleasant user experience for the audience.

  • How Designer Can Communicate Through Their Designs

    With the progress of technology, a lot of online business came into being; web page designing is one of them. There are so many fields of creativity but designing is rather important..

  • Building a Compact jQuery News Ticker

    Many websites today feature a small news ticker that provides text links to pages with recent news or other features. It’s a great way to highlight important links without using much space.

  • Is Content Necessary Prior To Web Design?

    Can a website be designed without content? Design in the absence of copy can still be design. Design in the absence of any knowledge of content is decoration. Seldom though, do we have absolutely no k

  • Create a Magazine Cover using Photoshop and InDesign CS5

    This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a magazine cover. We will be using Photoshop and InDesign to create different aspects of the cover.

  • 80+ Excellent Examples of Creative Contact And Web Form Designs

    A perfect layout, A Good Design and Nice resource can produce a creative output. Layout, textures and patterns are used more often than one may think but the outcome of different combination can resul

  • Amazing Moments from Nature-Sun Behind Clouds

    There are some special moments in our life which make us just dream-even no single word to say.You forget about your problems,you leave everything behind you.Okay,we cannot catch those moments very frequently but if you can,like the below photographers just take your camera and take it.

  • How to Create a Simple Login Form Design

    Today I would like to show you how to create a clean and detailed login form design in Photoshop. In few simple steps you will see how to use blending options, layer styles, how to stylize type for the web and more.

  • iPad 2 Giveaway with Punchtab

    Guess what? Inspirationfeed and Punchtab have teamed up for an incredible giveaway! Many of you have beed supporting us for quite sometime, to show our gratitude and appretiation we would like to rewa

  • Regular Expressions for an Expert Developer

    Regular expressions are an essential part of any programmer’s toolkit. These are very useful kits for web developer to validate, match or replace text. To help user there are number of tools and resou

  • Showcase of Effective Poster Designs for Your Inspiration

    A poster is a visual presentation to attract attention.They are used for many purposes like advertising,public relation campaigns,special events,exhibitions,reproductions of artwork,propaganda and so on.There are many poster printing techniques used but the main aim is not to be too much complex

  • Slide upwards in jQuery using slideDown

    In this tutorial we will learn how to use jQuery and CSS to slide blocks upwards, using the slideDown function.

  • How To Develop Elastic Grid Layouts In CSS

    Flexible layouts are created by using relative measurements. The question is relative to what? With elastic layouts the measurements are set relative to something internal to the design, usually the s

  • Good Creative Brief for Better Customers

    A good brief is the very first step for a satisfying creative project and this is true for both, the designer and the customer. It is the mile stone to ensure to the designer working with the right ki

  • 17 High Quality yet Free and Fresh Fonts for Designers

    You know font is a must for web and graphic designers and of course like every designer we also check for new and fresh fonts and we definitely find new fonts every week.
    Today we collect fresh fonts which are all free for personal use,however,please check their licenses for commercil use.

  • Digital Painting in Photoshop – Episode 1: Introduction

    This is a introduction to our Digital Painting in Photoshop Tutorials, we have introduced a few tutorials before that deals with the topic.

  • htmlspecialchars in JavaScript

    However, this function proves useful in more languages that just PHP. It is necessary to use these HTML entities whenever you want HTML to display as plain text instead of being parsed.

  • CSS and CSS3 buttons, 110 best free sets!

    Looking for a nice CSS button for you next web project ? then you’re in the right place, more than 110 CSS and CSS3 buttons ready to use and totally free !

  • WDF Launch WordPress Theme Download

    In the package comes the full WordPress theme as well as 2 PSDs: the home page and a post page. Also included is documentation to help you through the process of installation and modification.

  • Creative Web Source Files as A Dose For Designers

    Success of your online business greatly depends upon the effectiveness of your design. So, creativity in your design is like your goodness in one’s good book. We have a treat for ever..

  • An Entrepreneur’s Biggest Struggle: Persistence

    What’s the reason for the failures of most entrepreneurs?

  • 35 Useful jQuery based WordPress Plugins You May Not Have Seen Before

    Hundreds of wordpress plugins are being released every year and of course it is not easy to follow every single of them.Remember the first days of WordPress;how simple the system was and especially there were not many jquery based wordpress plugins around.

  • How To Steal Like A Designer And Produce Better Work

    Good artists borrow great artists steal. What does this statement really mean? Is it a suggestion from one of the world’s great artists to rip off fellow artists? No. It’s a much deeper statement abou

  • 40 Quality Free Vector Graphics by vectorvaco.com

    Vectorvaco.com is such a website which is full of vectors as you necessitate. You can use it for your website, brochure, banners, web banners, visiting cards and many other places as..

  • Create the Mitsubishi Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the next steps I will show you how to create the Mitsubishi logo. First, using basic tools and simple effect we will create the starting shapes. Next, using the Rounded Corners effect, mu

  • Basic Techniques to Constraint Text in Photoshop

    Ever wanted to constrain text boxes in Photoshop or Illustrator to user defined proportions or just type your text on a curved path but weren’t sure how? Well wonder no longer for today we will learn

  • How to Become a Successful Freelancer

    Freelancers are always in search of some work, so that they can earn something by rendering their services to people from the comforts of their home. Most of us read a lot about productivity, marketin

  • 4 Methods For Creating Equal Height Columns In CSS

    Equal height columns are a desirable design trait, but they haven’t always been easy to create with css layouts. Here are 4 of the available methods for creating equal height columns.

  • 40 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design 5

    It’s been a really long time since we did our series of typography inspiration. Believe in or not, it was all the way back in January 2011. Today we are happy to bring it back, to feature some outsta

  • 60+ Latest and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration

    A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo’s design is for immediate recognition. The

  • Video Tutorial: Tracking Links with PHP, jQuery and MySQL

    This tutorial will help beginning coders see how to get started using MySQL with PHP and see cool jQuery tricks to improve the look and functionality of designs.

  • Showcase of Desirable Booklet Designs for Inspiration

    Booklet is one of the best promotional tool for companies to market their products or publicize information about recent events or services.2 things are very important about booklets.The first one is that the booklets must provide every essential information about your event,business or service and

  • 5 Awesome Mockup Tools for Designers

    Planning a website for a client can sometimes be a frustrating exercise. You must be able to take your vision and translate it into something that everyone can understand and interact with.

  • Great Examples of Eye Tracking Studies for Blogs and Websites

    Eye tracking is technically to measure the point of gaze or measurement of eyes activity.For the last couple of years,especially big companies are using this technique to see the focusing point of people.Of course this is not a short term study but knowing the user behaviour is very important especially for commercial purposes.

  • Create a Cinematic Aerial Scene in Photoshop

    In this this tutorial we will create a cinematic aerial scene in Photoshop. The idea behind this was to create a dramatic scene that looked like it was from a movie

  • 35 Sets of Cool yet Free Vintage Style Photoshop Brushes

    Vintage brushes can be used to make your designs like older times and you sometimes need these kind of brushes to make your design work easier and and of course more realistic.

  • How To build 2 And 3 Column Fluid CSS Layouts

    Code and construction details for developing multi-column fluid css layouts that resize with the browser.

  • What is HTML5? (infographic) & Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheet

    HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web.Basically, HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML.In particular, HTML5 adds many new syntactical features. These include the , , and elements, as well as the integration of SVG content.

  • Web design history, a complete journey

    A remarkable article featuring the entire history of web design, from its beginnings during the dotcom era to the web 2.0, definitely an essential article for designers and design fans.

  • How to Make an Image Magnifier in jQuery

    This is a tutorial for what is the most complicated jQuery program I have written to date. It is a beautiful script with a simple output that has many potential uses.

  • 20 Reasons Why Your Website Design Sucks Part 1

    No matter how good or bad personal style is, the truth is that everyone has one. However, when design conventions are left out of a project, the result will be a bad or uninteresting design.

  • 7 Ways to Create Your Own Unique Style in Design

    Let’s be honest: the big secret to becoming a well-known and super successful designer is to have your own unique style.

  • 35 Useful Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

    A beautiful collection of high quality free fonts useful for every designer

  • 60 User Interface Calendar Inspirations and Downloads

    Welcome to the official calendar apocalypse! As humans we often forget things easily, such as anniversaries. One thing I’ve learned form my experience is to never forget that date, because once you do

  • How Important Is Semantic HTML?

    Semantics are about meaning. Writing semantic code means writing more meaningful code. How far should we take those semantics? Is it ok to write non-semantic code if it helps cut development time?

  • How to create CSS3 Web Button

    CSS3 button styling can be tricky and sometimes tedious. If you are a web designer and you’re looking for a simple and effective way of creating dynamic CSS3 button with cross browser compatibility, this tutorial is for you.

  • How to Draw – A Basic Drawing Procedure from Andrew Loomis

    In this tutorial I discuss and demonstrate some basic drawing process taken from Andrew Loomis’ books. The method is a way to construct your drawings using basic forms and then building and developing

  • jQuery snippet to Ajaxify your Website

    This is a short tutorial using AJAX. I know that this may be a little old, or that maybe somebody has posted this before, but I wanted to show how easy it is “ajaxify” an entire website with just few

  • Giveaway:Win UPrinting Premium Business Cards

    Today,we are happy to announce a giveaway from UPrinting.This time they are offering two (2) sets of premium business cards to Designbeep readers.UPrinting.com, a leading socially responsible online printing services, marketing and technology firm, has established itself as a major player

  • Branding for Beginners Where to Start

    According to Kristie Rimmele, Internet Marketing and Branding Expert, 75 percent of consumer buying decisions are based on emotions. This relates to the sales philosophy of “selling to the benefit.” T

  • HTML5 & CSS3 envelope contact form

    In this article you’ll learn how to create a nice contact form completely out of HTML5 and CSS3

  • How To Build A 3 Column CSS Layout: Fixed Width And Centered

    How do you develop a 3 column layout in css? How do you later rearrange those columns on a live site? This post included boilerplate code and construction details for developing a fixed width and cent

  • Three Types of Friends Everybody Should Have: Mentor, Peer, and Protegé

    As a break from the usual articles that give tips, resources, tutorials, and whatnot, why don’t we spend some time together and think of the three types of friends that helped (and are still helping)

  • The Basics of Typography

    Letterforms consist of several parts and pieces and to be able to competently discuss and analyze the features of a particular design, you need to know these parts.

  • Comparison of 12 WordPress Theme Frameworks

    A theme framework is a set of building blocks that make theme development easier and dramatically speeds up development time by providing the core structure (or framework) needed by a theme.

  • LogoBee – A Complete Website to Get the Best Logo for Your Company

    It is important to mention that a lot of companies acknowledge the significance of logo design, however; they take this task for granted. It is surprisingly true that about half of all businesses fail

  • Create a Cube with Embossed Letters on Each Side in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a nice cube with some embossed letters on each side. First, you’ll learn to create some simple symbols then using the 3D Extrude&Bevel e

  • List of Useful yet Free CSS Menu Builders

    There are many free CSS online tools for developers for time-saving.Some of the tools are more professional tools and some of them are for beginners.Today we are showcasing free CSS Menu Generators.If you want to create very simple horizantal,vertical or even breadcrumbs

  • Weekly World City Photography – San Francisco

    We continue to share beautiful photos of cities with you.This week we have selected San Francisco.San Francisco is one of the major cities of California and it is very famous with its architecture,hilly terrains,Golden Gate Bridge and of course summer fog.

  • 70 Powerful Examples of Minimal Movie Poster Designs

    When you think of minimal, the first thing that comes to your mind is less. The following posters are not action packed with photo-manipulated images, instead they take the most meaningful idea, conce

  • How To Create Designs You Know To Be Good

    Many creative people enter their field because they have good taste in that field. Early on your skills don’t match your taste creating a gap between what you can create and what you know to be good.

  • How to Land a Great Internship in Web Design

    How do you go about finding the perfect internship in design? Tips and resources for people looking for internship in web design.

  • Understanding the Design Process

    Understanding the fundamentals of web design is crucial to becoming successful at justifying your designs: line, space, proximity, colour, shape, typography and images.

  • How To Win Over Website Visitors

    A person visits a website. This website is cluttered with links, moving ads, and to make matters worse the content of the website that the user is trying to access is dim, unimaginative, and takes clicking through a few links to access. This type of website will not win visitors over and will definitely not get visitors coming back

  • Create a Portfolio Web Layout in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will create a portfolio web layout using Adobe Photoshop. I will show you how to create patterns and textures for your web designs and how to use the 960 Grid System to help you align the elements of your web layouts.

  • Pros and Cons of Multitasking

    In this article I am providing you some pros and cons of multitasking along with some suggestions to use it fruitfully. I hope it will facilitate you in your work with multiple screens.

  • Mind Mapping: Scheme to Improve the Creativity Process

    Mind Maps are useful tools which allow you to create a scheme from fuzzy ideas, organize, and prioritize making visual connections. They may help the productivity in the creativity process giving an o

  • How To Stay In Love With Freelancing When Things Get Tough

    Full time freelancing requires a commitment equalling marriage. One doesn’t make a leap of faith for an affair; they do it for a marriage.

  • Pros And Cons Of 6 CSS Layout Patterns: Part 1

    There are a number of css layout patterns you can use when developing a website. What are the pros and cons of some of the common css layouts available to us? Are some layouts preferred over others?

  • 8 Impressive Login Form Designs for Download

    A slick login form can be a beautiful – and memorable – thing. In today’s post, I am going to lay out eight great login forms I’ve run into recently.

  • Create a Simple Coin Stack Icon in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show how to create a very simple coin stack icon. First, you will need a simple circle and some 3D Extrude&Bevel effect to create the starting coin. Next, yo

  • Over 200 Free and Premium People Vector Designs to Download

    I was in the mall the other days and I saw a bunch of posters and large banners with vector girls. Moreover, I was looking through a glossy girls magazine and saw quite a few vector graphics with girl

  • Collection of Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes in 38 Sets

    Like photoshop brushes,Adobe Illustrator brushes are also very helpful for creating vectoral graphics.You can create amazing and special effects using art brushes,scatter brushes,calligraphic brushes etc. in an easy way.

  • How to Create an Awesome Blurry Menu Using CSS

    Today we will get a perfect and simple blurry menu effect via CSS. In addition to it, we will get a useful multiple borders effect.

  • 12 Eye-Catching iPhone App Websites: Plus Resources to Start your own

    With the huge influx of app sites, the challenge is on the designers to make their app site stand out from the rest. Here are some examples that I found unique and creative.

  • Why I’m Keeping My New MacBook Air

    A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new MacBook Air and wanted to share my thoughts about using it for fellow designers and developers.

  • 40 Outstanding and Inspiring Photos Worth a Look

    This week’s photography article is a collection of amazing photos around the net.There are many phography sites but mostly i like of course flickr,1x.com and national geographic for wildlife and natur

  • 14 Beautiful Texture Packs

    All of these are free to use, but please read the specific usage rights on each website. Enjoy, and happy designing to you and yours.

  • Best Showcase of Poster Designs from Professional’s Portfolio

    When ever we start work on Poster designs we must brainstorming for professional poster design and think about possibilities, like latest options, trend follower, grunge backgrounds..

  • 10 Useful Cross Browser Compatible Tools

    There is another concept of Multi Browser which means different kind of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. While Cross Browser means any browser and any version of it. This is really a hard-hitting task for developers and teams responsible for compatibility.

  • How to Use Google Like a Pro – Smart Tips and Tricks

    Google retrieves information from all over the world which can be made specific by basic search methods. Here are some tips and tricks for you which will surely help you to get great results from Goog

  • MyProfile – How to Design a Social Network Page

    In this tutorial we are going to discuss and use Photoshop techniques and design a beautiful, attractive, stunning and well-designed social network page.

  • 60+ Highly Creative Logo Designs

    Today we are presenting 60+ Highly Creative Logo Designs for inspiration. It’s been month ago since my last post on logo designs titled: Logo Designs: 70 Creative Corporate Logo Designs For Inspirati

  • 10 Beautiful iPad App Interfaces

    The iPad has undoubtedly opened new doors in design and functionality, but who is utilizing the device the best?

  • Photographs Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    After the Romans crucified Jesus, he was buried in a new tomb but he rose from the dead and appeared to over 500 people (1 Corinthians 15:6) over a span of forty days before his return to heaven.

  • Professional Practices They Don’t Teach You In Art School

    One piece of business communication that hasn’t changed in a thousand years is the résumé. It’s the first contact you have with a prospective employer and your chance to sell yourself in 20 seconds. W

  • 26 Unique and Free Wooden Door Textures

    This week’s freebie topic is a little bit different.A few days ago i was looking for an old fashioned wooden door for a project and i found really interesting images.I thought it would be good to coll

  • Top 10 Typography Websites – Where I go for inspiration

    A collection of 10 typography websites where you wil find excellent information, resources and inspiration.

  • CSS3 & HTML5: Enhancing the Overall Appeal and Functionality of Your Website

    familiarizing yourself with these languages will immensely help you to design and create better looking and cleaner websites.

  • The Value Of Links: Part II

    SEOs use all sorts of tools to attempt to measure the value of one link as it compares to another. However, if you keep these few simple ideas in mind you can often see which links are likely to be mo

  • 15 Hand-Picked Navigation Menus For your Website

    Navigation menu is an essential part of a website, here i have collected the best navigation menus from very simple XHTML and CSS to complicated and advanced jQuery, CSS3 and MooTools navigation menu

  • 20 Wonderful CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials and Experiments

    The new CSS3 properties give us great advantages to style our web elements without using javascript codes or flash elements.Day by day the browsers are more familiar with CSS3 so i think people will create more and more beautiful thing using CSS3.

  • How To Find Article Ideas To Write About, Write Sticking Points

    We need to have never-ending ideas to engage our readership, which is not an easy task so how do we get inspired all the time?

  • How to Be Competitive on Job Boards

    According to Wikipedia, a job board is a website recommended for job hunting, the choices presented varying from very general tasks to precise niches. In the past few years, this kind of activities pr

  • 10 Secrets to Be a Better Freelancer

    The word “freelancer” was first used to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” to point out that lancer does not oath to work under any lord. An out-worker has to experience as much contenders as the

  • How to Use Gmail Like a Pro – Smart Tips and Tricks

    Knowing your way through Gmail is a good way to increase productivity in work, that’s why I wrote this to give you an idea on how extensible, and flexible, Gmail is.

  • MTV Rocks Product Management

    MTV Networks is aggressively enhancing and growing the Product Management organization. Want to be a part of the team pioneering the next generation of products at MTV?

  • 35 Creative Conceptual Photography

    35 Creative Photography – Imaginative Conceptual Photography you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our conceptual photography

  • Interview with Hungarian digital artist Luca Molnar

    We sit around and have a chat with Hungarian digital artist, Luca Molnar.

  • Collection of Free and Well Designed Grid-Based WordPress Themes

    In modern webdesign grid-based design becomes very important so the web developers show a great interest in grid systems when designing and developing themes.
    Especially in 2010 we came across more grid-based wordpress themes.At first,they were used mostly in galleries

  • Awesome Wooden Icon Set Showcase and Tutorial

    Inspired, I dug deeper and found some other wood icon sets to share with all of you. I also snuck in a really cool tutorial from Design Instruct at the end. Enjoy.

  • Eleven2 Success Story And Giveaway:First Come, First Serve!

    Long story short, Eleven2 just relaunched their business, redesigned their website, added different plans improving greatly and today I am sharing their story with you!

  • Corporate Business – Design a Modern & Stunning Web Layout

    This tutorial may appear to be very long, do not give up just yet because this is a very detailed tutorial for a corporate business web interface.

  • Presentation Tools: Keynote vs. PowerPoint

    Some of us may have heard of Keynote, the Apple version of the Powerpoint. Loyal Mac users have raved about it. It’s not as popular as Powerpoint, but has received raves from many critics and designer

  • Artist of the Week – Graphic Designer Samantha Wiley

    Samantha Wiley is a talented graphic designer from Brooklyn, New York. She currently works as art director for an advertising company. Samantha creates awesome illustrations for various campaigns, wedding invitations, posters, wallpapers and much more.

  • DokDok… It’s Advice!

    Email will be with us for a good time longer. DokDok, along with founder Bruno Morency, is seeking to evolve this often cumbersome communication mechanism, solving the often onerous challenge of excha

  • Generate Interest in Project that Is Still Under Construction

    The project you are currently working on seems to be amazing, but not many people know about it. Just because your site isn’t ready yet, that doesn’t mean your domain can’t be working for you.

  • 3 Representational Models That Affect Usability

    Web designer and audience each hold different conceptual models about how a design should work. These models meet at the user interface of our websites. When models agree our designs are easy to use. When the models disagree we need to train our audience how best to interact with the site.

  • Must Have Useful Apple iPad 2 Applications

    As everyone know Apple recently launched iPad 2 has changed the tablet war very significantly, most of the people say the new iPad 2 is also a best tablet for average consumers…

  • 30 Gorgeous Magazine WordPress Themes

    This is one of the collections of the premium themes on the blog. This collection is constituted only of magazine themes.
    Hope this article will give you ideas for your sites and the list will came in

  • Digital Painting in Adobe CS5 – Brush Settings

    This tutorial explains the brush settings palette within Adobe Photoshop menu. The version shown is CS5

  • Understanding the Basics of SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is basically used to improve the ranking of your website in Search engines. However, the subject is not as easy as it may seem or sound. When it comes to SEO, educating yourself can be a little difficult as all sorts of information are available online. All you want is an improved ranking of your website in search engines.

  • 35 Attractive Animation Movie Posters(some not released yet)

    Movie posters are very important for advertising the movie and they are something really hard to illustrate and hard to create a form of art.Design Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets.

  • The Beautiful Art of Watercolor Painting

    In short, watercolor, or aquarelle (from French) is a painting method and the result artwork in which the paints are made of pigments soluble in water. Watercolors are most often transparent and they allow light to reflect from the surface of the paper, which gives the painting a luminous effect. Here are some beautiful examples of watercolor paintings I’ve come across, I’m sure you’ll love them.

  • Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop Basics – Setting up New Document

    This is the second part of our three part series on Digital Painting. This tutorial covers setting up a New Document.

  • Designing Quality Infographics: Tips, Resources and Inspiration

    Infographics are graphic visual representations of data and information. They come in extremely handy when you need to explain complex information, numbers or data rather quickly and effectively.

  • 15 Outstanding Tools to Collect, Organize and Share Your Web Experience

    Sometimes being able to access and find information quickly is crucial. Nowadays the web is enormous and it’s a big advantage to have a place where you can store all your bookmarks, pictures and links

  • Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials

    Digital painting is an beautiful, amazing, and most popular art. Every designer want to learn about its tips and techniques. Today, i have a collection of absolutely astounding digital painting tutorials.

  • Your Destination for Everyday Design Inspiration

    Inspiration Collection of websites, illustration, typography, showcase, 3d, CGI, logos & CSS gallery

  • Meat Boy Vector Illustration Tutorial

    We will practice and navigate specific techniques that will lead us to a beautiful sketch.

  • 25 Beautiful Flyer Design Inspirations

    As you may know flyers are the key to any public event. Of course now with the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter its easier than ever to spread awereness for an upcoming local event. Howev

  • Are You Throwing Your Marketing Away?

    Many marketing efforts fail because they aren’t executed well. Other times we miss free opportunities to promote our brand. Are you making these kind of mistakes and how can you prevent making them in the future?

  • 20 Examples of Great Navigation

    As you are probably aware, navigation is a key area in any web design.

  • 35 Fresh and Detailed Photoshop Tutorials To Enhance Your Skills(2011)

    It is always good to see and learn new techniques for graphic designers,especially for photoshop users.I personally learnt a few things while collecting the below photoshop tutorials so i definetely advice you to look over them.

  • Fresh Vector Packs, PS Brushes and Freebies from Designious.com

    This March we have some new and fabulous products for you guys! Our artists have been working in the past weeks on some beautiful new spring vector packs and Photoshop Brushes. We even got some free samples from the new packs for you to download

  • CSS3 Tutorials and Learning Resources of New Techniques

    Today we bring a fresh resources for CSS lovers who want to learn new and fresh techniques and tutorials of CSS3. Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 is the next stage or enhanced version of CSS. CSS3 can really improve efficiency, both in your development time and page performance.

  • Basics: Difference Between Pixel and Vector-Based Graphics

    This article is about the differences between pixels and vector-based designs.

  • 33 jQuery and Mootools Lightbox Scripts

    There are many solutions like Lightbox, to display the pop-up block (modal windows, overlays) of single images, web image galleries, videos and other media and content formats on your websites. I’ve collected 33 jQuery, Mootools and Prototype Lightbox scripts for you.

  • 200+ Free Glowing Light Effect Photoshop Brushes

    Brushes are definetely one of the most helpful tool for photoshop users to create attractive and impressive designs.Every week we publish free collections and this week’s free collection is photoshop brushes to use for light and glowing effects.All of these photoshop brushes contain a lot of individual brushes of different sizes and styles

  • Call to Action Buttons Part 2: Placement

    In this second part you’ll learn how to improve the click through rate of your call to action buttons by giving it a prominent placement and the space it needs.

  • 100 excellent grunge brushes for photoshop

    design resources are very important for any project, there are thousands of network
    resources like textures, gradients, actions and brushes.There are variety of brushes and spray,
    vintage etc. I have sectioned this post is a collection of grunge brushes

  • 25+ Best Space Scene Photoshop Tutorials

    Here we have collected best space, planet, explosion and nebula Photoshop tutorials that will give you information and illustration to the steps in creating space images.

  • Lets find perfect color for your picture background.

    Its very difficult to choose the background color for your picture. You must be needing any color which gives your picture a prominent look, amazingly every picture has its own color palette. Here I’m going to tell you how can you find it and choose better color for your picture. You need Photoshop to pick color of the best choice for your picture.

  • Features that Developers Would Like to See in all the Browsers

    As web developers and designers, we all have features that we think should be included in future version of browsers; however, we do not see them at the moment in all browsers.

  • Finding Your Perfect Employee: Brains or Chemistry

    Hiring people is just the beginning of a tough adventure. An employer can go for either the brains or people person, of course it is a given that either should have the skills needed for the job.

  • Become a PhotoMission Photographer

    PhotoMission is the recognized leader of stock photography used by Christian publishers, designers, worship leaders and multimedia professionals.

  • 25 Must Watch Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials

    Photoshop is one of the favorite software used by most of the designers. Here are 25 most demanding and selected video tutorials that cover everything you expect. So now photographers get relaxed and get ready.

  • Color Inspiration – Looks Calm And Cool Designs With Blue

    The color blue in color theory to represent sincerity, harmony, trust. On the other hand also calming, loyalty and wealth. In this article you can find some examples of designs on logo, website, printing such as business card, brochure which designed in blue color scheme.

  • How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

    Every creative person can come across creativity blockage. Obviously, it is not an easy task to come up with something new and extraordinary every time you sit with a pencil and a paper. Like designers often get tired of making brochures, flyers, post cards and business cards etc. and face a strong blockage of creative ideas in their mid. Writers, being in the brotherhood of creativity, often face the same hitch. Being creative is a challenge in itself and for every creative professional, in general, and writers, in particular, to come up with an interesting topic every week can be difficult. The topic has to be interesting and it should grab readers’ attention at once so writers have to think hard or get inspired from the things around.

  • 20 Incredible Illustrated Web Designs

    Illustrators have become an integral part of the web design world in recent years and have come to produce some of the most gorgeous designs on the web today.

  • Who to follow? A deep analysis on Twitter’s worthy design accounts

    As time moves on, social networks are becoming more and more important in the different areas. Today our article studies how design companies and bloggers manage Twitter to interact with their followers and showcase their work.

  • Different Image Formats – And When to Use Them

    There are so many image formats that it’s so easy to get confused! Files like .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, and more can be seen at the suffix after the dot of your image’s file name.

  • INSPIKS Flickr Group Showcase #9

    It has been an exciting year so far and today we are featuring some of the most fantastic images that have been posted in the group.

  • 36 Stunning Navigation Menus For your Website

    Navigation menu is a very important part of website. Navigation menu helps you to explore the websites contents. so all web designer put their maximum effort to create navigation more attractive and more user-friendly.

  • Battery PSD & icons

    3 battery graphics in Photoshop format in 3 colors with each graphic organized in named folders. Battery icons in sizes 512×512 & 256×256 pixels.

  • Silky Ribbon Text Effect in Photoshop

    In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how you can make a text having the Ribbon look in Photoshop. Not a difficult tutorial but may be a lengthy one, hopefully you will enjoy making it. I’m going to make ‘SM’ i.e. abbreviation of Stunningmesh.

  • 10 Free E-books for Web Designers,Developers and Freelancers-Part 2

    A few weeks ago we shared 10 free ebooks about webdesign,development and freelancing.It was the first part of the series and today the below free ebooks collection is the second part of the serie.Please subscribe to our RSS or newsletter to get the following parts of ther serie

  • 8 Factors that can Improve the User Experience of Your Website

    I have seen a lot of people focusing more and more on the outlook of the website. Well, I agree with the fact that a website should look great but just because your website looks great does not mean that it will be a successful website too. A website has a lot of aspects to it and if you want your website to among good and successful websites, you should focus on other things as well rather than focusing on outlook only. When I say other factors, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the usability and functionality of the website. Keep the navigation of the website as simple as possible so that user can browse through your website without too much of effort.

  • 45 Cool Websites Using Character Illustrations

    Most of us like vector illustrated characters and in the last few years we see more and more in web designs.These kind of illustrations are mostly used in personal blogs,websites and especially there are so many designers who prefer to use interesting and attractive vector illustrated characters


    In today’s post we are including over 30 Asian inspired Photoshop brushes. Hope they are useful to you..

  • Cost Effective Services to Help You Launch Your Own Site

    Creating a website does not really require you to have all the technical skills to create one. There are various services available, both free and paid, that will be a great help in your website build

  • Website Speed Part 1: Write More Efficient CSS

    Nu.1 in this series on how to speed up web pages on your server focuses on CSS with an 18 point plan on how to be efficient, fast & compliant.

  • Designing with CSS3 Support & Alternative Fallbacks

    Make the most of CSS3 by designing with the latest and greatest technology on browsers with CSS3 support while providing alternative fallbacks for browsers without CSS3 support.

  • Piracy and Plagiarism of the Modern World

    Ever since man created the concept of “mine” and “yours” originality and plagiarism has always been an issue.

  • Print Ad Designs Through the Decades: The ’60s

    In the 1960s, print advertising came to life. There were some big changes: art directors dropped line drawings, which were common in the 50s, and started using photographs. Photographs were considered more believable by people and copywriters and art directors were becoming much more inventive at getting their messages across.

  • Freelance Proposals and How to Make Them Effective

    This will cover the portion of your freelance career where you get the joy of quoting a project now that you’ve met with the client and have some time management skills under your belt.

  • 30 Website Layout Tutorials

    Learn how to design sleek web layouts with these premium tutorials

  • Beautiful and High Quality Free Drupal Themes

    Drupal is one such Open Source CMS. Drupal is one of the most powerful content management systems out there and it is used to build a lot of popular websites around the world. You can build a whole website using Drupal. You can create your own design (theme) for your website or you can download templates which are made for Drupal from the internet.

  • Background Pattern Designs: 100+ Abstract Pattern and Texture Designs

    A good collection of patterns and textures is an invaluable asset for any designer. However when it comes to finding the right pattern or texture; one can easily spend hours searching for it.Background pattern designs can be simply repetition of simple stipes or polka-dots, others can be more complicated with complex combination of images and colors. A pattern designs must go with the overall style of the website, or it could be rather distractvie and annoying.

  • Free High Resolution Templates .PSD Source Files

    Photoshop .PSD files give you the freedom to look into some really awesome pieces of work and see just how it is that these designs took shape.

  • 11 Things That Influence Your Designs

    The more you understand the different things that influence your work as well as how they influence your work, the more you can change and shape the influences that find their way into your designs.

  • 30 Beautiful Mobile App Site Designs

    With the mobile app market exploding, the app creators websites are a great place to go to get some inspiration for one page designs.

  • 36 Pleasant Dual Screen Nature And Spring Wallpapers

    Dual monitors are very popular today, many web developers and designers choose to work with two screens. In today’s collection we have compiled 36 Pleasant dual screen nature and spring wallpapers that can refresh your frame of mind. These dual screen wallpapers has the width equal to two monitors Wide-Screen high resolution so the size is between 2600 × 1800 or more, all wallpapers can be downloaded for free from their original source.

  • Free Video Player Skin PSD

    I’ve created a free downloadable video player PSD file. Download this video player skin for use in your next web design or video project. The file includes all of the layers needed for a full video interface and everything is fully customizable.

  • The Power Of Color:40 Superbly Colorful Bird Photos

    Bird photography is one of the best popular part of nature photography.Of course the birds you see below don’t live in most of your backyards and it is really hard to see them but if you go to a big zoo or to Galapagos Islands

  • Top-Notch Android Toolkit for App Developers

    Android is the new buzz in the market and it is going to be in market for long than anticipation. At the same time, Android is planning to stay in market. The post has few but important toolkit for those who are looking to start working on Android Developers.

  • Download: Free Vector Pattern from Designious.com

    Download this awesome pattern – for FREE! This vector is a part of Seamless Patterns Mega Pack 3, so buy the Mega Pack and receive tons of high quality vector patterns of different styles! Enjoy!

  • Why Designers Should not Work Alone

    It’s a reality that in the dynamic world of web designing, too many of us work alone. When we talk about the great people making it big in the industry, we think about highly creative people.

  • Apple is announcing 2nd Iteration of iPad 2 Today? Rumours and Specifications

    Apple is holding an invite-only media event today and it is rumoured that they are going to announce the rival to latest Dual Core tablets like Motorolla Xoom and Galaxy S Tab 2.

  • How to increase Web Traffic through Search Engines

    Everybody needs traffic on his/her own blog, for this they must be needing some way to increase their traffic. Here is the comprehensive article for you,how you can increase traffic through Search Engines. Very useful for those who want more traffic on blog.

  • 30 Incredible Photo Manipulation

    The first step towards photo manipulations is creativity and excellent imagination. Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design. Combining certain elements to create a unique image, that can convince even the most experienced set of eyes, requires a very creative set of skills.

  • Show Last Post List on Wordpress Blog without Plugins

    This WordPress hack will help you to create optimized ring “chain” internal linking structure of all your blog posts where absolutely all posts will be interlinked with each other without any plugins.

  • Give a Touch of Creativity to Your Resume

    It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job in a corporate world or if you are working as a freelancer. When on a job hunt, you need to standout in order to find a perfect job for yourself. Now, we all know that resume is the first impression of yours so you need to have a very impressive resume. When you are in the design field, your designing skills should not be limited to brochures, flyers, post cards or business cards only. Your creativity should do wonders with you resume and this will help you in setting your resume apart from the lot.

  • How to Use YouTube for a Marketing Advantage Like a Pro

    YouTube is the home for online video, a popular free video sharing website, an online video streaming service that allows anyone to view and share videos that have been uploaded by YouTube members.

  • Rise and Fall of Online Advertising

    Online Advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium in history. Now we cannot imagine life without online advertising.

  • 12 Top Quality Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

    These tutorials produce the best results while using brushes, blurs and other media such as textures to create a top quality light effect.

  • Outstanding New features of WordPress 3.1(Reinhardt)

    WordPress is not the only publishing platform out there, but it has an awful lot to recommend it. WordPress is a constantly evolving application.

  • 32 Creative Website Designs For Design Inspiration

    In this article we showcase our hand-picked collection of 32 creative website designs for design inspiration from well known and popular CSS galleries.

  • Less is More:20 Clean and Minimal Free WordPress Themes

    One of the trends in recent years is minimalism.Basically,minimalist design is a trend which the subject is reduced to its necessary elements.This is exactly the same as minimalism in web design.When we look from the window of webdesign,we can describe it as very clean and make the visitors focuse on the content

  • 45 Most Creative and Sophisticated Business Cards: Wooden And Furniture Inspired

    Here is yet another cool and creative business card collection wooden and furniture inspired, using unique business card is one of the popular craze of recent times. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on a white surface, but today a business card is designed for professional looking by real talented professionals. So, are you planning to make your own business card, but have no idea or inspire some to start? Here is a sample of 45 most creative and sophisticated design cards inspiration for further increase your creativity. Remember a bit of creativity can take your business a long way, I hope you’ll find this collection useful.

  • 40 Beautiful Typographic Portraits

    This post is fitted with forty beautiful typographic portraits that are informative and send out a strong message to the viewer.

  • 130+ Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

    Pencil sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of design. To put it correctly, pencil sketching can be termed as ‘the mother of graphic arts’.

  • Paypal Suspended All Domestic Payments To & From India

    PayPal is one of the most preferred online transaction system for the people who regularly perform online billing.

  • 171 New Amazing Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

    The spring is officially here! What better way to celebrate it, than with a new and beautiful collection of vector illustrations created by our talented artists? We recommend you to visit Vectorious.net and see all the new illustrations, which are gathered in the following categories: abstract, vintage, backgrounds, seasonal, buildings, music and free vectors.

  • Good Stuff on the Web #3

    here we go again with some good stuff on the web. This is just a small selection of our findings while browsing, tweeting and drinking heaps of coffee.

  • Freelancer Time Management and Why Time Tracking Sucks

    The statement in the title is a bit bold to say and many people will go against me when I say it, but time tracking is a waste of time.

  • How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max

    This tutorial “How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max” is based on very basic techniques of 3D text making. This tutorial is written specially for beginners in 3D max. They can learn many techniques from this.

  • 15 Reasons why readers don’t like your blog?

    Creative, informative, to the point, attractive, easy to use Blogging, these are the main points every body needs. Sometime your blog didn’t get much attention, so here are some tips for you to improve your blog.

  • 35+ Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

    Are you looking for 3D Studio Max and Maya Tutorials. Whatever is in your mind is available here. 3D Max and Maya are using in film industry of all over the world for making special effects. These software have strong modeling and animation capabilities and contain everything which you need to make high end 3D graphics and animations.

  • Difference Between Artists and Designers When it Comes to Creation

    Creating as an Artists or a Designer? Do you follow paths or make your own ones. Is either of the choices here better then the other? We will try to take a look into the designing process from differe

  • Mobile Web Design Tips for Web Designers

    It’s time to give serious attention by web designers and web developers to enhance their designing and development skills for hand-held devices in order to generate same results for businesses as they were producing from traditional web.

  • 30 Examples of Commercial Photoshop Disasters

    Oh dear, it’s gettin worse. More and more Photoshop disasters are happening on posters, magazine covers, and advertisements. The designers are a fault because of clumsy manipulation, senseless comping

  • Why Patience Is Often The Best SEO Strategy

    It’s easy to panic when traffic suddenly takes a turn for the worst. However, panic is never the best solution to anything as it only leads to poor decision making. Sometimes the best solution to your seo problem is to take a wait and see approach.

  • Top 3 Keys For a Great Web Design Every Time

    With the huge amount of web browsing done these days, a web designer can’t afford to let their viewers leave their website due to bad design. A well built website should have 3 key elements that help viewers find what they are looking for.

  • How to get into business of part time freelancing

    When you are looking for a job in web design it can be hard. So you will probably want to first start getting jobs as a freelancer working online. Here are some tips for breaking in as a part-time freelancer.

  • A Bundle Of Handy Design Resources For A Great Price

    BundleHunt, the website offering bundles of design resources and applications for very good prices, is now featuring BundleHunt 3. The new bundle includes 20 high-quality resources for $49 rather than $1287.

  • 45+ Source of Download Free Vector Images

    Vector images have not fix resolution, that means they can be boost up to any dimension without loosing the image quality. They are great for print ads, flash animations and designers loved them because it gives great flexibility. So if you are looking for clip-arts, icons or images for your design project, you are exactly on the right place.

  • Create a Clean, Minimal Website Design in Photoshop

    In this web layout tutorial we’ll be creating a clean, minimal website design. This design would be perfect for a photography website or similar creative professional. Follow along as we explore some simple techniques to perfect a beautiful minimal design.

  • Grab the Best Bundle of 2011 – Just One Week Left

    In case you missed the launch last week, BundleHunt 3 is now on sale, but there’s only one week left to grab it. This bundle features 20 popular design resources and applications normally valued at over $1287, and it’s priced at only $49.

  • Burnstudio: Create An Amazing Personal Website From Scratch Using Photoshop

    Have you ever had a hard time designing your own personal website? Thinking of what elements, shapes, font styles that will suit your design?

  • 140 Fresh Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

    Valentine’s Day just passed, but that was just the beginning! The spring is so near that you can almost hear the birds singing, smell the flowers and see the sun smiling down on you. Our artists have already entered the spring spirit and created 140 fresh and beautiful vector illustrations for you to add to your library.

  • Outstanding Collection of Logo Design Tutorials

    Logo designing is mostly a part of our every Project and always deeply think about company identity for more successful business which more important then other design activities in design campaigns where we using different designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Logo design is a sophisticated and complex process.

  • 10 Tips for Designing & Printing Business Brochures

    Marketing and advertising are the keys to business success. Whether you are operating a small business from your home, or a large multinational company, you will find that you always have a need for high quality business brochures.

  • Expected Trends of Web Icons Design in 2011

    Icons represent the products or services of the websites, instruments of applications or serve as pointers and separators for various interfaces. They are important design elements and change their ap

  • Download 300+ Free Valentines Day Heart Icons

    Valentine’s Day is still a couple of days ahead, we would like to start the love season early by providing you with links to free graphics that you can use for designing cute stuffs for next month. We know that many of you are already starting to conceptualize designs revolving around this theme.

  • Difference between IF & FOR to make Fireworks in Flash.

    You must have seen Fireworks in Flash on many blogs/sites, but today I’m going to tell you how to make Fireworks in Flash using If and then For loop. You will be noticing the difference between these two Loops. We will be using duplicateMovieClip and setProperty commands alongwith defining variables. So it will be very informative for you.

  • The Two Functions Of Type: Readability And Legibility

    Readability and Legibility are both important for communicating with type. The two terms that may seem interchangeable, but they refer to different, albeit connected, functions of type each with its own strength in communication.

  • 100 + Must Have Cheat Sheets and Quick References For Web Designers and Developers

    Cheat Sheets are always helpful for web designer and web developers.Many computer applications, for example, have cheat sheets included in their documentation which list keystrokes or menu commands.

  • 30 beautiful websites using WordPress as a CMS

    WordPress the most popular CMS (Content management system) used by designer, developers and other web savvy people. In terms of popularity it is way ahead of other competing CMS.

  • How to Manage AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL in WordPress

    WordPress by using Ajax has a feature auto-save revisions, when you edit the blog post or page, it automatically saves a copy of the post with recent changes

  • Weekly Fresh and Updated Fonts #4

    We continue to share wekly free,fresh and updated fonts with you.This week, we have 14 free and interesting fonts to be added to your font directory.

  • Create a Patterned Text Effect in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the next tutorial I will show you how to crate a nice patterned text effect. First, using a simple rectangle and an expanded text, you will create three simple compound paths. Next, you will learn to create a nice pattern then I will show you how to use it along with some classic effects.

  • Kids Room Decorating Ideas

    We want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids. Studio e-glue from France offers innovative idea – giant stickers for room decoration. With the help of these stickers you can transform a standart interior into savanna, jungle, train station or even into moon base in an appropriate style.

  • Effective Color Palette and Color Scheme Generators

    Colors carry a lot of emotions in themselves; each color represents some mood and changes its nature when used in any combination with other colors. So a lot depends upon colors which take a pivot role when it comes to designing a website too because the nature of a website is reflected through colors, say a dark background may give a bold appearance and a light background may suit for a professional site etc.

  • Tips to Get Better Feedback on Your Website

    Feedback – we all have read and heard this word a lot from different people with different frame of references. As the name suggests, it is the reaction of a person towards the other person’s work, product or service. Feedback is a sort of input which others give on your work. These ‘others’ may include your supervisors, co-workers, customers, clients or other people you interact with. There are different types of feedback, depending upon who is giving it and on what is it being given.

  • iPhone Web App Development Tips for Beginners

    Almost every business application is eager to get on the iPhone for promoting their online presence. Popularity of iPhone applications seems to be on a constant rise and is one of the major reasons that inspire business owners to become a part of this campaign.

  • 7 Tips For Freelance Success That I Didn’t Follow

    How important is it for you to follow the advice in articles and blog posts? Do you need to follow every tip offered or is it ok to do things how you think best?

  • 12+ WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Do Without

    I have been designing WordPress sites for two years now. In the beginning I found I spent most of my time finding the right plugins to do what I need. There are thousands of WordPress themes and thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from.

  • 30 Fun Free Blogger Templates

    30 Free Blogger Templates related to games, technology, business, scrapbooking, simple, white, advanced, dark, crafts, and magazines.

  • Font Typography: 60+ Ultimate Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration

    Fonts typographic designs is now more popular and we can notice a surge for fonts Type work on portfolio sites, Here we have collected 50+ Ultimate Fonts Typography Designs for Inspiration , I found these design really inspiring, hope you will be inspired.

  • 162 Beautiful New Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

    This year started with a great deal of imagination and passionate work from our artists. They created 162 new and amazing vector illustrations for you to add to your library. Feast your eyes by taking a look at these previews of the fresh and fabulous illustrations which you can find in the Vectorious.net library, under the following categories: abstract, vintage, business, backgrounds and free vectors.

  • 52 Free High Resolution Valentines Day Wallpapers

    Couple of weeks till most lovely and romantic festivity – Valentines day. In these days in air vibrates love. During this period shops and houses are decorated with symbols of love – hearts, roses, teddy bears. I am sure you will create some love cards for your lovers. Today we share more than 52 Free High Resolution Valentines Day Wallpapers for your desktop.

  • Showcase of Effective 404 Pages

    In this inspiring collection you will find 35 fresh and effective 404 error pages from various websites.

  • WordPress Plugin: Facebook Comments Point (FCP), Ajax Comments plugin for WordPress

    WordPress has thousands of plugins which we use for adding some useful features to our blogs. I have created my first WordPress plugin which is Facebook Comments Point (FCP). It is an ajax comments plugin for wordpress users which converts your current comments system to a stylized comment system.

  • Vintage typewriter: The sexiest jQuery contact form ever

    A fancy typewriter contact form powered with jQuery, CSS and PHP along with a nice vector illustration

  • 40 Detailed Examples of User Interface Design

    When designing an application, millions of question arise. How should it look? How easy is the interface to understand? What should the colors and borders look like? The list goes on and on. Before yo

  • What Everyone Ought to Know about Initial Client Meeting

    In the glorious field of web design there are far too many prices, skillsets, levels of professionalism, and difference in deliverables for any client to really understand them all or even comprehend

  • Creative resume / CV PSD template (CMYK print-ready)

    Elegant, modern piece of resume in 2 color variations in Photoshop PSD format ready for print in size 8.5″x11″.

  • 27 Photoshop Tutorials To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

    27 Photoshop Tutorials To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special. Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the English-speaking countries, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery.

  • Counterpart and Counterpoint in Typographic Hierarchy

    Visual design is an information delivery system and the smoother that delivery, the better the design. One of the strongest tools we have to facilitate information deliver is hierarchy. Typographic hierarchy helps ensure that your most important information is seen first and that viewers are able to take in the amount of information they want quickly and easily.

  • Excellent Ideas to Having a Positive Outcome to Your Website

    A business owner loves to put up a website. In fact, this is the way to reach millions of people in the market to buy your products and services.

  • 30 Exciting Instance of Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography has reached new heights over the last few years, bringing a bird’s-eye view to places that are hard to reach and amazing to see. Aerial photographers are used for such things as surveying sites, movie shots, business plannings, magazines, city events and much much more.

  • Exclusive: Free cloud photos

    Download pack of 4 cloud photos in JPG format in size 2500×1875 pixels each. You can use them in your personal or client web projects.

  • Create a Clean Register Form in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a clean register form. It covers several interesting techniques and tips on how to work with patterns, grids and guides, multiple fills and strokes. It might be particularly useful for those of you involved in the web design area.

  • Applying Color Schemes Requires Seeing Them Anew

    Choosing colors is the first step. Adapting them to fit your design requirements is just as important. What looks good in a swatch may not work well on a web page—but that doesn’t mean you have to return to square one. We’ll explore here new ways to look at color schemes.

  • Thoughts On Grammar And Communication

    Grammar is important, but what’s more important is communication. If you can get your message across to your intended audience there’s nothing wrong with breaking a few grammatical rules.

  • Starting A Web Design Business

    In today’s post we’re going to cover the most important things you need to know about starting a web design business, and get input from other people throughout the industry.

  • Inspirational Website Designs: 40+ Top Website Designs For Designers

    Now we present 40+ top website designs for designers from around the web. So we add CSS Based, Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the inspiring websites will be on display. I will put together a list of inspirational Website Designs Showcase for Your Inspiration and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites.

  • Amazing Photos:40+ Brilliant Examples Of Photo Manipulation Art

    Photo Manipulation Art: 40+ amazing photos manipulation art designs you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our Photo manipulation design that inspires you to create something brilliant and original.

  • How to Use LinkedIn for Your Web Design Business

    In this post, we’ll look at ways to beef up your profile as well as use new applications and sections to optimize your networking with clients, prospects and others in the design community.

  • SEO and Web Design Trends 2011

    Over the past year much more has been changed in the world of SEO and web design than thought. Emergence of smart phones is going to change web access trends and on the her hand web browsers begin to follow new technologies introduced in the field of web design.

  • Litmus Test for Blog Redesigning along with Rules

    Stop ignoring the inevitable change that your blog needs from long time. A blog can be redesigned for various reasons or even for no reasons. I don’t recommend you to change your blog design every now and then however you should realize when is the right time to redesign your blog even if it is once in a blue moon.

  • 50 Most Outstanding Photographers’ Portfolio For Inspiration

    As aspiring photographers, we always wonder how the professional photographers take photography to a whole different level, how their photography stands out from the rest, how their lenses seem to get

  • Web Designers’ 2011: New Year’s Resolutions

    Time to kick 2010 out and kiss 2011 hello. Yep, it’s that time once more when you make new year’s resolutions.Here is an inspiring list of resolutions for web designers, developers and bloggers.

  • Good Stuff on the Web #1

    there is a lot of good stuff going on on the web. This is just a small selection we came across while browsing, tweeting and drinking heaps of coffee.

  • 23 Examples Of Active Space In Web Design and Logos

    Space is made active in a design when it’s planned, when it’s thought about as an active element instead of as leftover space. Here are 23 examples of websites and logos that use space actively with explanations for why the space is active.

  • 40+ iPhone Apps Helping to Start Your Own Music Band

    The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007. In this special roundup we’re presenting iPhone apps related to music bands, these free and paid iPhone applications helping you how can you start your own music band with your gadget device (iPhone).

  • 20 Inspiring TED Videos for Graphic and Web Designers

    TED is a nonprofit organization that transmits “Ideas Worth Spreading.” It all started in 1984 as a talk conference that brought people from three industries: Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED h

  • The Elements of Retro Web Design

    In today’s post, we’ll look at examples of work sourced from the wonderful Dribbble, which helps us focus on snippets of a piece, rather than the entire design or illustration.

  • 40+ WordPress Magazine Themes Empowered by Ajax and jQuery

    The post focuses on WordPress themes empowered by Ajax and jQuery. The given themes in the posts are elegantly created using the above said tools for Web 2.0 WordPress. There is new t

  • Detaild Designing and its Importance

    A very comprehensive article about Detailed Designing and its importance. Original posted on Stunningnesh, any one can took benefit of this article as it is having a lot new information for Beginners or professionals.

  • Weekly CSS Website Inspiration-50 Great Websites #02

    We continue to share very inspirational CSS websites.You know last week,i mean with the beginning of 2011 we told you that we will put together 50 wonderful CSS websites every week mostly on sundays,so here are this week’s inspirational sites.

  • Giveaway: High resolution texture pack

    6 high resolution premium textures for free. The pack contains 2 walls textures, 2 paper textures and 2 wood textures.

  • Create a Sewed Adidas Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a sewed Adidas logo. First, you will create the basic shapes using the rectangle and the ellipse tools. For the sewed effects you will use some Roughen and Scribble effects. Finally, for a stitched effect you will use a simple, dashed stroke.

  • The real design trends for 2011

    A complete revision across those elements that established the trends during 2010 and we consider that are going to evolve or get bigger during 2011.

  • Why Craigslist Has A Near Perfect Design…For Craigslist

    Craigslist is an unattractive site. It’s downright ugly. It’s aesthetics are poor and could certainly be improved in a number of ways. And yet the site doesn’t need a redesign at all. In fact the site has a near perfect design for Craigslist the brand.

  • 60 Pixel Perfect Examples of Advertising Banners

    As any business owner knows, its extremely important to advertise your product/service. If people don’t know about it, then they won’t be able to buy it. One great way to do this is by using Mass Comm

  • Selling a Theme by the Thousands: What Thesis Teaches Us

    About two years ago, Chris Pearson’s WordPress theme, Thesis, passed the $2 million mark in total sales. Here is a theme-not a platform, but a theme-beating many of the world’s leading independent design firms in revenue, all through passive sales.

  • 29 Free CSS Frameworks and Tools for Web Developers

    A CSS framework is a pre-prepared library that is meant to allow for easier, more standards-compliant styling of web pages using the Cascading Style Sheets language.Some developers are tired of writing the same CSS code so thinking of this some CSS frameworks are written to get the job done in a short way.

  • Working as an In House Web Designer

    If you want to pursue full-time employment in the web design industry but not in an agency, then chances are that you’ll be looking at working as an in-house web designer or developer for an internet based company.

  • 20+ Amazing CSS Techniques

    CSS is using in web documents for making styles of text, backgrounds, spacings, width etc. Use of CSS is very simple but in some ways its tricky and most of CSS effects you will see in javascript and jquery but i will prefer to use CSS rather then other front end languages if you can make same functionality or style in CSS. In this article many effects and techniques of CSS you will see and all these are easy to use.

  • Rounded: Create A Detailed Solid Dark Layout In Photoshop

    A few techniques discussed in this tutorial include the use of proper spacing, typography, and colors.

  • How to Create a Classy Video Player in Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a classy video player in Photoshop. Our video player looks quite simple but very clean and professional.

  • 30 Fresh and Awesome Photoshop PSD Files Worth Downloading

    It’s been a long time since we’ve brought together the free Photoshop PSD Files so it is time to share wonderful PSD files again.The below PSD files are not the best of all time but the fresh ones.I know most of you are tired of seeing the same PSD files but most of them are created in the last few months and of course free.

  • New Year’s Resolution for all Creative Professionals

    Year 2011 has arrived with all its zeal and fervor. Like every new year, this new beginning has brought many changes in the world we live in. New year’s resolution is the very first thing one thinks about as soon as the new year begins to appear. Resolutions are made and re-made at every level and by everyone, either deliberately or unconsciously. These resolutions help you carve a direction for the upcoming time and also to prepare you to cope with the challenges of tomorrow as properly as possible.

  • +20 Excellent 3D Typography Tutorials

    Adding a 3D effect to type can really improve the attractiveness of a design. Since 3D makes text pop out from the background, it is an excellent effect to learn for web design, posters, and even busi

  • What’s New for Web Designers – January 2011

    New apps and websites appear on an almost daily basis, but trying to find the good ones among them can be tough. That’s why every month we research and showcase some of the best and latest resources available for web designers.

  • 10 Useful Tips for Design Students

    If you are a Designer or you wanted to become a Professional Designer, or you are a student learning Designing, then here are 10 most important points for you, after reading this Tips you can become a Professional Designer. Very helpful tips for you.

  • Do You Know Why Validating Your Code Is Important?

    Will people care if your pages don’t validate? Will search engines care? How important is code validation? This post answers those questions.

  • 10 Tips for Interning at a Design Office

    Internships can provide you with invaluable experience if you make the most of the opportunity. A glowing recommendation from an established company – or professional institution (i.e. medical internships) – is often the first step toward securing personally fulfilling, gainful employment.

  • How To Write Well The Ernest Hemingway Style

    Ernest Hemingway, minimalist, good at writing.“Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation,” meaning “avoid being unclear, support being clear” as written in Wikipedia.

  • Weekly CSS Website Inspiration-50 Great Websites #01

    With the beginning of 2011 our team decided to publish some weekly posts about specific subjects.And one of these subjects is the weekly CSS Website Inspiration.From now on,every sunday we will collect and publish great CSS websites around the web.

  • Showcase of Call to Action Buttons and Quick Tutorial

    Here you will see 30 well designed and effective call to action buttons examples and quick tutorial on how to create your own call to action button.

  • Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

    Almost every blogger is familiar with discussion forums and take active part in it. They are a good source to learn and share the knowledge. Some popular discussion forums also send huge traffic to blogs. If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you must join these forums.

  • 15 Most Intriguing Video Photoshop Tutorials

    Sometimes it is just worlds easier watching a tutorial than reading it, and the Internet has made video tutorials of all kinds very available. Photoshop tutorials are especially popular due to the complexity of the popular program. We’ve gotten together 15 Most Intriguing Video Photoshop Tutorials for just about every aspect of the image editor that you can imagine.

  • Web Design Predictions for 2011

    We asked some of the leading Web Designers and Web Design Writers in the field for their predictions in Web Design for 2011.

  • 8 Easy Solutions to Create Question & Answer Websites

    Question & Answer websites is a great feature in a website because it will let your visitors to share their thoughts about anything under the sun.

  • The Year To Come: Looking Ahead To 2011

    Setting goals and reviewing progress with those goals is an important part of growing a business. This post is a look at the goals I’m setting for my web design business in 2011 and why setting goals is important for your business.

  • 30 Simple Yet Creative Bar Code Designs

    Did you know that bar codes could be designed? Nether did I, until a recent discovery. Usually barcodes are black and boring, they don’t contain any type of design or creativity. A vanity barcode is a

  • The Inverted Pyramid Of Visual Design

    Journalists use the inverted pyramid style of writing to deliver the most important information first, followed by additional information in decreasing order of importance. Web designers can do the same thing by creating a visual hierarchy of information.

  • Create a Clean Business Web Layout in Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will see how to design a clean and solid fictional business layout. Following the steps in this tutorial you will learn how to use guides, how to create a detailed background using patterns and filters, how to create transparent buttons and more.

  • Valuable Tips for Web Design Newbies

    You must have heard the phrase “There is always a first time for everything”. Now, the reason of quoting it here is to remind people about the fact that at some point in life we all do things for the first time. Same goes for our professional careers. There is always a first project, first job, first salary and this proves that at some point of time, we all were newbies. Obviously, with the passage of time we have learnt a lot and no matter what we say, the fact remains that initially we had to struggle to achieve something. You might get tutorials in games and websites in order to learn how to start things but in real life, you will have to learn with the passage of time and with the advices of your seniors. A lot of newbies won’t be really good at handling difficult situations or people..

  • 25+ Examples of New Creative Facebook Profile Pages

    With the new release of Facebook pages many people are getting very creative with their own profile pictures. French artist Alexandre Oudin (#8 below) is the one responsible for this awesome creativit

  • Astounding Stories Of Love And Creativity

    Love can fuel creativity for so many reasons, creativity may appear because of wanting to impress someone or simply because you want to express the emotions running through your life.

  • 10 Must-Have Things for a Kick-Ass Freelance Startup

    You may be asking on what are the things you must have to start your freelancing career. In this article, I will enumerate the things a freelance designer must have other than skills and passion.

  • The Phenomena of Human-to-Human Designing

    As a graphic or web designer, it is important for you to deliver an effective communication to your target audience through your creativity. In today’s world, if you want your business to survive, you must understand the importance of effective communication with your audience. Graphic and web designing is all linked with Internet as all your material is live and visible to everyone around the globe. If people are able to understand your designing, no matter which part of the world they belong to, it will be termed as a successfully done human-to-human designing.

  • Thoughts on Developing A Design Concept

    A good design begins with a good design concept. How do you form a concept? What questions do you need to ask in order to develop one? How does your concept become the roadmap for your design?

  • Marketing Ideas for Web Designing Business

    Starting a web design business is one of the most lucrative opportunities out there in the professional world these days. There are so many people who want to create websites for themselves or their business and so the demands for your services are extremely high. However, there is a lot more to being a successful web designer than just designing good web sites.

  • 50 Free Stunning HD Wallpapers for Your PC and MAC

    Are you looking for high quality desktop wallpapers? Is your desktop wallpaper needs to change from old to new? then you’ve come in the right place.

  • How To Gather Inspiration and Generate Ideas

    Ideas are the lifeblood for a web designer. You need ideas to get you started on any new project. Where do those ideas comes from? Where do you find inspiration? How do you develop a process to have a never ending stream of ideas at your disposal?

  • Create A Detailed Blue WordPress Blog Layout In Photoshop

    Today you will be learning to create a clean light WordPress style layout and I hope all of you can follow this step by step tutorial.

  • Grunge snowflakes photoshop brushes

    A set of 6 grunge photoshop brushes, great for making holliday and festive designes especially web and print projects.

  • Best Twitter Desktop Client Applications

    Twitter has become an integral part of our social media lives, marketing strategies, and business objectives. We have multiple accounts, hundreds of followers to watch,

  • 25 Most Recommended Wordpress Alternatives for Bloggers

    There is no harm in trying a new software or cms so we should be open to other possibilities and try other alternatives and solutions to blogging.

  • Ways To Use Your Business Card To Your Advantage

    Everyone who has even been a part of the business world will accept that fact that running a business is not at all any easy task. It gets more difficult for a newbie or for someone who is not properly educated about the tricks and techniques of initiating and running a business successfully. Investing in business is risky but at the same time it if works out, it is a lucrative income. This is exactly why a lot of people are willing to take this risk.

  • Fresh jQuery Plugins For Your Next Project – Episode 7

    Here are Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode – 7 focusing on all JavaScript category browsing and further resources to reduce time and effort while increasing your audience. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

  • How To Activate Space In A Design

    Learning to see the shape of space so you can control and activate it, is one of the best things you can do to grow as a designer. When you get the empty space right the positive forms inevitably work well together The reverse is seldom, if ever, true.

  • 40 Quality Websites with Circular Logos

    During 2010 an interesting website design trend has risen. Before we get in, you might say “Thats just the logo, just because its circle doesn’t mean its a trend.” I understand and totally agree with

  • Create a Chubby Kid Character: Part II

    Hi again. Now that you completed part one you can proceed to the second one. This one it’s a bit more complex. You will start with the face and the hair then you will continue with the legs and the boots. Finally, using simple ellipses, roughen effect and pathfinder options you will create some snow.

  • 34 Photoshop HD Video Tutorials To Help You Improve Your Skills

    Following written Photoshop tutorials maybe easier to understand the steps but sometimes some high definition tutorials are also really easy to follow.Especially the ones about photo retouching are a great fun to watch.

  • Create a Chubby Kid Character: Part I

    Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a chubby kid covered with some snow. It’s a pretty large tutorial so I decided to divide it in two separate parts. In the first one you will use basic tools and effects to create the head, the body, the arms and some smaller components.

  • PC Names – Amazing Domain Name Search Engine

    The Internet nowadays is inundated with websites and web blogs raging from almost every field of life. Going with the flow, more and more people are entering into the world of establishing new blogs and websites from all around the world. In the course of establishing a new website or a blog, the first step is to come up with a name that is user-friendly and has not been used by anyone on the web before. This process is called domain search.

  • Learn How To Create Modern Dark Wordpress Layout In Photoshop

    This time you will be learning how to create a simple dark WordPress style layout with really detailed step by step instructions and a lot easy to follow and understand screenshots.

  • 40+ Fresh Minimal Websites for Your Inspiration

    Minimalism is one of my favorite styles of a website; in fact I used minimalism styles in some of my previous web projects. Setting much space in your website will avoid over-crowding of the contents which also avoids confusion to the visitors of your site.

  • How to Setting up Limit Logon Attempts for WordPress Blog

    Security should always be a major concern when using the WordPress as CSM. If someone gets a hold of your personal information or breaks in to one of your admin accounts

  • Designing Meaningful Aesthetics

    Designers should be able to defend their aesthetic choices in order to create a meaningful design aesthetic. Designers should also want to create beautiful things even when there is no additional meaning added in that beauty.

  • +15 Stunning Christmas Tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator

    Once again, Christmas is almost here and another year is coming to an end. With extra holiday duties to attend to both in our personal and business lives, this time of year can be quite overwhelming.

  • Great websites with ugly design vs great websites with brilliant design

    On this article we will launch some sparklers into the dusk to figure out the signals that you need to be aware of when facing a bad web design, we will help you identify the main faux-passes to avoid when designing a website by witnessing some examples along with a clarifying explanation on each case.

  • I Need a Logo, What Do I Do?

    Choosing a logo for your business is an important step in marketing. Your logo is the first point of visual contact, and your customers and clients will think of it when they hear your business’ name. Logo design is underrated; people don’t understand the importance and value of a good logo.

  • Ultimate Secret Designer Christmas Gifts Wishlist Finally Revealed

    Christmas is coming and people who deserve to enjoy it needs your presents! Below you’ll find a list of what a designer might like for Christmas.

  • Free nature photos download

    4 high resolution free nature photos in 300dpi JPG format for your personal or client projects. Contact for commercial print usage.

  • Design Business Secrets eBook only $14, save 52%!

    Once you start working from home, you will never want to set foot in an office again! The benefits of working from home are endless, and designers are fortunate to have this option.

  • How to Display Hidden feeds in WordPress Powered Blog

    WordPress generates RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds automatically for your posts. Links to these feeds are available in your site’s footer if you’re using the default theme

  • All You Need To Know About Good Headline Creation That Work

    A headline tells the beginning and the end of the content. It should say what the article is all about and what to expect from it, either explicitly or implicitly.

  • Featured posts slider in WordPress using sticky posts and jQuery

    Learn how to create a featured posts section, using WordPress sticky posts and how to integrate them in a slider, using jQuery Cycle.

  • How Tell A Story Through Design

    The way to get people to spread your message is to tell a good story. Stories can communicate complex information in a memorable way. They provide the knowledge to act and motivate people to act. Stories are remembered and stories are shared.

  • 100 Creative and Unique Business Cards

    Business Card is one of the most important parts of a business because it bears information about a company or individual. it is also an effective way to advertise one’s business. Hence, your business card must be of good quality and unique to attract potential clients.

  • Eye-Catching Websites with One-of-a-Kind Navigations for Inspiration

    Navigation must be well-designed in a user-friendly manner that the moment the viewer sees it, they instantly understand how it is used and what is it for. Here are some example of horizontal navigati

  • 25 Awesome And Free Christmas Icons Sets

    Christmas is always a busy time of year for online sales, and just the right icons can spruce your site up nicely for all of those customers that should be streaming through your virtual doors. We’ve gathered up 25 Awesome and Free Christmas Icon sets you can use on sites,blog, cards, invitation, desktops and even in print ads that should set just the right tone for you this year.

  • Create a Semi-Realistic Thermometer Illustration

    Hi there. In this new tutorial I’ll show you how to create a semi-realistic thermometer illustration. It might seem to be a complicated tutorial but if you’re familiar with the basic tools and effect you won’t face any problem. Give it a try and let me know if I was right.

  • Creating an awesome leather texture in 77 seconds with Photoshop

    making a great leather texture in Photoshop in less than 2 minutes, we even recorded it so you can compete with one of our designers to see how makes the best time mark, you will find the video at the end of the article.

  • How To Actually Use Negative Space As Design Element

    Negative space is an important element in making website layouts and logos although it’s tricky to combine negative space in designing, but we’ll help there.

  • Using Flashy Product Photos to Improve Your E-Commerce Design

    Let’s start with a few great examples of how online retailers have incorporated best quality product photos onto their websites and focus on images of actual items, rather than models, events or lands

  • WordPress blog theme PSD template

    WordPress blog theme PSD template in Photoshop PSD format. The blog design is a clean magazine style theme that can be used coded & used as WP design blog or magazine blog.

  • Brilliant Character Design Illustrator Tutorials

    Adobe Illustrator is one of the best applications when it comes in creating cartoons and illustrations because of the vector feature. It preserves the quality and details of the artwork even if it has been resized. Here we have some collection of tutorials. Hopefully that will be useful for you.

  • When Developers and Designers Work With Eachother

    Some professions are just meant to be together. This sentence can go perfectly for designers and developers who often work together on web designing and development together. Both professionals have their respective skills and job requirement i.e. a graphic designer makes brochures, flyers, postcards and business cards etc, and a web developer develops websites. However, there are some projects or cases in which a developer and a designer are required to work together and a big example of such projects is website making.

  • Top Articles On The Web Design Community In November’10

    The past month has been an amazing period for those wishing to learn the ropes of design, whether you’re a noob just getting into the designer or programmer. As we enter December 2010 , let’s take a look back at some of the most popular articles, resources, and tutorials that helped those who Missed away on the web everyday.

  • My Taoist Approach To Freelance Business

    When you start and run a business based on the things you truly feel passionate about and allow the flow of your life to influence the flow of your business, you’re approaching your business in the way of the Tao.

  • Best Kinetic Typography Secuences for your Inspiration

    Kinetic Typography is the technical name for “moving text”—is an animation technique mixing motion and text. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea

  • How To Get Yourself Out From Huge Information Overload

    Remember the saying “what the mind conceives, the body achieves” ? As always let us first find out what causes information overload.

  • Sorting Out and Dealing with Different Types of Clients

    Learning how to read the clients’ personality can give you advantage. This way, you will know how and in what way to approach them with your marketing strategies.

  • Contest at Stunningmesh: Win 50$ account at DepositPhotos.com

    Stunningmesh feels immense pleasure to announce 50$ Account at DepositPhotos.com. Stunningmesh is going to make a Contest for our Valuable Visitors/Viewers, just to thank you and will feel pleasure to give you 50$ account at DepositPhotos.com (courtesy of DepositPhotos.com).

  • 42 Free High-Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Web Designer – Part II

    It’s always fun to experiment different techniques and learn how to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures and make them into works of arts and masterpieces. Today we’ve got you a brilliant set of more than 50 high quality Photoshop PSD files to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next photoshop effect.

  • 31 Web Examples Creative And Inspiring of Using Illustration In Web Design

    Using the illustration in web designing give a unique design and distinctive character in your web, giving your website your own personality.

  • Natural Design Talent vs. Design Degree

    Whenever we talk about any field of creativity, a never-ending discussion pops up that either a natural talent is good for a creative carrier or a proper qualification should be there in order to excel in the field. Similar is the case with a carrier in graphic designing, which am important branch of creative profession. This discussion has been going on for ages and till date no one has come to a solid conclusion. Some people think that in order to be a successful designer, one has to be talented otherwise; he won’t be able to achieve his goals, no matter how highly qualified he is.

  • How Can Designers Make the Most of Their Workdays

    A a freelance graphic designer you are running your own independent business and in order to be a success at it, you need to spend your workdays more effectively. People with typical desk jobs also find it difficult to work more efficiently at times due to various reasons. Why it becomes more difficult for freelancers is indeed a good question. The reason is that freelancers have a lot of added distractions in comparison to someone who is going to office for work. As a freelancer if you will not prioritize your tasks, you won’t be able to stay in this business for a longer period.s

  • 50 Incredible Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials

    In this post, I’ll be presenting 50 incredible vintage and retro photoshop tutorials for 2010.

  • Modern Element Trends in Magazine-Styled Webdeign of 2010

    Magazine-styled website offer good usability, clean typography, and professional interface.Usually, magazine style is used for online periodicals, lifestyle, and fashion websites.

  • How to Convince Your Client on Your Design

    Being a graphic designer is not at all an easy job. Every graphic designer will have his share of experience with the clients who have drive him crazy with his view points, thoughts and suggestions. No wonder, since it’s his brand a client understands the brand and the target audience the most and listening to him is a part of every graphic designer’s job description. However, there are a few clients who will do anything to make things go their way. So, it’s either their way or its highway.

  • New: Stylish Animated Login and Signup Form with JQuery and CSS3

    Check out an amazing animated and stylish login / register jquery form which is simple to use. I put some animation which adds some attractive looks. If any one needs this form then only backend code is needed to make it working. I really like this stylish form and I hope you will also like this tutorial.

  • Best Tutorials – November 2010

    Each month we feature some of the best Photoshop tutorials and this month is no exception! These tutorials range from cool photo typography effect, abstract mosaics, elegant website layouts and a cool grungy photo manipulation project.

  • The Power Of Emotion To Make People Act: Stickiness Part V

    In order for people to take action and share your idea, they need to care about it. That’s where emotion comes in. Emotion elicits a reaction. it makes people act. The emotional component of stickiness is making people care enough to take action and share your idea and message.

  • 56 Most Demanding Google Chrome Extensions / Addons

    Google Chrome is a web browser developed by google, Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers by the web designers and developers, it is growing rapidly gradually and users have choice among Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Today we’ve compiled 56 most demanding and useful Google Chrome Extensions / Addons. With Google Chrome extensions, you can add more features to the chrome browser which may help you to make your work faster and easier. Leave your comments and also share your experiences with google chrome extensions to others..

  • Photography Inspiration: 33 Refreshing Dew Photos

    Here, a compilation of this great photography is showcased to inspire and motivate photographers of sorts for ideas on cool photographs…

  • Showcase of 47 Letterpress Business Card For Inspiration

    In this post, I’ve rounded up a collection of Letterpress Business Card For Inspiration that will inspire you. You’ll notice that the clean and minimal approach taken with these designs conveys an overwhelming sense of quality and elegance.

  • +60 Free High Resolution Metal Textures

    Here is +60 Free High Resolution Metal Textures, I and many designers like to design with metal texture, specially when they trying to design to show strong shapes. Using Metal Textur

  • 30 Most Demanding Photoshop Tutorials

    With Photoshop, amazing results are possible for photo manipulations that’s why Photoshop is one of the great graphics editing software to create beautiful custom images today. Photo manipulation are used to create images which can’t be photographed by any photographer or in easy word which are not real can be made real by image manipulations.

  • 50 Websites To Download and Read Online Free E-Books

    Electronic books known as e-books became a very important part of our lifes.As the technology goes very fast,the e-books deal out from this fast growth and people begin to prefer reading e-books which is easy to find and share with each other.

  • Why Designers Should Stay Healthy And Happy

    Surely, most healthy people are happy with their lives and vice versa. Being unhappy for more than the normal amount of time is life-wrecking.

  • Free Stylish Navigation Bars in Source PSD for you

    We have made some Navigation Bars styles for you. We are going to upload Source PSD file so you can modify anything according to your desire. You can use these for your upcoming Web Projects. So hopefully it will be a valuable asset for you, these are absolutely free so enjoy !!!

  • Vintage business card PSD (front & back)

    Vintage business card Photoshop PSD download in two PSD files that are fully editable. They are CMYK print ready in 3.75×2.25 inches with 300dpi resolution.

  • 15 Interesting, Funny, and Strange Websites

    Searching for these strange, funny, and interesting websites is really fun. I spent hours using all of the search engines in the known universe and I chose these among the many because they’re unique.

  • 22 excellent websites where you can find high quality free photos

    If you are looking for graphic design resources and web design, and for free, if you want high quality photographs of high quality and find enough high-quality website

  • PHP for Beginners: Part 3 – Email with PHP

    One of the major uses of a server side scripting language is to provide a way of sending e-mail from the server and, in particular, to take form input and output it to an e-mail address. In this part

  • Best Work Practices For a Freelance Web Designer

    If you are working as a freelancer in the web designing industry then there are many things which you should take care of. You have to show your professional end to take your client under confidence and make them believe that you can deliver them exactly what they want for their site.

  • Importance of Specializing a Certain Field of Designing

    Graphic designing is huge field and for those students, who are interested in it, need to understand all of the categories related to graphic designing and then study the one they think is perfect for them. It is very important to determine what you really want to do. Just because you are fascinated with Photoshop and you know how to run it, does not mean you can be a web designer as well as logo designer, business card specialist and yes, not to forget, an excellent brochure, flyer and poster designer too.

  • Create a Traffic Light Illustration

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a detailed traffic light illustration. It covers some interesting techniques and effects. Give it a try and you might learn some new stuff about working with opacity masks, blends, Photoshop effects, multiple fills/strokes.

  • 30+ Stunning Free iPhone Appications

    we collect variety of free apps for regular usage, iPhone is not a dream anymore as the latest 3Gs iPhone is now furnished with an auto-focus mechanism taking 3 Megapixel images. A look around the internet will show you rather decent photos taken by iPhone as people quit printing photos, who will when with a few taps, they can share theirs instantly.

  • Formal Degree vs. Self-Taught: Pros and Cons

    Did you gain your knowledge in the field of Web Design and Development through a formal degree program or are you self-taught? Which worked best for you? In this post, I will discuss my opinion on each, but I want to hear your opinions as well!

  • Useful jQuery Plugins You Should Know About

    jQuery is the best choice when you need to add interactivity and increased functionality to your website. That is why we made a list of over 20 useful jQuery plugins every web designer and web develop

  • 35+ Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop #3

    It’s really important to know as many effects as possible so you can mix the styles, play with them and result something new, unique and eye-catching for your designs. So I collected some really cool text effects tutorials in Photoshop.

  • Wooden speakers PSD & icons

    Set of realistic wooden speakers in Photoshop PSD format with each speaker layers organized in named folders. The wooden speakers also come as icons.

  • PSD paint brushes in 3 colors

    Set of 3 paint brushes in Photoshop PSD format. The brush graphics come in 3 dripping colors in red, blue and green in fully layered PSD format with each brush layers organized in named folders.

  • Are Your Designs Pixel Perfect? – My Design Process

    One question designers face is how much time should be spent on wireframes, mockups, and design comps. Should you strive for pixel perfection or should you work through them quickly to get to development sooner? Here are three possible approaches as well as my own design process.

  • 40 Very Creative Wedding Invitation Examples to Get Inspired for Couples

    We have many special days in our life and wedding day is one the most exciting days of course.Every couple wants to do something extraordinary to make that day memorable.One part of this event and maybe the most attractive part is the wedding invitation

  • What Are Margins and Padding in CSS

    Margins and Padding is used to style element boxes including images in CSS. Use margins to adjust the space between the wrapping text and the image.

  • Promo Code Giveaway from jQRef: A jQuery Reference Application

    We really love doing giveaways here at Admix Web, and today is another great giveaway for our readers

  • Create a Pseudo HDR Image from One Photo in Photoshop

    This tutorial will bring us through the steps in creating the HDR look from a single image in Photoshop.

  • How To Create A Professional Lawyer Website In Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will guide you step by step in the process of creating a professional lawyer website.

  • PHP for Beginners: Part 2 – Making Decisions and Loops

    In this part of the tutorial I will show you firstly how to use if statements to make decisions in your scripts. Next, I am going to show you how to use another important part of PHP, loops.

  • Important Procedures For Choosing a Web Design And Development Team

    Web design and development are key components of a modern organisation’s existence. The corporate website is, at once, a microcosm of the company’s sales literature, public relations profile, employee newsletter and advertising, all easily accessible in one very visible and public place.

  • 200 best illustrations in web design, a complete review

    On this countdown, you’re about to take a breathe of inspiration and see 200 of the most astounding characters and illustrations found on the internet during these days, maybe your website was featured if you have a great vein for creativity.

  • What to Consider When Going Mobile With Your Web Site

    Just like any other businessman, I too have this strong desire to empower users to sign up for and buy my services any time they want, using any device that can connect to the Internet. However things such as budgeting, potential for revenue, and the type of business you have are the kind of annoying “practical” realities that always come in the way.

  • Managing Balance Between Inspiration and Individuality

    In this article, I’m hoping to make a point that not everything can be found on the internet. You need to step back once in a while, to see the bigger picture. There are plenty of sources for inspirat

  • 40+ Free High Quality CSS/HTML Templates from 2010

    Stylish, elegant, interactive and most of all it’s free. Free CSS/HTML templates that will put a great design on your website.

  • How To Attract Attention To Your Ideas

    The first step in communicating your idea is attracting attention to it. Someone has to notice your message before anything else. Your idea also needs to hold attention. It needs to maintain the interest of your audience if you want your message to stick with them.

  • 24+ Wood Business Card Designs

    Looking for unique wood business cards? For your inspiration, here are 24 impressive wooden business cards from around the world. Here are our picks for “the best of the best” wooden business cards.

  • 50 Examples of Pixel Perfect Button Design

    Buttons are always an important part of any website. The button’s main goal is to attract the user into performing an action you want them to. Meaning to sign up, purchase now, log in, vote up, and et

  • How to newsletter – tips for Web Designers

    Newsletters are also part of the designing/branding of a company online, they usually come together with the site, so it’s still a designer’s job.

  • Exclusive Freebie: Social Networking Icons

    Today I am pleased to offer an icon set that I designed specifically for Design Juices absolutely free, these icons include the most used Social Network sites.

  • Pointers and Guidelines For Freelance Graphic Designers

    In this article I will be sharing a guide for all freelancers from newbies to veterans, that if followed may help you reach success. But of course, the determination and passion is all in your hands.

  • User Interface Icons

    The role and purpose of icons is user interaction is very important these days. Icons can enhance the user experience and user friendly icons are really appreciative but they should be unique and easy to understand. There are so many icon websites available on the web but what we are presenting here is only high quality and web2.0 free icon packs collected from various websites, designers galleries and blogs.

  • How to make BlackBerry in Photoshop

    Here is very long tutorial, in this tutorial you will be making BlackBerry in Photoshop. A lot things for you to learn in this tutorial. As we found some website are publishing our tutorials as it is without changing even pictures, so we’ll be uploading watermarked pictures now and onward.

  • Customizing Adsense Design – Make your ads perfect (via coding and Adsense Wizard)

    Customizing Adsense Design – Make your ads perfect (via coding and Adsense Wizard)

  • Create the Opel Logo

    Hi there. Here’s my new tutorial on how to create the Opel logo. In the following steps we’ll be using some classic tools, such as the Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool or the Direct Selection Tool, along with some quite simple effects, such as the Drop Shadow, Offset Path, Reflect&Move and Zig Zag.

  • Portfolio CSS Tutorials and Free WordPress Themes

    When you start working, your great graphic design portfolio is going to help you land that great job.

  • Electronic stopwatch PSD & icon

    Metal electronic stopwatch in fully layered PSD format. The graphic also comes in PNG format in sizes 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 pixels for use in web projects.

  • How To: Maintain Enthusiasm For Work

    There will come a time when you will feel like your work is no longer interesting, when you want to break free from your daily routine and try something new, something far from what you are used to

  • 90 Beautiful Book Cover Design in Different Style

    In this post, I’ll compiled a list of beautiful book cover design in different style such as photo-based, typographic, and black & white

  • Why You Need A Content Strategy And How You Can Create One

    Creating useful, entertaining, and engaging content on a consistent basis isn’t easy. A content strategy will focus your content on achieving your goals and help you help your audience achieve their goals. It gets you to think about what content to create and how best to format that content. If gets you to think about when and where to publish different content and who has the skills to create different types of content.

  • Octobers Showcase of the Best Articles in Industrial Design

    Here we showcase articles of varying nature; new concepts, new artists and other news associated with industrial design across the web.

  • 55 Beautiful Web Interface From deviantArt in October 2010

    In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous September month so you can see current web design interface ( layouts ) trends.

  • 200+ Free People Silhouettes Best Collection

    Artistic and trendy peoples are considering more of people silhouettes in web and print designs in the future, these vector graphics can be really useful in different projects such as in web designs, banners, streamers, posters, advertisements, business cards etc. As vector gives you the flexibility to create your own version by modifying or editing these files according to your needs. There are a lot of websites, print materials and advertisements who make use of people silhouettes. Finding some useful and free people silhouettes were not easy but in this particular post you’ll find 5 sets of vector graphics featuring people silhouettes (which contain 200+ silhouettes) download and use for free. You can even use some of these sets for commercial purposes.

  • How to Create a Mad Chihuahua Wallpaper in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will create a grungy abstract wallpaper using vectors, powerful lighting and stock brushes. You can use these techniques to enhance your own photos, all you need is some patience and preferably a graphic tablet.

  • Be Guided & Get Inspired: 45 Must-Read Resources for Freelancers

    Are you new to freelancing? Or someone who is searching for some inspiration, or may be tips and techniques to be one of the best freelancers in the world? Well then, this article is dedicated for you

  • Cool Business Cards That Will Make Good First Impressions

    A business card design is bound to either make or break a potential transaction. Handing out a card with a mediocre design, let alone a bad one, could be the worst marketing decision.

  • Seven Excellent Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

    Seven Excellent Tips and tricks for Freelance Graphic Designers

  • How to use Google Maps Street View

    This time I will show you how to use the street view service. I have built an app for this tutorial, an interactive visit of Paris.

  • Vector tutorial: Character superheroes illustration set

    Today we are about to take a lesson like the ones you took when you were at design school, you’re going to learn how to create the basic character design for an illustration.

  • How to Add Column Shortcodes to Your Wordpress theme

    In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add column shortcodes to your WordPress theme. In the end, we also cover how to convert this into a column-layouts plugin. This is the first tutorial of many in which

  • How to automatically pull content from blogs or online applications-WP-O-Matic

    WP-o-Matic is the WordPress Plugin for automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns, Also it is known as WordPress RSS Agreggator.

  • Why Focus on Money and Then Traffic (and How to Do That in Google Analytics)

    If you’ve ever had your own website, you probably know that the first thing you need to do in order to promote it is to get traffic.

  • How To Create An Admin Skin In Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own admin skin in Photoshop

  • How to Design A Health/Nutrition Website in Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will show you how to create a professional design for a health/nutrition website.

  • Invoicera: a Freelancer Best Friend

    Invoicera is an automated web based invoicing application that will be very helpful for a wide variety of customers. Since its launch in 2008 it has made a significant growth and has proved as one of

  • Awesome Calendar Designs And Resources For Year 2011

    You may be looking forward to the 2011 calendar year, and considering some actions that might be scheduled to take place, possibly there are special birthdays, anniversaries, high school or college graduations, or other particular situations that you are eager to enjoy, calendars will make your life easier. If you are searching impressive and artistic designs of coming New Year 2011 calendars so here are some beautiful calendar examples available, have a look!

  • 65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own

    In the last few years cartoon characters and mascots became very popular and you can see them everywhere.Creating these kind of characters is not hard but of course it not easy.As being a beginner in illustration i learnt a lot from the below tutorials.

  • 30 Captivating and Blazing Photography of Fire

    Some of the photos presented are captured from the fire dancing performance of some professional performers.

  • 45 Most Amazing 3D Flash Websites

    Flash web sites are amazing but if you give 3D touch to them, they become outstanding. There are few who don’t like flash because they think it’s not best medium for usability and accessibility, we leave it to them, but still flash web sites are fun to watch.

  • The Video Showcase in Design from October

    We trust you are inspired by this large roundup and showcase of the best videos in design from October with designer interviews and much more.

  • Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

    Especially working in the industry where impressions always matter, Working alone can get very exhausting and lonely. You may come to a point that you just black out and run out of ideas. Build a grou

  • How to Add a map to a WordPress post or page

    The MapPress plugin makes it easy to add Google Maps and driving directions to your blog. Just type some addresses in the post edit screen and click the ‘insert’ button.

  • Simple Yet Effective Brainstorming Tips for Freelancers

    Great ideas are born in everyone’s mind, it takes careful planning and powerful execution to turn them into reality.Now let us talk about brainstorming in-depth and build things that will wow the audi

  • Lines into Trademark: Finest Line Art Logo Examples for Inspiration

    There are two kinds of line art logos. The first one is the open design wherein logos in this kind do not form an enclosed shape. The second one is the continuous design.

  • Planning & Recruiting for Kickass Virtual Meetings

    Planning & Recruiting. One of the core activities for Product Management is to get out of the office and gain first hand understanding of needs of customers and partners, and other issues in the market There’s little that can substitute for good field research.

  • Fantastic Artworks by David Delin

    In this post we showcase fantastic artworks from David’s portfolio. Hope these artworks will continue the flow of inspiration & help you to design one of your own creation

  • Do You Know How You Limit Your Success

    When our businesses become stuck the reasons are often our own self imposed limitations. We limit ourselves and our businesses through fear and self doubt and through personal biases we can’t logically explain. By consciously realizing our limitations we can overcome them and take our businesses to new heights of success.

  • Create a Halloween Flash animation without coding

    We will animate some text using Creative TextFX and, following, we will animate a movie clip using Creative MovieFX. The result will be a nice animation in the Halloween spirit.

  • 30 Colorful iPhone 3GS Skin Designs

    iPhone skin is a popular topic among iPhone owners nowadays. It has become a latest fashion style in the iPhone industry.

  • 10 Must Follow Tips for Effective Writing

    Writing is not just about generating income, it is also an art that should be made closer to perfection with every words. Below are some tips that I see effective writers apply.

  • 25 Fresh HTML/CSS Web Template for Free Download

    Today we’re going to share some Free Website Templates. Please read on and you’ll learn why you may need them.

    The best thing about Website Templates is that they allow you to build nice-looking websites and blogs. Also, these designs are easy to modify.

  • Simply mind-blowing iPhone applications for Web Developers

    We are happy to present you another 20 must-have iPhone applications, this time for Web Developers. Whether you are a beginner or a professional developer, you will most certainly find something for y

  • 25 Clean and Minimal Website Designs

    25 Clean and Minimal Website Designs for Inspiration

  • How to Meet the Deadlines Effectively

    Are you among those people who are of the point of view that deadlines are made to kill your creativity? If yes, then you can’t be more wrong. The deadlines will help you in focusing towards your work and especially if you are working as a freelance graphic designer, setting specific deadlines is inevitable. You need to have strict deadlines for every single project and need to match them as well. You will find hundreds of people who might react very casually when you tell them that you work as a freelance graphic designer because they think that freelancers have nothing to do and don’t have a regular routine. It might be the case with your client as well and there are chances that you will be taken for granted. So, the first thing that needs to be taken care of as a freelancer is your reputation which depends a lot on your punctuality of meeting deadlines. Juggling the client demands such as creating brochures layouts, and ordering printing can be tough, but if you stay organized you will meet all the deadlines.

  • Ajax Domain Checker Application with JQuery and PHP

    Last few days I was searching about checking domain names availablity using Ajax and PHP. I found some solution and I thought to create a post on my blog so that any one can get this simple script easily. I used jQuery and CSS3 to put some attractive look in this. Share it if you like this tutorial. Thanks a lot !

  • PSD book template & icons

    Set of PSD book template and icons in 3 colors — leather, blue and green. Download the book template PSD file and icons.

  • How to secure WordPress site from hackers through Plugins

    One of the best ways to keep your site secure is to stay current with WordPress. Keep an eye on any alert message about update in admin panel, either for the WordPress core or for individual plugins.

  • 57 Varieties: Relishing Accessibility

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components.

  • Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot?

    This guide is meant to give you some clarity over what you can and can’t do with your camera.

  • Web Development Tips and Tools for Beginners (and Experts)

    Every great web developer starts with HTML. From there comes an array of tools that every developer can use to create great websites.The basics would be a text editor and an image editing software.

  • Attract Your Visitors With Call-to-Action Buttons : Best Examples

    Call-to-action buttons are not just buttons. Attracting customers and gathering clicks from these means more profits for you. So, you better create those buttons very well.

  • Purple Webdesigns – a little Showcase

    The Webdesign-Blog Weblovers presentes 15 awsome Webdesigns which uses the color purple in a very effective way.

  • Design Treasure:10 Fantastic Goodies $29 for $829 Worth of Value

    We would like to announce today the release of the second Design Cocktail bundle. This new premium bundle with more quality resources for creative people than before, is worth $829 and the price remains the same, only $29. You save $800 from the start!

  • Priming Your Audience To Do What You Want

    Priming is the activation of specific concepts in memory for the purpose of influencing subsequent behaviors. Web designers can prime their visitors to take action by in many ways, including through the creation of a positive site experience. A word here and a color there can lead your visitors to do what you want them to do.

  • The Halloween T-shirt Showcase; Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies & Witches

    This Halloween Festive special, a showcase and roundup of the best Ghosts, Zombies & Witches T-shirts from across the web of various brands and online stores.

  • Should designers learn coding?

    So ok, nowadays being a Web Designer it’s more than creating PSD, but should a Web Designer learn coding? But first, let’s recap the previous articles and say that I do agree with WebDesigner Depot that every Web Designer should know:

  • Create Charts And Graphs With Nifty Codes & Tools

    Statistical Analysis is never been fun but with the help of these existing tools and scripting your presentation will be way out easier.

  • 20 Latest Useful CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Tools

    The front-end developers always search for new techniques to improve their experience.
    We find out some more advanced CSS techniques with tutorials that can improve your skills and enhance your workflow.
    Today we present some brand new released CSS techniques, tutorials and tools for you to use. Enjoy!

  • Typoart – a little Showcase

    The Designblog Weblovers shows some incredible Typo-Arts, which expand your mind of Typo-usage.

  • Create a Clean Envelope Icon in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a clean envelope icon. Give it a try and you might learn some new stuff about working with grid and the transform effect. You will also need some linear gradients, strokes, Opacity Mask, Pathfinder options plus some simple effects and techniques.

  • 50 Beautiful Free HTML/CSS Web Template

    On internet you can find lots of free templates. But all are not good quality. Here I share some Free high quality HTML/CSS template to save your time. Click on any image of your choice and download it.

  • How to Maintain Your WordPress Site

    When your site grows and matures, there are steps to be taken to make sure your site remains happy and healthy.To ensure that everyone enjoys the best possible experience at your site

  • Top 20 CSS Frameworks

    Although CSS is considered a relatively easy language, there are numerous frameworks that make the coding process a lot faster and accurate. This post includes a collection of Top 20 CSS Frameworks.

  • How to Design an Ideal Logo for Your Client

    How to Design an Ideal Logo for Your Client tips and tricks

  • Tips and Tricks for Halloween Graphics

    Halloween is a unique and international festival celebrated by almost half of the population of the world. From ancient monster legends to the modern day practices of costume parties and ‘trick or treat’, Halloween offers a diversified pool of activities associated to its tradition. These activities can range from recreational to commercial purposes. From a graphic designer’s point of view there isn’t a more enjoyable holiday for graphic designers than Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that many businesses take advantage of for marketing purposes and Graphic Designers can take find many free resources for Halloween projects. When it comes to designing marketing material life brochures, posters, flyers, postcards and even business cards, all the legends, stories, traditions and history of the Halloween season come together to offer endless design possibilities.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Secure Your Site from Web Trespassers

    There is no such thing as an unhackable website, there are just those who are close to it or are offline. It is important to know how attacks are made in order to plan ahead.

  • How to Create a Mobile Version of your Website

    One big aspect of Website Design is a “Mobile Version” of the website because these days mobile phones with internet facilities are becoming too common and thus everyone wants to remain connected to t

  • 12 Free High Resolution Fabric Photoshop Patterns

    Today we have a conveniently packaged Photoshop pattern set (.pat) made from 12 of our favorite patterns in the Tileable Curtain Backgrounds Set on Backgrounds ETC.

  • Who Knows Better? You Or Your Customers

    Common advice when starting a business is to research your market, determine what customers want, and then give it to them. Is this really the best advice? Might you be better off following your own instincts instead? Should you listen to the market or listen to yourself? Who really knows better what your customers want? You or them?

  • 18 Wonderful Premium Icon Sets

    Now we all know that designing icons can take a great amount of time. If you need an icon set for your project, website, or application we got you covered. Why waste your time and make icons that hav

  • Dons and Don’ts of Logo Communication

    Visual communication plays an important role in branding and brand communication. The most effective element of your brand’s visual communication is the logo. Your company’s logo alongwith other visual elements (brochure, flyer, business card, branding image, letterhead, web site and collateral materials) is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your current customers as well as potential customers. This is the age of data and information where every individual is bombarded with different types of content. In such circumstances, your logo is essential to linking your message to your brand. Your logo puts a face to the overall communication of your business. So basically the main objective of a logo is to identify as well as communicate visually.

  • Stunning and Beautifully Captured Fireworks Photos

    Here are the Stunning and Beautifully Captured Fireworks Photos taken by our professional photographers that we can all love to watch anytime of the year.

  • Checklists: Why are They Important in Getting Things Right

    That single thing that contributed to lowering complications and death rates was…a checklist. It was a 19-point checklist that was used before beginning surgery that made sure people did the essenti

  • How to Setup WordPress as a Video Portal

    Video Blogs are gaining popularity in the blogosphere recently. Video Blogs are termed as ‘Vlogs’ and the Video Blogger’s are called ‘Vloggers’.

  • 15+ High-Quality Typography Desktop Wallpapers

    Download over 15 free high-quality typography desktop wallpapers for your monitors.

  • Interview with Multimedia Designer Chris Scholten

    Chris Scholten is an extremely talented Multimedia Designer residing in the Netherlands. His style reflects his passion for art and his faith in Christ.

  • Maintain a Catchy Blog in Limited Time

    Whoever is on the Internet and reading this post might know what blogging is, and many of us are regular blogger too. A research showed that almost 75% of Internet users read blogs on daily basis which shows how popular blogging has become. Different people seek different benefits from blogs. These benefits can range from information, entertainment, learning, inspiration to advertisement and social interaction. A decade earlier, blogs were considered nothing more than a random diary of a person who likes to write about himself and his opinion every now and then. Now, blogging has become an important source of business and money-making and since it has a huge market, it is now being used as a marketing tool. Companies and individuals are taking advantages from the popularity of blogs and it is a good way of promoting your business as well.

  • 40 Free Beautiful HTML/CSS Templates

    Here is a collection of 40 Free Beautiful HTML/CSS Templates that you can download anytime and whenever you’re in need of free high-quality html/css themes.

  • A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Zend Framework: First Steps

    There I will tell you about the powerful free framework (Content Managment Framework), if you learn it you will not only save time for the design, but also rtake the quality of your work to a much hig

  • How to Get Started in Getting More Links to Your Website

    There are many ways to get links (natural and non-natural ways), and I will outline some ways to get started below.

  • Let’s Strip Down Logo Designing Process :Tips&Tricks

    Here are the things to consider in logo designing and it surely brings you to a perfect logo design.

  • Less than Grand GoodReads

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Poor Accessibility of GoodReads and Barnes & Noble.

  • How I Structure Site Content

    Content is crucial to the design of any site. You can’t truly design the visuals of a site without a solid grasp of what content the site will house. Here’s my process for deciding what content to include on a site and how to organize it into a cohesive structure.

  • Web Design Inspiration: Inspiring and Creative Web Interface Designs

    Here we showcase a wide selection of web interface designs; portfolios, personal sites and more. These are the most inspiring designs from recent weeks.

  • Learn How To build Killer Squidoo Lens For Website Promotion

    Today we will focus on Squidoo and learn the basic steps in building Squidoo lenses – we will walk you trough all this process and give some tips to improve!

  • Create a Glossy, Smooth Text Effect in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I’ll show you how to create a glossy, smooth text effect using multiple fills and strokes with different blending modes and varied opacity percentage. For some discrete details, the Star Tool, the Pathfinder options and some other basic effects will come in handy.

  • Create the Chevrolet Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create the Chevrolet logo. You might encounter some problems in creating the overall shapes but the Grid and the Snap to Grid will help you get over it. Then, using multiple linear gradients and some basic effect you will reach the final result.

  • Create a Simple Trash Can Icon in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a simple trash can icon. You’ll start with some simple rectangles, then using the 3D Extrude&Bevel and 3D Revolve Tools you’ll get the basic shapes. Finally, using multiple gradients and some warp effects you’ll get the final icon.

  • Satisfaction guarantee wax seal (PSD & PNG)

    Fully layered Photoshop PSD file set of 3 satisfaction guarantee seals in wax in 3 colors. Download the PSD file & PNGs in 3 different sizes.

  • Blog Action Day 2010: Water

    Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking a global discussion and driving colle

  • Blending Xara 3D Type in a Wallpaper Project

    Photo manipulation is always fun, it opens the spectrum of what we can create in Photoshop and allow our imagination to run wild! Today we will be re-creating a wallpaper called “Life”.

  • All You Need To Know About Web Designers [Infographic]

    Today we have a special edition of our infographic series – a huge roundup of facts and figures about our fellow web designers. Learn everything you need to know (and more) about web workers from a single glance.

  • WordPress for iPhone/iPad v2.6 Finally Released

    It’s a whole new WordPress for a whole new platform. WordPress for iOS is now optimized to take advantage of the iPad’s new user interface, making blogging even easier than ever before.

  • Modern Design Trends In Digital Art & Free Brushes To Copy Them

    If you’re a fan of digital art, you’ve probably noticed some techniques that are used more than other. Just like in web design, over the past few years there has developed few trends in digital art to

  • Are You An Ethical Designer?

    Would you take on a client who’s business was appalling to you? How far will you stretch the truth to help a client sell their products or services? When taking inspiration from another site how much of that other site gets incorporated into your design and how close does your site come to copyright infringement?

  • Industrial Designer Feature & Interview: Luke Norman Price

    Today we introduce to you a talented industrial designer; Luke Norman Price. I got a chance to exchange some questions and talk all things industrial design.

  • Getting Started With MySQL DB and PHP with PHPMyAdmin

    Today I am going to show you how to get a new database setup with PHP/MySQL using PHPMyAdmin.

  • New Twitter Like Application with JQuery and PHP

    Are you looking for New twitter design clone. Then you are at right place here at 99points.info I have created new twitter style header with fancy menu using jquery and CSS. I have also add new twitter style animated popup window which shows each tweets detail individually. I used some animation using jQuery and z-index property of CSS to handle the div. I hope it will work with all screen resolutions. Please if you like it then dont forget to share it. thanks !

  • 35 Inspiring Star Logo Designs

    Today we will be looking at inspiring star logo designs. A star can have many meanings, especially in logo design. The first to come to your mind when thinking of stars might be creativity, dream, suc

  • Tips To Make Money From Your Design Blog

    There is so much information flowing all around the Internet and everyone of us is being bombarded with it every day. The enormous amount of information intake leads us to its expulsion after making an opinion on the basis of provided material. The complex network of World Wide Web, in general, and blogging, in particular, enabled us to express our opinions through this unique medium. However, most of us do not really know that our opinions based on our observation and expertise can actually pay us!

  • Tips and Examples For Writing Interesting Author Bio For Blogs

    There are so no such guidelines you need to follow while writing author bio, but it is useful if you follow some basic steps to get more out of your author bio information.

  • 12 Creative Design Ideas That Went Viral (And The Lessons You Can Learn)

    In this post I’ll feature some web designs that went viral on StumbleUpon/Digg/other social media sites and the lessons you can learn from them.

  • How WordPress Decides Which File to Use for Rendering the View

    If you have a question, “how does WordPress figure out which template file to Use for Rendering the View?”here is the answer. WordPress theme has hierarchy of template files and the index

  • Web Design With the World in Mind

    There are a myriad of linguistic, cultural and technical considerations to be made when crafting your pages for the web. Global web designers, read on…

  • How To Help Search Engines Understand Your Content

    How can you help search engines understand what your site is about through the way you structure your content? How can you help them understand what content on your site is relevant for which keywords? Through the tactic known as siloing or theming you can accomplish both and help improve how your pages rank.

  • Free Texture Pack for Download: Bricks, Paving & Tarmac

    7 different high resolution textures free for download, tarmac road surfaces & brick walls in both red and grey colours:

  • 20 Awesome WordPress Typography Themes for Writers

    A list of 20 best free WordPress themes that are best for typography and reader-respected if you are considering to go minimal for your upcoming writing WordPress blog.

  • How to Go About Logo Redesigning – Tips and Tricks

    A logo is the most basic element of branding and brand recognition of an individual, product or service. A logo is designed as soon as the business is established and remains till the end of the days. However, at times, due to some particularly important reasons, companies tend to change the appearance of their logo. This change can be either in a part of the logo or a logo changed altogether. Opting for a new logo design has now become a fashion for corporations worldwide. However, the question that arises is that, is this a correct approach towards promoting a business or merely a sequel of the quest for a unique logo design? After all, a logo is the main identity for business and should be retain their logos to be uniform throughout the period of their existence.

  • The Best Page Navigation: Older Entries, Previous/Next & Page Numbers

    Which of these design options you choose, can help dictate the “stickiness” of your blog, it can dictate how much time a visitor spends on your blog.

  • 19 Detailed WordPress Theme Development Tutorials To Help you Create Your Own Theme

    A few months ago we’ve collected many WordPress theme design tutorials and published them here and we take this step further.The design process is the first step for a wordpress theme but the most important and cool part is the development of the theme.Slicing and coding may seem very hard to do but

  • 15 useful Wordpress Functions you probably don’t know

    A list with 15 advanced and very useful wordpress functions and explanation on how to use them.

  • Why Collaborating with Other Freelancers Can be a Great Idea

    By considering to collaborate with other freelancers, you’ll have an even better chance to offer something great, along with getting more social in a job that often is quite lonely.

  • Things To consider before going International as a Freelancer

    Being a freelancer in your home region or native country is one thing. Succeeding internationally can give you many extra things to have to take care of

  • How Social Media Has Impacted Me As a Designer, Blogger & Graduate

    Social media has been a big factor in my life over the past 10 months; my first foray was really by chance. I’d heard of twitter and was used to the social networks of Facebook and Myspace.

  • 3 Tips to Spice up your WordPress Themes

    3 Tips to Spice up your WordPress Themes

  • How to add Author Bios to Single Posts

    For the Multi-author sites, WordPress has built-in functionality to display Author Bios to single post, and there are some plugins to help as well.

  • The New Cinecanal Branding

    Cinecanal is a latin american cable signal that shows exclusive premium and most important titles of movies 9 months before any other basic channel. This is the most important channel in the basic cab

  • Branding a Singer/Songwriter

    The first stage in the branding process was to design a logo. After asking Dominic to answer some questions, I set to work sketching in a Moleskine® notebook.

  • How Important is Sketching for Your Designing

    Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of graphic designing process. To put it correctly, sketching can be termed as ‘the mother of graphic arts’. Nowadays, the general perception about sketching is that it is either a part of initial training given to Fine Arts students or it’s a good hobby for anyone who can draw well. What most of us don’t know (and some of us don’t want to know) is that sketching is almost an inevitable part of graphic designing. Layouts for printed flyers, postcards, and posters can all be improved using sketching. Some professional designers restrain themselves from sketching, often deliberately seldom, by chance. Reason for deliberate avoidance is that either the designers are too much ‘in the air’ that they consider sketching a freshmen’s way of designing or they are too lazy and don’t bother to make a sketched design before going onto computers. Lack of sketching talent is another reason for not indulging into this practice very often.

  • Turn Yourself into a Magnet for Design Projects as a Freelancer

    Turn Yourself into a Magnet for Design Projects as a Freelancer

  • 30 Web Design Galleries for Your Inspiration

    In this article, you will find our collection of 30 Web Design Galleries for your Inspiration where you could extract creative juices from the top designs on the web.

  • Learn The Basics of Compositing in Photoshop CS5

    Today we will learn the basics of compositing based on a photo in my flickr photostream titled Collide. We will learn how to take components of an image and merge them with another image.

  • 20 Most Useful WordPress Tricks and Plugins

    All WordPress users should keep updated with the newly development of plugins and useful tips and tricks shared by other developers. In this article we are going to share some updated and useful WordPress tips and tricks and plugins for developers. Enjoy!

  • 10 Awesome Solutions for Creating Your Online Portfolio

    In this article we have reviewed 10 best solutions for creating your online portfolio in matter of few minuets.

  • 30+ Best Websites to Download Free PSD Files

    Today I would like to share the best websites for downloading PSD graphics.

  • 60 Imaginative Photos Taken With Forced Perspective Photography Technique

    There are many photography techniques and i think each of them need special ability to get the perfect result.Especially,if you want to take a little bit conceptual photos you must imagine and/or know the photography tecnique for the best result.Today i want to tell you about a different photography technique which is Forced Perspective

  • Will Mobile Apps Put You Out Of Work?

    More and more we’re using the Internet to to transport information, but less and less we’re using the browser to display and interact with that information. This paradigm shift has many implications that impact web designers as well as SEOs. Will we still have a place in the future of apps?

  • Portrait Photography Inspiration: Inked and Glamorous

    This roundup of photography showcases several sources of inspiration i’ve found across the web, it concentrates on the inked and glamorous portrait photography.

  • Best Creative Adverts of Ferdi Rizkiyanto

    Ferdi Rizkiyanto is an Indonesia based Art Director, also known as Pepey. His work is always amazing with outstanding attention to detail. In this post, we will be showcasing best creative adverts of Ferdi Rizkiyanto for inspiration.

  • How to Float Through Print Designing Process Successfully

    Print designing sounds like a modern terminology, but infact, the origin of this designing dates back to the time when printing press was first invented. Although, online mediums have relatively diminished the importance of printed material, however, this medium of communication has not lost its importance. Due to the ongoing increase in print marketing, print designing has gained a lot of popularity these days. People get their brochures, flyers, business cards and post cards etc. wonderfully designed from graphic designers and seek the same quality in the printed form as well. As a designer, you have to be very creative when it comes to print designing as you would be representing the entire image of a company to all the recipients of your printed material. Since print marketing plays a very important role in company’s success, print designing should be given the utmost importance.

  • Use PHP Flat File Cache To Lighten Database Load

    One that is very quick and simple is Flat File caching and it can also serve many different purposes.

  • Design Videos for Education and Inspiration from September

    We trust you are inspired by this large showcase of design videos on the web in September, they explore new materials, manufacturing and designers from history.

  • How to enable Multi Site feature in WordPress 3.0?

    WordPress was a single-site platform but WordPress 3.0 already have the functionality to run MultiSites, before that it require to use WordPress MU,

  • Ultimate Roundup of 35+ WordPress CMS Plugins

    For all those avid WordPress users, we have collected some of the most used and popular plugins which helps you in Using WordPress as CMS

  • 25 Brilliant Business and Portfolio WordPress Themes

    Today we present to you some of the best Business & Portfolio themes that Themeforest has to offer. We know there are many other premium theme providers, but the prices on these bad boys are the best

  • A Logo So Sharp it could Slice Bread!

    This tutorial will demonstrate how to print very small white text, lines or logos onto a rich-black background.

  • Graphic Designing on iPad – To be or Not to be

    Apple and its products have borne a lot of fruits to IT and design industry alike. Today, it is because of Apple that we carrying the smartest computer technology in the form of iPad. It has given a revolution to interactive IT gadgets and the trend of touch devices has soared to its peak (till now). Apple has been undefeated in all of his applications with respective set of technologies. iPod is nothing but a blessing for music lovers and opened new doors to further advancements. iPhone, on the other hand, took the mobile industry with a storm and is being introduced in new and more advanced models every other day. Even savvy designers who are accustomed to creating layouts for postcards in just minutes will be impressed at what the iPad has to offer.

  • 15 Best Ever PHP Frameworks

    PHP is probably the most popular language in the world when it comes to flexibility and ease of use regarding building web apps and frameworks. PHP has a very steep learning curve which means that regardless of you coming from a non-programming background, you can easily lean PHP.

  • Getting Started With PHP and Dynamic Content

    In this post I will show you a few techniques to get you stated in using PHP to make your sites more dynamic and much easier to manage.

  • Create Futuristic Berserker Scene using 3D Techniques

    Today we have one very complex and pretty hard tutorial. In this tutorial (I cant say Photoshop, because we will use not only this software) you will learn how to create futuristic Berserker scene.

  • Maximizing Multiple Income Streams in the New Economy

    This article discusses how a fundamental part of the new working economy, is to be able to work multiple contract jobs and generate multiple income streams.

  • Create Professional Blog Layout Design Using Photoshop

    Learn how to design a Create Professional Blog Layout Design Using Photoshop, we using some modern techniques in this beautiful photoshop tutorial. we creating an professional design related blog website design, hope you all really like and give some positive feedback on it.

  • Conventions of Great Poster Design (Part 1) : Get Inspired

    Poster design is a medium often under-explored in the online design community, arguably because it is regarded as a largely print-based art.

  • How To Help Search Engines Find Your Content

    The way you structure your content plays a part in how well your content gets crawled and indexed. If you want a search engine to list one of your pages in their results, the search engine first needs to find that page. It’s important that we make it easier for spiders to find all of the pages we want indexed.

  • 5 Astounding Workspaces of Successful Internet Companies

    Today you will take a look at some of the best office’s in the industry. We have gathered office photographs from some of the most well know internet companies around. They are YouTube, Google, Thread

  • Biggest Collection of Premium WordPress Plugins

    A plugin is a file or set of files that extend WordPress’ core functionality. Plugins are installed in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and need to be activated through the WordPress WP-Admin to work

  • The Best Product & Industrial Design Articles Roundup September

    We all as industrial and product designers should be reading, it’s collated to showcase the best industrial design articles on the web in September.

  • Showcase of Dark Designs – Shine And be the Main Focus

    The dark background is a design element frequently used as a stage to highlight content in the center of a page. Overused a bit in the past, they are starting to make a comeback, appearing in many more recent designs.

  • How to Design a Kick-Ass Facebook Fan page

    We won’t cover Facebook ads here, only the design and structure of a fanpage which will get people interested in your product and services.

  • 40 Super-Cool Infographics You Absolutely Have To See

    This time we’ve decided to simply show you some of the better ones we could find, on any topic. Here are infographics related to design, social media, economy and all sorts of other topics.

  • Inspired by Nature 20 Web Design Interface from Deviantart

    get inspiration through several examples of web design interface that uses natural elements in design. I’m sure you guys will like it, I hope you can get inspiration through the following web design

  • 88 Amazing Apparel Online Stores

    Designing websites for the fashion apparel industries is one of the most challenging assignments to handle. To streamline the online brand performance, apparel retailer should use highly impressive layouts to convey the style, feel, and value of the clothes being represented. Today we’ll try to analyze the main aspects of profitable fashion-forward eCommerce designs that apply a user-centric approach toward website strategy and development.

  • Top Ten Internet Security Plugins for Firefox

    Top Ten Internet Security Plugins and add-ons for Firefox

  • 40 Dazzling Examples of Rain Photography

    Nature just looks so nice during and after rain. So, photographer wants to shoot this best moment of nature in his frame. Here in this post, you will get some stunning photograph of during and after rain.

  • Inspirations – Unforeseen Creative Print Advertisements

    In this world every new and famous brand need some way for publisize their products for more aware of his business and product quality so we are here with some Unforeseen Creative Print Advertisements. Advertisement, regardlessly online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed. These creative communication based advertisements creations have everything that takes an ad to be the successful one. The base, concept, idea, storyline and the design of these ads truly delivers the message and have the strength to create a buzz about their product/service. I believe that in order to have a good marketing campaigned of any product or service humour is the route to take, people always remember something which brought a smile to their face, Such ads are true material for viral marketing, and thus attract lots of attention.Hope you all like really and will share your comments or experience.

  • Digital Art Inspiration by Adam Spizak

    Adam Spizak, a graphic designer and illustrator from London, UK. This guy started exploration with computer graphics back in 1996/7 with great impression of Amiga’s art scene. Adam’s work has been featured in different magazines including Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop Magazine.

  • Do Better Work and Faster by Using Minimalism

    You can get more of your work done in less time if you use minimalism for your freelance, design, and any other work.

  • Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers

    Time management is very important in every profession; in fact it is the most vital element of professionalism. History may vouch for the fact that success comes to the people who have managed time better in their personal and professional life. You have to meet deadlines to be a successful professional and this can only happen if you are good at time management. When it comes to freelancers, time management is of utmost importance. Unlike employed professionals, who have a regular job, freelancers have all day and all night to work – meaning plenty of lose time. Thus freelancers cannot afford to lose their track on time management. They have so many random projects and time management is very important for them in order to finish them all.

  • 30 Inspirational Email Newsletter Designs

    Email newsletters are becoming more and more popular on the internet as businesses begin to use them as a viral way of communicating with their audiences/customers. They are, without doubt, great marketing and communication tools. It allows your site visitors to be constantly kept ‘in the loop’ with what’s new and what’s to come in the future. The whole point of owning a website that operates as a business is to drive traffic to the website. Email Newsletters are a great tactic to achieve those repeat visits.

  • Amazing Designs From The Church Marketing Lab (Beta)

    Feedback can make all the difference in your Church Marketing efforts, the solution is The Church Marketing Lab.

  • 50 Creative and Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs

    e-commerce website is lot more than just a shop as they get quick feedback from their existing and prospective customers. They can better understand the prevailing trends and demands of the customers.

  • How to: Get the Thumbnail of the First Image from the Post and Display it in WordPress

    While re-building my site there was one change that I needed to do specifically related to the home page and that was to display the thumbnail image instead of the bigger image that I was already using. I was using the code for getting the first image of the post and display it on the home page as given in the WPRECIP

  • 5 Advanced Google Tricks to Help You Become a Better Web Designer

    You can use some simple Google tools in very creative ways, as well as use some more advanced ones to find high-quality tutorials for any web design software tool, and find them easier and faster

  • Interview: Arfandi Hutasuhut (aka Fandy), A Web/Graphic Designer and owner of ArtFanDesign

    One of my favorite thing about having a blog is getting to know all of these amazing people through our interview series here at Admix Web, where we are publishing interviews of fellow web designers, web developers and graphic designers.

  • Do You Know Why You Need Design?

    Design matters and you do need it. Yes you can succeed in spite of poor or even no design, but a good design can and will improve your success. No matter what the current state of your site a better design will improve that current state. The value of design is that it improves everything around it.

  • Personal Experiences in using CSS with Web Design

    After a few years of Web Design I’ve come across a few amazing things which I didn’t realise. For some of you these will be obvious things but they’re things I’ve discovered along the way that have really helped me.

  • 30 Innovative Examples Of Pencil vs. Camera Photography

    Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He has attracted much attention to his awesome pencil vs camera works. Ben currently lives and works in Brussel

  • The Ultimate Roundup Of Websites To Promote Your Tutorials To For Free

    A roundup of websites that you can submit your tutorials to for free. Drive more traffic to your site/tutorials by posting to these websites.

  • Which Mac Suits Your Needs as a Graphic Designer?

    Macintosh and graphic designing go side by side since the machine was first invented. This companionship has come along so strongly that Mac is often called “the designer computer”, which seems quite justified when we look at it from a designer’s perspective. In almost every advertising agency, business owners prefer their designers to use Mac computers. The chief benefit of this system is that it improves content quality and enables the graphic designers to decrease expenses, increase productivity and save money that is mostly lost in production problems, vendor integration issues and equipment and network troubleshooting.

  • 8 tools to optimize your images

    This article contains a 8 tools list which will help you optimize your web images.

  • A Collection of Free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets

    This next post, is actually a compilation of a cool resource that we often encounter and sometimes annoys us most especially if we do the washing.

  • Learn The Basics of Color Focus Editing in Photoshop CS5

    In This tutorial we will learn the basics of “color focus editing” or selective color, the post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left in color to draw the viewer’s eye.

  • How to Make a Succesful Transition from Employee to Freelancer

    In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to make the transition as painless as possible. There are many things you should consider doing to be prepared.

  • 15 Brilliant Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

    Today we present to you some of the best blog & magazine themes that Themeforest has to offer. We know there are many other premium theme providers, but the prices on these bad boys are the best you

  • Create a Newspaper Blog Layout Tutorial Using Photoshop

    In this tutorial We will show you how to design a newspaper blog layout tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. We are sharing some really useful techniques in this whole training, where you can learn how to create and which standard may we must follow for create Newspaper Blog website design, during this tutorial you will also know how to create shapes with specific sizes. we really like to share all these necessary tool tips with you and you may download free source file too of this final result and can use in your personal and commercial use.

  • 25 Popular Websites to Download Free Fonts

    Do you thinking for some new fonts for your next design? Don’t worry, in this article you can find some well known websites where you can search and download your desire fonts. So check now and download. Enjoy!

  • Create a Death Angel Concept Design in Photoshop

    Today we will create a death angel concept in Photoshop. Along with this, you will learn basic shading, lighting and making basic photo manipulations.

  • Huge Collection of Mini Icon Sets:5000+ Free Icons in 30 Sets

    Icon is a must for websites and of course for web developers.You can find thousands of free icons over the internet but today i want to share mini icon sets which are all free.Mini icon sets can be used in many different ways like computers,applications and similar gadgets like iPad and iPhone.

  • How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

    In this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create nice unique photo effect from sketch and your photo. We will use many tools in Photoshop and also you will need some skills in drawing as to create this effect you will need to draw sketch.

  • Stylish text effect tutorial using Illustrator

    On this tutorial you’re about to learn how to create a beautiful text effect with a subtle vintage look that’s going to be applied to an specific typeface, just to help you get an idea, we will try to generate an old school text that can be implemented on modern web designs.

  • How Much Harder Could Smart Phones Work For Designers?

    So shouldn’t we all be super productive mobile artists now, right? Well in some cases maybe, and for some artists smart phones do enough to fill the void outside of the studio.

  • Doing More With Less

    Economizing can be the most innovative thing a new product or service experience offers. The ones that reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish a familiar task, eliminate redundant tasks that waste time and resources, and enable me to focus on only those tasks that really matter are always going to be at the top of my list of things I want to buy. How about you?

  • Style-my-tooltips jQuery plugin

    A simple jQuery plugin to better style native browser tooltips.

  • SIDEWAYS – jQuery fullscreen image gallery

    A simple, yet elegant fullscreen image gallery created with the jQuery framework and some simple CSS.

  • 4 More Principles Of Information Architecture

    Information architecture is the root of web design. Much of our work as web designers is about helping people find the content they want and directing them toward the content the site owner wants them to see. Without content you can’t truly design a website since every decision you make should arise out of what content will exist on the site. In a sense we’re designing homes for content.

  • CSS3 Tutorial: How To Change Default Text Selection Colour

    Whilst this CSS3 declaration might not be crucial to your project or design, but it is a fantastic effect that really takes your design one step further.

  • 6 Plugins For Integrating a Forum Into Your WordPress Blog

    I really want to have a forum on PelFusion but still not able to do that and you can guess why?, yah you got it i am too lazy. But if you also want to integrate a forum into your WordPress blog i have a solution for you.

  • 70 Logo Designers To Follow on Twitter

    Twitter is growing daily. Personally I use twitter for promotion and networking with the people in my industry. As I gain and lose followers it becomes harder to figure out who is who.

  • New: Facebook Style Like/Unlike button with Collapsed Comments using jQuery and PHP.

    Another post in facebook style tutorials series at 99Points.info. You have seen facebook like/unlike button if you want to like a post you simple click on “Like” button. Also, you have seen collapsed comments there and when you click on show all comments button it shows all comments.

  • 21 Tools to Develop Website Coding Clean and Elegant

    There is lots of coding to develop website. It’s depending the types of features you’d like to implement on your website. But when you want to save time you have to use a variety of tools to simplify the coding process. In this article, we are going to share 21 Tools that will help you code much faster and in an efficient manner.

  • Need of Link Building for web designers

    Designing a website is the first step for starting a business online. The designers should give due regard to the search engine factors Link building is one of

  • 30 Useful and Free Chinese-Styled Fonts

    If you are a designer clamoring for uniqueness, this 30 Free Chinese Styled Fonts will surely help you establish such aim…

  • A Collection of Free Facebook Icons

    In this next post, we have came up with a collection of cool facebook-themed icons that you can download for free and utilize as you please.

  • Freelance Graphic Designing – Good or Bad?

    Working as a freelancer is a new working trend in the professional world and has also become very popular source of income these days. Either you are working alongside a regular job, or on a work-from-home projects, freelancing has its own unique charm for professionals and especially the graphic designing community. A great number of graphic designers work as freelancers. This is the kind of field that gives you the flexibility and margin to do self-employed projects, and it often pays them very well. When it comes to being a freelance graphic designer, you can see endless discussions of pros and cons of being a “freelance” graphic designer.

  • 30 Latest jQuery Plugins Write Less Do More Javascripts Episode – 6

    Here are Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode – 6 focusing on all JavaScript category browsing and further resources to reduce time and effort while increasing your audience. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

  • Fresh and Useful HTML5 Tutorials, Techniques and Tricks

    In this roundup of HTML5 tutorials, you’ll find tutorials on the video element, the audio element, doing PSD to HTML5 and CSS3 conversions.

  • Top 10 Handy Web Typography Tools

    While we all know the importance of the content of any webpage, what we often ignore is the first impression that the visitor forms when visiting any webpage.

  • 102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas List

    The headline for the blog Post play a major role to attract the readers. If the face is not attractive your piece of writing will not fascinate to the reader

  • The Anatomy Of a Business Card

    An item that is very important in establishing a good visual identity is the business card that could give you more pieces of information.

  • Which Information Should You Trust?

    Like many things discovering which information is the best to trust is a skill that can be developed and improved as long as you look to information with an open mind and a willingness to test that information and compare it to your own experience.

  • 50 Creative Health/Beauty Packaging Design

    Essentially having a beautiful packaging design is a great way to sell you product and attract new customers. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on product design, so if you’re planning to be i

  • Cooking an Effective Print Advertisement

    Right from the beginning, print advertisements have been an important part of advertising. This is an ages old medium and still prevails in the ad world. Although with the introduction of online advertisement and electronic mediums, print ads have lost a chunk among the audience, however, there are millions who still rely on advertising through printed ads. Following is process and tips that will help the designers (and other people as well) cook an effective print advertisement and let your customers savor from it..

  • 30 Futuristic Landscape Digital Illustrations

    Our next post is a collection of some of web’s amazing and cool illustrations of the future… Sit back as we take you in a journey of technology at its finest and great possibilities.

  • Quick Techniques to Create a Panorama in Photoshop CS5

    In this tutorial we will learn about panoramas and the very basics in levels adjustments to make our images pop in ways they maybe never have!

  • 25 Full And High Quality Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

    Web designing is not an easy job, you have to come up with new ideas every time and have to design upto standards too.

  • How to build a wordpress pagination without plugin

    This tutorial will teach you how to build a wordpress blog pagination with only a few lines of php and css.

  • The 9 Advantages of In-house Design

    Many in the business world debate whether to use outsourced services for Web hosting and design or to bring these services in house. Here you will find 9 advantages of in-house design over contracted services that should help you make the right choice.

  • How to Design a Perfect Website for Your Client

    Designing a website is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity and effort on designer’s part so that he can come up with a design, which is exceptional. Websites are a different medium of communication as compared to brochures, flyers, business cards or post cards etc. When a client approaches you to design a website for their product, they obviously want something outstanding. The design of a website should be attractive and it should instantly grab the attention of the visitor. Seeking attention of the visitor is important however, sustaining a visitor on your website is more important and a well designed website will do it.

  • Gorgeous Sci-Fi Artworks and Illustrations of Marek Okon

    Check out 18 Gorgeous Sci-Fi Artworks and Illustrations by Marek Okon also known as OmeN2501, a digital artist from Lublin, Poland.

  • CNET & Drudge: On the Cutting Edge of Fair

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Fair Accessibility of CNET and Drudge Report.

  • 30 In-Depth Logo Design Case Studies

    Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo? Well if you have you’re in luck, because today we have some eye opening logo design case studies.You get to go behind the scenes and discover what it take

  • 30 Creative Header Designs

    A good header design are both creative and consistence with a website’s theme. A great header should be able to capture and hold the attention of visitors as they are usually the first thing you see.

  • Interview: Web & Graphic Designer Scott Glasser of Sum(design)

    Today we are lucky to be able to share with you an interview with an esteemed web and graphic designer from across the pond to us in North America, we would like to introduce Scott Glasser of sum(design.)

  • An Absolute Beginner’s Introduction to Database Indexes

    In this post I’m going to give you an introduction tutorial/guide about database indexes, for everyone who has no idea what they’re used for.
    Basic SQL knowledge is required in order to comprehend everything.

  • 50 icon design tutorials that will make you go from apprentice to sensei

    On this showcase we will list several icon tutorials, starting from the most basic tips to further ahead start working in more advanced tutorials and finally acquire the ability to create realistic icons just like the ones that design masters make all the time.

  • How to Duck the Creative Design Issues

    Creative design is a mix of sweat and inspiration. Having an idea is one thing, turning it into a product design is another.

  • Find Interior Design And Decorating Ideas: Part 1

    You have no need to be confused anymore with interior decoration, here we are sharing some beautiful examples of interior decoration. which contains eye-catching furniture designs, well decorated bedrooms, floorings, bathrooms, kitchen designs, over all home decoration, lawns, office interior and decoration, in short words you can find here a good range of residential and commercial interior designs and a lot more which you would love to chose for your own dream home/office/café/etc.

    We strongly hope that these beautiful interior decoration examples will be fruitful for those who love interiors and home decorations, especially for professional interior designers and creative mind peoples, have a look and Enjoy!

  • 40 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

    Using negative space in logo design is not easy and takes creativity. Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect to the human eye. With this process logos are brought to life and mean much mo

  • 4 Principles of Information Architecture

    The way you organize content on your site gives immediate clues as to what your site is about. It helps people find the information they’re looking for and it anticipates how people want to interact with that information. It can even help people process your information deeper and better.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

    Almost everyone is using Social Media one way or another. Social media is transforming the way we communicate. Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts

  • Things-to-Remember When Graduating From Design School

    Starting a career and then building it is not something that happens overnight. Especially for freshly graduating students, the professional field is so unpredictable and full of un-seen obstacles. Practical field is not your college assignment where you can win the game with your talent only. Being in the field requires patience and ability to deal with people other than your raw talent. A stable career demands passion for your work alongside dealing-with-people skill (which is often called team work in professional jargon). To soar to the heights of your profession, you have to have self-awareness, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and to improve yourself at every step of professional life.

  • 40+ Awesome Free Comic Fonts

    Here is our collection of 40+ Awesome Comic Fonts for Designers to look into to make your graphic or document more eye-catching.

  • 50 High-Resolution Apple Wallpapers for your Mac

    For those who love customizing your desktop, here are the 50 High-Resolution Apple Wallpapers that you could download for free.

  • 61 Most Useful Illustrator tutorials

    As you know that Illustrator is the most powerful tool for creating vector graphics, Illustrator offers various advanced tools to smooth out your design, optimize structure size and highlights some beautiful details and also with the help of Illustrator, we can create any type of stunning effects, especially related to typography.

    I agree that learning a new software application can be a difficult task but there are too many great illustrator tutorials by the artistic artists around the web which helping too many peoples to learn adobe illustrator, In this article we have compiled 61 most useful Illustrator tutorials for your inspiration, so keep using and keep learning, have fun!

  • Why Do You Need A Professional Website? Experts Explain It In 48 Ways

    A website helps a business to gain a brand name. This is important to let your business reach the target audience round the clock. Here lies the consideration for customers who can access the business anytime anywhere.

  • What is a Tutorial?Tutorial about Tutorials

    It’s obvious that if you have a strong will nothing is impossible and everything can be learned; Internet is a great teacher- it contains tons of blogs about all the possible domains of activity. One of the best method of teaching is the tutorial

  • How to Build a Job Board Website With WordPress

    By using the WordPress theme, you can easily create a job board to serve a job seekers. With so many types of jobs out there, the possibilities for job boards build on WordPress are almost endless.

  • Clean corporate & business website PSD template

    Clean, modern corporate / business website PSD template with a light purple color. The PSD template is designed for corporate and business websites.Download the PSD template.

  • 35 Inspiring Dog Logo Designs

    Here is our collection of 35 Inspiring Dog Logo Designs which are very unique. We hope that you could get some ideas on these logo designs for your next design project.

  • 50 List of Free Online Photo Editing Tools

    Here are the 50 List of Photo Editing Tools to Help You Edit Images and Photos Online for free. Try to check and get your best pick!

  • 45 Stunning Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

    In this showcase, we presenting a Stunning Examples of Forced Perspective Photography and Pictures taken by various artists in which all pictures are linked to the author’s pages. You may want to explore further works of the photographers we’ve featured below.

  • Weekly Design Inspiration #15 : Abstract Photomanipulation

    A list series of web design inspiration collection published every week. We work hard to collect these web design related information to showcase them for your design community inspiration. In this post, I’m showcasing amazing Abstract Art designs by various artists around the world. We respect all design recommendations and list them only after review. Enjoy your stay!

  • 12 Simple Vector Business Cards

    All cards are totally editable that means you can create your own style, you can make any changes you like. In this vector pack you can find design in 3 format (EPS, SVG, PDF)

  • Seven Tips to Get Your Site to the Top of Search Engine

    Get on top to the Search engine and stay there is a time-consuming job, and it is important that you spend that time wisely. Here are seven top tips for search engine success

  • 4 step process panel in 2 colors (PSD)

    4 step web process panel to showcase a website process or help a user fill in a lengthy form. The panel design comes in 2 color schemes & each set has 4 layered PSD files.

  • 40 Free Pixel Fonts for Designers

    Here is our collection of 40 Free Pixel Font that come with a free license for you to download to be used in your designs.

  • Why You’re More Creative Than You Realize

    Being creative is often seen as a magical thing that some possess and others don’t. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think the nature of human beings is that we are all creative. We all have the potential for creativity and even better we can all learn to improve our creative abilities.

  • 45 Breathtaking Apple iPad Wallpapers for Spice Up your Desktop

    Various state-of-the-art gadgets have now emerged in the market. In response to the latest technology that modern science has to offer, iPad is yet another latest product from Apple team and some of you waiting to have iPad in your hands. iPad device allows users With several features included, it allows its user to browse through the web, email, photos and video in one touch. To further customize this gadget, we have decided to collect the most recent wallpapers designed in the web. we bring you wallpapers for the newest gadget produced by one of the most prominent company in the world “The iPad”. The wallpapers indicated here may serve as freebies, You will find these wallpapers are picked from each and every categories are listed: grunge, nature, abstract,illustrator, animals, architecture, anime, digital art, technologies etc. As this is the starting, you can expect much more beautiful wallpapers in the future and I am surely gonna post them in the future.

  • 19 Color Palette Generators to Help You Design Like A Pro

    A color generator or color scheme selector is a tool for anyone in need of a color scheme. Online color generators are full of features to help someone build the perfect color scheme.

  • Web template tutorial: Mixing Photoshop and Illustrator

    On this tutorial, we are going to show you an inspirational template based on a stylish retro style, hopefully you can learn the technical part that surrounds the making of something like this and from now on you can spend all the time looking for inspiration and working on your own designs. We will be using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator across this entire tutorial, so let’s begin.

  • 34 Amazing CSS Website to Inspire your Creativity

    Making exceptional designs in flash has been a basic norm for many designers but today you could find designers all over the web design some really extraordinary designs using just CSS. Yes, they use

  • 175+ Brand New Vector Illustrations from Vectorious.net

    Our artists from Vectorious.net didn’t waste any time and in the last few weeks they gave their best to create quality vector art for you to use in your design projects.

  • 50+ Brilliant Examples of Futuristic City

    Futuristic City Themed artwork is a style I always love looking at. I’m always attached by the emotions that are expressed in those artworks, and this amazing creativity and talent those artists displayed in those artworks. In this post, I will Showcase Brilliant Examples of Futuristic City Painting Artworks for you to browse through. They’re wonderful works done by some awesome artists with tons of effort.

  • Printrunner Business Cards Giveaway

    This week we are glad to announce another great giveaway to our readers, we have been working hard behind the scenes to offer you four chances to win one of these great prizes!

  • How To Test your new WordPress Site for errors

    Validating a website is the process of ensuring that the pages on the website conform to the norms or standards defined by various organizations.


    Do you need a logo design? Are you looking for a professional? Well you came to the right article. Today we have gathered some of the most talented logo designers around! Their work is spectacular and

  • Great Examples of Doing Typography in 140 Characters on Twitter

    What would you produce when you have only 140 characters? Think about ASCII art!, we can make some really great arts with ASCII text and surprise our friends.

  • Create A Spectacular Splatter Design in Photoshop

    In this video tutorial by Che McPherson from TutCandy.com, you will learn how to use custom brushes to add a nice splatter effect to your image to create a stunning abstract piece of artwork.

  • 50 Free Expedient High-Resolution Fabric Textures

    In our next post, we will be showcasing 50 Free Expedient High-Resolution Fabric Textures.

  • Template Giveaway from Flashmint: 6 templates and 6 winners

    We are happy to inform you that today is a start of a new give away action for jQuery Templates developed by Flashmint.com.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Fantastic Surreal Representation of Time

    In the tutorial you’ll learn some manipulation methods and have a glimpse on how to create a surreal image, taking in consideration a solid theme or idea, in this case the theme is naturally about time and its (un)possibility to redeem itself.

  • 90 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Website Designs

    You may also know that almost all famous coffee providers and suppliers have their own website to remark their online identity to improve their sales. In this article, we’re showcasing 90 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Website Designs for your design inspiration.


    If you’re a freelancer that deals with clients, this post is definitely for you. Sometimes you deal with clients that just don’t understand the hard work and time it takes to create a design. They kee

  • Giveaway: 3 Stock Photo Accounts With Credits From DepositPhotos

    We are excited to announce the first giveaway on this blog, thanks to DepositPhotos.com. They are offering three accounts loaded with free credit, worth 30$ each – for three lucky readers of Net-Kit’s blog.

  • Where to Promote WordPress Theme

    Most of the WordPress Theme Designers not interested in the business aspect of selling their themes, after all they are designer not a marketer.

  • Download web buttons in PSD & PNG (pack to 60)

    Huge pack of 60 editable web buttons for website projects in Photoshop PSD format and PNG format. Buttons come in layered PSD and can be customized for fonts, colors & size.

  • Contour Bias And The Uncanny Valley: Anthropomorphic Forms Part II

    Due to survival and preservation instincts human beings are programmed to favor curves and contours, fear sharp objects, and generally like things similar to us. However there’s a limit to how much an object can look and act like us before we feel the opposite effect and fall into what’s called the uncanny valley.

  • The Interaction of Web Design for Musicians and Designers

    When I visit a website of an artist I’m not bothered how nice it looks, here are 3 points for Artists + Designers to bear in mind when working with each other!

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Surreal Atmospheric Phone Booth Scenery

    Cranio is a very talented artist we recently discovered. He approaches art in a manner that is hard to frame, not traditional but not modern either.

  • A Compilation of Free Music Icons

    This compilation of Free Music Icons has been created to cater a number of music fans, music website owners, bloggers and/or designers.

  • High resolution abstract bokeh background in 3 colors

    Abstract shiny bokeh background textures in JPG images with 3000 x 2500px dimensions. Download the texture pack for use as your website background or wallpaper.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create a Photo Booth Film Strip

    In this tutorial, Gavin Hoey will teach you how to quickly create a photo booth style film strip in Photoshop, with any images you chose.

  • Interview: Creative Professional Chad Mueller of Inspiredology

    Today we offer up an amazing interview Q&A with fellow design magazine writer and all round creative professional Chad Mueller.

  • jQuery Working with Forms Part 1 – .focus()

    As you probably already know jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that simplify the client-side HTML scripting.

    With jQuery is easy to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop AJAX Applications. In this next Tutorial I will show you how easy is to work with HTML forms.

  • Photography – Funniest Moments from World of Sports

    We are sharing some of funniest moments from world of sports, these of all catch from professional photographer cameras. we love to see these of all sudden or you can say unusual moments of great players from sports arena.

  • Creative CSS Website Designs: 50+ Creative Designs for Inspiration

    50+ Creative Designs for Inspiration Showcase and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites.

  • 40 Really Cool Photo Manipulation Tutorials

    40 Really Cool Photo Manipulation Tutorials is compiled in this next post that you are about to see.

  • Download detailed vector wings

    Download a nice set with vector wings ready to create angel or devil vector compositions.

  • Breathtaking Creattica Images Inspired by Nature

    One of the things that continues to inspire artist is the natural things around us. Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, physical world, or material world.

  • Create a Retro Music CD Cover with Photoshop and Illustrator

    Retro Design is very popular. Today I am going to share a new tutorial by Djdesignerlab.com. Its about Create a Retro Music CD Cover with Photoshop and Illustrator. It have tried to explain each and e

  • Why Posting Less Can Improve Your Blog

    Is more content always better? Is more traffic, more followers, more page views automatically better? Is it more signal or more noise? Would you rather be the person who sometimes posts interesting content or the person who always posts interesting content? Can posting less actually improve your blog?

  • Mac vs. PC – Battle for the Best

    Since the advent of computer and cyber technology, the world is advancing more and more in this field. Each day, we get to see a new and advanced form of computer technology. This rapid advancement in technology has not only brought ease for us but has also initiated a healthy competition among different levels of technological advancement. One the well known technology talk is the PC vs. Mac debate that has been raging for more than a quarter-century (since the invention of Mac computers). However, making sense out of this discussion requires considering the situation and many other factors involved in computer buying. Both Macs and PCs have their respective pros and cons. The Macintosh computers come with which means that the hardware and software work together beautifully, but also that only Apple controls the prices and the features that will be made available.

  • 40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs

    Most of graphic designers preffar vector graphics use for print media designs because Vector images have not fix resolution, that means they can be boost up to any dimension without loosing the image quality, designers always loves freebies that make life easier and help them create higher-quality work. Free vectors are useful, free vector packs even more ss. These free vector graphics are great for print ads, flash animations and designers loved them because it gives great flexibility. we know these of all listed freebies graphic helpful for all kind of designing.

  • How to create a sitemap page for WordPress blog

    in this post I wanna to show you how to create a sitemap page for your WordPress blog without any additional plugin.

  • How to Draw a Vector Geisha in Illustrator – Speed Drawing

    We want to show the process our vectors go through before they get to you, the designer. So we’ve made a screencast of one of our artists while drawing a vector geisha.

  • 25 Free Fresh Creative High Quality Web Icon Set

    As internet is growing everyday thousands of blogs and websites are created. Everyone wants to have creative and beautiful website and icons helps to increase beauty of blogs and websites.

  • How to Setup Webmaster Tools Verification for Blogs and Websites

    Google, Bing, and Yahoo! offer tools that provide you with detailed information and statistics about how your readers access and index your website. For using these Tools

  • PSD monitor graphic for your website header slideshow

    PSD monitor graphics for your website header to help showcase your works or services on monitor background. Download the PSD header graphics set for free.

  • The Use of Content and Design Across Platforms

    When you think about it the idea of separating a web page into small sections which contain content is actually quite a good one – in theory at least.

  • Create a dark and clean wordpress theme

    Learn how to create a clean dark wordpress theme. Download FREE psd layout.


    An icon can say more than words. Visually beautiful icons are used everywhere on the web, you can find them on software applications, corporate business websites, and a variety of different blogs. Th

  • High quality notepaper graphics PSD Download

    The notepaper set released here is a high resolution, fully layered Photoshop file for free download. Download the notepaper and use it in your creative websites and graphics.

  • Security Considerations When Selecting a Free Theme for Your Blog

    Choosing a Free WordPress theme can a tough job. Especially if you’re a beginner. When searching the Web for free themes outside the WordPress directory, be aware that the popularity


    Below, we take a look at 30 stunning examples of Japanese design, from shop interiors to vending machines, toys to fancy dress costumes, web sites to packaging, and architecture to clothing. Japanese

  • Is SEO Really Worth It?

    SEO has been a hot topic for many years now, but the problem is that it can have a negative impact on the design of your website. Is it really worth sacrificing quality for high traffic numbers? This

  • Admix Web Mix of the Month: August 2010

    As always, in the Mix of the Month, we repost our three most popular tutorials, articles or round-ups of the month written by Admix Web writers, and we repost the top twenty articles submitted in our Community News section, since we have been getting so many great submissions.

  • Create Colorful Blog Web Layout Using Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create an amazing colorful web blog layout with tutorials using Photoshop. In this tutorial we will use only basic tools, like rectangle tool, gradient tool, layer styles, therefore this tutorial will be the good start point for web develop beginners.

  • Top Pligg Sites for Web Designers and Developers

    Most powerful websites created using the Pligg platforms. These websites will help you build massive traffic and gain more credibility.

  • The Best Industrial Design Links on the Web: August

    As an educated product designer I wanted to showcase the best in industrial designed based articles for you all, be inspired by some of the best designers and writers out there today.

  • Top Articles On The Web Design Community In August’10

    As we enter September 2010 , let’s take a look back at some of the most popular articles, resources, and tutorials that helped those who toiled away on the web everyday.

  • Top tools for managing Blog RSS feeds

    RSS feeds (the RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) are an easy way to get content from a variety of blogs all assembled in one place. The one place is an RSS feed reader.

  • Little People Project: Brilliant Street Art Photography by Slinkachu

    Slinkachu is a young artist from the UK, an artist who got so creative that he managed to put together and turn small things into big art.

  • Create the Face of a Singing Pig in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the next tutorial you can learn to create a funny singing pig. I will also show you how to create a simple bow tie and some musical notes. This is a pretty large tutorial that covers a lot of techniques and effects.

  • Awesome underwater wallpaper for desktop, iPad & iPhone (PSD included)

    Today’s download is a conceptual wallpaper of a fish in deep sea against the reflection of light in the water for desktop, iPad & iPhone screens.

  • Where to Find Free Plug-Ins Outside WordPress Plug-Ins Directory?

    To enhance the functionality and automation of your blog, require a different plug-ins. Finding worthwhile plug-ins for your blog is very similar to finding the right theme for your blog.

  • Best Business and Premium WordPress Themes With Powerful Ajax (Javascript)

    Most of today’s WordPress themes are considered premium, regardless being free or so-to-speak “paid” themes. 2 years ago, we all could only dream about having a wordpress theme for our blog with Ajax and JavaScript features, where featured posts slide, portfolio items fade in and out, and, of course — the comments are posted without refreshing the page. All these things were sought after and cost a lot of money, requiring plenty of custom development. Could we guess back then that cu3er will be offered on free wordpress themes? Well, today I made a selection of best wordpress theme that make the neatest yet most powerful use of the javascript integration… enjoy!

  • 48 Beautiful Web Design Interface From DeviantArt in August’10

    In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous August month so you can see current web design interface ( layouts ) trends.

  • 58 Latest Free Wordpress Theme of Last 3 Months

    In this showcase below, you’ll find a 58 Latest Free WordPress Theme of Last 3 Months Around because We all know that we’re going to use our blog as a tool to promote our business, so we need to have a clean, professional, corporate look.

  • WordPress Settings Not in the Settings Menu

    Few days back I had written a post for WordPress and Bloggers blog “How to make WordPress and Blogger Post Via e-Mail“, there are two important WordPress settings including this one and the other one is ratings of blog posts

  • Striking Photoshop text effects (PSD download)

    Today’s Photoshop freebie download is a set of unique text effects in Photoshop. Download the PSD file and see various layer styles applied for each text to bring out striking text effect.

  • Best Background Patterns for Designers

    Background plays a vital role in designing; they can be use as website backgrounds or in clothing, posters, Billboards and also in print ads. They can be use in custom web design, in order to have a best background following are the best background design you can use choose any one of them to make your site more attractive.

  • Toasties Stationery Design

    Post showcasing stationery design for Toasties, which was designed by Courtney Dolloff. One of the many 50+ designs showcase over Stationery Wall

  • Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Facebook

    If you were given a choice when first taking your “brick and mortar” business online, would develop a website or set up a Page on Facebook? What if you weren’t allowed to do the other? Would you build a website and give up marketing through Facebook or would you set up a Facebook page and give up having your own website?

  • FAQs of Logo Designing – a Designer’s Perspective

    The importance of a logo for branding and brand communication is unanimous. People are exposed to way too many concepts and ideas on a daily basis to remember them all. However, only the most attractive of elements stay in our minds and a good logo can be one of these attractive elements. No matter how large or small the display area is, a logo is such an interesting element that it can be displayed on everything. Brochure, ad, leaflet, pamphlet, business card, post card, banner… there are so many different mediums to show the logo off to the world.

  • Free font: Rue Display by Type Together

    Type Together, the foundry that brought you the popular Bree font, is offering their typeface Rue Display as a free download.

  • A Collection of PSD to Html Conversion Tutorials

    This new post is a compilation of tutorials on converting PSD into HTML. Learn the basics of this technique to apply them to your designs and be one-step ahead from the rest…

  • 40 Various Red Business Card Designs

    Here are our collection of 40 beautiful business cards which utilizes the red color. Hope this will inspire you in creating your own personalized business card.

  • 7 Examples of Mac OS X Apps with the Best User Interfaces

    Apple has always been known and loved for creating hardware and software that is easy to use, intuitive and reliable, and it’s Mac OS X desktop operating system continues the tradition like no other software product does

  • How to Decorate Web Pages With Google Font API and Font Squirrel

    Using Arial or Georgia font in your WordPress theme is a normal thing but now it’s essential that you take advantage of the latest tools and techniques.

  • Deliciously brilliant RSS icons pack (Download PSD & PNG)

    5 Brilliant RSS icons in PSD and PNG formats. Download the fully layered PSD and PNG files of the RSS icons.

  • Who Is Lady Umbrella? Rob Ryan Interview & Exclusive Discount

    We are introducing you all to a great t-shirt company and also offering all our readers an exclusive 15% discount on all Lady Umbrella T-shirts.

  • Tips to Improve Your Design Blog

    Blogging has become the most important and widely used tool of new media technology. The concept has, once again, enabled the Internet to become a two way communicating medium. Since the advent of blogging, people from all walks of life have started pouring into this and have initiated blog sites of their particular expertise. One of its kinds is a Design Blog which is very popular among the graphic designing community and has significant number of readers. There are numerous design blog sites working around the globe disseminating important information about layout, design, style, colors and everything that comes under the sun regarding designing. However, the mushroom growth of such blog sites has lowered the quality of design blogs, which is why I have come up with important tips to enhance the readership and quality of your design blog.

  • Free High-Quality Layered Video PSD Template

    Previously we shared business PSD templates with those who subscribed to our newsletter, more exclusive stuff is coming for them, and if you are also willing to get exclusive items don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.

  • 45 Useful Photoshop Actions for Effective Photo Enhancement

    Create Photoshop action is not as difficult as you might imagine. However you can use many of already created action and here is one valuable list with 45 most useful Photoshop actions for effective photo enhancement.

  • Design Tutorials That Will KickStart Your WordPress Site

    Once you choose the theme that works best for you, then its time to make it your own. What I mean by this, is to modify the code and change the look of it.

  • 40+ Creative Logo Designs Using Punctuation Marks

    This next post on Creative Logo Designs is a unique compilation of logos wherein punctuation marks are used and experimented w/ to create astonishing and cool artworks.

  • The new Digg, take advantage of it without losing your mind

    On this quick review, we will study the main differences among the old and the new Digg as well as the new features and options, like yourselves, we are still discovering the whole potential of Digg and hopefully we can fully explore it in a short notice.

  • Package design (Part-1): Realistic wine bottle and box PSD download

    Download Part-1 realistic wine bottle and its box high resolution PSD file in 300dpi format. You can use this for print purposes also. Part-2 logo and business card design will be released shortly.

  • 12 Most Effective Ways to Speed Up WordPress Blog Loading Time

    Google has announced that it decided to take into account the speed of a site to determine search results ranking, in addition to 200 other factors

  • Torn paper Free Vector AI file

    As a designer its always handy to have a collection of pre-made vector objects to use in your design, here we present you the Free Torn Paper Vector collection.

  • The Best Design Related Video Content in August

    Here is a wide selection and array of design based videos I have bookmarked from all over the web, be inspired and learn something new from each video listed.

  • Plugins for Implementing a private messaging system

    There is a way for users of your site and blog to contact each other is via email contact form, Now With WordPress Powered Blog and Website it is possible to provide your visitors with a way to send

  • Trimarchi: International Graphic Design Gathering

    Hello friends, this time we`ll talk about an event that I will travel as special envoy of Concept Dezain, “Trimarchi“. The TMDG (as it is abbreviated) is the most important graphic design event in Lat


    David Hill is a commercial photographer living in Los Angeles. He was born in 1979 and grew up in San Diego. His love for photography has evolved over the years, and now has become his obsession. Davi

  • The Best CSS Galleries For Fresh Web Design Inspiration

    25 great and daily updated web design galleries, which might give you an inspiration when you are looking for ideas on your next web project.

  • 16 WordPress Plugins for Managing Ads

    In this next post, we had come up with 16 WordPress Plugins for Managing Ads.

  • How to Setup a Basic Interior Design Scene

    In this 3 part video tutorial, Designerslust is going to show you the how to setup a basic interior scene. We’ll be setting up some walls, windows, floor and ceiling with nice materials and lighting.

  • 50 Free and High Quality Blogger Themes With Professional Looking

    You know Blogger is Google’s one of the best service which provides free blogging.For the last few years Google improved Blogger service so much so the theme designers and coders publish amazing and professional looking blogger themes.

  • How to Nail a Design Client with Perfect Sales Pitch

    In this world of competition, every company or business individual is striving to earn as much as possible. Specifically for the business of graphic designing, making new clients is very important. Whether you are a freelance graphic designer or own a cutting-edge advertising agency or design house, there is a cut-throat competition being face in the field of graphic designing. Learning how to pitch your services to potential clients (also known as prospects) is a skill one must master in order to generate more business and become successful. A perfect sales pitch is almost a myth, as it depends on a number of probabilities and uncertainties. A perfect sales pitch has a simple formula i.e. ‘knowing how to talk about your services’, however; it is often easier said than done. Pitching a design client can be more complicated than pitching any other client. It must be well thought out before hand and executed properly while engaged. So n this post I will try to mark out some practices and techniques that can help you better prepare yourself and deliver the knowledge about your services. For those who might already have most of these points at the back of their minds, this post may turn out to be a refresher course and turn your pitch into a direct call-to-action.

  • How to Apply Vector Patterns in Photoshop

    Patterns are a very good choice when you want to create a quick background or apply a nice texture to an object. However, creating your own patterns is tiresome work and most of the time, you don’t even get close to what you originally intended to do.

  • 30 WordPress Based Websites That Don’t Look Like Blogs

    When you hear WordPress you normally think blogs, but WordPress is much more flexible than you might think it can be used as much more than a blog. You can mold the WordPress according to your needs and demands.

  • Sleek minimal website PSD template

    Today’s freebie is a minimal website .PSD template in orange, grey and black colors. This PSD template has full editable layers for your necessary modifications.

  • Postcard Giveaway from UPrinting

    We really love doing giveaways here at Admix Web, and today is another great giveaway for our readers. Today we are giving our readers another chance to get 100 4×6 Flat Postcards, which are great for advertising and promoting your business

  • How To Prevent And Minimize Errors

    Errors happen. No one wants them to happen, but they do. It’s impossible to predict every potential error that may occur and people will make mistakes and slips despite our best efforts. What we need to understand is that many errors are preventable and most errors are the result of poor design and not poor users.

  • Interview: Melody Nieves of SexiDesign

    I would like to introduce and present the magnificent Melody Nieves of SexiDesign, she a brilliant designer and writer I have been lucky enough to connect and know online for several months now.

  • Building strong brands as a Product Manager

    Eating the Big Fish focuses on marketing communications and how to leverage advertising and other smart marketing tactics to build your brand so you can move from being #2 player to the #1 position for your category. I’ve only take a small fraction of Morgan’s ideas and insights from Eating the Big Fish to share some of my own take-outs from the book from a Product Management perspective.

  • Color Theory in Web Design : Blue Color Scheme

    This article is dedicated to color theory and the use of colors in web design. Whether you are a designer or blogger who needs ideas for a color scheme or a designer in search of some color inspiration. My hope is that this site will give web designers a better understanding of color theory and the importance of colors as it applies to web design. Blue is the color of the sky.

  • 60+ Free Creative Photoshop Brushes Sets

    Today we are sharing 60+ Free Creative Photoshop brushes sets which are compiled from different web resources, I strongly hope that this collection would be helpful for you to enhance your design work, check this out and enjoy!

  • Create a Neat Price Tag in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a neat price tag. First, for the basic shape, the grid and the Snap to Grid will significantly ease your work. Then, for the rest of the illustration you’ll use the Pathfinder options, multiple gradients and strokes plus some basic effects and brushes.

  • Finding Inspiration For Creativity

    Graphic Designer Roberto Blake explains how designers can find inspiration in everyday life.

  • New: Facebook Style Suggest a Friend Box Using jQuery and PHP.

    Be ready to get another awesome and stylish facebook style tutorial. Many readers liked my previous facebook like tutorials, specially facebook style wall posting application and facebook like url data extracting with jquery. So I thought to give another script which a web developer wants to put into his website. This tutorial gives you to send a notification to multiple users in facebook style. You will see all friends list and then click to select the friend you want to send notification. You can select deselect multiple friends like facebook. This tutorial is created using jQuery , Ajax, facebox library to get facebook style box and PHP.

  • Design a web layout with seamless textures

    Learn how to design a unique web layout using seamless patterns and layer styles

  • 40 New JavaScript Tutorials with Helping Techniques

    We are like to presenting some useful JavaScript tutorials, jQuery snippets, libraries, articles, tools and resources, we’re today with some latest techniques about javascript. In this round-up we sharing calendars, forms, buttons, navigation, debugging, optimization and compatibility tables as well as handy resources and tools. We also cover various jQuery-plugins that will help you extend the functionality of your website development and improve user experience with ready components or coding solutions. Most of the Web Developers and Designers are using mostly JavaScript as per latest design requirements, because now many modren techniques are available on world wide web, we always follow various web techniques and scripts for best user experience, we sharing most wanted JavaScript Tutorials as per modern web needs.

  • The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers of the Future

    Thanks to the WordPress for modification through thousand of the Plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog

  • Photoshop Video Tutorial: Create a Holy Mountain Scenery

    In this spectacular video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create a God-like scenery with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Create Beautiful Mystery Grunge Effect in Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial, I would like to tell how to make a beautiful mystery grunge artwork, using some stock images and brushes. It is not very hard work, but it requires some skill and your imagination.

  • 10 Ways to Come up With New, Fresh Ideas

    Whether you run a business or manage a marketing strategy, you know that new ideas can sometimes be hard to find. You want to find ways to differentiate yourself from competitors, but creativity does not always flow as freely as you would like.

  • 40 First-Class Premium Magazine Style WordPress Themes

    In our next post, we will be showcasing 40 First-Class Premium Magazine Style WordPress Themes.

  • 40+ brilliantly illustrated logo designs

    A logo designed with correct elements combined with apt colors can deliver its true meaning. These handpicked logos have very creative & eye-catchy illustrations as their logotypes.

  • Creative Lamps

    Want to geek-out your desk, be creative and different, well, here’s some inspiration or leads on creative lamps for your desk.

  • Web Design Inspiration: A Showcase of Astounding Brown Websites

    Here we bring you a showcase of astounding Brown Websites that will surely turn your opinion about the color brown upside down…

  • 38 Cool Photos You Won’t Believe are Not Photoshopped

    We can create unbelievable photo manipulations with Photoshop but sometimes there are paused moments which can be thought unreal but they are definetely real moments

  • 20+ jQuery Plugins That Will Make Your Gallery Websites Look Cool Instantly

    Some of these plugins are ‘image sliders’ that come with fancy transition effects; some are light-weight codes that create cool hovering effects; and some simply help create entire gallery-style website – all in all, these jQuery plugins provide creative alternatives to display images on your websites.

  • Are Your Social Media Profiles A Wasteland?

    Are you treating your social profiles wrong? Are you trying to attract as much noise as possible when you should be trying to attract the signal of real people who genuinely want to interact with you? Are your social profiles going to waste because you’ve focused on the wrong goals?

  • 135+ Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpapers Part 2

    Your desktop background (also called wallpaper) can be a digital picture from your personal collection, a picture that comes with Windows, a solid color, or a picture framed with a color.

  • 70 Design News Websites To Submit Your Content At

    Collection of 70 Web and Graphic Design News Websites To Submit Your Content At and promote your Blog For Free

  • CSS3 Tutorial: Sleek Card Pockets using CSS Only

    In this CSS3 tutorial, you’ll learn how to create web card pockets using some great new CSS3 techniques.

  • A Freelance Graphic Designer’s Burnout and Ways to Avoid It

    Writer’s block, exhaustion, anti-productivity, creative clog, fatigue and boredom all of these terms refer to one single mental condition of creative minds, called the ‘burnout’. Creative minds sometimes undergo dry spells, which affects their working ability in general and creativity in particular in a very negative manner. However, the trouble actually begins if they’re not aware of what’s happening to them and let the situation take them over. A burnout can happen to anyone, whoever is involved in creative thinking process at any platform at any time of age. However, this post specifically addresses to the burnout that hits a freelance graphic designer’s mind. We will discuss this problem in detail in the following.

  • 70 Awesome Logo Designs for your inspiration

    This is another roundup beautiful logo designs. In this post you will find some beautiful and creative logo designs.

  • 40 Brilliant CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials

    In this post we present 40 Brilliant CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials that can strongly improve user experience, improve designer’s work-flow and replace dirty old workarounds that we used in Internet Explorer 6 & Co. Please notice that most techniques and tutorials presented below are experimental, and its good to have place at one post.

  • How to Set Up Your Blog for Remote Access

    Blogging can be really a fun game if you would like to blog about your experiences as they happen. With the help of wireless technology there is no reason you can not do it while you are out and abou

  • How to Design a Web Banner That Stands Out

    In today’s world, the need of advertising is growing directly in proportion with the growing economy. Advertising has become an inevitable element of businesses. Every company is adopting the concept of advertising and is constantly striving to use new mediums of advertisement by which people can be attracted. Internet is one of those newest and the most inexpensive mediums of advertising being used nowadays.

  • Illustrator Tutorial: How to make a realistic film projector icon

    On this tutorial we will learn how to make a real object with Adobe Illustrator, in this case, we have selected an old film projector, such as the early 20th century.

  • JavaScript Tip: get a Random Number between two Integers

    In JavaScript, we can get a Random number; however, this number is between 0 and 1 which is not very useful when we want to work with integers.

  • Interview: Online Editor and Freelance Designer Stuart Thursby

    For this interview, I would like to introduce you all to designer and online editor of Applied Arts Magazine; Stuart Thursby.

  • The Top 40 Places to Get the Best Graphic Design Inspiration

    Today, I’ve gathered up the top 40 places to get the best graphic design inspiration on the web, which I frequently use to stay inspired myself.

  • 41 Absolutely Stunning Landscape Photography

    For most of you probably it will be difficult to take a look at these beautiful landscapes in real life, therefore in this article I would like to show the greatest landscape photo examples of talented photographers.

  • How to create an Fairytale Photo Manipulation

    Learn how to create an awesome fairytale photo manipulation

  • Ultimate Collection of CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques

    CSS3 and HTML 5 are competent of revolutionizing the way we design websites, CSS3 is the latest technology of CSS (cascade style sheet). CSS3 is giving new techniques and advanced features, structure in designing. These new features and techniques makes designing very easy to create a web page. CSS3 leads to greater flexibility and makes it much easier to recreate previously complex effects. Many time-saving rules are being thought up for CSS3: text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image and multi-column layout. In this post we will take a look at some interesting properties of CSS3 that you can put into practice in your website designs today.

  • 30 Fresh Flyers That Will Inspire You

    Check them and who knows, you might get the idea you need to make your flyer more attractive, good to read and effective.

  • How To Improve Design Usability: Minimizing Errors Part II

    When designing websites and other applications are there ways we can guide users toward correct choices, help them interact with our systems, and generally make our sites more usable? Two ways we can help reduce errors are mapping controls to their effects and nudging people toward desired actions.

  • How to Create a Vintage Party Poster in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will create a poster using stock vectors, basic shapes and stock photos. Along with this, you will learn to use basic Blending properties and shading. Every step is well explained and you will learn a lot of things if you follow them accordingly.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Awesome Model Looking Like a Robot

    In this 25 minute Photoshop video tutorial, Slav will show you how to transform a beautiful model into an awesome robot-like character.

  • Awesome Grunge Yellow Concrete Textures For Free

    In this month I give the 7 textures of concrete with peeling yellow paint on it. You can use it for free for your next design.

  • 25 Best Free Graffiti Fonts for Designers

    Here are the 25 Best Free Graffiti Fonts for Designers that will provide more font options for your daily design works and activities.

  • Weekly design resources and inspiration – #1

    Weekly design resources and inspiration #1 from around the design community featuring some best graphic design resources, inspiration and articles from some of the popular design blogs.

  • Top 10 Tools for Acquiring Web Design Feedback

    Sometimes a web designer ignores a lot of things which are required but polling is the successful way to receive creative ideas which you ignored.

    This list of top 10 tools will help you to share your work and receive reviews of it.

  • SEO Tips that every blogger must know

    SEO blogs go into a state of frenzy as soon as the search engine leaders announce anything. Many times this excitement is filled with theories and false information

  • Create the BMW Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. Next you can learn to create the BMW logo. It’s one of the simplest logo tutorials so far. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shapes. Finally, you’ll need several gradients, strokes and some simple effects.

  • 40 Breathtaking ”Infinity Edge Pool” Photos Around The World

    There are thousands of dreaming hotels in the world but the ones below are really special.They all have infinity edge pools.(I learnt that they call it infinity edge pools or zero edge pools).They have stunning sightseeing

  • 30 Funny And Creative Food Photos Which Make Me Laugh

    This is a collection of creative and very funny photography with Food and drinks. These photographers have used their amazing talent in giving these food items shapes and situations to make it humorous.

  • 30+ Mind-Blowing Artworks for Inspiration

    Visual arts attract everybody and it can express a word more interestingly and more meaningfully. Here are 32 mind-blowing artworks hope these will impress you and also your friends.

  • How to Exclude a Category from the Home Page

    This is the most common customization requests for WordPress, “How do I prevent posts from a certain category from displaying on my home page?!”

  • 30 Modern Corporate Logo Designs

    Good company logos last for many years, great company logos last for a life time.

  • 33 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials

    jQuery has overpowered Flash in a lot of web uses becoming a very powerful tool for web designers. One of these uses that I’m referring to is the image slider. Implementing this feature in your site will definitely count as a big plus so don’t waste your time and download the available jQuery plugins in this 30 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials.

  • My Personal Experiences in Guest Writing and Working with Guest Writers

    I wanted to share with you the good and bad experiences I have experienced on a personal level when writing for various design sites.

  • Avoiding Link Farms for Blog and Website

    For improving the Web page rank of you blog, be careful to make a link exchange with a site which is not under your blog niche, So don’t get caught up your blog in a link farm scam.

  • Things-To-Remember In Freelance Graphic Designing

    Freelance graphic designing is a completely different phenomenon in itself. It is different than a regular salaried designing job, 360 degrees. It is a prevailing trend among the graphic designing community. Many experienced salaried designers are turning to freelance graphic designing and even a good number of fresh graduates are starting their career as freelancers. Like every other thing in the universe, freelance graphic designing has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. This field of profession can be very rewarding. You are your own boss, you are not stuck in an office, and there is really no limit of your potential earning. However, at the same time, it is not bed of roses as well.

  • 49 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials

    Now a day’s digital paintings are getting very popular. We have listed 49 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials for those designers out there who wants to try this type of art. Read through the tutorials below and gain useful tips to master the technique… hope u like it!

  • How to Update WordPress through wp-config.php

    There is very easy and secure way to update your WordPress installation by providing FTP info in wp-config file. All you have to worry about security

  • Wood Signs Vector Set

    content A collection of wooden signs in different colors and styles. Ready to use with the included png’s or change them yourself with the included vectors.

  • Why You Should Collect Deposits For Design Projects

    Most clients are good and honest people with every intention of paying your bill. However all it takes is one or two not so good and not so honest people before you realize you need to collect a deposit before beginning a project.

  • Non-Stop Photoshop Mistakes: Part 2

    In this post you will find 20 photoshop disasters, mistakes and bloopers. Enjoy this list of photoshop mistakes.


    Here at inspirationfeed, we like to think outside the box. Beautiful design can be seen almost everywhere, including architecture. So we thought, ‘why not make a roundup of stunning homes that will ma

  • Creative and Helpful Logo Design Tutorials

    To help you become a better logo designer, we’ve collected up some logo tutorials that can help teach you some of the important techniques and also get your creative juices flowing.

  • Photography Inspiration: 40 Magnificent Aerial Photos

    Aerial Photography is really enjoying. Capturing shots from above, seeing the beautiful view down below the camera. In this technique, you will appreciate the wideness of nature.

  • High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set

    Today freebie is a high quality free Photoshop brush set of paint strokes, the set includes 5 brushes which are well designed Photoshop brushes to give an authentic paint stroke.

  • Freelancing Vs. In-House: Which Do You Prefer?

    Freelancing or an In-House position? Which works best for you? In this post, I will discuss my opinion on each, but I want to hear your opinions as well! I have been in the Computer World for about 11 years, with experience in the areas of software development and most recently concentrating my time in the world of Web Design and Development.

  • Create a Vibrant and Eye-Catching Drink Composition using Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Sobe fruit drink advertisement using some simple water stock images and a lot of easy to use techniques that will yield high quality results.


    We would like to proudly introduce you to Vectorious.net. Vectorious is a great resource for finding royalty free stock vector images. Currently they offer over 12055 vector image files available for

  • Interview With Jad Limcaco

    I am excited to introduce you to Jad Limcaco. Jad is a Long Beach web designer, he also does graphic design, logos and print design.

  • It’s Time for Bloggers to meet Designers in a Business Mode

    This article is about Blogging, Design and Business. I have made a collection of design related articles, and added my thoughts and ideas about why I think that designers should meet

  • Impressive Industrial Design Concepts

    An interesting look at industrial design concepts with a touch of class.

  • The ultimate StumbleUpon guide, all secrets revealed

    On this article, we are going to take a ride across the basic and even some expert tips that will make your experience on Stumbleupon a successful event. Hopefully this article becomes an essential reference for all the new stumblers around.

  • Treasure box graphic and icons download (.PSD)

    Excellent Treasure Box graphic with golden edges fully layered Photoshop file for FREE download and also treasure chest icons in sizes 512×512 px, 256×256 px, and 128×128 px.

  • Six Quick Questions with Chris Coyier

    I recently had a chance to ask Chris Coyier, one of the most well know authors within the web design industry and curator of CSS-Tricks, some quick questions and catch up with what he has been up to lately.

  • How To Reduce Design Errors: Part I

    Errors happen. It’s inevitable that any system will fail at times. Often failures are attributed to human error. Most, though are really due to design errors. As designers what can we do to minimize errors and their effects on our sites and in our applications?

  • How To Edit an Image After Uploading in WordPress Media Library

    One of my friend ask me about editing an image after uploading in WordPress, I told him WordPress now gives you the option to edit an image after uploading in WordPress Media Library

  • Why Artists Should Consider Going Freelance

    Here are some reasons why it might be more lucrative for artists to turn freelance and give up the job search.

  • 8 eyetracking studies from the web’s biggest blogs.

    A roundup of 8 freshly squeeze eye tracking tests, from some of the web’s most prolific blogs. Performed using readily available eye tracking software from Gazehawk

  • The Best in Industrial Design and Computer Aided Design Video Tutorials

    A great way to improve yourself and the your design skills is through video tutorials, here is a selection of videos which have inspired my design thinking.

  • Inspiration and Motivation Articles from the DJ Community News Feed

    This week we keep you inspired in five categories, our favourite articles of the week which had been submitted are highlighted with an accompanying picture taken from the article.

  • 40 Free Amiable Sunrise Wallpapers

    Today, our next post will be showcasing 40 Free Amiable Sunrise Wallpapers.

  • Interview with Chris Spooner: I’m forever experimenting and trying out new things

    Chris Spooner is one of the most successful freelance designers. He kindly accepted our offer to make an interview for ProPeople Blog.

  • WordPress blog into Classified Ads Through ClassiPress

    ClassiPress is an excellent WordPress theme for Classified add sites. Technically Most of the option for running such kind of website are handle by this theme. So you can concentrate on the listings a

  • Bordering on Mediocrity

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Moderate Accessibility of Borders.

  • 60 Stunning Typography Wallpapers of All Time

    In this post we present Massive Collection of Typography Wallpapers of All Time. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting to spice up his or her desktop. All wallpapers can be downloaded for free from their original source please read the license documentation carefully because they changed time.

  • Free Grunge Textures

    20 New grunge textures, 100% free for personal and commercial purposes

  • Create a Blood Text Effect in Illustrator

    In the following steps I will show you how to create a simple blood text effect. You’ll start with a simple text then you will use the Roughen and the Warp effects. Finally, you will need multiple gradients and some simple brushes.

  • Breadcrumb Trail Design Showcase

    A collection of over 30 of the best examples of breadcrumb trail navigation design.

  • 120 Unforgettable Sailing Vessels From Around the World

    We are with beautiful sailing vessel photographs; sailing vessels have an complete history and always an luxury way of travel around the world. We just get an amazing collection and want to share with you all, because these are really beautiful photographs. In a present-day world one can barely find something more romantic than a sailing vessel. Of course, a trip by sea is in itself extremely romantic, a sailing vessel, however, is a crown of the most wonderful romantic dreams.

  • Interview: Pablo Larah Social Media and Illustrative Expert

    Today we bring you an interview with Pablo Larah, a social media expert (especially on Twitter) and brilliant illustrative artist.

  • The Downside of WordPress Blog

    WordPress is blogging made easy — and free! A lot happens behind the scenes to make your WordPress blog or Web site function. The beauty of WordPress platform is this

  • Cool Clean Fonts for Your New Designs

    When it is necessary to emphasize the meaning of the text, make it clear and easy for visual perception, it is recommended to choose clean fonts.

  • Call-to-Action Brochure Designing

    In today’s world, the success of a business greatly depends upon the effectiveness of its marketing communication. It is important for the organization to communicate to the potential customers and the best tool for one-to-one communication is the brochure. Brochures really help the marketers in their pursuit and to achieve their goals well. This source of communication provides greater details about the products in an attracting manner. Basically, the brochure design makes the information more appealing. If you give out the information about your product or service without a properly and professionally designed brochure, it will bring nothing but half-hearted results.

  • 230+ Awe Free Fabric Textures

    In this Showcase we have presented a huge collection of fabric textures where you can use and apply on your web page design project or graphics use. enjoy.

  • How Your Brand Chooses Your Clients

    With every decision and action you take, with every message you communicate, you build your brand. Those decisions, actions, and messages will appeal to some more than others and in so doing will determine who your clients will be. Ultimately it’s your brand decisions that choose your clients.

  • Best Printing and Prepress Articles

    Hi guys, this time I have compiled some print articles that I have enjoyed reading and had helped me a lot. I always try to research the web for some quality stuff, and it`s very difficult to find …

  • 50 Exquisite Wine Label Design Samples

    We may not all be wine connoisseurs, but as designers we can be wine label connoisseurs – just like every guy who had to choose a bottle in front of his date.

  • URL Rewriting- Top 5 Ways of PHP URL Rewriting

    URL Rewriting is one of the good techniques followed in Search Engine Optimization. Consider more understanding of URL Rewriting and its importance:

  • How to Create a Colorful Textured Tiki Mask in Illustrator

    In this tutorial we will create a Tiki mask from scratch, starting from a pencil sketch and a few references.
    Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
    Completion time: 2 hours
    Tools: Adobe Illustrator CS3, paper, pencil

  • How to Quickly Create Vector Clouds in Illustrator

    Here is a very quick way to create fluffy clouds in Illustrator – from scratch. It’s really easy to accomplish this and they fit perfectly in any colorful nature theme artwork you might create.
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Tools: Adobe Illustrator (CS3 – works with earlier versions too)
    Completion time: 2 minutes

  • Participate in the Twitter Theme Park’s ‘Tweet and blog’ Contest!

    Win Exciting Discount Coupons!!! TwitterThemePark (TTP), a specialized division of Ipraxa, a full service Web agency, dedicated for Custom Twitter Theme Designs, announces a contest to recognize Twitter followers and bloggers for TTP as part of the company’s brand building program. The contest is open to twitter users and bloggers who are interested to write about TTP in their blog sites. Only one offer can be availed at a time.

  • Examples Of Using Purple Color In Custom Web Design

    Purple is a vibrant and strong color that can be used to give a nice touch to your custom web design only if used correctly. You can use this color in background or can add some elements depending on your choice. In this post, I’m showcasing some examples of using purple color in website designing to inspire you. Feel free to leave a comment!

  • Creating A CSS Layout In Dreamweaver from PSD

    In this tutorial we will go through the steps of creating a CSS website starting from a layout received from the designer. We will explain how to understand the page structure and how to use the Flexi CSS Layouts to create the CSS layout without coding.

  • The Importance of Packaging Design For A Successful Marketing Campaign

    Packaging includes every possible aspect of industrial design on multiple levels involving huge arrays of types of information and design elements.

  • Usage the shape of camera as the element of their logo design

    Using the shape appropriate to the business being operated can be one important element in creating a logo design. The shape on logo used to represented the kind of business or service behind it. With it so target clients can easily know the type of business being offered.

  • Various Strategies Involved in Designing their Websites

    Children don’t read to find their identity, to free themselves from guilt, to quench the thirst for rebellion or to get rid of alienation.

  • Matte BlueAnd White Square Icons Arrows

    This matte blue and white square icons arrows set includes a wide variety of arrows and arrowheads. Many of them come in sets of 4 or more – up, down, left, right (dotted arrows, solid arrows, mouse pointers, refresh, undo, redo, download … Etc) as well as several hand pointers.

  • How to Make Hitman in Adobe Illustrator

    Hitman is a fictional and unreal character, super powered hitman in the DC Comics Universe. This is a most popular character of cinema screen and also has popularity in game lovers. T

  • How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac

    How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac – tutorial about convert .avi to .mp4 for mac, support Mac OS X, leopard, snow leopard

  • Introducing the Google Form API

    When you first stumble upon Google Forms, you’re stoked. But you quickly hit a wall because of the lack of a programmatic API. This shows how to scrape a JSON tree from a Google Form’s HTML.

  • Thoughts About Redundancy In Web Design

    Redundancy is the use of more elements than necessary to maintain system performance. It’s probably not something you think about when designing and developing websites, though you likely practice many of the ideas behind adding and reducing redundancy in every site you develop.

  • Nearly, Like an Eboy

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Nearly Comprehensive Accessibility of Eboy.

  • An Ideal Business Card and All About It

    A business card is the just the thing to begin marketing your business. However, the outlook of your business card describes the level of professionalism and your commitment towards your business. Your business card plays a vital role in establishing business contacts. It is important that your card should convey a clear message about your business and should have a positive effect at the onlooker. It should also be designed in a way that would leave a mark in your prospect’s mind about you. So creating an ideal business card is very crucial for your business’ promotion.

  • Content Management Systems: Why I Love to Work With Wordpress

    I love WordPress, I think it’s brilliant not only is it extremely useful it’s also easy to use. I discovered WordPress in around 2007 and ever since it’s been my CMS of choice.

  • An Overview of A/B Testing

    The world of websites is expanding rapidly and this has given rise to the need of creating good and interesting websites..

  • 25+ Beautiful Examples of Black & White Photography

    Photography has always been a great source of inspiration for designers. Specially, when we talk about Black and White photography because where colors represents the environment..

  • Inspirational and Resourceful Community News from the Week

    This week we categorize and recommend the best of the design juices community news feed, we go out of our way to promote articles every week.

  • 95 Digital Art Images of Famous Game Characters

    We sharing a stunning list of Digital art of famous game characters, character design goes a long way in determining the success of any given video game. These game related images found in this digital art gallery have a dark shaded most people with lightening effects will like them. You’ll see images of conflict, evolving machinery and technology, war, historic, Halloween inspiration, social scenes from different ages and an infusion of quality detail. Digital Art is often used to create humor and cuteness out of a character. I found there are plenty of famous people or game characters in their listing. Hope you all like these inspiring game photos and leave your comments.

  • How To Display Author Photo In WordPress Post and comments Using Gravatar

    Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.

  • Design a lingerie ecommerce layout

    Learn how to create a lingerie ecommerce layout with Photoshop

  • 25 Excellent Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorials in Video’s

    In this post we showcase Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials in video’s from which you will learn a lot about different features of Adobe Photoshop CS5. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

  • How to Convert Blog Visitors into Subscribers and Readers

    The main purpose of a blog is to attract a large number of visitors and additionally convert that traffic into regular readers. It is the most important task that a blog designer should pay attention

  • How to Convert Video to Flash

    Want to convert any video to flash? Guide to convert avi to flash|mpg to flash, mp4 to flash|mpeg to flash|wmv to flash|rm to flash|rmvb to flash etc.

  • How To Differentiate Your Freelance Design Business

    Search results for a phrase like “web design services” should quickly tell you there’s a lot of competition out there. Why should someone hire you instead of any of those other companies listed in the results? What is it that you offer that they don’t? What is it that you do better? How you answer is how you differentiate your business and stand out in a crowded market.

  • Creating A 3 Columns Fixed CSS Layout

    In this tutorial we will use the Flexi CSS Layouts Dreamweaver extension to create a simple 3 columns CSS layout with a fixed width.

  • 4 Usability Tools For Web Design

    Important tips on how to improve website usability in your designs.

  • 30+ Brand New jQuery Plugins To Change the Look and Feel of Your Website

    The list of some fresh and useful jQuery plugins which are never referred yet. Together with CSS3, jQuery can refresh your web site design by changing the look and feel with no more boring.

  • The ‘Select’ Problem After Using jqTransform and its Solution

    Recently, I was working on a project which required a customized form with only select boxes. I used jqTransform to customize the form and while working on it I discovered that after transforming the

  • Social Media and Graphic Designers – Pros and Cons

    Social Media is not a new name and almost everybody is pretty much acquainted with the uses and effects of social media websites. In this techno-oriented world, social media networking is a prevailing trend that continues to grow with increasing awareness. People from all walks of life are prone to its usage. Likewise, graphic designers are also into using social media websites and many of them are pretty fond of it. However, what I have noticed is that with the growing challenges of graphic designing, social media has become more of a necessity for every graphic designer.

  • Ultimate List of Tools and Resources for IPAD Developers and Designers

    It seems like everything Apple creates turns to gold, and the release of the new IPAD is no expection. Even though the IPAD has only been out a few months, many amazing applications are already available, with many of the applications being very useful for Web Developers, Web Designers, and Graphic Designers.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Reconstruct a Face to Make it Match a Custom Skull

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use layer masking along with the burn tool, brush tool, pen tool, and various others to recreate a face to match a skull.

  • 40+ Well Designed E-commerce Icon Sets

    In this article, we’ve rounded up high-quality E-commerce icons that you can use in your e-commerce projects.

  • Interview with French Artist Jean-Baptiste Fraisse

    Jean-Baptiste Fraisse is a young and talented French graphic designer from Paris. His illustrations have great personality and a unique french twist. He just finished Esat-Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris and he is very enthusiastic and ambitious when it comes to graphic design.

  • Give Unique Look To Your “About” Page

    It is seen that most of the designers and developers overlook the “About” page. We simply throw hastily written words in “About” page instead of treating this page as an important part of the website. About page is a great way to distinguish you among the crowed and present yourself in a unique manner. In this post my focus is to grab your attention to “About” page that is a highest ranked page in many custom web design sites. Check the examples given bellow and give a unique look to your “About” page.

  • Design Resource: Free Leather Texture Packs

    Design Resource: Free Leather Texture Packs.

  • Design a web layout for your SEO company

    In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a clean template for a SEO company

  • How To Use Size, Scale, And Proportion In Web Design

    Size is the physical dimensions of an object. Scale is the relative size of different objects in relation to each other or a common standard. Proportion is harmony of scale. All three are naturally interrelated concepts and all us to manipulate the ideas of many different design principles.

  • An Effective Guide to Call to Action Buttons

    Call to action buttons ought to be the sole attraction with the ability to grab the visitor, and provoke him/her for the next step and that is, for sure a click.

  • How To Develop CSS3 Border Radius Tool

    CSS3 is rocking the web design and web development life. You can get amazing and awesome effects and style using it. CSS3 selectors provides you a variety of functions and features.

  • SEO What? SEO How? Great Tips For All

    Great tips on what you should and shouldn’t do for search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Accessibly UseIt

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Nearly Comprehensive Accessibility of Jakob Nielsen’s UseIt.

  • Checking Object Type and Validating the Argument Type in JavaScript

    The “typeof” operator is very useful at the moment for checking what kind or type of object we are dealing with. It returns a string containing the datatype of the object. The values returned are “number”, “string”, “boolean”, “undefined”, “function”, and “object”.

  • Create a Simple Bomb Icon in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this new tutorial I will show you how to create a very simple bomb icon. You will only need the Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool. Then you’ll be using Warp effects, simple strokes, various gradients, Offset Path and several effects to create the other components.

  • HTML5 and Apple Try to Create the New Flash

    Apple is trying to unseat the champion – Adobe Flash – for their chance to bask in the glory (with the help of HTML5 of course). So, which one will be better?

  • Design a Minimalist Website layout in Photoshop

    Design a Minimalist Website layout in Photoshop . tutorial and psd

  • Is Design A Commodity?

    This post offers some thoughts on whether or not design is or can become a commodity. It also looks at how clients view the value of design and what that means for design businesses.

  • Showing Off bit.ly Clicks of Your Posts With jQuery

    Using bit.ly API to show number of clicks – that is relatively higher- can be a very interesting measure of how popular your post is.

  • Interview: Michael Guill from 107 Designs

    I cannot believe we have had 12 amazing interviews since we have started our interview series here at Admix Web, where we are publishing interviews of fellow web designers, web developers and graphic designers.

  • Get Your Punk Out: Bright and Colourful Mohawk Photography

    This showcase of inspirational photography aims to showcase the bright & wonderful, the very best photos which make the hair on your neck stand on its ends.

  • How to Sell your Design Effectively to the Client

    Likewise, in the business of graphic designing, a graphic designer has to undergo all three steps in order to earn from his work. The Internet is filled with matter relating to first two steps of business in graphic designing. In this post, however, we are going to discuss the third part of the business i.e. Marketing or Sale of your product. In the business of graphic designing (both freelance and company based), selling your work is very important, as it completes the business cycle and you get the reward of your creativity and hard work. Designers, however, don’t pay much heed on the selling-factor of their work and take it for granted most of the time. Although, selling your work to the client is pretty difficult, but by keeping the following things in mind and taking a few wise steps, you can get your designs sold in quite a hassle-free way.

  • Creating Modern photography menu Using Flash filter effects

    This very useful lesson will show you and teach how to create very modern and advanced photography flash menu.

  • A Short Story of HTML – About the adventure which never has ending

    The history of HTML is a tumultuous series of teaches-in, many disputes and hard work of the specialists…The results? Sounds maybe too great, but I afraid it is true, HTML has a great role in the evol

  • Using CSS3: Examples #2

    Though there are still more properties to cover, and in this article we’re going to be taking a look at 4 more CSS3 properties including @font-face, transitions, transform and border-image.

  • How To Protect Your Blog From Hacking Attempts

    Following the famous saying, “Security is only as strong as its weakest link,” security is very essential, especially when it comes to doing online things. A single weak link can be used to compromise all your hard work and even online identity.

  • I Want that T-shirt: Amazing T-shirt Designs From Across the Web

    Here I wanted to showcase some real great t-shirts designs, be they illustrative, text art or just a simple piece of artwork. All have inspired me to want them all.

  • Top 20+ Steps To Inspiration, Advice and Resourceful Design This Week

    Here I look to showcase the best articles found on the web pertaining to design and creativity in all its forms.

  • How to Create Glass Effect Text in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will create a glass effect on editable text using only blending modes. We will also work with gray tones, so the text will grab its colors from the background and adjustment layers. Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
    Completion time: 2 hours
    Tools: Photoshop CS3

  • Presenting an HTML5 Interactive Infographic

    A recently launched experimental interactive infographic featuring the popular design community Dribbble. The site makes use of HTML5 markup and some advanced CSS3 effects.

  • With Simple Hand-Drawn We Can Creat Vivid Themed Illustration

    Drawn elements are certainly something that can enhance an illustration. Even if you’re not very good at drawing,

  • Create an Epic Battle Field in Photoshop

    In this photomanipulation tutorial I will show you how to combine some stock photos to create an epic battle field in Photoshop.

  • Using Patterns and Textures In Your Design

    Patterns and textures differentiate one object from another and differentiate elements from their surrounding space. They add interest and depth and can be used to add a sense a realism to an element or an entire design.

  • Alfoart Photoshop tutorials.

    Free Photoshop tutorials in web & graphic design, photo effects, manipulations, posters.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Stormy Harry Potter Environment Effect

    This Photoshop tutorial will show us how to create a similar effect we see in the Introduction clip of Harry Potter Series: a Stormy Environment Effect.

  • Customise Your Sneakers with Artwork at Sneakart

    Sneakart offers the perfect solution to the fashion conscious, artistically or budget challenged sneaker enthusiast, lasting for months or years.

  • Model and Texture a Pioneer CDJ in Cinema4D

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to model and texture a Pioneer CDJ in Cinema4D, with realistic CD bay, buttons, screen and lights.

  • Well-Rounded Accessibility

    In answering the question of Quick-UX Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components. In understanding this complexity, let’s take a look at the Comprehensive Accessibility of Roundhouse and FAE.

  • Tron Legacy Social Icons

    An out the hook icon set inspired on the classic movie Tron, ready to be incorporated inside your different projects thanks to the top quality of every icon.

  • Fresh Freebies: Vintage vector illustrations from Designious.com

    We want to help the design community as much as we can. So we’ve just released some fresh vectors – for FREE! Check them out!

  • Dynamic Flash Websites : Dare to enjoy?

    The innovative technological age we live in has fashioned Web-building software and services catering to aspiring designers who dare to create websites surrounding their unique and bold inspirations.

  • How to Win a Client Every Time

    Find it hard to get more higher paying clients? Here are some guaranteed ways to win new clients.

  • 4 Ideas For Styling Link Hovers With CSS

    Let people know they can click your link with style, by learning four awesome link hover techniques you can apply using simple CSS and CSS3.

  • The New Blend Modes In Photoshop CS5 Explained

    In this video tutorial we will show you how the substract and divide blendmodes in Photoshop CS5 work.

  • Creative & Inspirational Promotional Poster Designs

    You see promotional posters everywhere, on billboards, bus stops, bins and even on the occasional wall! Showcasing products, brands, events to global ..

  • Sleeko – Download single page website desig

    “Sleeko” design is a single page website designed in Photoshop format with all the layers organized in folders. The design is created on a 1600px wide canvas with the actual content body sitting in 960px width. Download the PSD for free to code and use it.

  • Typography and its Immense Importance for Your Designing

    Among different elements of graphic designing, typography is an important one, which the designers usually take for granted. Typography in terms of graphic designing means to choose the kind of font type that completely blends with the design and speaks for itself as a part of that design. In technical terms, typography is the art of arranging font type into the layout of the design. This arrangement includes the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing and the adjustment of spaces between groups of letters and between the letters of a word, all together constituting typography.

  • How To Find Best And Cheap Web Hosting Providers

    If you try searching for web hosting services, the results from any major search engine can baffle and leave you confused so as to how to trust and choose the one just right for you.

  • Bringing in Clients: Ways To Get a Project Successfully

    Building relationship with the prospective client and baiting a project successfully is the first and the foremost thing, which acts as the stepping stone in any business. Therefore, communication is the most effective weapon that is likely..

  • The Sexy Freelancer: Keeping Fit While Freelancing

    Go from the chubby geeky freelancer into the sexy fit freelancer by following these simple and easy steps.

  • Create the Mini Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the next tutorial you can learn to create the Mini logo. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shapes. Finally, you’ll need several gradients and strokes plus some Gaussian Blur and Drop Shadow effects.

  • Initial Thoughts After Buying An iPad

    Last weekend I finally bought an iPad and thought I’d share some initial thoughts about using it so far as well as some thoughts about how I can see myself using it a few months down the line.

  • Recommended Books for a Prospective Product Designer

    Here I want to recommend to you several books which you as designer may find to be of great inspiration and teach you or to improve your design education.

  • An Indepth Look at the Painting Tools in Photoshop CS5

    In today’s Photoshop CS5 tutorial we’ll demonstrates the bristle brushes, which simulate traditional paint brushes.

  • Matte Painting Tutorial of Tajmahal Using Photoshop

    Traditionally, matte paintings were made by artists using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass for integrating with the live-action footage. The first known matte painting shot was made in 1907 by Norman Dawn (ASC). Later on Matte Painting revolutionized to an extreme level for which Avatar is an example. In this tutorial we are going to cover few basic concepts and tricks in matte painting using Adobe Photoshop and designing the great and wonder of world Tajmahal.

  • Using CSS3: Examples

    With all the modern browsers starting to support CSS3 (including Mozilla Firefox 4, Apple Safari 4, Internet Explorer 9), it’s time to take a real look at CSS3 and see what it can do, and what it’s capable of doing.

  • A Look At HTML5 and its Canvas Tag

    Since HTML5 has been in development, there has been a lot of speculation that the introduction of canvas mixed with JavaScript means flash will have no place on the internet.

  • Does hiring a link building firm really helps?

    Handling an Online Business involves loads of activities to be done on a regular basis, and to handle link building (a critical part of Online Promotion) all by yourself, can be a herculean task.

  • Fresh Floral and Angels Vector Packs from Designious.com

    In the past weeks we have been busy working on some fresh premium floral and angels vector packs that will simply blow your mind! They are available now for download on Designious.com. Check them out!

  • Display Delicious Bookmark Count on Your Web Page

    Use pure Javascript or jQuery plugin to display the count of Delicious bookmarks to show visitors how interesting your content is.

  • Create Sinful Desires Photo Manipulation

    In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create awesome Sinful Desires photo manipulation scene. We will use plenty of photo manipulation techniques. This effect you can use to create party posters or create your own stylish photo.

  • Facebook Style Event Creator With jQuery and Ajax. Fresh Tutorial

    Another Facebook style tutorial for you with jquery and Ajax. Facebook event creator is used for creating events on facebook. So after adding some awesome tutorials on facebook I have now created facebook style event creator for you. This is awesome piece of script. Hope you will like it ;)

  • Free Website Building And Unlimited Web Hosting

    Developing and maintaining a website for a new business or just a hobby can cause a dent in your pocket and a lot of new business and personal projects suffer due to lack of funds to maintain the online presence. Most domains that allow free building and web hosting don’t offer such extensive choices and feature as Ucoz.com.

  • Find Design Juices Guest Interview on Teesinapod

    I was lucky enough to be featured by the guys over at teesinapod for an interview we did a few weeks ago, the interview has been recorded for there podcast series.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Make A Glossy Flash Drive Icon From Scratch

    In this tutorial we are going to create a Flash Drive image which can be used as an icon or added to your design project.

  • Win Entire collections of Vector and Design Elements from TrendyPacks

    We are happy to inform that, Today we are giving an Entire collections of Vector and Design Elements Giveaway fromtrendypacks for our readers. The Infinity pack contain 3000 vector and design elements

  • Custom Sticker Giveaway by Sticker Mule

    Today we’ve joined up with the cool people over at Sticker Mule to give our readers some free custom stickers. Sticker Mule prints custom stickers in all shapes and sizes, and they are the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins.

  • Be Inspired by Text Art and Typography

    This showcase is from typography and text art seen all over the web and brings together great sources of typography inspiration for us all to be inspired by.

  • The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Baroque Style

    In the previous post I started writing about some of the most important styles of art history, and I began with the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period. Today I am moving on to another important style, this time from the Western Art: Baroque Style.

  • Logo – Its Elements and Inevitable Importance for your Business

    A logo is a magical symbol that represents your company and provides the kind of image no other attribute of the business can provide. Your business’s identity is an important element of your business that communicates visually through a logo. It is crucial to have a good, rather suitable logo for proper branding and recognition of your business.

  • Reasons Why you Prefer WordPress over other CMS

    WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform. It has amazing easy to use features and functionalities due to which it has acquired a huge user-base. Before WordPress 3.0,

  • Forms: Surfaces And Planes, Volumes And Mass: The Elements Of Design Part III

    Form is any positive element placed on your page as opposed to negative whitespace. All forms carry mass and meaning. Form is the point, line, plane, surface, and volume. It’s the shapes and dots and text and textures and images we use in our design. If it’s meant to be a positive element it’s form.

  • Create an iPhone 4 in Photoshop

    Today we will learn how to create an iPhone 4 in Photoshop. We will use some basic drawing tools and layer effects to make it as realistic as possible.

  • 12 Magnificent Freeware Tools for Graphic Designers

    We as A Professional Web Design company deals in web design, web development and internet marketing of the websites. Considering your needs and requirements we deliver the best and cost effective solutions for your organization.

    We recommend the best graphic design freeware tools which you can use for adding the graphic into the website.

  • Improve your WordPress Navigation Menu Output

    WordPress 3 has gone gold and ships with an amazing new menu manager that can be used to control the navigation menus of your website. This tutorial will teach you how to change the default output of this manager, since getting a custom output can heavily improve the style of your themes.

  • How to Invoice Your Client using Paypal (Tips for Freelancers)

    In this post I going to share that how to send a invoice to your client using Paypal in four easy steps.

  • Freebie: Rubber stamp style social media icons

    Social networking is a very good way in promoting and staying in touch with the public for every one in today’s web world. So, i started creating these social networking icons with a concept and it go

  • Prince is Dead, Not the Internet

    Prince described the internet as dead, but find out why it’s not half as dead as his career

  • Using cookies with jQuery

    In this tutorial we will learn how to use jQuery and cookies to store some user preferences in a cookie to display an specific content to the user.

  • Create an iPod Nano in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial I will shown how to make an iPod Nano. It’s a very simple one. For the overall shapes you will only have to use the Rectangle Tool and the Ellipse Tool. Then, you’ll need some linear/radial gradients, some strokes, a Drop Shadow effects plus some simple text.

  • FlashMoto presents a new component – Flash Video Gallery

    FlashMoto Team is glad to present an innovative module – Flash Video Gallery with CMS. It is a perfect way to present your media content, particularly video files, online.

  • Getting Involved Brings Free Targeted Traffic to your Site

    Very useful advice for those who are struggling to get those first new visitors to their site.

  • How To Scale Your Freelance Design Business

    Most freelance designers don’t make as much money as they could with a full time job. We generally trade away some of the financial perks for more freedom and responsibility. I’m fine with that trade off and I suspect you are as well, but do we really have to settle financially? I don’t think so. What we need to do is learn to scale our businesses.

  • Worn Cloth Icons Symbols Shapes

    This worn cloth icons symbols shapes set includes an assortment of popular symbols and shapes (check marks, check boxes, comment bubbles, flourishes, male, female, peace, power on, squares, circles, diamonds, geometric shapes, hexagon, octagon, puzzle pieces, happy faces, spirals … Etc)

  • Getting Paid on Time: Bringing out the Big Guns

    Sick and tired of not getting paid on time? Here is how you can make sure it never happens again

  • WordPress Quick Tip: Highlight Author Comments Using CSS3

    This quick WordPress tip will show you how to highlight author comments using some basic CSS3 styling.

  • Vector Illustration Inspiration: Cute Chibi Character designs

    This showcase is specifically about the Chibi characters created as vector illustrations, be sure to be inspired.

  • Create a Beautiful Free Flash Website

    Wix is free online software that lets you build your own Flash website – and is a great tool for budding designers, small business owners, and basically anyone creative looking for a way to create a customized, high quality website without spending a fortune.

  • Object Oriented JavaScript: Creating an Window Box

    This is a very short tutorial about Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, in which we are going to create an object called JSWinbox that simulates a window in our browser.

  • Are You Forcing Yourself to Be Creative?

    Creativity can strike at any moment. Make the most of the moment by running with it. Do not ponder around, later attempting to force yourself into being creative. No matter what it simply will not work.

  • Achieving Visual Sharpness in Design and Art with Photoshop

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn what a sharp image should look like and the many ways of sharpening one of your designs to achieve the maximum visual appeal.

  • WordPress 3 and What You Can Do!

    After a quite long awaited by many WordPress users all over the world, finally this world most popular blog portal launchs its brand-new version WordPress 3.0 a.k.a Thelonius.

  • Free Rust Textures Every Designer Must Have | Stock Photography Resource

    Free Rust Textures Every Designer Must Have | Stock Photography Resource

  • Interview with Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith is a talented Graphic Designer and Photographer from Peoria, Arizona.

  • Marketing is Everything

    Nowadays as the economical crisis still has a bad influence on many countries the possibilities of a freelancer to gain more and good projects are increasing. This statement is based on the latest studies regarding the market and the large opportunities of the online medium; the companies have the tendency to hire very good specialists, for high quality tasks, paid in high amounts of dollars only for projects and not as full time employees. This sounds as very good news for all freelancers.

  • Why Facebook Sucks

    Even I’m a user of Facebook, but does it serve any purpose at all?

  • Create a Ying Yang Inspired Poster in Photoshop

    Today we will create a poster inspired by the all-known symbol, Ying and Yang. We will try to create the same balance from the sign in a more elaborate illustration.
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Completion time: 1-2 hours
    Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3

  • WordPress 3 and What You Can Do!

    A deeper look at new features of WordPress 3 and see what we can do.

  • Useful tips when redesign your website, iconshock case study

    Great article regarding the process of revamping a website.

  • Quick and Easy Guide To Printing Terminology

    definitions that will help any graphic designer speak the same language as their printer.

  • How to Reduce the Loading Time of Your Blog

    One thing that every blog owner wants is that his or her blog should have a faster loading time and should load in a split second. And, with Google using site speed in search rankings now, these things have become more vital and important.

  • The Power Of CSS:40 Totally Pure CSS Effects With Demos-No Javascript

    We know that Javascript with jQuery is being used in web sites and blogs so much in the last few years and okey, it gives great interactivity.But this is not the only way.There is always an alternative and i think CSS is one of them.

  • Redesigning Your Website: Are you Making the Right Move?

    “Human beings, by change renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise they harden.” And, there is no doubt to it. They try and find something or the other to refresh themselves.

  • Points, Dots, And Lines: The Elements Of Design Part II

    The most basic element in design is the abstract point or it’s concrete sibling the dot. Points build up to become lines, the second most basic element. Dots hold a point in space and lines connect and separates points in space. Dots attract your eye to a given coordinate and lines move your eye from one coordinate to another along a direction.

  • Evaluating Accessibility: The Quick-UX Way

    Accessibility is the measure of how many differently skilled/abled types of people (including individuals with disabilities) in varying locations (e.g. mobile web) can make use of a given product. Quick-UX provides for the rapid, simple and quantifiable assessment of a product’s User Experience (UX). In answering the question of Usability, “Should I use it?” the sub-category of Accessibility represents one of the more complex components.

  • How to Start Social Media Marketing for Your Site

    You’re hearing a lot about Social Media as a tool for marketing your business, but like most people, you can’t seem to get past your skepticism. You’d like to try it out, but you don’t know where or how to start. Do you start with your immediate friends who use Facebook or MySpace? There’s no better place to let friends know about your business. Maybe you should just jump in cold turkey with the other thousands of tweeps on Twitter. Before you do anything, you need to understand exactly how social media can benefit you and your business.

  • Creating a round corner css website layout

    How to build a round corner CSS website with dynamic flash content with Dreamweaver CS5

  • Artist of the Week – David Waters

    David Waters is a talented 23 year old artist from Moscow, where he is currently attending the University of Idaho for Graphic Design. David is a freelance designer with amazing creations in graphic art work, digital illustrations and prints.

  • A Compilation of Online Color Generator Tools for Designers

    With today’s post, we have collected A Compilation of Free Online Color Generator Tools for Designers that you can look into as referral to colors that you may and can use for your designs.

  • Indigloo – A Browser Based Website Creator

    Indigloo is a perfect browser based website creator that lets you to create, design and publish website of your own for free within no time.

  • OpenGateway – Multi-Gateway Single and Recurring Billing Payment engine

    OpenGateway Billing Engine is more like an API/Control Panel that basically handles all your billings with the OpenGateway Payment Platform.

  • 75+ jQuery Plugins: Download Powerful and Elegent jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

    If you are looking jQuery Plugins and Tutorials then you can find here Best Powerful and Elegent jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. Most of you already aware that jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.

  • What CSS3 Can Do For You: Typography and Special Effects

    Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Doing typography with CSS3 is awesome.

  • 13 Free Fonts

    List of 13 Free Fonts, that for all occasions a personal note adds.

  • Saving Freelancer Ryan

    Its hard to stay inspired constantly, find out an easy and guaranteed method of staying motivated.

  • How to Make a jQuery-Powered Alert Box for the Thesis WordPress Theme

    Get an introduction to jQuery by learning how to make the alert box in Thesis animated and closable, either with a button or by clicking anywhere in the box. Useful advice for any web designer.

  • Stylish Fire Extinguisher Designs

    Have you ever thought that the mundane objects that surround us can be more appealing or even look like a decorative object?
    Check out these stylish fire extinguisher designs which bring a refreshing change to the traditional red and white.

  • Create a Glossy Power Button in Illustrator

    Hi there. In this tutorial you can learn to create a glossy power button. For starters you’ll only need the Ellipse Tool to create some simple circles. To create the power sign you’ll have to play a little with some anchor points and strokes. Finally you’ll need some Warp effects to create the glowing details.

  • Tips For Growing Your Freelance Business

    Starting a business is difficult. Growing a business is also difficult. You can never be comfortable with where you are. If one or two clients stop sending work it could easily take away a significant portion of your revenue. Here are a few tips for doing so.

  • iPad: Is it for Freelancers?

    Is the iPad a waste of money for freelancers or another great invention from Apple?

  • WPA Storefront – The Ultimate WP-E-Commerce Theme

    I was looking to buy a WordPress Theme for one of my E-Commerce projects a while ago and I came across WPA Storefront of ThemeForest. There are other premium WordPress Theme store but I found it the

  • How to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout

    Learn how to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout. Download FREE PSD layout.

  • Tutorial: Create a dark professional website

    In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a good looking dark website. Creating this website is really very simple and easy and involves very few steps. The reason why I do these kinds of tem

  • Create marvelous skin effects using vectors in Photoshop

    Today we will create some really cool skin effects using stock vectors and a bit of imagination. Difficulty: Intermediate Completion time: 1-2 hours Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3

  • FlashMoto released an improved version 1.2 of the Flash CMS

    FlashMoto released an improved version 1.2 of the Flash CMS with some powerful new features to help users build amazing professional Flash websites and improve the experience working with the Flash CMS Website.

  • The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Gothic Style

    This is the first article of a series, presenting some of the most important styles from each period, styles that still offer high inspiration for designers even today. I will focus in today’s post on the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period.

  • 10 Reasons I “Love” Freelancing

    Being a freelancer is great, but just like everything else, there are certain “side-effects” that you’ll experience as a result. Caution for those with no sense of humor, do not proceed. So, here are ten things I “love” about freelancing.

  • An Introduction To The Elements Of Design

    Design principles and design elements often get written about together, but they are different. Elements are the actual things we use in a design and principles are the rules that govern the use of the those elements. What are the elements at our disposal?

  • Create Colorful 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create colorful 3D text effect. Create 3D effect in Photoshop is difficult, therefore to create effect like this, we will use a little bit Xara 3D, but you can use Cinema 4D or 3DsMax, so you will learn also some Xara 3D techniques.

  • Giveaway: Vector Mega Packs Worth 1000 USD

    We always love to Giveaway for our Readers. This time we are providing our readers a massive vector pack worth 1000 USD – Thanks to Adriana from Designious. They have come forward to give vector Mega

  • Automating the Path to a Better User Experience

    Quick-UX evaluates the degree to which a product successfully addresses the following 3 questions: Can I use it? (Usability), Should I use it? (Usefulness), and Do I want to use it? (Desirability). Now, through the help of Google Docs, as I did the other week with the release of the Quick-MI Worksheet, I’m sharing the Quick-UX Worksheet to make it even easier and faster …

  • Capturing textures and patterns in photography

    How to Capture textures and patterns in photography. a simple guide with examples

  • The future of web design

    Having visited FOWD this May in London the question that kept popping in my mind was how rapidly the digital media landscape is changing (like always!) and how quickly we can cope with it?

  • Steve Jobs’ Advice to Freelancers

    We all know Steve Jobs, the genius who has brought us our most beloved gadgets for the last decade. But what advice would he give to budding freelancers out there? Read on.

  • Fresh Tutorial: Facebook Style Wall Posting and Comments System using jQuery PHP and Ajax. Ever best Tutorial.

    Facebook style wall posting and commenting system. Try a new reloaded version of demo which is almost similar to facebook style. This is best and simple facebook style comment system.

  • Create the Renault Logo in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the next tutorial I will show you how to create the Renault logo. First, the grids and the snap to grid will help you create the basic shapes. Next, you’ll need some simple paths to divide these shapes. Finally, you will use some linear and radial gradient plus some basic effects.

  • Thoughts On Starting A Freelance Design Business

    One of the questions I’m often asked is how I got started working for myself. How did I pick up clients early on? I thought I’d share some of my story in getting started in the hopes it can help someone just starting out on the road to freelancing success.

  • How to Code an Overlapping Tabbed Main Menu

    Main navigation menu is that part of a website design that makes the whole site look lively and complete. But the most common type of navigation menu style still being used a lot is the tabbed navigat

  • Massive Giveaway of Designious Packs

    In this contest, Designious will be providing 10 Photoshop Brushes & Mega Vector Packs to three lucky winners.

  • How to create a web 2.0 layout in Photoshop

    Learn how to create a sleek website layout in Photoshop

  • Designing With the Color Green

    Here are some tips for designing with the color green.

  • Japanese Music Design Showcase

    Today I will be showcasing the designs that help promote these very talented artists musical talents with also giving you the opportunity to have a taste of my favourite part in the Japanese culture. If you are already a fan of Japanese music, may I introduce you to my favourite artists to add to your collection.

    This is the first part of a three part series which will showcase designs from artists in Europe and the United States showing how the design style differs from culture to culture.

  • Create a cute monster girl in Illustrator

    Today I will explain how to create a cute little monster girl and in the same time, you will learn to handle multiple layers and maximize their efficiency.

  • Win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack

    We have a new treat for you guys. In this giveaway, 3 winners will have a chance to win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack.

  • Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in June 2010

    This update covers really useful tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in June 2010. Featured authors include: Justin Tadlock, David Walsh, Martin Angelov, Nicolas Gallagher, Jeff Starr, Marco Kuiper, Faruk Ates, Chris Coyier, Chris Spooner and more.

  • Inspiring Interface Designs

    Did you watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Pirates of the Caribbean, or brand-new Avatar or Prince of Persia? Did you play Doom and Mortal Combat?

  • Create A Clean and Stylish CSS3 Contact Form

    This tutorial will show you how to create a clean and professional contact form using CSS3 properties and effects.

  • 36+ Unique Wordpress Header Design Inspiration

    WordPress designs are often overlooked, and so are some of the web designers. But the truth is that there are a lot of WordPress designs that are worthy of the same attention as other art works receive in galleries. Below we have highlighted 36+ Unique WordPress Header Design Inspiration that will make you look twice and want to stare at it for hours.

  • Understanding the CSS display property

    One of the most powerful and useful properties in all CSS is, without a doubt, the display property. And yet, it is also one of the least well understood, especially by those just starting out with CSS. So, in this post I’ll try to shed some light on this little CSS gem.

  • Provoke Your Graphic Design Inspiration In Typography And Text Art

    This seventh showcase here on Design Juices is that which showcases text art and typography in many forms all of which are of the highest quality to inspire every creative designer reading this.

  • An Interview With The Creative Minds Behind Nenuno

    Nenuno Creative has been running for a few months now and has seen many changes across all areas of the site.

    I would like to introduce myself and the rest of the team behind the day-to-day running of our creative blog

  • Creating a FIFA World Cup Statistics Chart

    Since the FIFA World Cup 2010 is in progress I was thinking that it would be interesting to create a statistics chart with all FIFA editions dating back to 1930

  • How to create a software manufacturer layout to promote your products

    Learn how to create a prime quality layout with a nice design to represent your company

  • Create a dating agency layout

    Learn how to create a nice looking layout for a dating agency

  • What CSS3 Can Do For You: Animation and 3D effects

    I went over the great ways to develop buttons and how to effectively use imagery transitions. Now we will move on and talk about the great ways to use CSS3 for animation and 3D effects.

  • The Best of Yorkshire

    Check out some of these design companies from around Yorkshire.

  • A Quick Tip for Using Grid Frameworks

    Are you using or thinking about using a CSS framework? Make sure your site is still as clean and efficient as possible by following this simple tip.

  • Why Not Be Simple? When Web Design Embraces ‘Less is More’

    One thing has really stood out to me though, I love simple websites. After doing a lot of research (countless hours of browsing “best design portfolio” lists) I came to two different conclusions about what seems to work for me.

  • Create a Laptop Icon in Illustrator

    Hi there. In the following tutorial you can learn to create a laptop icon. Once you’ve created the basic shapes, it’s easy to continue with the other components. Give it a try and you might learn some interesting stuff about the role of Smart Guides and Rectangular Grid Tool.

  • Inspiring Web Design and Development Blog to Follow Now

    There’s numerous weblogs that cover up the topic of web design and development blog. Every web designer loves finding new sites with great content and follow to stay up-to-date with trends and techniques, so I’ve made it a little easier. This article presents top web design and development content blogs based on the quality of their posts & resources and not the design. At the bottom there are all of the RSS feeds and twitter follow, so you can keep yourself updated with all of the sites featured

  • 34 WordPress Plugins You May Not Know-Worth a Look

    Everyday new wordpress plugins and wordpress widgets are released or updated so it is very useful to check out the official WordPress website and of course some wordpress plugin forums.You can definetely find interesting,useful and updated plugins.

  • Create a Cool 3D Graffiti Text Effect using Line Art in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a line art sketch of text and turn it into a 3D graffiti style text effect using some simple techniques and stock images.

  • Free High-Quality Layered Business PSD Template

    Before i shared 5 free high quality psd templates but that were not exclusively designed for PelFusion. This free PSD template is exclusively designed for our readers and more to come.

  • Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode-1

    Quick and powerful, jQuery can help designers and developers create awesome interactive websites that are appealing and accessible to the widest range of browsers. For your audience, the visit to your site will be both exciting and entertaining. Navigation, galleries and slideshows, are hot points for a site to shine.

  • CSS3 Animations, the Power Back to CSS Part 1: Transitions

    Now that the use of CSS3 is increasing and developers are discovering new ways to replace JavaScript with CSS3 it is time to talk about the use of CSS3 for animations.

  • How To Use Space In Your Designs

    Space is perhaps the most important tool for any visual designer. It plays a role in grids and typography and is a component of so many different design principles. When we learn to see space and learn to control it within our designs we elevate ourselves to a new level of design skill.

  • 12 Ways You’re Scaring Away Your Readership

    There is a bunch of reasons why you lost your readers. This is a list of some reasons why your readers never come back. Blogging tips to gain more readers.

  • Five Retro Web Design Elements We’re Glad To See Gone

    While the occasional dark turn has happened, the design changes the internet has made have largely been positive. These five page elements may not be common on the internet today, but they were once ultra-ugly web design staples.

  • A Compilation of Free Apple Wallpapers

    Here is a compilation of 36 Free Apple Wallpapers. Feel free to download the wallpaper of your choice…

  • Web Interface Showcase #14

    Today is number fourteen in our Web Interface showcase!

    As it seemed quite popular, I will be leaving my thoughts and suggestions to all layouts and logotypes featured each week with adding a few critiques along the way that will hopefully guide the designer into making their designs even better!

  • 60 Great Websites for Design Inspiration

    I love art and design. So I go to many sites to get inspiration before I start a big project, especially if I’m having a bit of designers block. I get a lot of questions about where I draw my influence or inspiration from. Well, I get it from other artist or any media that I subject my eyes and mind to.

  • 30 Useful and Innovative Icon Sets from deviantART

    This post has rounded up 30 useful and innovative icon sets from artists on deviantART.

  • 40+ Cool Typographic Logo Designs

    Today, we will be showcasing 40+ typographic logo designs. We have selected some of the cool typographic design logos for you to see and hopefully gain some ideas.

  • Roundup of the Best Papervision 3D Tutorials

    Papervision 3D is an awesome technology! With its help we can create impressive things. But it’s rather complicated. Fortunately, there are many professionals, who are not only great at Papervision 3D technology, but also good writers. Thanks to them, we have an opportunity to learn the technology in detail right at home.

  • Create a Bubble Text Effect in Illustrator

    Hi there. Here you can learn to create a vector bubble and a bubble text effect. First, you need the Ellipse, Rectangle, Rectangular Grid and Twirl tools plus some basic effects. Later, for the text effect you’ll only need the Type Tool and some of the Symbol Tools.

  • Quick Tip: Control the number of colors in Illustrator

    Many times you had to clean up your work, get it ready for print, with a limited number of colors. Here’s how you can clean up those loose colors, quick and easy.

  • New Techniques for Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop CS5

    Photoshop CS5 comes with some exciting tools for designers, one of them that stand out is the new Refine Edge tool. It really helps when cutting out an object from a background especially when it involves human hair

  • Become a WordPress Expert with these Tutorials & Resources

    This roundup of WordPress tutorials & resources ranging from beginner up to expert should help you to keep your skills fresh.

  • Create an Abstract Composition Using Rendered Images and Light Effects

    In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract composition using rendered images and light effects. In this tutorial we will use plenty of Photoshop tools, and we also will use another Adobe product – Cinema 4D.

  • Create a Shattering 3D Composition using Sketching Techniques

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup and render a 3D figure, and then combine some simple sketching techniques to create a cool shattering effect.

  • Interview: Lauren Thompson from nymphont Design Blog

    This is our 10th interview in the interview series here at Admix Web, where we are publishing one interview per week of fellow web designers, web developers and graphic designers.

  • Promote Your Designs/Articles/News Submit to Top Websites and Get More Traffic

    Promote your designs/articeles/news submit to top websites, blog post, News and rss feeds to the following top websites or blogs. Follow each sites guidelines and provide a link back if requested and to increase your link popularity.

  • Quick Tip: How to use the Quick Mask Tool

    Quick Mask is often ignored by Photoshop users, but it can be really useful to control complex selections, quickly remove background from objects and more. Keep in mind that this tool is built to improve the other tools and not to be used as a stand-alone function.

  • Shifting to Illustrator CS5- Is that a Great Option?

    Adobe Illustrator is vector graphic tool developed by Adobe. It is used by design professionals worldwide. Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a collection of graphic editing, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe System.

  • Paper made website designs for inspiration

    Design gets its definition from nature and natural stuff. When designers bring in innovation, creativity from natural item their designs get all the benefit of standing out in their creative world.

  • What CSS3 Can Do For You: Streamlining Buttons and Imagery Transitions

    We figure out ways to start rolling out new techniques so we don’t have to wait. CSS3 is the third level of CSS to be created, and isn’t compatible with all browsers or officially launched quite yet.

  • 40 Splendid Ice Sculptures for Inspiration

    In our next post, we will be showcasing 40 Splendid Ice Sculptures for Inspiration. We have collected some of beautiful ice sculptures around the world for your eyes to banquet.

  • Things To Consider When Using WordPress For Client Websites

    This article discusses some of the key things that you need to give consideration to when using WordPress for client websites.

  • CSS Color Values and Shades

    CSS colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the combination of Red, Green and Blue color values (RGB).

  • 7 Great Tips To Boost Your Creativity

    Creativity is the most important tool for every designer; technology can’t replace it and as a personal opinion it won’t replace it until the end of days. I saw a lot of great works done in earlier version of Photoshop which still impress the users of the latest version of this program (CS5,unfortunately I am not a user of this “wow” version). Here I present a list of some tips to increase your creativity; these work for me and I noticed from various forums and blogs of the world-wide designers that these tips also work for them. Please write your impressions in a comment so that I discover what the best tips are, and maybe I will republish this article as being better informed than now. Do not worry, these tips work for 90% of all people, only few of us are special and have different opinions. I hope to aid you in your process of creation and let me know how much I helped you.

  • Stribe to be Instantly More Social

    Recently, The Product Guy had the opportunity to interview Kamel Zeroual, CEO of Stribe — Gold prize winner at Le Web ‘09. And he covered topics ranging from this Paris-based startup’s origins to where it is going and how it is planning to get there.

  • 25 Colorful Vector Background Graphic Designs

    There are some colorful vector background graphic designs out there which are both great for design inspiration, and sweet to use on your desktop. Colorful vector background with concentric circles, rainbow colors, twinkling stars, dots, arrows and cloud-a-like shapes. Use these vector backgrounds and vector elements in website design is a new trend growing among web designers.

  • Showcase of Awesome iPhone App Websites and 7 Tips for Creating Them

    As iPhone is getting popular it’s apps are getting popular too, more and more developers are jumping in this field to make good money out of it. Developing good iPhone app is not the main thing, launching it is also very important.

  • Designing a Website Following Step by Step Procedure

    Are you interested in making your own website? Are you confused about the development of it or how to do design it in an appropriate manner? Well, if this is your concern then don’t be worries anymore because in this piece of writing, I would be discussing some steps with the help of which you can easily design your website in an effective manner.

  • 66 Fabulous Words That Can Improve Your Blog Traffic

    A good blog head­line is often the only fac­tor that deter­mines whether or not an arti­cle on your blog will be read. The idea that con­tent is king is true, but some peo­ple miss out on read­ing that great con­tent because there is noth­ing inter­est­ing in the head­line that rep­re­sents it.

  • 25+ Creative Font Style for Design Inspiration

    Creative Font Designs has always been a fundamental aspect of inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design

  • 80 Awesome & Inspiring Computer Workstation (PC/Mac) Setups

    Our roundup will take a look at 80 Awesome & Inspiring Computer Workstation (PC/Mac) Setups. Some are very minimal, others are wonderfully cluttered. The workstation could also be your source of inspiration, therefore you might want to put in more thoughts on the place that you’ll spend most of your time at.

  • Exclusive Freebie: 5 Marvelous Superhero Icons

    To all icon lovers out there, we have a very special treat for you today. We will be giving marvelous superhero icons made by Iconshock- an online provider of stock icons, exclusively for Naldz Graphics readers.

  • Is It Worth Shifting To Photoshop CS5?

    Technology is just a quest for one more improvement or just one more modification. All the technological advancements are now measured in terms of better features or performance improvement. They have been numbered as well, for instance, WordPress 2.9.2, then, WordPress 3.0, HTML 4, then HTML 4, Adobe CS4, then CS5 and similarly lots more.

  • 58 Incredible Logo Designs #4

    Here’s the fourth roundup of amazing logo designs. This is a series that we do frequently, so make sure to check out the past logo articles. For this collection we found some really creative logos, th

  • 25 Effective Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Buyers

    Building trust with your website visitors is crucial to the success of the business or the personal site. Either way, you can attract visitors to your site by using the following suggestions.

  • Create a business wordpress theme with 3D elements

    Learn how to create a sleek wordpress business theme with 3D elements, and 3D Stock images

  • Can Selling WordPress Themes Online Become A Full Time Job?

    The original idea behind nenuno was to offer WordPress conversions from HTML or PSD templates, but we decided to go down the blogging route as time was limited due to other work commitments.

    Here are a few of my thoughts and considerations regarding the selling of web resources in general. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please leave a comments below!

  • Become a WordPress Expert with these Tutorials & Resources

    This roundup of WordPress tutorials & resources ranging from beginner up to expert should help you to become a WordPress expert.

  • 70 Attractive Examples Of Big Typography In Web Design

    Last week i published a post ”50 Inspirational ”Live” Typography Examples From New York ” and as a fan of huge typography examples,this time i will showcase the websites using big typography.This kind of oversized typography

  • A Collection of 44 Different Triple Screen Wallpapers

    In this next post, we will be showcasing 44 Different Triple Screen Wallpapers. We have selected triple screen wallpapers of different categories for you to choose from.

  • Inspirational websites of the week

    From today we are starting a new weekly series called “Inspirational websites of the week”. Main intention will be to collect elegant and fresh website designs to inspire our readers.

  • The New & Improved Nenuno Creative

    I would like to welcome you back to nenuno creative after one week of no new content or articles!

    As you can see we have been hard at work on redesigning nenuno from the ground upwards with a fresh theme that includes no encrypted code hidden in the core WordPress files.

  • A complete guide to CSS pseudo-classes

    A complete guide to all CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 pseudo-class. Covers :nth-child(), :nth-of-type(), :first-child and much much more.

  • Tutorial:Create a stone textured text effect in photoshop

    in this tutorial we are going to see how to create a stone textured text.

  • Free Download Brown Social Icon Pack

    Brown Social Icon Pack increase your social media traffic that your blog receives, you also need to consider enhancing a few icons to provide good amount of boost towards your daily site visitors. The Brown Social Icon Pack contains 12 PNG icons in three different sizes: 34×34, 64×64 and 128×128 for some of the most popular social networks out there.

  • 55+ Free Social Media Icon Sets and Social Bookmarking Icon Pack

    Today we are presenting 55+ Free Social Media Icon Sets and Social Bookmarking Icon Pack. A beautifully social media designed icon is the perfect way to represent your product or service, and they always come in handy whether you want to place them on your blog or want to represent yourself in an outstanding manner.

  • Designed By Credit Links Are Good Marketing

    Designed by credit links are perfectly fine and and a more than acceptable practice. They’re simply good marketing and no different than the names and logos on most every product you own.

  • Super Macro Photos Of Ladybugs

    In this post, we will showcase super macro photos of ladybugs. Macro photos are the close-up pictures of small things. Hope these macro photos will inspire you

  • 7 Habits You As A Freelancer Need To Ditch

    Freelancers accumulate a lot of things and habits that get in the way of their work. Here are 7 Things You As A Freelancer Need To Ditch in order to find the kind of success you’re looking for in your business.

  • Hourly Vs. Flat Rate: Pros and Cons

    In this post, I will discuss my experience regarding the pros and cons of hourly and flat rates. If you are still in the starting stages of your freelance career, and trying to decide what you are worth and what to charge, then check out my articles, 12 Tips on Pricing your Web Work and Tools to Help you Estimate Price for your Web Work.

  • Everything a Web Designer Should Know About Google Fonts API

    Typography is the most valuable asset of your blog. It doesn’t matter if you have a colorful design blog, an awesome web magazine or a plain simple blog.

  • Building a live news blogging system in php. Spiced with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery [end]

    The final part of a six part tutorial on building a live blogging system using php, mysql, jQuery, html5 and CSS3.

  • The Ultimate CSS3 Toolbox: 50+ Resources, Tutorials and Articles

    The ultimate CSS3 toolbox, with introductory articles, then tutorials, then see what’s possible with inspiration and finally some more resources.

  • 33 Amazing Examples of Monochromatic Photography

    Amazing Examples of Monochrome Photos is showcased here to give you a better view and understanding of Monochromatic photography

  • Rank Better In Search Engines – Optimize Website Loading Time

    Never check the patience of web user by providing a slow web page, most of the users will just quit and opt for another one.

  • 55 Meaningful and Inspiring Logo Designs Created Using Numbers

    Mostly we see showcases of every type of logo designs in blogs and of course great examples but today i want to showcase more specific logo designs.All the logos are created by using numbers and i’m sure you like them all.

  • 50 Striking Typography Tutorials Using Photoshop

    In the broadest sense, typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means of visual communication from calligraphy to the ever-developing use of digital type. we creating list of striking techniques of typography tutorials using Photoshop. Typography is sometimes seen as encompassing many separate fields from the type designer who creates letterforms to the graphic designer who selects typefaces and arranges them on the page. We hope you all like these stunning typography graphics and also can share your own typefaces..

  • Amazing Paintings who Belongs to Indian History

    We looking from history of great United India from the two greatest illustration experts “Edwin Lord Weeks” Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 – 1903), American artist, was born at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849. He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and of Jean-Léon Gérôme, at Paris. He made many voyages to the East, and was distinguished as a painter of oriental scenes. “Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer” (b. 1897 in Munich, Germany – d. 1969 in Berlin, German Democratic Republic, now Germany) – was a German graphic artist. He started working after World War I designing posters as well as illustrator of various books. He also designed banknotes , postage stamps, wooden toys and ceramics. Both did excellent graphic designs and today we’re sharing some of related to Indian history when hundred of different culture were living there together under different governments as we know about Muslim Government “Mughal Empire” they were govern hundreds years with amazing and creative cultural environment.

  • Free Download Tag Style Social Bookmarking Design Icons

    Free Download Tag Style Social Bookmarking Design Icons set. This time we wanted to cover one of the most common needs that every web designer has: social media icons.

  • 50+ Most Stunning Typography Designs for Inspiration

    We presenting 50+ Most Stunning Typography Designs for Inspiration. All typography designs are fresh and beautiful collection of Stunning typography designs to inspire you that will allow you to expand your knowledge base of what typography really is.

  • 15 Awesome 3D Text Effect Tutorials

    I like to think that this is a list of some of the more high quality 3D text effect tutorials out there

  • 45+ Wordpress plugins To Enhance Your Comments

    There are many WordPress plugins that can help you to boost your comment section and you can find many other articles talk about this topic by Google search, but in this article, I want to introduce to you the best and newest plugin that I always love:

  • WordPress Theme Options Overload? A Judgment Call

    Every theme these days has options, & there are a ton of guides on creating theme options. But now it’s turned into how many options can you squeeze into one theme.

  • Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 21

    Here goes another series of web design inspiration collection we publish every week. Stay tuned with the latest trends in web design .

  • Logo Design Inspiration: Effective Use of Bird In Logo Design

    A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

  • Week 12: 15 Stunning Logos & Logotypes

    Week 12 of our Logo and Logotype showcase is here! What a week it has been, the work being produced each week is getting better and better.

    We have some fresh work created by some very talented web designers and are honoured to feature them here on nenuno.

  • Simple PHP Contact Form Tutorial

    When you need that user contact with you or send feedback to you via email then you have to need make a contact form. In thi tutorial you will learn that how to create form with php script.

  • 75 Beautiful Job Search Company Logos That Will WOW You

    Really cool job search, HR and recruiting company logos from around the world for your inspiration.

  • 25+ Best Real Estate websites

    Real estate these days is in hype, despite of recession and number of crises around the world, it seems like one booming market.

  • 60+ Creative Colorful Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. 60+ Creative Colorful Logo Designs for Inspiration pump your logo design inspiration.

  • 20 Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #3

    We have been showcasing some fantastic artwork for the past few week in various categories such as abstract, fantasty, spacescape, landscape and many others.

    This is week three of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing 20 creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working enviroment.

  • Flash CMS Templates from FlashMoto: Summer special

    With the beginning of summertime FlashMoto is happy to announce the beginning of a special offer. Now everyone can buy Flash CMS Template with up to 40% OFF. The special starts today, on May 27th, and lasts till June 4th.

  • 40 inspirational architects websites

    Here follows a collection of the best architects sites that we’ve found from around the web.

  • Quick Tip: Highlight Current Category Menu Item for WordPress Single Post

    Here are some quick tips help us to dynamically highlight the category menu item(s) when viewing a single post which belongs to that category(ies).

  • How to add Floating share box to your website

    After spending couple of hours searching for floating share box plugin for WordPress, I finally decided not to use plugins.

  • 40 Various Examples of Round Edge Business Cards

    For our next collection, we will be showcasing 40 Various Examples of Round Corner Business Cards.

  • New Flexible and Fully Customizable Flash Templates Based on Flash Moto CMS

    These Flash CMS templates embody the most effective methods of putting form and content together and impress everyone both in terms of functionality and professional look.

  • Simple Black Square Icons Natural Wonrders

    This simple black square icons natural wonders set includes a wide assortment of icons from nature (flowers, roses, houseplants, palm trees, pine trees, rain clouds, rain drops, the moon, the sun, a few planets, and lots of stars … Etc).

  • Ajax Rating System: Create Simple Ajax Rating System using jQuery AJAX and PHP.

    Simply programmed, CSS based stylish Ajax rating system which you can use any where to put a stylish jquery effect based rating system.

  • 60 Temptingly Designed Alcoholic Beverages

    If you ever find yourself lost designing an alcoholic beverage, this post is for your inspiration. The bottle design says alot about the beverage. It shows you how its viewed by the company’s itself.

  • 50+ Online Generators for Designers and Web Developers

    Online web applications designed to help you improve your content and build better designs and styles.

  • Adding Post Thumbnails To WordPress 3.0

    Post Thumbnails were first introuduced in the release of WordPress 2.9, but seeing how the theme structure has slightly changed in 3.0 we have put together a short tutorial showing you how to add Post Thumbnails to your articles and posts.

  • 20+ Highly Detailed Black And White Illustration Collection

    Here’s 20+ black and white drawings/ illustration collection from a number of talented artists. We tried to show how powerful these illustrations can be …

  • 12 Creative Wooden Social Networking Icons

    In this icons pack you will find 12 free creative and professional social networking icons in wood style. These icons will fit perfectly in the brown blog themes or in website related to wood or nature topics.

  • Huge Infographics Design Resources: Overview, Principles, Tips and Examples

    Nowadays the information itself appears more prominently in a conceptual graphic model called infographics.

  • Week 11: 10 Stunning Logotypes

    Week 11 of our Logo and Logotype showcase is here! What a week it has been, the
    work being produced each week is getting better and better.

    We have some fresh work created by some very talented web designers and are honoured to feature them here on nenuno.

  • 30 Inspirational Photo Manipulation Design

    Designing is not just work of create a design it is also work of concept and creativity. There are many great designers who inspire lot with there designs.

  • A Roundup of 20 Articles & Tutorials About Using Negative Space

    Negative space, also referred to as ‘whitespace’ in design, can dramatically improve your designs and help them breathe more and have a much better flow. Today we have collected 20 articles and tutorials to get you started understanding negative space and effectively applying those principles in your designs.Whether you’re a graphic designer or you design solely for the web, I am certain you will learn quite a lot from those articles. Some of them are geared more towards web-design but some also refer to drawing and painting or simply talk about how to effective use whitespace to craft more interesting designs.

  • Interview the Expert: Lucy Cheatham

    A must read interview for any designer who is currently looking for a job. Take in loads of advice and ideas from one of the leading recruitment agencies specialising in the creative sector.

  • 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Icon Tutorials

    This will be a great treat for all icon-lovers out there who wants to make their own icons for everyone to see… Check out our 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Icon Tutorials that you can learn for expanding of knowledge!

  • 17 Excellent Online File Storage Solutions

    Online file storage is pinnacle for anyone who likes to share large files from psds to powerpoint presentations.

    There is no need to waste your valued web hosting storage and bandwidth on large files, so please check out one of these great free solutions below.

  • Create the Toyota logo

    Hi there. In this tutorial you can learn to create the Toyota logo. It is all about circles and the Pathfinder panel. You will have to create a series of circles of exact dimensions. Regarding that,the grid and the snap to grid option will ease your work.

  • Draw a steaming ceramic tea cup in Photoshop

    Everyone is just dying to learn how to draw a ceramic tea cup complete with semi reflective surface, liquid texture and steam coming out of it, now you get to see how it can be done! If you are not one of the people I just described, no worries, you can still stick around and take note and use the ideas here and apply it to some other less exciting subjects.

  • 10 Excellent FTP Clients You Probably Did’nt Know About

    Classic FTP is a program used to download, upload, delete and manage files present on a remote server or website by using the file transfer protocol. The software has been particularly designed for the look and feel of a traditional FTP client and at the same time it supports the latest FTP features. Classic FTP can be used with Windows, Windows CE devices and Mac OS X.

  • How to Easily Change Thesis Skins in Wordpress

    If you’ve ever tried to switch from one Thesis skin to another you know what a pain it can be. Luckily the Thesis Skin Switcher has been released, which makes switching skins just as easy as switching a regular WordPress theme.

  • Amazing Photoshop Fire Brush Packs

    Amazing Photoshop Fire Brush Packs

  • Three Most Disastrous Web Design Mistakes

    Simply roam through the cyberspace, visit those free personal web sites especially under Blogger.com and Geocities.com, you’ll find many examples of poorly designed pages.

  • 51 photoshop tutorials for creating wallpaper and poster

    Here are some splendid techniques where you can create your own wallpaper by learning some distinctive photoshop tricks in these.

  • Most Recommended 5 Desktop Application for Blogging

    The most powerful and recommended blogging applications used on desktop. Create content for your blog offline.

  • How to customize your facebook Fan Box

    step by step tutorial on how to custom style your facebook fan box.

  • Top 34 celebrity websites for inspiration

    Despite the fact they are not reachable they are in touch with their loved once through their website. From designers perspective, lots of inspirational aspect can be gained from celebrity websites.

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 14: Acosmin Wordpress Themes

    Today, we will have a new and exciting giveaway from our friend in Acosmin. In this giveaway, One winner will get a FREE Premium WordPress Theme From Acosmin. Acosmin is a place to get professionally designed WordPress themes for your business website. If you are a small business or an individual looking to establish your online presence, you are definitely in the right place.

  • 60 free high resolution skies textures

    Today we are improving one of the least filled sections on our high resolution texture library Startextures.com. 60 new free high resolution skies textures are up for grabs.

  • 30+ Free Mobile & Web Application Icons

    Free Mobile and Web Application Icons has been showcased. You sure wouldn’t want to miss these amazing freebies.

  • 30 Really Beautiful Four Seasons Wallpapers

    Seasons always the gift of God, from the deep of a heart of human it changes very often, if you are happy your heart feels like spring or enjoying the winter snow fall or the other end if u feels lonely you feels like autumn or feels like hot summer, well that was just about human heart felts but every season has its own benefits and we always need them, here we collect some beautiful wallpapers, hope these awesome wallpapers make your heart more happy than ever before…

  • 30+ Beautiful and Creative 3D Flash Websites

    Most beautiful and creative 3D flash and flex website creations. These inspirational websites will amaze you!

  • 30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design

    30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design is here to inspire logo designers everywhere to create more unique themed logo.

  • 35 jQuery Tutorials You Must Know

    Jquery is one of the most used open source javascript library out there, just because of easy to use and easy to code. Our fellow web developer created some great jQuery tutorials and today we just want list some of the tutorials which really stand out from the tradition javascript effect tutorials. Check out this beautiful jquery tutorials which you all must know.

  • Slider Components in Corporate Websites

    Let’s see how big corporate companies handle content and integrate slider components in their websites.

  • 30 free social media icon sets

    Social media bookmarking is an easy and effective way to boost popularity and improve your page ranking. So if you are in a hedge to get popular and improve your web ranking you should set yourself seriously into enhancing a few icons to your favorite social media bookmaking sites.

  • 40 Free Adorable Animal Wallpapers

    In this post we will be showcasing 40 Free Adorable Animal Wallpapers. In this collection we have gathered yet another set of wallpapers featuring some of the charming animals from domestic to exotic ones.

  • How To Make Your Website Mobile

    The mobile industry is heavily growing. Many people don’t have a computer while commuting, but what they do have is their smartphone. Now a days you probably heard of the iPhone, Palm Pre, or Android.

  • 50 Great CSS Awarded Websites and Works Of Designers,Design Agencies and Studios

    One of the best CSS showcase site is The CSS Awards Site.The reason is that, they analyse the submitted CSS sites very detailed.They have really professional judges and all the CSS sites are selected daily under a strict system of valoration and every month they decide the ”Site Of The Month”

  • Interview: Web Developer Konstantin Kovshenin

    We are continuing with our interview series, here at Admix Web, where we are publishing one interview per week of fellow web designers, web developers and graphic designers.

  • 55 Captivating Examples of Illustration Art

    Some people say that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is so true and we want to show you why. We have gathered some awesome art illustrations, that will totally inspire you.

  • 10 Tutorials To Kickstart Your Wordpress Plugins Development

    Want to write your own wordpress plugin, but don’t know where to start. Read my compilation of 10 sites for picking up your wordpress knowledge and step by step tutorials.

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 9: FlashMint Wordpress Themes

    Today, we will have a new and exciting giveaway from our friend in FlashMint. In this giveaway, Five winners will get a Premium WordPress Theme.FlashMint is a leading and incomparable Flash Templates provider known to supply web masters with the exclusively sufficient collection of premium web layouts together with the most helpful and supportive service.

  • 25 Very Detailed jQuery Image and Content Slider Tutorials

    In the last few years image and content sliders become very popular and you can see them in thousand of blogs and websites.It is useful for a blog owner to show the featured contents and i also think it is a great way to attract the visitors

  • 10 Free Marvelous Seamless patterns

    We enjoy amazing artwork complemented by a great background, so we’ve made a selection of free marvelous seamless patterns for you to make use of. Enjoy!

  • 35 Wine Logo Design For Inspiration

    Wine is an alcoholic beverage, typically made of fermented grape juice. So today we have collected 35 wine based logo design for inspiration which help the logo designer in their next project. Enjoy.

  • 30 creative and beautiful twitter icons

    Icons play a vital role in any design and when it comes to twitter icon, it is hard for you to find a funky icon that shall make your web page glow. It is really a risk factor in designing to adapt something that is soulless and boring.

  • Highly Recommended: 100 Free GUI element sets

    A huge list of more than 100 web GUI elements sets, thousands of free graphics for your designs including free buttons, tabs, menus, icons and more.

  • 28 Free Fantastic Retro Styled Fonts

    We have gathered an awesome collection of free fonts. These are retro styled fonts that must be added to your collection. To download the font just click on it and it will take you to the download.

  • Creating a Bubble Coda Style with CSS3

    As I have previously mentioned, CSS3 allows for web techniques such as: text shadows, rounded borders, animations, custom web fonts, and much more. CSS3 has a great future in web development and I have being reading and learning as much as I can about it!

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 8: WPZOOM Themes

    Today, we will have a new and exciting giveaway from our friend in WPZOOM. In this giveaway, Three winner will get a Premium WordPress Theme.WPZOOM provide top quality WordPress Themes at amazing prices that includes excellent support.

  • Moleskine Art

    12 smashing examples of illustrations and sketches from skineart.com

  • 60 Inspiring Footer Designs

    A footer is usually used to display the copyright information, and other links contributing to the website. In my opinion that sounds pretty boring.

  • A Different Type of Vintage: 40s Movie Inspired Retro

    One of the most popular styles of late is the vintage look. So, in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to pull off a specific kind of vintage, inspired by the awesome art of 1940s cinema.

  • Incredibly Captured Beauty Of Reflection In Photography

    This is a most popular way to beautify your photographs and bring life to them. All you have to do is dig deep enough into your imagination and come up with new and exciting ideas on how to make a lif

  • 25 Fresh Corporate Identity Designs for Inspiration

    Here are examples of a well-designed and carefully-planned corporate identity designs from around the web where you can draw inspiration from.

  • Design Resource | 27 Free High-Quality UI Wireframe kits to Download

    In this post i tried to collect and list some to the best wire-frame templates which you can add it to your library most of these web UI template kit is made completely with shape objects and in some cases converted into SmartObjects. So they’re totally scalable. hope you find this collection useful

  • 50 Remarkable Examples of Typography Design

    Typography is the art of print. Typography is everywhere, including greeting cards, books, posters, newspapers, magazines, and any other print media.

  • How to Easily Jailbreak Your iPad?

    Probing about the possibility of jailbreaking an iPad, had been on the minds of many iPhone users, even before the tablet was released. It will allow you to run virtually any codes on the iPad. With an application called as ‘Spirit’, you can easily jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch with iPhone OS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3, also Jailbreak iPad with version 3.2 OS. It should be noted however that some antivirus software will mark Spirit as a threat, you can ignore those warnings safely.

  • Everything You Need to Know about CSS3 Color Techniques

    CSS3 is revolutionizing Web by introducing a number of totally amazing elements and attributes that push modern web development a little bit forward. Many features are already supported to some extent in latest versions of the modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

  • More Tips to Use Color in Your Site

    As I have previously mentioned in my other posts on color, color is one of the web designer’s most indispensable tools, because it is one of the main building blocks of a superior website.

  • 30+ Stunning HDR photos of animals

    The High-Dynamic Range images show a lot of detail in both bright sunlight and feint moonlight. In the following photos, they show the true nature of animals: ferocity…

  • Like, How Many Friends Does Facebook Need?

    Facebook’s new, disruptive “like” feature may also be a pre-emptive solution to a looming problem: the anthropological boundaries of friend management

  • 25 Login page design for inspiration

    We design web page to attract user and make them relate to the site now and then. This can only be done when user find our site friendly and worth visiting. No one in their busy schedule will like to waste their time hanging on to the site and understanding its complexity.

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 6: Tuts+ Membership

    Anniversary Giveaway Day 6: Giveaway is Sponsored by Aaron – Tuts+ Manager. You can get a chance to win TUTS+ subscription for 3 months participate in this giveaway chance to win membership.

  • Feature Designer| Fantastic Art Works by Jeannette Woitzik

    Jeannette Woitzik portfolio focuses on combining poetry and dreams. Dive into the dreams of Jeannette, whose magic and romantic atmosphere result from great finesse, mixing and editing digital photo-manipulation

  • 20 yellow color based website design

    Color is soul of any design which adds life and light to a design. Color speaks about design perspective and adds elegance to it.

  • 31 Websites to Purchase Premium Wordpress Themes

    WordPress has become very popular with bloggers. Its simple and easy to use. One of the problems bloggers run into, is finding the perfect theme.

  • Week 4: 20 Inspirational Logos

    Week 4 is here and we have been showered with beautiful logotypes!

    Now at nenuno creative we will be featuring 20 designs, logos and resources instead of the usual 5, because of this the same artist/designer may get featured twice in one week!

  • 25 Emotional Mother and Baby Animal Photos from Wildlife

    Wild life is not wild as we often think.Mother feelings are always same in every part of the world so do in the wild life.They struggle for life,they protec their babies from every kind of danger.This weekend i just want to make you smile soI’ve collected 25 Mother and their babies’s photos from wild life.They are all wonderful and cute and i’m sure that you will love all of them.

  • 20 Creative Poster Designs

    As you already know, we are working on a Poster design for our first giveaway and I must admit it is not easy! So much thought needs to be put into the concept to make it look and feel right.

    These 20 creative poster designs have given me so much inspiration and made me rethink the design I had in mind.

  • 20 Unusual Websites Navigation

    Four weeks earlier we have showcased websites with unusual layout and now we have decided to post some unusual navigation menus for inspiration. Navigation played a vital role in website layout that’s why normally we keep navigation on the uppermost section so that it can help navigate your reader. But now we are in creative work and these days designers and front end developers try to stand out of crowd and in this process they experiment with the navigation menu.

  • 20 Free Smoke Effect Brushes Sets

    20 Free Smoke Effect Brushes Sets

  • An Interview with Design Studio The WebCrafters

    We would like to thank The Webcrafter’s for sitting down with us, even though they have had a hectic schedule this past week! If you would like to connect with them via Social Networks you will find them in the following places.

  • Week 9: 10 Stunning Logotypes

    Week 9 of our Logotype showcase is here! Featuring ten stunning logotypes from the past week!

    This week we have some fresh work created by some very talented logotye designers and are honoured to feature them here on nenuno. We also welcome back designers from previous showcases!

  • Top 5 Alternatives to the Apache Web Server

    The Apache web server is the most popular server online, used on more than 70% of all servers connected to the World Wide Web.

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 3: Digging Into Wordpress Books

    If you are a WordPress lover like me then I am sure you have also read some books regarding WordPress. There are a plenty of books available in WordPress niche but one of the most comprehensive book I have ever seen is Digging into WordPress by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. Both of them are renowned authors and famous developers of WordPress Community. Today we will review the book and we have 3 copies of Digging into WordPress to giveaway for our beloved Themeflash Readers/Subscribers.

  • 50 beautiful autumn photography

    Autumn is one of the four temperate seasons.Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, usually in March or September when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. So we have collected 50 beautiful autumn photography. Enjoy

  • 18 Tools for Scheduling Future Tweets

    Want to tweet day and night without touching the computer? Well now you can. Its a good thing to tweet at least once every hour. This will keep your followers happy and informed.

  • Week 9: 10 Fantastic Web Interfaces

    Week 9 of our Web Interface showcase is here! I honestly don’t know where all the time has gone, I thought we were only on week 7?

    This week we have some fresh work created by some very talented web designers and are honoured to feature them here on nenuno. We also welcome back designers from previous showcases!

  • Ultimate Compilation of Photoshop Fractal Brushes

    This post is generally an Ultimate Compilation of Photoshop Fractal Brushes for additional items on your list of resources. Come and download the brushes that you like and use them for your designs!

  • 10 Practical Jquery Style Switchers

    Here is a roundup of 10 practical jquery stylesheet switchers for you to test and implement into your website, thus providing a better user experience.

  • How to Create An Audio Podcast For Your Church

    For the past several years we’ve been podcasting our Sunday church services at North Valley Baptist Church. Podcasting is a great tool for churches. It allows people to download and take sermons with them on their iPods, mp3 players, and other portable devices…

  • 20 Coolest Billboards From Around the World

    The world of contemporary advertising is increasingly dominated by high-production multimedia events, acts of guerrilla marketing and viral Internet campaigns. In this context it could be thought that the billboard is becoming eclipsed as an advertising tool. The reality is that the billboard continues to be a marketing form that produces amazingly inspirational and inventive designs. This post brings together 20 examples of the coolest billboards of recent years.

  • HTML5 Unleashed: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    This article provides some basic guidelines and easy to follow code templates to get you started with HTML5. You will also find several useful resources providing more tips, tricks and techniques.

  • HTML5 Unleashed: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    This article provides some basic guidelines and easy to follow code templates to get you started with HTML5. If you are familiar with the basics and want to take things to the next level, you will also find several useful resources providing more tips, tricks and techniques.

  • 25+ Free stunning vector backgrounds

    We want to help the design community in the best way we can, so we’ve made a collection of free vector backgrounds for you to use in your artwork. Here it is.

  • Create an add to cart/basket/bag button

    Hi there. In this tutorial I will show how to create one of the most common buttons. I made three buttons with similar design but different icon and text. Follow this fast tutorial and you will learn to create an add to cart, basket or bag button.

  • 40 Free Fantastic Sans Serif Fonts

    Boy oh boy do we have a collection for you! We have found some really amazing sans serif fonts that you should definitely add to your collection.

  • Creative Examples of Round Die Cut Business Cards

    Here are Creative Examples of Round Die Cut Business Cards. We have collected these extraordinary round business cards to show you other ways to make your cards extra special.

  • 40 Really Useful JavaScript Tutorials with Modren Techniques

    Most of the Web Developers and Designers are using mostly JavaScript as per latest design requirements, because now many modren techniques are available on world wide web, we always follow various web techniques and scripts for best user experience, we sharing most wanted JavaScript Tutorials as per modern web needs. In this article we making another great roundup which fully contained various JavaScript Techniques and trainings. JavaScript libraries helping to help make design and development easier now. We’re with some major JavaScript libraries that developers using example: jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, mootools and Dojo.

  • Open Source Church iPhone App Released

    The app was created to allow churches to share information
    and media with its members. Our goal is to help out churches that desire an app of their own, but don’t have the budget to have one developed

  • Free Illustration Inspired by Spring

    A free illustration which will easily fit a fashion blog, a personal site or a beauty blog. Download now!

  • Anniversary Giveaway Day 2: Smashing Books

    Smashing Magazine Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. We try to convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present. We hope that makes us different. Smashing Magazine is, and always has been, independent.

  • Six Major Trends of Information Technology in 2010

    A host of trends, including rising stakeholder awareness, increasing environmental regulations and rising energy costs are causing many executives to “green” their companies.

  • Free Transparent & Vector Web Icon Set

    A truly Vector & Transparent Web Icon set that fits any light background color/image.

  • 10 Tips for Picking a Wordpress Theme

    Here are ten tips to help you select a WordPress theme for your site, whether it’s a new site or one you’ve had live for a while.

  • 45 Delightful Wood Textured Websites

    As a growing trend in web design, wood textures really give a natural and organic feel to a website. If you’re planning to create your very own wood textured website.

  • Get your designs to pop: Part 2 – Light & Shadows

    You know how, often times, clients demand that your design needs to pop more? Well, welcome to part 2 of our 5 part miniseries. In this episode: Lights & Shadows.

  • Get your designs to pop: Part 2 – Light & Shadows

    You know how, often times, clients demand that your design needs to pop more? Well, welcome to part 2 of our 5 part miniseries filled with easy to follow tips and tricks to get that lovely design of y

  • 20 Stunning 3D Landscapes

    If you didn’t already know, I am an avid gaming enthusiast and these 20 beautiful 3D landscapes take me back the days I was slaying boars in Hyboria and enjoying a quick pint of ale in the Ironforge Inn.

    Please enjoy this stunning selection of epic landscapes and let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

  • 40 Best Fonts for Better Typography Designs

    40 Best Free Fonts for Better Typography Designs are collected in this next post just for you.

  • ThemeFlash Celebrating 1st Anniversary ( Big Surprises Included )

    It’s been one year already and today we celebrate Themeflash’s first birthday!It’s been an incredible journey so far… and I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and still am. I started Themeflash out of my curiosity for blogging and my passion for design. I wanted to put my mark out there by pouring my design vision into the world. Since Themeflash began, the blog has been visited by over million people’s and that number is growing in leaps and bounds month after month.

  • How To Create Floral Theme Typography Using Photoshop and Illustrator

    Few weeks ago I stumbled on a very beautiful typography poster from Olariu Alex. This tutorial is highly inspired from that poster and we will also add some flowers and butterflies into the text. To get the best quality, we combine vector from Illustrator with pixel editing in Photoshop.

  • Flash, we have grown apart

    Flash, your actions are more like someone going through a middle life crisis, driving a shiny vehicle.

  • 60 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography

    Creativity is in the air and you’re about to catch it. As you might know inspiration sometimes comes from almost anything.

  • 50 Most Dangerous & unforgettable Volcano Photographs

    We are with “Most Dangerous & Unforgettable Volcano Photographs” where you can see how beautifully and artistically the Photographers has captured these photographs. Here it will not be wrong to say that everyone is helpless before God and no one has the power to stay against him, wether it is the super power of the world. The best example is the destruction cause by the volcano few days ago. That the most developed countries had to delay their flights for many days due to this natural calamity.

  • 30 Collections of Ornate Patterns and Textures

    Today we will be showcasing collections of Ornate Patterns and Textures. We have gathered 30 ornament-inspired patterns that will suite your designs and websites well.

  • 20 Inspirational Japanese Conceptual Illustrations

    I get alot of creative inspiration from the Japanese culture and I have hand picked twenty very inspirational conceptual illustrations done by some very talented artists over at devinatART.

    The majority of the music and film I enjoy to is heavly influenced by japan, which includes the works of Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai which many artists get their inspiration

  • 35 cool and unique business card design

    Business cards are the most prevailing promotional tool to market your company and yourself. Business card speaks about the business you are in and organization that you belong to.

  • The Best Community Snippets On The Web Design Billboard in April’10

    In this round-up, you’ll find number of top resources, tutorials, freebies which left deep impression on web design community, as the month of April had a lot of interesting articles produces by different sources.

  • Top 30+ blogs for web designers and developers

    Blog are really exciting as people pour on all their creativity an innovation to create a blog. The content in the blogs are commentary and filled with exciting text graphics gallery.

  • 45 Mind Blowing Colorful Logo Designs

    If you’re a logo designer that is looking to design a colorful rainbow like logo, you came to the right place. When designing a colorful logo, the possibilities are endless.

  • 50+ Resources to Help You Become A CSS Pro

    Here we have sourced more than 50 different resources to help you become a CSS pro.

  • 6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: 12 Winners

    This time, the giveaway is only exclusive for US residents since free shipping will be available on the said country.

  • 20 Fabulous Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

    Each week I showcase some fantastic web interfaces, showing creativity at a whole new level.

    In todays resource showcase we are featuring 20 easy to follow photoshop web interface tutorials, with utilizing your new photoshop skills you may also be featured in the coming weeks!

  • Creative Logo Design: 30 Negative Space Logos

    This collection is composed of several Negative Space Logo Designs which are particularly inspiring, creative and diverse.

  • The Best Pricing Tables Design For Your Next Projects

    Pricing tables play an important role for every company that offers products or services. They are a challenge from both a design and usability standpoint. They must be simple but at the same time clearly differentiate between features and prices of different products and services.?

  • Don’t work Hard, work efficiently

    Doing right thing at the right time helps you ace in life. More people fail in life not because they are unable to reach their goals, but there are inefficient to manage there time and plan there work accordingly.

  • 25 Stunning Free Premium Wordpress News & Magazine Themes

    Most of people prefer Premium themes of WordPress as those which have more quality in terms of design, flexibility, in-house SEO, multiple layouts, easy integration with analytics, adsense etc. which is not the case with majority of the Free themes available. There are some Stunning, amazing, cool Premium themes out there which are nicely designed, innovative, SE optimized, flexible and yet being FREE!

  • Viva Themes: Premium WordPress Theme Giveaway

    In this new giveaway, 5 lucky readers here at Naldz Graphics will win a Premium WordPress Theme from Viva Themes .

  • iPad Review: Should You Buy One?

    With the Apple iPad due for release in less than 24 hours, what better time is there to write a quick review of the product and discuss whether you should, or shouldn’t, buy one?

  • 40 Ravishing Scenery iPad Wallpapers

    The iPad is finally here, so far Apple has sold over 500,000 iPads. I would like to help out the iPad owners, by providing beautiful scenery wallpapers.

  • Freelance Omen! 9 Ways Not To Get Hired

    There are many things an employer will look for when interviewing for a new employee, and most people know these, but what no-one talks about is the things you shouldn’t do.

  • Websites with Beautiful Character Illustration

    Using character illustration on your website can really help to grab your visitor’s attention. Today I have collected a nice little roundup of inspirational websites that successfully use character illustration

  • A Collection of Insect Logo Design Concept

    The collection is composed of several Insect Based Logo Designs that still aims to give ideas and inspire logo designers throughout the web.

  • The Comic Coloring of Christian Alvarado

    Today we are featuring some amazing work from Christian Alvarado, who happens to be a guest writer here at Admix Web, who will be doing some more articles here very soon!

  • 4 Ways of Getting Business from Previous Clients

    80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients. Know how to get clients back for more business?

  • 20 ways to improve website’s readability

    When you read something and can soothingly go on and on with no stress then the message that you want your reader to get is conveyed properly. This style of delivering your write up in such a way that your readers feel the ease of reading is Readability

  • 40 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Fantasy Scenes

    This next post on 40 Photoshop Fantasy Scenes Tutorials will be able to provide you with cool techniques that will be helpful in your designs.

  • 41 Creative Examples of Twitter Based Logos

    There is a huge rise in Twitter based startups these days. Why do entrepreneurs want to target Twitter? Simple, Twitter will only keep growing in the future.

  • 40 Stunning Invented CG Artwork Tutorials

    In this digital era mostly movies using fiction art and also we seen really influence of CG Digital art work there in famous movies, most of digital artist working as Multimedia Developer, they always draw imaginary graphics on canvas and some time these kind of arts help in cartoon movie characters too, in this best ever roundup “40 Stunning Invented CG Artwork Tutorials” where we listing some famous artists work placed as trainings, which helping to newbie’s and some beginners digital design inspirations.

  • Essential Guidelines for Featured Content in Web Design

    comprehensive post about featured content in web design – overview, purpose, consideration, examples, tutorials and plugins – especially in wordpress areas. you can got it bookmarked for organizing all of that and it will become such an great resources for the blog design communities.

  • FlashMoto Enters Partnership with FlashMint.com

    FlashMoto is glad to announce a multi-year partnership with FlashMint.com that will allow both companies combine efforts in delivering premium quality Flash designs for FlashMoto Flash CMS and create an amazing visual experience for the users.

  • 15 examples of big fonts used in web design

    A design loses its meaning if it is not properly typo graphed. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs.

  • The Daily Dash – a Free Minimalist WordPress Theme by Web Hosting Search

    The first free WordPress theme by Web Hosting Search is finally here. The Daily Dash is a clean, black and white minimalist theme for news/editorial, personal blogging or portfolio purposes. Preview and download it here.

  • Where to Submit Your Web Design and Development News

    Quickly drive traffic to your website by submitting your content to websites featuring user submitted community news. Featured in this article are over 110 websites supporting community news.

  • Innovative Freelancing

    By innovating your business you can rise above the rest to definite success.

  • Simplify Your Development Process with Wireframes

    Taking the time to create a wireframe at the beginning of development will lead to a much smoother project as well as safeguard you against any sneaky additions a client may request during development.

  • Why choose Wordpress as an E-Commerce platform

    There are lots of great reasons to build an e-commerce website on WordPress. In past, to build an e-commerce site required a vast amount of time, technical knowledge, and money.

  • Is Blogging Really for You?

    We all know the advantages that blogging can have on your freelance career, or business, but is it really worth it, and is it really for you?

  • How to Add Extra Widget Areas to the Thesis Wordpress Theme

    Learn how to add as many extra widgets as you’d like with to the great Thesis theme for WordPress with just a few lines of code.

  • Icon library: Best icon tutorial ever, high quality printer icon

    You won’t find a better explained tutorial, open your photoshop and start designing this creative and realistic printer icon.

  • 60 Effective Use of Trees and Plants in Logo Design

    Check out some effective use of trees and plants in logo design.

  • 50 Unique Examples of Single Page Portfolios

    Portfolios often show off your personality, skill abilities, and the work you have done. To impress the customer you need to have an awesome portfolio and show off your creativity.

  • 10 Really Outstanding and Useful CSS Grid Systems

    Grids are an invisible foundation that structure the websites we develop and design. This invisible foundation makes it possible for rapid development, concise code, and a much more organized layout.

  • Thesis Theme SEO Guide

    A primer for using Thesis’ Theme Options for succeeding in the search engine results. Although the options are specific to Thesis, the article should prove useful for anyone new to search engine optimization.

  • Broken Glass Photoshop Photo Effect

    This is a tutorial that will help you achieve a dynamic glass shatter effect. In this tutorial we will use some broken glass brushes and also on of my own glass texture. With this photoshop photo effect, you can make your photo look like it was ripped or broken into pieces.

  • 10 Great Design Bookmarks For This Week

    Most interesting and creative design related and tutorials articles this week.

  • 40 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Page Designs

    Facebook is the second most visited site in the world. Just from that sentence alone you should be hopping on and creating a Fanpage for your business.

  • Best Resources for Submit your Tutorials and Get Traffic

    After done an really creative and professional tutorial we must want to spread our work for get some extra and quality traffic, because most of the design lovers will learn from tutorials, they always helping to know about techniques and tool usability. Today we are with most famous and helping resource who respect your work..

  • 5 Winners to Win a Stock Icons from IconDock

    IconDock is an icon shop by N.Design Studio where you can buy stock icons at affordable price and download free icons.

  • Ways To Increase Page Impressions to Your Site

    Some very important techniques you have to follow in order to get more page impressions for your website or blog. This will help you to get more money.

  • Jquery Plus Wordpress : Plugins and Tutorials

    Worpress is one of the famous blogging and CMS platform used by bloggers and now many corporate websites too. And jQuery is one of the most famous javascript framework used this days. So today we have collected some plugins along with tutorials which combines both wordpress and jquery.

  • How to Grow the Balls to Freelance

    Do you have the courage to freelance and carry on freelancing? Find out the safe route to freelancing success.

  • Stop Making Thesis So Damn User Friendly

    A tongue-in-cheek article on Thesis’s ease-of-use and its effect on web developers.

  • 34 Unique And Creative Portfolio Designs

    This article shares 34 really creative and unique portfolio designs that you don’t want to miss!

  • 10 Paid WordPress Frameworks

    While there are a lot of great free WordPress frameworks, sometimes you just need more advanced features and/or licensing rights to a create an awesome theme.

  • Amazing Websites Designed for Kids for your Inspiration

    Most websites, and their content (design, font, images, color, style, etc) are focused at a particular type of person, and these persons are collectively called your target audience. The target audience is made up of the people you want to visit your site, and who the intend the content to be directed to.

  • Top 31 Good Looking Premium Wordpress Themes

    Professional and good looking premium wordpress themes that actually worth your money. These themes will help you to increase your blog credibility.

  • Mobile Interface Development: Ultimate GUI Toolbox for Android, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre

    User interface development is an important part of the mobile application development. At the same time getting started with it you can spend hours just looking for the right tools.

  • Discovering the Totoro Forest Project

    The Totoro Forest Project started quite some time ago and it was to achieve the salvation and promote the conservation of Sayama Hills, a forest near Tokyo that inspired Miyazaki for his film “Tonari

  • 25 Fine Crafted E-Commerce Website Designs

    These 25 e-commerce websites showcase some design masterpieces that are not only beautiful, but accessible and useful. Enjoy these unique and custom e-commerce shops. No cookie-cutter designs here.

  • How to Find a Good Freelancer

    It can be hard as a client to find a reliable freelancer who doesn’t charge through the roof – here are a few tips to get you on your way.

  • 40 Excellent jQuery Plugins To Work With Data Presentation and Grid Layout

    The roundup of 40 excellent jQuery plugins to work with data presentation and grid layout

  • What’s coming up in WordPress 3.0

    A beta version of the next version of WordPress has recently been released, you can test it but you shouldn’t use it on a live website.

  • Create Dynamic and Textured 3D Text with Perspective in Photoshop and Illustrator

    In this design tutorial you will be taken through an extensive step by step on how to create detailed 3D text that sits in created environment.

  • The Power of WordPress Custom Fields

    Custom Fields is the most powerful tools for customizing template files, these are special fields in the WordPress database that you can create yourself by giving them a name (which can be then share

  • How to Draw A Very Detailed RadioTape From The 80’s

    Remember the old days where cassette tape and FM radio still rules? The Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Ozzy Osborne was the king! Great memory isn’t it? And of course you’ll remember the gadget we use at that time. It’s much bigger than iPad, but no one complains! Radio tape. In this tutorial, we’ll recreate a radio tape from the 80’s using only Photoshop.

  • Why I Screwed Up At Freelancing

    During the early days of my freelancing career, I made a ton of mistakes that had pretty big consequences – find out how you can avoid these mistakes in your freelancing career!

  • 12 Cool Terminal Commands for OSX

    A list of cool OSX Terminal commands we came across and found worth sharing.

  • How to make Necklace in Adobe Illustrator

    Today in this tutorial you will learn how to make necklace in Adobe Illustrator and you will also learn that how to make Pearl effect. I hope you will learn easy techniques to Adobe illustrator in this tutorial.

  • Huge Collection of High Quality Social Media Icons

    Social media is every where and is rapidly growing. You gotta stay alert and keep up with the latest trends. These beautiful social media icons should help. Keep in mind these are only high quality,.

  • 30 Inspirational TED Talks on Design and Creativity

    In this article, I have shared some of the best TED videos related to Design, Inspiration and Creativity. Each of them is more inspirational than the previous

  • Cross Browser Pure CSS3 Horizontal Accordion

    This tutorial shows you how to build pure CSS horizontal accordion. It uses CSS3 to add transition effects and rotate panel heads. Rest of the structure and behavior will be written in cross-browser CSS that will work in IE7+ and all other modern browsers.

  • 28 Free glass textures

    Today we are adding 28 free high resolution glass textures to Startextures.com library. Some of the pictures were taken on the remaining glass surfaces of some of the oldest houses still standing…

  • 40+ Beautiful Cleaver Typographic Logos

    There are two types of logos: logomarks are symbol-based logos, and logotypes of logos that are made up of artist typography. The latter has become increasing more popular with the explosion of the functional, clever, and simple graphic design.

  • Hidden Beauty: 45 Splendid Examples of Reflection Photography

    Reflection photography is a truly endless exploration of the hidden natural beauty: water (including water droplets), glass / mirror and any other reflective surfaces (even our eyes).

  • 44 Creative Retro Futurism Design Artworks

    44 Creative Retro Futurism Design Artworks are listed in this next post to keep inspiring designers out there in creating unique artworks as possible.

  • Extremely Useful Comment Plugins for Wordpress

    Build a more interesting comment system for your blog. Get more comments from visitors by using these great comment plugins for WordPress.

  • 48 Tremendous Web Layouts From deviantArt of March 2010

    In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for this march month so you can see current trends. I must be honest I really love all of these sites, I like current trending and research made me want to get my hands dirty with some new design too. Carefully watch every detail – some designs are very simple, but white space is used very efficiently, creating outcome to look really professional. I enjoyed every pixel in these designs and hopefully this article and talented works will make you inspired too!

  • 12 Awesome WordPress SlideShow Plugins

    I got some magnificent looking WordPress plugins for slideshow which I showcase in here. Hope the WordPerss users will love to use these.

  • 11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site

    Mobile technology is going big. Every other user is now viewing your website from their iPhone or other smart phones. It is essential that you create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site. In this article, we will share some ways you can create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blog for your users and for yourself.a

  • Bolstering Backupify

    Understanding online relationships can begin with a closer look at Modular Innovation & Redundancy. A fascinating example of constrictive, albeit, Non-existent Redundancy is Backupify.

  • Content Aware Fill In Photoshop CS5 Can Do More Than You Think

    In this video we posted a few more practical examples of how to use the CS5 content aware fill feature, and we think that you’ll find them both very useful and very awesome.

  • Bulletproof Email Marketing: Overview, Tips and Tools

    Comprehensive guidance about email marketing services. In this topic we’ll talk about email marketing as a part of online marketing. Email marketing works best when marketers really know how to use it. Consumers welcome email if it is relevant and of value. In a recent survey, 45 percent of consumers indicated email is a “great way” for companies to stay in touch with their customers. By the way, what is Email Marketing? Let’s find out.

  • Ten Tips to Improve your Freelance Portfolio

    A great freelance portfolio should highlight your talents and give potential clients a meaningful way to choose you amongst your competitors. Here is 10 tips to improve your freelance portfolio.

  • The Essential Elements of your First Wordpress Design Site (Part 1)

    Here I am going to discuss the key points you need to cross off, if you wish to setup your own design site. Some things I hope to discuss are in finding your design sites niche, which plug-ins are the best to use and how to setup your brand image.

  • 100+ Most Popular Icon packs

    100+ Most Popular Icon packs

  • Everything You Need to Know About HDR Photo Effect

    This article provides you with a useful collection of HDR tutorials, tips and some inspiration.

  • 40 Free Dual Screen Nature Wallpapers

    These wallpapers are mostly themed around amazing nature images that will surely take your breath away.

  • 5 Excellent Footer Design Tutorials

    Footers are the usually the last thing you see on sites and blogs But has become useful for many reasons. To be different from the standard design, you can utilize the footer to provide links or shortcuts to other areas of your web site.

  • Download Free Tag Style Social Media Icons for Social Bookmarking

    we’re releasing another free Tag Style Social Media Icons for Social Bookmarking icon set. This time we wanted to cover one of the most common needs that every web designer has: social media icons.

  • 50+ Beautiful Patterns & Useful Tools

    High quality free seamless vector and pixel patterns that you may need for your web projects, prints or any other design related works.

  • 38 Striking Colorful Examples Of HD (High Definition) Wallpapers

    Today, we are showing you 38 Striking Colorful Examples Of HD (High Definition) Wallpapers. These can be find in different resolution e.g. 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 and 2560 x 1600 wide. I appreciate to all those talented designers who create these excellent wallpapers with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to use these artistic wonders on desktop and refresh ourselves.

  • Sketchbooks of a Web Developer

    Here are resources and templates to download or print off for designing your next great project!

  • 35 Really Useful PHP Tutorials And Development Techniques

    PHP is the most popular and widely accepted server side scripting language among developers due to its easy to learn nature, free of cost and its large ever increasing helpful community, we usually seen in wordpress blog platforms, wordpress blogs totally build in PHP language.

  • A Lazy Freelancer is a Sexy Freelancer

    Light comedy about the serious issue of using laziness to your advantage and become successful!

  • Inspirational Photographs of Wonders Of The World

    By now, everyone would have surely heard about the new 7 wonders of the world. Every photographer has a different view of the wonders in which they take the shot of it. In this post we would be providing you some of the very different views of the 7 wonders, which you may have not seen.

  • Create Rockstar poster in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will use plenty of various photoshop techniques. Tutorial is pretty complex, so you will need to carefully follow each step of this tutorial. As you can see from final image preview, we will create awesome effect using usual photo and your photoshop knowledge.

  • 23 Useful Online Tools For Web Developers

    From web icons to graphical chart, CSS menu to random dummy texts, from web traffics analysis to financial bookkeeping – there’s a handy web tool for (almost) every web development related job.

  • Icon Library >> wizard icon with illustrator

    Learn how to make a great wizard Icon to use in your applications or in your magic tricks

  • 170+ Designers to Follow on Twitter

    Getting plugged into a community should be a high priority for a new designer and one of the best tools for design networking is Twitter. See my recommendations for designers to follow on Twitter and a few tips to get you started.

  • A Sneak Peek At Content-Aware Fill In Photoshop CS5

    One of the new features in Photoshop CS5 is the content-aware filling. From retouching to completely re-imagining an image, here’s an early glimpse of what could happen in the future when you press the delete key.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Web Terminology

    When you are just getting started, it can be easy to get a bit lost in the lingo, and beyond that, not being aware of the non-commonality of our terminology can impact our client relationships.

  • 44 Free Stylish Graffiti Fonts for Designers

    These 44 Free Stylish Graffiti Fonts for Designers is a compilation of cool graffiti fonts for your future designs and typography.

  • A Stunning Showcase of Various Batman Artworks

    A Stunning Showcase of Various Batman Artworks is compiled below to inspire budding artists everywhere to create their own inspirational designs.

  • 10 Most Commonly Used Colors In Web Design And Their Examples

    Color is one of the important part in web design. Here we share 10 most wanted colors in web design.

  • Short Animation Films – Big Creativity

    In this occasion we are going to see and learn about two short animation films, Logorama, and The Lady and The Reaper, and the awesome people that create them

  • 40 Ultimate Useful Mind Mapping Tools

    Mind Mapping Applications working as powerful in this era for taking notes, capturing ideas, represent words, exploring concepts or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing. Mind Mapping Tools helps in many way of work in this growing and emerging industry, you can use it to study for a big exam, you can use it brainstorm new article ideas as bloggers work, or flesh out what needs to be covered in the business plan for a new venture, you can organize a big move of house, I’ve seen people use the mind map format for their daily to-do lists too.

  • Networking: Why Its Important and How To Do It Better

    We all know what social and career networking involves; it is the developing and maintaining of contacts and personal connections with different people in your niche area who might be advantageous to you and your career. Networking has helped me to get every job I have ever had, in addition to helping my businesses obtain and retain clients.

  • jQuery Plugin: Give Your Characters a NobleCount

    In my quest I have been on the lookout for a jQuery plugin that would provide the ability to: (1) provide real-time character counts, (2) enable easy to customize visual behaviors, and … While there are other similar tools out there, none adequately met these goals. Therefore, I created the jQuery NobleCount plugin.

  • Practical steps for using @font-face in your websites now

    Jay takes us through how to use @font-face now. Useful techniques and gotchas. This post is epic.

  • 100 Fresh Beautifull Logos

    Here is a collection of fresh and beautfiful logo designs that will help to inspire your creativity, while each of these logos possess different and unique concepts, all are completely stunning.

  • 35 Stunningly Elegant Web Designs

    What separate good design, from great design is the amount of attention to detail. The sites featured in this roundup have executed this task very nicely. All the websites are hand-picked and represen

  • 25 Modern white and minimalist business cards

    Keeping your card simple but modern is sometimes the best way to market your business. Here are 25 examples of how you can make a white business card standout.

  • 30 Amazing Typographic Movie Poster Designs

    You must have seen many articles on typographic posters but during my search i wasn’t able to find any post on typographic movie posters. So i thought why not compile a list of typographic movie poster designs for your inspiration.

  • 42 Perfect Web Design Layouts From DeviantArt

    DeviantART, a widely popular online graphic design community, is an unlikely (but surprisingly terrific) place to find inspiration for web design. There are many designers and artists at DeviantART who choose to display their beautiful creations to the rest of the community. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best web design layouts created by DeviantART Users.

  • Freebie: Modern Web UI Set

    A nice, clean and minimalist UI Set from feedgrids.com

  • 30+ Best Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials

    Some are inspired in creating or practicing apple related designs. In this matter, we have decided to come up with a list of tutorial that you may find useful.

  • Collection of Stunning Tutorials Using Photoshop

    Photoshop is a powerful tool for web and digital media designing and you can make different kind of effects using this. Here is a stunning collection of photoshop tutorials. Each tutorial will guide you step by step that how you will make special effects and also you will learn new ways and techniques to improve your photoshop skills.

  • Premium Quality Free Social Network Icon Pack

    Premium Quality Free Social Media Icons.

  • Tweety: Free Twitter Bird Icon Pack

    Twitter Birthday Special: “Tweety” Free Twitter Bird Icon Pack.

  • 8 Free Web Based Image Editors

    By now, you probably have heard of Photoshop. Photoshop is a professional image editing software. If you’re always on the go, and don’t have access to Photoshop then this roundup is for you. You can

  • 40 Free grunge textures

    We are adding 40 new high resolution grunge textures to Startextures.com library. These were all photographed on Slovenian seaside ports, fishing harbors and a salt farm.

  • Giveaway 2000 Business Cards By Bizcard.com

    Today is the day for great contest on Themeflash.com. This one especially goes out to all people that want to win some business cards. Three lucky readers will be able to win some from Bizcard – Business Cards.

  • 22 Best Funky Fonts Free to download

    After uploading Curvy Fonts, I thought I should upload some Funky Fonts for you. So here I’ve collected few Funky Fonts for you, you must be enjoying using these fonts. I’ve also uploaded all fonts in 1 Zip File so that you may download all 23 Fonts at once.

  • 86 Beautiful Book Covers

    86 beautiful book cover designs. Because admit it – as designers, we almost definitely will judge books by their covers.

  • Ultimate Collection of Free Buttons in PSD Format

    This Ultimate Collection of Free Buttons in PSD Format is a compilation of high quality buttons that you may find useful and unique.

  • Collection of Excellent Fonts from DeviantART

    For a good Web or Graphic Designer, font is one of the most imortant things. If you want to create a nice typography or any other you should always have a nice collection of font. Selecting font is a very difficult task and it varies according to the project and theme. So In this article I am publishing some really nice Fonts which are avilable on deviantart.com You can download and use this font with respect to the Licence provided by the owner.

  • 20 WP Themes with Cufón Font Replacement

    Cufón tool allows you to embed any font in any web page. We selected 20 wordpress themes, which are rich in functionality and supports text replacement.

  • Interview with Cerven Cotter of pixeldeath

    Once again we are back with another intriguing interview, with a certified cool dude from the design community! Seriously, why are they all dudes? Any ladies would like to be interviewed??? Anyway, watch out, here he comes, consider yourself warned!

  • 30+ Abstract Photo Manipulation Artwork for Inspiration

    Photo manipulation art is very interesting and continues to improve; let’s take a look at some examples of great photo manipulation artworks by talented Photoshop artists from around the world to help give you fresh inspiratio

  • Folder Social Media Icons Set

    A Freebie gift for my readers. A FREE social media icons set! which comes with 10 most common social media icons. You can freely use these really cool and special social icons for both your private and commercial projects.

  • Icon Library >> How to use icons to enhance your designs

    A great article that shows you great uses for Icons

  • List Of Essential PHP Quick References And CheatSheets

    In this post you will find a list of PHP Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides for PHP Specialist, Web Programmers, Coders & for Web developers for Quick coding with PHP.

  • 50 Extraordinary Creative Free Fonts for Designers

    Fonts always are one of the essential part of Graphic and web designs, when working on design projects weather your designing for the web or for print its always essential to have a good collection of fonts. Today me playing around that issue for our respected readers and visitors, presenting an creative roundup about free fonts, I found “50 Extraordinary Creative Free Fonts for Designers” where many of them are very good for font creation, creative graphic typographic works, unique web design titles and so on. But hey – we are here all becoming/experienced designers, I don’t need to tell you where to use those fonts, I am here to find that stuff for you!

  • The Rise of Unemployment: Where to Now?

    With unemployment on the rise, where do those finding it hard to find work go? This article discusses the possibilities for the unemployed.

  • Evolution of Graphic Design in Fifa World Cup

    Fifa World Cup 2010, the biggest and the most awaited event of the year, is just 84 days away. While the individual talents of the players and managers inspire many of the youths around the earth, it is time for the designers to get inspired. Designers can get hell lot of inspiration from the posters, logos and the mascots used in this tournament. Each and every poster, logo or Mascot has a very close relation to where the tournament is being hosted. It relates to the color and nationality of the nation which hosts this tournament.

  • How to Customize fonts in WordPress blog with CSS3

    Before start, Would like to tell you a very important thing that Font designers work very hard to create fonts, their work is copyrighted and licensed.

  • PerfectPixel Business and Portfolio WP Theme 10 in 1 Released

    This site is best suitable for a business, company, Blog, portfolio, or freelancer portfolio website as well. For the most part you can just follow the provided Help file which is very extensive.

  • Blue Blots

    A Collection of Free T Shirt Templates is compiled here for design usage. You may find a lot of uses for this short list that we have came up with.

  • 35+ Attractive Portfolio Web Designs

    Earlier, Portfolios used to be in print designs. But now designers are making full advantage of these portfolios to show off their talent on Internet. To have attractive online portfolios, is one of the best way for the designers to attract potential customers.

  • SpeakTECH enters Rackspace Partner Network

    The combination of speakTECH’s passion for WEB 2.0 solutions and Rackspace’s distinctive brand of customer service will now be available together

  • Review of Rework by 37 Signals

    A review of Rework; the latest book by the 37 Signals camp. (Creators of Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, Highrise, and more web 2.0 software.)

  • 11 Wordpress Plugins To Manage Your Ads Banners

    These 11 WordPress plugins help you effectively manage your banners so that you monetize your blog better.

  • http://inspirationfeed.com/design/2010/03/25-beautiful-free-twitter-icons-resources/

    I though i would write this article to help bloggers, developers, and many others. Web icons are a huge element when it comes to web designing. Most people want a free, fast, and easy resource they c

  • Minimalist Approach to Creating Flash Websites

    Sometimes wisely used extreme simplicity speaks even more, that is less is more or maybe even less but better. Yeah, what is at issue is the minimalist approach in Flash website creation.

  • How To Build Your Reputation And Authority As A Designer

    Whether you are just starting out in the design business, or you have been around awhile but few people have ever heard of you, there are potentially great benefits to growing your reputation and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

  • Apple iPad Funny Pictures

    We like to share some funny pictures for iPad. A lot of people disappointed after iPad introduced and created some funny pictures and illustrations about it.

  • How To Create Contact Module With AS3

    Learn creating advanced Contact Module with ActionScript 3.0 with minimum effort following the steps of this simple tutorial.

  • Colorful Sliders With jQuery & CSS3

    In this tutorial we are using jQuery and the new transformation features brought by CSS3 to create a three dimensional dynamic slider effect.

  • Apple Trend in Web Design: Inspiration, Resources and Tutorials

    In this post, I will show you some of best websites using this trend, some tutorials to realize the “Apple” effects on Photoshop and Jquery and some free resources.

  • 110 Excellent Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design – Part I

    In this post we present a 110 Excellent and Beautiful Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design or Project of Part I that are available for free download and (sometimes only for personal) use. Please make sure to read license agreements before using icons in your designs – they can change from time to time.

  • 42 FREE Best Vector Resources Websites

    As a starting designer, or just as a designer who wants to play around with some vectors, you’d need some free vector elements, so you don’t dump any money into something …

  • WordPress Posting Tools vs. Third-party Posting Tools, Plugins and Browser Extensions

    There are two option for making your blog post, the one is “New Post” in WordPress administration’s area, and the second option is to use a third-party Desktop/Mobile application for your WordPress

  • Resources #1: +270 Free Vintage Textures

    Hi guys, recently I was in the need of some vintage textures for a personal project, so I started looking and found some great stuff, and that gave me this idea, ” why not put together in a post all t

  • 8 Common CSS Mistakes and How to Fix Them

    CSS has the distinction of being one of a handful of web technologies that newcomers tend to learn by doing.

  • 50 Excellent Tutorials for Web Development Using CSS3

    In this modern web world we offering CSS3 techniques in these really useful tutorials with many exciting features and latest practice, after an detail research session about CSS3 (Cascade Style Sheet) make an roundup where amazing ideas about Web Developments.

  • Icon tutorial: Speaker icon with Illustrator (win7 Style)

    In this tutorial we will use Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create a speaker/music icon inspired in Windows 7 style.

  • Creating an Animated CSS3 Horizontal Menu

    Inspired by CSS Sprites2 – It’s JavaScript Time from A List Apart and Using jQuery for Background Image Animations written over a year ago, I decided to create a short tutorial about a animated menu just using CSS3.

  • 20 nice free dingbats

    Term “Dingbats” describes fonts that have symbols, shapes or illustrations in the positions designated for alphabetical or numeric characters.

  • Photography: Fantastic Cosplay Photos

    Costume play or “Cosplay” is a type of performance art wherein the participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character which is often drawn from popular fiction in Japan.

  • How To Organize Information And Improve Your Design

    One of the most important decisions you make as a web designer is how to organize information. How information is organized on a single page and across your site greatly affects how people respond to your design and interact with it.

  • Captchas: The Anti-User Experience? Gripes and Alternatives

    An article about a captchas place on today’s websites and some more user-friendly alternatives to using one.

  • Matte White Square Icons Alphanumeric

    This matte white square icons alphanumeric set includes almost everything found on a computer keyboard (numbers 0 thru 10, letters A thru Z, !, @, #, $, %, & … Etc) as well as various plus, minus, information, question mark, and other signs, including www for the worldwide web.

  • Freebies-Stock Textures Part 2

    Whether creating a grungy website or designing an event flyer, using the right textures and photos are key.

  • How to avoid your Creativity Burnout

    I have shared my insights on what I think is the best way to avoid your creativity burnout. When I say burnout, I actually mean the dry spell of ideas that haunts every designer. It is a moment of f

  • Useful Tooltips Tutorials and jQuery Plugins

    The tooltip is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a tooltip

  • Flashmint : 5 Winners to Win a Premium WordPress Templates

    Hello everyone. It’s time for some cool giveaway. Today, we will be giving away 5 High Quality Premium WordPress Templates courtesy of Flashmint.

  • Steps to Becoming a Myspace & Twitter Designer

    These are tips and techniques to market yourself as a myspace & twitter freelance designer.

  • 46 Astonishing Examples Of Digital Paintings

    To digitally paint your sketches or illustrations lots of different tools are used. Photoshop and tablets are most important tools to make digital paintings.

  • 90 Useful Freelance tools

    The web is filled with a lot of resources for freelancers to start and manage their own business. There are tools to keep track of time, billing, invoices, and where to look for jobs.I put together a list of 90 Useful freelance tools to help all you freelancers out there.

  • Faded Mauve Vintage Photoshop Patterns

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) (740px * 740px) seamless Faded Mauve Vintage textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • 5 New Free Photoshop Brushes: Best of March Week 2

    Here are 5 sets of free Photoshop brushes under various categories. There are spring-themed brushes, smoke and fire brushes, watercolor brushes, etc.

  • Using Vectors for Header Design + 38 Websites with Vectorized or Illustrated Headers

    The beauty of using vectors for header design and showcase of 38 websites with awesome vectorized or Illustrated headers.

  • Web design – Website design Sydney Australia

    WEB DESIGN- AWARD WINNING WEBSITE DESIGN to grow your business. Call 1300 782 023 for an Obligation Free Consultation with our quality web designers, website developers

  • Partial Picnik

    Understanding online relationships can begin with a closer look at Modular Innovation & Redundancy. A good example of Partial Redundancy is Picnik.

  • 30+ Free High Quality Gadget PSD Files

    For our first ever PSD resource collection, 30+ Free High Quality Handy Gadget PSD Files are showcased below for designers who are looking for PSD files that can be utilized for their designs.

  • 10 Free WordPress Frameworks

    These WP frameworks and pseudo-frameworks range from the gorgeous to the, well, plain, but all provide strong starting points for WP theme design, saving you time.

  • Best Premium PhotoGallery WordPress Themes

    If you are a photographer or graphic artist and you want to share your art works then personal blog would be an ideal solution. To make your selection process easier we’ve gathered in this collection the best in our view premium WordPress themes, that might be the basis for your gallery blog.

  • Create your own Blogspot Template with Blogger Template Designer

    This tutorial explains how to make your own template for Google’s Blogspot platform using Blogger Template Designer for free.Blogspot template designer helps Bloggers in easily making their own template

  • Freebies-Stock Textures Part 1

    Whether creating a grungy website or designing an event flyer, using the right textures and photos are key. Not only should the images be sharp and clear, but finding the right size (usually huge) is important as well. I take a look at some great stock texture and of course it’s FREE.

  • 24 Beautiful Web Designs Across the Color Spectrum

    Here are 24 beautiful examples of web designs that feature a specific color across the color spectrum. If you’re in a color rut, take this opportunity to expand your horizon and be inspired by a color that may be out of your comfort zone.

  • 25 Ultimate Useful PSD to HTML Tutorials

    At the start of a web project many designers find it extremely useful, and timesaving, to create page mockups in Photoshop or Illustrator. This is an opportunity to play around with ideas, try out different styles and generate themes for the site. There are many tutorials available on the Internet explaining how to convert PSD visual layouts into operational CSS/HTML files, ready for a completed web design. This post brings together 25 such tutorials, some covering detailed overviews of the conversion process, others aimed at specific website themes, while some offer simple tricks to bring a creative flourish to a designer’s work.

  • Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration – #10

    A series of web design inspiration collection published every week. We work hard to collect these websites to showcase them for design community inspiration.

  • 115+ Famous Resources for Promote your Design Articles/News

    Everyone want more visitors on your website is a very multifaceted process with a lot of variations, there is many ways as examples: SEO, valuable content, link exchange and advertising on different resources. As per today need of most design and technology based bloggers who want to promote design or tech related news and want to get more traffic we presenting most active resources where you can submit your news, articles, design posts and technology news for get valuable visitors.

  • Incredible Examples of Superman Illustrations

    I am sure many designers will agree with me when I say that comic illustrations are amazing, and I never get tired of looking at them. The core of a good comic is amazing illustrations, because, in my opinion, the words on the page come secondary to the graphic depictions they accompany.

  • Stock Paper Textures For Your Next Project

    As a designer, it’s not always possible to take the time and generate your own textures for all of your graphics. Thankfully, there are tons of convenient stock paper textures that others have freely contributed to the design community! I’ve gathered 30 of our favorites in this gigantic list!

  • 8 Design Elements Your Blog Should Have

    There are certain design elements that all blogs should have to keep readers happy and engaged in your content. With the evolution of blogs and social media sites, the expectations for a blog are much higher.

  • 88 Tips to Make You a Productive Freelancer

    A Huge list to change your life in a Huge way. Manage your time properly with this in depth and informative article, guaranteed to improve your worklife.

  • Most Essential WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Know

    WordPress Plugin: A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog.

  • Giveaway Ads Slot For Top Two Commentators Each Month

    First of all i would like to thanks to all of my Readers, Visitors and Commentators for supporting Themeflash for taking into next generation of design and development blog. we are happy to say that we are starting to give something special for readers and visitor to gain more traffic for their blog. And we have decided that we will give you the Two Ads Slot of 125×125 for top two commentators on the blog and one copy of template by System32 from Themeforest.

  • 70 Creative Artistic Websites For 2010

    Right now, there are a number of sites that effectively utilize illustration and other types of very artistic design. Hopefully this collection will be a good source of design inspiration for you.

  • 50+ Abstract Colorful Designs for Inspiration

    50+ Abstract Colorful Designs for Inspiration you might want to take a look at. It’s probably not about getting the exact effect they’ve got, but to pickup the technique and see how you can advance from there.
    abstract designs, abstraction, colorful designs, creative designs, inspiration, typography designs, Wallpapers

  • 30+ Corporate WordPress Themes

    We’ve compiled 30+ excellent corporate WordPress themes from ThemeForest for your next corporate client. Either download the themes and customize them to your client’s needs or use these designs as inspiration to create a unique WordPress template from scratch.

  • 10 Tools to Determine Your Websites Rockstar Status

    Determining a website’s popularity can be beneficial when you’re looking for areas of growth or sizing up the competition. Use these 10+ tools to help determine a website’s popularity.

  • 29 Sexy iPhone App Designs

    I have found 29 examples of sexy iPhone apps. These apps were only chosen based on their graphic appeal, not popularity, functionality or purpose.

  • 45 Free High Quality Apple Wallpapers

    These 45 Free High Quality Apple Wallpapers make up a showcase of astounding Apple-themed wallpapers that you can use to add personality and class to your desktop. The collection is composed of unique apple wallpapers that you don’t want to miss…

  • 40 Awesome Infographic Designs which Helping Analysts

    These kind of special amazing Information Graphics showing popularity of different events and era in such a creative way where they presenting visual representations of data, statistics and other quantitative information. This is modern way of graphical portrayals of data and information, By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, Infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. Hope you all really like this graphical effort and share your comments and user experience with us.

  • 50+ High-Quality Photoshop Tutorials For Lighting and Abstract Effects

    Photoshop gives designers the ability to create some amazing effects that can accomplish just about anything you can image. Fortunately, there are plenty of Photoshop experts who are willing to write detailed tutorials to show off the potential. Here is a look at some of the best tutorials for using various lighting and abstract effects.

  • Small touches for great designs

    This article isn’t just about pretty things but also about how to use them to improve user experience.

  • 70+ Best Web Galleries Around for Your Inspiration

    Web Design Galleries and Showcases are a greater source of inspiration for designers which help them to get exposure for their work. And these galleries are using for improving website rank and traffic of your website. You can submit your designs and website on these galleries and showcase. In this article you’ll find 70+ of the best and most popular web design galleries.

  • 5 Tips To Optimize Your Wordpress.org Blog For Search Engines

    Here we will see these 5 simple tips to optimize your WordPress.org blog for search engine.

  • 70+ Colourful Photos of Spring

    Collection includes many interesting views of colourful meadows, gardens and parks. Take a look at 70+ beautiful photos of blooming nature.

  • Interview with the Web Designer, Damian Herrington

    As I have mentioned in our last interview, here at Admix Web we are doing an interview series, where we will conduct informal weekly interviews of fellow designers and developers.

  • Reeling in Clients: Hook, Line and Sinker

    Any freelancer would know that the art of building a client base can be very tricky. It is a skill that takes a while to master.

  • Create An Exciting 3D Composition Using Xara 3D and Photoshop

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an exciting 3D composition using Xara 3D and Photoshop. We will use Photoshop to create an exciting golden background, then integrate the 3D type from Xara 3D into the composition. you will also learn some simple technique to texture the type.

  • Free Illustrations of Funny Characters

    St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. If you plan a holiday redesign, then you’ll be pleased to download free illustrations featuring funny characters.

  • Text written by Water

    It is very nice technique to make water drops so that you may apply Layer Styles to any text or object to give water look. It seems that name has been written by real water. Hope you will like this.

  • Connecting Twitter account with Useful Applications

    Twitter is fast becoming one of the more popular methods for communicating online and has a large number of loyal followers who stick with it despite the growing pains and competitors.

  • 30 Outstanding T Shirt Design Tutorials and Tip

    In this latest post, you will see a collection of 30 Outstanding T Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips for t-shirt designers out there who are finding ways and means to create the perfect t shirt design.

  • Free worn lines Photoshop brush pack Vol 2

    We are releasing the second volume of the Free worn lines Photoshop brushes. The brushes are made in 2500px*2500px resolution and the set contains 20 brushes. The pack is approximately 20MB in size

  • Free Vector Art: 20 New, Useful Illustration Sets

    The amount of free vector art that you can download is growing tremendously every day. Here are 20 fresh free vector art sets you can use to create new designs.

  • 80 Beautiful Web Design Trends Of Minimal Site

    Minimalism is a design style that emphasizes simplicity and the removal of superfluous elements in one’s own work. It’s applied in art, architecture, print work, and in web design. There is something extraordinary about making something magnificent with limited resources, and in this showcase, you’ll find the work of talented designers that exhibit exemplary use of Minimalism theories applied to web design.

  • 40+ Effective Call to Action Buttons

    In web designing, the Call to Action has a huge importance as this is a term used for soliciting an action from the user. The implementation of Call to Action comes in the form of Clickable buttons which leads the readers to perform an action of buying something or take him to a web page having some additional information.

  • 5 Important Rules in Website Design

    When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose. Here are five important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs well.

  • 35 Creative 404 Pages

    Many bloggers overlook their 404 page, leaving them looking unappealing and plain. 404 pages show up when a link gets broken or something is moved to another url. When this happens you should be prepa

  • 25 Examples of Watercolor Art in Web Design

    Hand-painted creations in web design. Be inspired by these 25 beautiful examples of watercolor art in web design

  • Vector vs Bitmap for dummies.

    A great tutorial to understand main differences between vector and bitmap images.

  • 10 Useful Firefox Plugins For Twitter Lovers

    With these Twitter plugins, you are able to send/receive tweets and work in your browser at the same time.

  • 25 Beautiful Flash websites from around the world

    I was never good with Flash back in college, but I always did enjoy seeing some of the most creative websites built in flash. We all know flash is not SEO – Friendly, but in most cases, if you have an amazing website, you really wouldn’t need it. It takes great skill to do flash, so we selected 25 Beautiful Flash websites from around the world for your inspiration. We would like you to take the time to enjoy them.

  • A Guide To Typography On The Web

    The web is alive and growing more active with each new day. The increasing number of sites that crop up on the daily shows no signs of slowing, and as the online ranks grow, designers are constantly looking for ways to make their sites stand out from the rest.

  • Free metal, wood, nature texture pack

    Today we added 71 new high resolution textures to Startextures.com library. U can find them in the metal (24), wood (19) and nature (28) categories.

  • LogoBee – Leading Online Logo Design Company

    In world where image is everything, the logo becomes not only the first component of a company’s branding; it becomes the face of the company to the world. The business world knows well the importance of a strong, eye-catching, and memorable logo.

  • 70 Exceptional Creative Typography Desktop Wallpapers

    We always present quality stuff for you respected visitors and readers, today we have some modern and latest typography wallpapers, we simply presenting beautiful and inspiring to look at I think, typography art to desktop wallpapers seams to be quite common and it gives us a good opportunity to have a source of stunning typography inspiration in a place where we wont forget to look at it.

  • 45+ Refreshing New Vector Wallpapers Collection

    Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics formats are complementary to raster graphics, which is the representation of images as an array of pixels, as it is typically used for the representation of photographic images.

  • 40 Outstanding Mascot Designs

    The internet has a wide variety of great mascot designers ive compiled a list of 40 Outstanding mascot designs from all around the internet. You will be breath taken by some of these incredibly rich and vibrant mascots designs. Enjoy the list!

  • See Through Glass Tutorial – Glass Transparency

    In this Tutorial I’m going to show scene behind a Glass. I mean suppose you have a Glass picture and you want to place it on another picture but also wanted to see the scene through the Glass. I got this tutorial after working hard, because it is very important technique, no doubt.

  • Over 100 Design Blogs Which You Should Follow

    Today’s generation is hungry for new information, each one of us wants to find out & learn new things. Here’s a list of 100 design blogs you should follow, among with a link to their RSS feed and Twitter account.

  • 10 Purchases To Save You Time

    An article discussing 10 items which will help you save time as a freelancer.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Raytracing

    Ray tracing is a widespread technique in computer graphics.
    You’ve probably seen stills and movies that involved ray tracing, whether in the graphics community or in movie theaters or on TV.

  • 31 Great Examples of Vintage Photography

    It’s not so easy to turn usual photographs into unique vintage pictures. Take a look at 31 inspiring vintage pictures.

  • Warm copper Seamless

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) (740px * 740px) seamless Warm Copper Colored textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • Advance Level PHP Tutorials and Scripts

    Advance Level PHP Tutorials and Scripts with demo and sources

  • 25 Inspiring Fire Adverts

    I have created a collection of 25 Inspiring Fire Adverts. It includes flyers, posters and non-real adverts. About drinks, cars, nature problems and even shoes.

  • How to Create a Fancy Image Gallery with CSS3

    Even though CSS3 is still in the development stages, it is the new craze that many web developers are excited about. CSS3 is something that will take web development into newer and greater heights, while modernizing the web and allowing web designers and developers to make their creativity a reality.

  • Redundancy: Just a Ping.fm Away

    Understanding online relationships can begin with a closer look at Modular Innovation & Redundancy. A good example of Comprehensive Redundancy is Ping.fm.

  • Latest Amazing Photoshop Layer Styles

    Photoshop Style is a very useful and easy way to improve your productivity. By using photoshop style effects you can easily develop and create text effects, web2.0 effects and create logos.

  • 30 Stunning Graphical Vector Tutorials for Improve your Graphics Skills

    Vector graphics is playing major role in designing world, specially in Print Media where we can draw characters, shapes and other creative illustrations. Vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator that are used to create scalable graphics are ideal for creating such things as logos, characters, and icons. There were many great vector tutorials put out this year, which made it difficult to choose the best, but here are our picks. Today we’re with “30 Stunning Graphical Vector Tutorials” where you can get, amazing tips, and best trainings from some of the awesome vectors/illustrators resources. Let’s take a look at some of the most wanted Vector tutorials we’ve create a roundup for you and hope you will leave your comments, which will be appreciated.

  • 40+ Autodesk 3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners and Advance

    To aid those designers who are aiming to master 3D designs, we bring you 40+ Autodesk 3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners and Advance

  • Top 5 Drupal Secrets

    A list of the top 5 Drupal web development secrets and basics that even a drupal expert might not tell you.

  • Full Color Business Cards: 25 Red Business Cards

    Red is a provocative color and thus one of the top choices when it comes to business card color. Here are 25 best examples of red business cards for inspiration.

  • 10,000+ Fresh Photoshop gradients to download

    Having a collection of gradients that you can use anytime you need one in Photoshop is a great time-saver. Here are more than 10,000 gradient free to use.

  • 100+ Freebies Resources Blogs Roundup

    You are finding a useful and creative graphic design resources on the web? so check out the most useful and inspirational freebies resources from around the web. We post frequent free downloads for creatives, as well as inspirational advice. We just trying to put all freebies resources in one place for you. Grab the latest freebies resources and fuelup your upcoming projects.

  • Music Blogs Powered By WordPress

    One of the early dreams for the Web was the same as the early dreams for television—that it would be a home for science, art, music, and much more that’s uplifting.

  • Principles to Become (and stay) Strong in the Search Engine Rankings

    Here we will look into a few factors that will help you stay strong in search engine rankings.

  • Top 12 Most Beautiful Wordpress Themes by Elegant Themes

    Most beautiful and interesting themes for WordPress created by Elegant Themes.

  • 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers And Developers

    Google Chrome is not a popular browser yet but still it’s growing fast and as a web developer or designer, you must be among the earliest to adopt new browser technologies.

  • 10 Best Free Wordpress Themes Of February 2010

    WordPress themes are always been in high demand and if they are free, its like a cherry on cake. The 10 themes that I have selected are not very far away from any premium WordPress themes.

  • 42 Photoshop Tutorials Created in 2010

    We have posted variety of List Photoshop tutorials on various category like Icon Tutorials, Photo Retouching, Retro, Grunge etc. Since last two months there are plenty of well written photoshop tutorials has been posted on various blogs so we selected some of our personal favourite tutorials. Check out this awesome photoshop tutorials that has been created in 2010.

  • 30 Latest High-Quality Free (X)HTML/CSS Templates Must See Now

    Thanks to all designers and developers from all over the world who freely distributed their high-quality templates for everyone on web. In this showcase below, you’ll find a 30 Latest High-Quality Free (X)HTML/CSS Templates Must See Now because We all know that we’re going to use our website as a tool to promote our business, so we need to have a clean, professional, corporate look.

  • 40+ Astounding Collection of Free Grunge Wallpapers

    Most of you may now have an amazing collection of wallpapers in your desktop through the various freebies that were showcased in different sites…

  • Delegating and Saving Time as a Freelancer

    There are many advantages in delegating work, find out exactly how it should be done.

  • Make your own jQuery slider using XML

    A detailed, in depth jQuery, XML tutorial on how to build an awesome slider that handles images, video and full HTML.

  • How to Present Your Designs to The Client

    There are many different ways of presenting our designs. We all design differently, whether we design in the browser, sketch or design entirely in Photoshop. Below I take you through various ways of presenting your client designs.

  • Matte Blue And White Square Icons Alphanumeric

    This matte blue and white square icons alphanumeric set includes almost everything found on a computer keyboard (numbers 0 thru 10, letters A thru Z, !, @, #, $, %, & … Etc) as well as various plus, minus, information, question mark, and other signs, including www for the worldwide web.

  • How to use WordPress as an E-Commerce Store

    If you want to sell goods from your web site, you may want to look into shopping cart software so you can process your orders.

  • Free icons: global warming icon set

    Another free icon set by iconshock, global warming advices…. feel free to use them in any commercial or personal project.

  • 30+ Sites to Promote and Submit Your Articles

    Most design and development bloggers post their articles in the more famous websites that accept community news, such as Digg, Reddit, DZone, Design Bump, Stumbleupon, Design Float and The Web Blend, but there are so many other sites out there to help promote your articles. In this post, I am listing 30+ websites where you can promote your design and development articles.

  • 30 awesome Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers and Graphic Designers

    Google Chrome is now developing craze among the Web Developers and Designers with some greatly designed extensions. This is a list of Google Chromes Extensions for WebDevelopers and Graphic Designers.

  • 50 FREE Photoshop Brushes Sets

    Today we are glad to release 50 Sets of great brushes for Photoshop, a set with 30 high-quality swirl Photoshop brushes.

  • 30+ Best Logo Design Galleries for Inspiration

    I will put together a list of 30+ Best Logo Design Galleries for Inspiration and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great logos. If you’re in the process of creating a new brand for you or for a client, then these sites can really help you, any time you need a bit of inspiration you just can make a little tour and get new ideas.

  • Best Practices for Building an International Website

    here are several points worth observing when building a website for an international audience.

  • The Art of Creating Time in a Time Famine

    People feel they are restricted by time, however freelancers can create time. Find out how this is possible.

  • Are You Being Unfair by Charging One Client More than Another?

    The most valuable piece of advice I can give you in regards to charging different rates/prices to different clients is to avoid drawing attention to it.

  • Interview: Brian K. McDaniel of bkmcdaddy Designs

    Two weeks ago, I wrote, We are Calling all Web Designers and Developers: We Want to Know the REAL You, an article where I requested designers and developers to nominate colleagues in the field for an informal interview conducted by myself.

  • LogoBee Reduces Logo Design Delivery Time

    To appease growing demand, LogoBee launches new faster turnaround times for initial logo design samples. President of LogoBee Pavel Rokhmanko says they have been receiving a lot of requests for expedited packages. On certain occasions, clients require the logo to be created very quickly. “We wanted to make sure we offer packages that will fit all clients’ needs, even in a time crunch,” he affirms.

  • Grunge striped textures

    Today we are releasing a pack of 7 grunge striped textures. The textures were made with stacking multiple layers and using various custom made brushes made from selected textures from startextures.com

  • 15+ Free Web Design Png Icon Sets

    Download all the icons listed in this article. They are all free to use. Click on the images to download.

  • 130+ Collection of Free Sports Icons

    A Collection of 130+ Free Sports Icons are listed below for you to download right into your desktop.

  • Blueprint For A Successful Design Blog

    The blogosphere is growing by leaps and bounds, and as the design field also expands many designers are looking to take their business and brand to a blog.

  • 40 Exclusively Reviewed And Criticized Deviantart Designs

    Something different. you’ll see every single one design here analyzed, reviewed and criticized a little bit. We try to show here small things you should bring attention to.

  • Clean Style Business Flash CMS Template from FlashMoto

    Clean style, elaborate page layouts, convenient navigation, minimalist color scheme – everything speaks for itself. It’s a professional business Flash website design powered by FlashMoto.

  • 4 Ways to Get Rounded Corners Using CSS

    Rounded corners are a common CSS effect these days. There are several ways to accomplish this effect, and how you go about implementing rounded corners will depend largely on what purpose they will serve in your design.

  • 100 Fantastic Twitter Profiles for your Inspiration

    Here are some of the best twitter profiles for your inspiration

  • Readers Choice Web Design Inspiration From 50+ Sites

    In this post you will find 50+ websites where you can find the enormous design list and you can submit your websites as an inspiration for others as well as you can take design inspiration from others sites, Compiled list of sites are similar to cssmania.com a design showcase site.

  • Web Design: 40 Fantastic Examples

    In many of my previous posts on website design I have always categorized the style of websites that I was showcasing. In this post, I have decided to compile some of the most visually appealing websites from all sorts of different design styles that are out there today. From retro inspired designs to the very creative. So if you are looking for some inspiration this article will absolutely get the job done. Enjoy!

  • Most Wanted Twitter Hacks and Plugins for WordPress

    This article has some of the most wanted and extremely useful twitter hacks and plugins that will allow you to maximize your benefits from twitter.

  • Going Beyond a To-do List

    Time is the more important than anything. Find out how to effectively schedule your time effectively and take your to-do list to the next level.

  • WordPress Plugins that Extend CMS Functionality

    In the world of WordPress Plugins, you will find thousand plugins which will enhance, and extend your blog to CMS functionality. They are what make WordPress truly extend-able.

  • Burnt Wood Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

    In this photoshop text effect tutorial we’ll be creating a grungy, burnt wood text treatment.

  • 25 Beautiful Retro-Themed Web Designs

    Retro web design is expected to further expand in 2010 as designers find more ways to honor vintage art. Here are 33 beautiful examples of retro websites.

  • 45+ Nice Typography Photoshop Tutorials

    Typography is an art of arranging text in such a way that it conveys a message all of its own. Typography carry a great importance with itself so we cannot ignore it.

  • Best of the Web: Design Community February 2010

    Best Of The Web: Design Community February 2010

  • Submit Your Links to 45+ Top Websites and Get More Traffic

    You can submit your links, blog post, News and rss feeds to the following top websites or blogs. Follow each sites guidelines and provide a link back if requested and to increase your link popularity.

  • 40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets

    We always present quality stuff for our readers and visitors, we also creating an beautiful roundup “40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets” they are better because all listed stuff really useful and variety of different formats. Most of peoples are fan of Apple products because they always produce powerful and fully user friendly machines what ever Mac Machines, iPod or iPhone all of these combines incredible sleek designs with advanced graphic user interface technology. All of these icons have been designed according to the modern styles which are helping to use in all mentioned products, also helping us in latest designs, hope you respected visitors and readers leave your comments.

  • Free icon sets: Controversial Politics as hilarious icons – by iconshock

    iconshock brings to you this free icon set, feel free to use them in your projcts, jaja, can u imagine !! using the vadimir putin icon in ur next software !!, yes yes yes, they are useless, but what the f**, we love to design useless icons ;)

  • Use Drag To Share to Submit Posts On Social Sites

    Recently while i was surfing few websites, i came across one feature that i think might be the latest and unique way of sharing post into social websites. Just by hovering the cursor on an image of a post, a ‘drag’ function will appear. While dragging, few social sites will appear and enabled us to drop the dragged image into it. We will then redirected, to the related social site for login and share the post! Its totally unique!

  • Free Illustration of a Vintage Car

    Retro and vintage have become increasingly popular. So, why don’t you download a free illustration of a vintage car?

  • You Have To Look At These 50 Creative & Meaningful Logos!

    If you want to search for inspirations for making logo, this article will help you a lot. I found this website very helpful, especially for those who wants to design creative & meaningful logo.

  • Contact Form + Contact Management System in PHP

    Simple Contact Form Manager comes with easy web based installer. This is useful for managing your contact forms submission made on your website. This script comes with the Autoresponder settings where you can enable or disable the responder system and much more features included read below for details. Easy to integrate into any website but make sure the page you are integrating should be in php an extension of .php.

  • Quick-MI and the Redundancy of Interoperability

    Today, Modular Innovation is a prevailing trend that can be described as products and platforms consisting of or facilitating Relationships. Understanding these relationships can begin with a closer look at Interoperability and the sub-category of Redundancy.

  • Simple Website Layout Using HTML 5 and CSS3

    a Simple Website Layout Using HTML 5 and CSS3 includes html 5 tags complete reference sheet

  • 9 Useful Wordpress Poll And Rating Plugins

    These useful WordPress plugins let you create your own polls and rating system to receive your reader’s feedback.

  • Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: March 2010

    A beautiful desktop calendar for March from the talented graphic designer, Emma Looney.

  • 25 Excellent jQuery Tutorials for Navigation Menu

    Lots of cool effects can be achieved using jquery so today we just started our tutorial series on Jquery starting with navigation menu. In upcoming days will write some tutorials on jquery for our readers. Check out this awesome Jquery navigation menu tutorials thank you.

  • 45+ Excellent Comment Designs For Design Inspiration

    Comment design is an art. Comment design is often overlooked by a lot of web designers when they are designing their blog. It tends to be one of the last things a web designer works on and because of that it suffers. This list shows 40+ blogs where the web designer didn’t just throw together the same old comment design and put extra effort into their comment design to make it fit with their blog design.

  • Community News Section Release on Djdesignerlab

    Community News Section Release on Djdesignerlab

  • SEO Steps to take after Installing Wordpress Theme

    There aren’t many articles outlining actual steps you need to take immediately after you install a fresh copy of WordPress theme. The information will attempt to do just that.

  • A Collection of Free Adobe Illustrator Floral Vector Files

    A Free Adobe Illustrator Floral Vector Collections in .AI and EPS Files are given below to all designers who are looking for top quality floral vectors for their designs and creations…

  • Photoshop Custom Brushes

    For the community a screen cast tutorial, explore the power of Photoshop brushes…create your own custom brushes from texture images.

    Thank you!

  • 5 Places to Submit Your Design Links That Actually Give You Traffic

    Some really good resources for getting traffic to your design articles.

  • 55+ Inspirations and Examples of Photo Manipulation

    Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means. Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.

  • 99 Alternatives to 99designs

    Just getting started in design? Tempted to try out crowdsourcing or spec work? Before you head down that path check out these 99 alternatives to build your portfolio, expand your skill set, and make a few bucks.

  • 50 Examples of Beautiful Illustration in WebDesign

    Have a look on this beautiful illustration in website design. To stand out from the crowd designers design unique and creative websites, use of illustration or character in website design will make it unique from others.

  • The Passion of The Freelancer

    What drives you as a freelancer? An article explaining what drives the best freelancers

  • 76 Free Beautiful Twitter Button And Icon Sets

    Twitter fever is upon us and it will definitely stay with us for a while. Whether you are a web designer, blogger, or developer, you simply cannot ignore the Twitter phenomenon. Twitter is also no doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now. More and more websites are trying to include Twitter as part of their social media marketing tool.

  • Sites To Sell Your Photos Online With Best Selling Tips

    Yes you can get extra income for selling photos online.For years,many companies like below ones,help you earn money from your original photos.I decided to write this post because 2 days ago 2 of my photos are sold from one these companies

  • 30 Free Online Photo editors for fun and work

    I have gathered 30 the best online photo editors. With these editors you’ll be able to use both for work purposes: quickly adjust your images as well as the joy of creating fun photo manipulation.

  • Letter from a coder to a (bad) designer

    In my work as a web designer I’ve come across designers that are able to work in a team and others that have no consideration for the front end coder that continues their work. I decided to develop on the subject and point out some of the most common drawbacks that arise when you don’t consider yourself a gear in a larger mechanism.

  • Photography by Daniil Timofeev

    Superb creative portrait photography by Daniil Timofeev, talented russian photographer, who works for Life Lab, a multimedia russian studio.

  • 30+ Best Website Showcase for Design Inspiration

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best websites showcase from around the world. We showcase CSS and Flash based websites and only the best sites will be on display.

  • 15+ Free Abobe Air Applications for Designers and Developers

    Adobe AIR, which stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a cross-functioning system runtime engine that allows web designers and web developers to create rich internet applications, and Adobe AIR is compatible with Windows, Macs and Linux.

  • 50+ Free Fonts Collection for Web Designers and Logo Artists

    Fonts should speak itself about the product. So in this article you can find some excellent font collection for logo and web designing.

  • How to Convert a WordPress Blog into WordPress MU

    WordPress is one of the best and very popular blogging platforms which is not only free but also released as a open source project.

  • 10 Firefox Addons Every Web Designer Should Know

    If you are web designer you absolutely use firefox because of Firefox has some cool add-ons which make the job of website designers much easier and fast. We’ve selected 10 helpful add-ons for web designers hope it will benefit.

  • 35 Ultimate Useful Android Applications

    Andriod (Google mobile operating system) market is growing day by day as this OS giving lot of user friendly applications, some of those listing today as our visitors and readers demand. Android on its way to bringing flashier features to Android phones. Android is a software platform for mobile devices, powered by the Linux kernel, initially developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance. Please feel free to leave comments for other useful Android Applications worth our time.

  • 50+ Unique and Inspiring Blue Logo Designs

    This 50+ Unique and Inspiring Blue Logo Designs are especially compiled for logo designers who are momentarily out of ideas.

  • Whats the Best way to Promote your Latest Article?

    There are several ways in which to achieve this, and I hope to discuss two of the easiest and simple in which to setup and carry out.

  • Design Envy : Make it Work For You!

    It’s natural, it happens to the best of us. And it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. We see a design that not only makes us stop in our tracks, but it makes us feel the creeping reach of that green eyed monster, envy.

  • 45+ Latest Free Wordpress Themes (January – February 2010)

    WordPress! is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build Blogs, Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made WordPress the most popular blog software available. Best of all, WordPress is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

  • Over 800 Beautiful Backgrounds

    I’ve collected a large number of Beautiful Backgrounds. You can use these backgrounds as your Website Bg. All backgrounds are present in a ZIP file, I’ve also pasted some backgrounds online for your convenient. So enjoy downloading it !!!

  • Over 500 Beautiful Frames

    Here are over 500 Beautiful Frames for you. These frames can be used for making different Wish cards. All Frames are Zipped in a file, some of these are inserted directly so you can view these.

  • 50 Newest Free Wordpress Themes for 2010

    In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, frash, free WordPress themes for 2010 year!

  • 33 Free Blue Patterns to Download

    Today, Blue Blots has decided to offer our readers 30+ Free Blue Patterns to help you create the perfect blue background for your website.

  • 33 Kickass Iron Man Artworks for Inspiration

    As a tribute to this astounding character, we have compiled 33 Kickass Iron Man Artworks for all Marvel fan out there.

  • Free Fonts Download Website Collection

    In this collection I will showcase some beautiful collection of websites where you can download fantastic free fonts.

  • 15 Best Websites that can make you a Web Designer

    HTML, Css, JavaScript are basic building blocks of a Web Page. A Web Designer needs to combine all these technologies to make a presentable website.

  • 9+1 Worthy Adobe Air Applications for Web Designers

    Firefox plugins are playing a great role in today webdesigners life. There are lots of useful FF addons that help us as a webdesigner have a better web designing experience. Adobe Air apps can also help you. They are small, lightweight, and mostly free! In this post we have featured 9 downloadable apps + 1 online app that are really worthy.

  • 7 ‘Scroll to Top’ jQuery Solutions

    In this post you will find seven jQuery solutions which allow your visitors to smoothly scroll right to the top of a page, making your website more user friendly.

  • 30 Coolest Minimalist Print Ads

    Minimalist ads are some of the coolest print designs around. By adopting a deliberate simple approach, the designer distills the ad’s message and must find the least-complex signs and words to communicate the concept. The resulting ads are often funny, like visual ‘one-liners’, sometimes enigmatic, and, at their best, are inventively lucid. This post brings together a collection of 30 minimal ads, a selection representing the best in this design form.

  • 40 Free Black Wordpress Themes

    Most of bloggers use wordpress as blogging application and therefore demand of wordpress themes are increased. Custom wordpress theme costs lots of money and everyone cannot afford this much amount of money and because of that so many designers and programmers release free themes to help bloggers. There are lots of list post on free wordpress theme so we thought why don’t we collect some good looking black colored free wordpress theme. Check out this awesome 40 free black wordpress theme, comments will be appreciated. Thank You

  • 40 Really Professional Looking Logo Design Tutorials

    Companies success always based on corporate identity, Logo always playing most important role in any brand or company success, specially when we talk about a famous brand the first thing that comes to mind is this Logo which we giving some technical tutorials. The hardest thing to do is to come up with the concept behind the logo, logo design is one of those thing that has to be perfected because a logo represents an idea which is brand and identity, you getting an amazing roundup that belong to famous designing tools as you know about like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw playing main role for designers to give some newest tips and tricks for create you successful brand identity.

  • Inspiration: 27 Great Logo Design Galleries

    There are many sources of inspiration that designers utilize when trying to get their creative juices flowing. If you are working on a logo design for a client or just for fun, this is a must see article. In this post I have assembled a great list of logo design galleries that will definitely inspire you to bring your logo design to the next level. Enjoy and happy surfing!

  • 50 Useful Cartoon Character Design Tutorials

    With these cartoon character design tutorials, you can easily get started and arm yourself with intermediate skills for character designs.

  • 100+ Remarkable Free Fonts

    From bold to thin, from extraordinary to minimal, exeptionally beautiful free fonts you should definately have.

  • 1000+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes In 40 Sets

    One of the essential and important part of the photoshop is the custom shapes.Most of the time we use brushes but also custom shapes are really useful which they save so much time.

  • brainmates Interview with The Product Guy

    Two weeks ago I was interviewed by Janey Wong over at brainmates for their brainrants blog. We touched on some really good Product Management topics in which I think you would be interested. So, here it is…

  • Interesting Examples Of Crowds And Signs Photography

    Photography is very interesting thing, you can capture the moments of your or others life and can enjoy it after wards too. Today i have collected the interesting examples of crowd and signs photography.

  • Amazing Christian Videos by Jesse Oxford

    Jesse Oxford a Chicago-based freelance Creative Director with skills in filmmaking, design, and live event production. In his nearly 8 years as Creative Director of Willow Creek Community Church’s high school ministry, Jesse produced over 400 events for teenagers.

  • Simple Portfolio and Gallery Manager in PHP

    Simple portfolio and gallery manager comes with easy web based installer. This is useful for managing your portfolio items or photo gallery. Enable or disable timthumb system and much more features included read below for details. 2 Styles of display options, portfolio or gallery style. Easy to integrate into any website.

  • Weekly Design Inspiration #11

    This is our selection of our favorite web designs from the past week, some sites we discovered, but the most of them have been recommended by our readers.I will gives you a weekly design inspiration of web design consisting of 20 to 25 design concept. To get your creative juices going. If you have a general comment about the site’s, we’d love to hear from you.

  • 60 Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

    Amazing results of Photo manipulation are possible with Photoshop. In this post well feature 60+ tutorials for creating your own photo manipulation. The tutorials shown here will teach a various variety of techniques and will work towards end results of all kinds.

  • 28 Awesome Examples of ECommerce Websites Using Grunge Design

    Grunge design is popular among the young population. Here are 28 best examples of well-designed ecommerce websites that make use of grunge design style.

  • Cognitive Dissonance: How Contradictory Ideas Affect Design

    Cognitive dissonance is a state of mental discomfort that occurs when a person’s attitudes, thoughts, ideas or beliefs conflict. When faced with cognitive dissonance, people are going to do something to reduce the conflict they feel. Understanding how this process occurs can lead some of your design decisions.

  • Do You Have What it Takes to be a Freelance Web Designer or Developer?

    For the past year, I have been doing freelance web programming and some web design for various clients, and I must say that the job is more difficult then I even could have imagined.

  • Create an Explosive Text Effect in Photoshop TUT

    a tutorial on how to Create an Explosive Text Effect in Photoshop in easy ten steps

  • Educational Blogs powered By WordPress

    If you think being a WordPress Designer and Developer is simply absorbing information, getting inspiration from others creativity and create something new, think again

  • 7 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Managing Your Time and Business

    The iPhone has been used in business environments since its launch, with a wide selection of free and paid programs available for any aspect of a business, from checking email to managing finances and exchanging business cards. Hundreds of new programs are being written and published every month, with the iPhone being the most widely

  • Hot New Design: Stylish Black & Red Flash CMS Template

    This Flash CMS template from FlashMoto.com is characterized by the strict color scheme, angularity and accuracy of forms and ultimate usability.

  • Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Yummy Vector Cupcake

    Almost everybody loves the bright and colorful food icons. With this detailed tutorial you will learn how to create a yummy vector cupcake from scratch. The source file is included.

  • CSS Graphs And Charts: 11 Hand-picked Tutorials And Solutions

    CSS Graphs and Charts are best way to visualize and present your data. Here we share 11 solutions for that.

  • Do You Have What it Takes to be a Freelance Web Designer or Developer?

    For the past year, I have been doing freelance web programming and some web design for various clients, and I must say that the job is more difficult then I even could have imagined. I worked for in-house companies for seven years, before becoming a freelancer, and I must say that I wish I had known what freelancing entailed before I got myself into it.

  • Making a PHP & MySQL File Download Counter

    We are making a simple, yet robust, PHP & MySQL file download counter, which will track the number of downloads on certain files on your server.

  • On Inspiration (For Designers and Bloggers)

    A story about a man left uninspired, and the surprising thing that worked to bring him back.

  • 40 Inspirational Next Generation Virtual World Platforms

    A virtual world is a genre of online community that often takes the form of a computer-based simulated environment, through which users can interact with one another and use and create objects. Virtual worlds are intended for its users to inhabit and interact, and the term today has become synonymous with interactive 3D virtual environments, where the users take the form of avatars visible to others graphically. These avatars are usually depicted as textual, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional graphical representations, although other forms are possible (auditory and touch sensations for example). Some, but not all, virtual worlds allow for multiple users.

  • Create a Seamless Folk-Flavored Pattern in Illustrator

    With this detailed tutorial you will learn how to create a seamless pattern composed of simple folk-flavored flowers. The source file is included.

  • 70 iPhone Inspired Website Designs For Design Inspiration

    The iPhone being one of the most popular mobile devices to develop on it was only a matter of time when companies and individuals started incorporating the iPhone in their web design. Here is a list of iPhone Inspired Website Designs For Design Inspiration I have found and I hope that they inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

  • 25 Awesome Websites For High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

    Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating attractive designs for various purposes. Fortunately, if you’re looking to brush up your skills or learn some new tricks for creating layouts and designs in Photoshop, there are plenty of tutorials specifically for this purpose.

    But, as we all now, thousands of tutorials websites already floating in the internet, from which many of them provide Photoshop tutorials. I thought to work something hard and tried to find the best websites from the ever growing crowd.

  • Tutorial on how to create a software layout

    If you are a software manufacturer and you need a great design to represent your company and your products then you need to design an eye catching web layout.

  • The Success Of Your Business On The Web

    An article about the changes in the marketing area when Web 2.0 arrived. Strengths, weaknesses and concepts that the online medium brought to marketing.

  • A Word of Warning for Wordpress Theme Developers

    An important tip for releasing your free WordPress theme.

  • Free social media icons

    This Social Media Network Icon Collection consists of 30 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16×16px, 32×32px, 48×48px and 64×64px in PNG file format.

  • 20 Eye Catchy Free 3D Fonts For Your Next Designs

    In this article you will find 20 Eye Catchy Free 3D Fonts For Your Next Designs that can improve user experience. If you are designing a poster and you would like to add a some depth to it, maybe adding a nice 3D font could do that without too much hassle. Just for this purpose I prepared 20 cool free 3D fonts. Try them out!

  • 50 Beautiful Examples of Red Logo Designs for Inspiration

    These 50 Beautiful Examples of Red Logo Designs for Inspiration will surely lighten up your day and will make you feel the love surrounding you this season.

  • Worn Cloth Icons – Transportation and Travel

    This worn cloth icons transport travel set includes everything that can move people, from bicycles to spaceships (bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, race cars, ambulances, police cars, buses, school buses, trucks, big rigs, boats, sailboats, cruise ships, ancient ships, a covered wagon, trains, cabooses, helicopters, planes, fighter jets, the space shuttle, star trek enterprise, rockets … Etc) as well as anchors, steering wheels, compasses, automobile gauges, tractors and earth moving equipment.

  • 50+ sets of Latest Photoshop color gradients

    If you are a web or a Graphic Developer then Adobe Photoshop is a necessary tool. If you want to do powerful work quickly then your Photoshop application should be loaded with all the most important things like brushes, styles and Gradients. Everyone knows the power of Gradients.

  • 391 Nice Computer Icons From Icon Gab

    A while ago, someone told me about icongab, a blog which provides so many icon set just like iconspedia & vistaicon. I amazed with their collections – they’re so beautiful.

  • 35 Amazing Stationery Pack Designs

    Brand creation and design is an awesome creative process and when it comes to transferring those brands across a companies stationery the fun starts all over again. I’ve decided to look for some of the most amazing and creative stationery pack designs across the web. This post shows a showcase of 35 creative stationery designs for business cards, letterheads and compliments slips. Hope you like it!

  • Top 40 Authors Of The Famous Design Blogs

    Today we’ve decided is to come up with an amazing list of the top 40 authors in the web design, web development and internet industry. If you’ve got your own blog that you want to increase the popularity of.

  • Create a Penguins Illustration Tutorial for Global Warming Cause

    Global Warming is one of the biggest problems of the 21th century. Global Warming is changing our world and the way we live, it destroying habitats of animals. In this tutorial I will show you how to create an illustration of penguins whose habitat is being destroyed by global warming.

  • 40 Free Professional Useful Icon Sets for Web Designers

    Most of the websites in this era have really graphical and illustrator based icons which using in software applications as well, the demand for well-designed icons are too much in these days also some companies specially hiring icon designers. We are with free professional icon sets where you seen an beautiful variety of icons, we listing most useful icons they belong to different platforms as you know windows, MAC OS X, mobile phones, gadgets and iPhone icons also listing for design inspirations. You can use icon sets in Web applications, website designs and on your desktop, If well designed, they make a great impression on others, hope you all really like these and leave you comments.

  • 38 Great Tutorials To Convert PSD To HTML/CSS

    You designed your website or blog using Photoshop.Then what?Then the design you created must be converted and coded to become alive.This step is a little bit hard but don’t be afraid.Every designer started from scratch,learned and improved themselves day by day

  • 150+ Free Paper Textures for your Next Design

    This 150+ Free Paper Textures for your Next Design post is basically a set of unique resources you don’t want to miss.

  • A Compilation of Free Retro Fonts for Designers

    The list is composed of 41 amazing fonts that you can choose from. This fonts are intended for retro designs, however, you can still use these for any type of concepts you can think of. Limits are void if you are a designer.

  • 20 Latest Wordpress Theme to Start New Community Blog

    WordPress is the most popular CMS not just because is easy to use, free, highly customizable, and very stable (OK, you must upgrade to v 2.9 or else). There’s one more thing – is so flexible you could do almost anything out of it. Today we’re featuring our favorite 20 Community Blog Themes for WordPress. Please leave other tips in the comments area.

  • 60 Web Design Galleries for Design Inspiration

    Web design galleries are the best way be keep in touch with latest trends in website designing and also for design inspiration. Web Design galleries also helps bloggers like me to create a list of inspirational websites or list of beautiful websites. So here we have collected some galleries for web design inspiration.

  • We are Calling all Web Designers and Developers: We Want to Know the REAL You

    This post is the foundation for a personal interview series we will start next week, where we will interview various web designers and developers that have been suggested to us by our readers!

  • Free rust texture pack

    Today we added a set of 39 rust textures on our texture website Startextures.com. They were all photographed on an abandoned section of Ljubljana train station. Most of them are parts of old decaying

  • Google and Its Official Blogs

    If you want to give your Blog a Web presence without spending a lot of time or money, a google optimization is the answer and this is all about google blogs.

  • 30 Amazing and Meaningful Action Photos From Real Life

    As an amateur photographer,action photography is also one of my interests.These kind of photos not only pause the life but also they are all really meaningful.With one photo you can tell everything without using hundreds of words

  • Free Illustration Featuring a House

    Download this free illustration and add it either to a real estate website, family blog or a business website.

  • Portfolio Web Design Inspiration on Dark Theme

    Portfolio Web Design Inspiration on Dark Theme

  • 10+ Rare WordPress Theme Options Page Tutorials To Get You Started

    Theme Options Page have become a necessity in every WordPress themes free and premium, and are very user friendly and self explanatory to set up. With the presence of the Options Page the user don’t have to edit the code manually.

  • 9 Free colored grunge textures

    A nice collection of colored grunge textures. Check them out, they are free to use.

  • Photo Blogging With WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, It also provides a popular blogging platform for photoblogs. Some of the best photobloggers use it to showcase their work, as you see in this article.

  • Extremely Free Wordpress Icons for Bloggers

    This post is consisted of 10 icon set with high quality icons useful for WordPress users.

  • Create a realistic leopard fur typography in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an animal inspired fur typography. Typography has always been an inspiration

  • 40+ Websites with Awesome Backdrops

    Again, now it is time for some more inspiration. Inspiration is the mother of beautiful creation. Backgrounds do play an important role in giving attractive look to the website.

  • Creative Typography Collection of Real Object

    Creative Typography Collection of Real Object

  • 60 Excellent CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques You Should Know

    In this post we present 60 Excellent CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques You Should Know that can strongly improve user experience, improve designer’s work-flow and replace dirty old workarounds that

  • 60+ Shiny Fractal Art Wallpapers, Includes Dual Desktop, iPhone & PSP Backgrounds

    I found so many shiny fractal art wallpapers with high quality & nice graphics touch in Blatte’s website. I’m going to share some of the best of his wallpapers along with their download links

  • WordPress as a Twitter-style Blog

    Microblogging is a form of blogging. A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically much smaller, in both actual size and aggregate file size.

  • Make IE works well

    As you all know, IE has the bugs that driving a lot of web designers crazy, we all went “Oh fuck!” when a client replied with IE viewing problem, especially IE6.
    Of course, there is also lots of hack

  • Wordpress built in contact form

    Here is a simple tutorial on how to create contact form on WordPress without installing any plugin.

  • 90+ Amazing Grunge Typography Collection

    Grunge is a trend that is probably the opposite of everything known as clean. You call it ugly or dirty but still it has found its way to let you make some fascinating designs.

    In this post we will be providing you with some amazing grunge style typography.

  • Special Collection For Valentine Day

    Wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use one wallpaper for a long time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration from it.

  • Pros And Cons Of 3 Popular CSS Meta Frameworks

    What is the use of CSS frameworks? Do they encourage less code? Clearer code?
    Are they useful in very specific cases or general situations? I’m going to look at the big three metaframeworks that exist right now: xCSS, SASS, and Less.

  • How To Mobilize Your Website

    The mobile industry is heavily growing. Many people don’t have a computer while commuting, but what they do have is their smartphone. Now a days you probably heard of the iPhone, Palm Pre, or Android

  • 25 Essential Tutorials And Resources For Learning CSS3

    There are many tutorials and resources for the CSS3. Most of the browsers such as Firefox, Safari already support some of the CSS3 properties. It is essential for a web designer to know about CSS3.

  • 30+ Enormously Useful Adobe Air Applications

    Today we presenting some most useful Adobe Air Applications, one of the most appreciated application platform, it has become a very much popular platform for internet-enabled desktop applications. This application (Adobe Air) with rich features helping for web designers and developers too, even web developers are able to build application using HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, Flex and famous tool Adobe Flash.

  • Most Creative and Fantastic Error 404 Pages

    The design of 404 error pages is often overlooked and underestimated. However, designed carefully, these pages can make a random visitor stay on your website, take a look around and eventually find the information he or she was looking for in the first place.

  • Extreme Grunge Seamless Photoshop Patterns 2

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) (740px * 740px) seamless Extreme Grunge textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • Website Design: 30+ Beautifully Designed T-Shirt Sites

    Everybody knows how trendy t-shirts are. There are some really creative and fun designs out there. Last November I wrote a post about t-shirt designs titled: T-shirt Design: 50+ Awesome Examples.

  • Custom Google Buzz Icons

    With all the buzz (shut it…) surrounding Google buzz the past 24 hours we thought it would be cool to release a set of web icons. We’ve included 16, 32, 64 and 128 pixel versions, a photoshop file of all the icons and the buzz bee as an eps. These are custom created by the unmatchedstyle crew, so use them however you want.

  • How To Fight Procrastination As A Designer

    In order to maximize your productivity and work time, you need to cut back on procrastination. The more time you spend procrastinating, the less work you get done, which is bad news in the end. Distractions are all around us as designers

  • Weekly Design Inspiration #10

    I will gives you a weekly design inspiration of web design consisting of 10 to12 design concept. To get your creative juices going. If you have a general comment about the site’s, we’d love to hear from you.

  • 54 Awesome Tutorials To Satisfy The Appetite Of Any Web Developer

    When a roundup of tutorials is done, they usual focus on one specific area of design, development or coding. However we at Pelfusion know that a lot of our web developers have their fingers in more then one area of development.

  • 50+ Online Design Magazines

    Design magazines have always been a great source of inspiration for designers. It brings latest trends and new ideas into the mind of designers.

  • The Lion, the Witch and the Macbook

    Some freelancers live in a fairy-tale world, where they spend more time on the computer than with their families. Find out how to solve this problem.

  • Beautiful Valentine cards for you

    Here are some Valentine cards which I’ve made for you, so you can send these to your Love One. These are absolutely Free, so I’ll try to make some more cards before Valentine Day. So enjoy and must tell me about your comments.

  • 48 Amazing Morning Dew Photo Gallery

    On this gallery, there will be only grass, leaves & flowers. I’ve sorted some of the best morning dew photos from Flickr & Amolife. They’ve done very good job to get all of wonderful pictures.

  • 20 Great Project Management Tools

    Project Management Tools can help us organize and manage project especially for team members that located at different locations.

  • 22 Places To Purchase Premium Wordpress Themes

    WordPress has become very popular with bloggers. Its simple and easy to use. One of the problems bloggers run into is finding the perfect theme. Now i know from my experience, that there are many awes

  • Web Accessibility: 6 Reasons Why Its Important

    Web accessibility is the idea of making websites easily accessed by all types of people including those with certain disabilities, different languages, or lack of access to certain technology.

  • 7 Questions for Jacob Cass

    Jacob Cass is a world-renowned web, graphic and logo designer residing in Brooklyn, New York and is the founder of ‘Just Creative Design‘.

  • 10 Stylish jQuery caption plugins

    Listed here you will find ten stylish jQuery caption plugins which you can freely use in your future work.

  • St Valentine’s Photo Manipulation Tutorial

    Indulge your beloved by creating a digital piece of art with urban style motifs out of her image.

  • 10 tips for getting your next client on Linkedin

    Linkedin is a great tool for research and communication.To get the most out of it, take a Goals, Strategies, Tactics approach and stick to it.

  • Creating Custom WordPress Themes: Part 1 – Identify Your Theme

    Have you ever wanted to create your own WordPress theme? If you know HTML, CSS and PHP, you’re already 80% of the way there.

  • 35 Really Essential Google Chrome Extensions / Addons

    Google Chrome was also part of those browsers war, but now chrome growing rapidly and now users have a powerful choice aside from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. We’ve taken some of most useful Google Chrome Extensions / Addons which may helping for everyone and make more fast your browser usage. Listed Google Chrome extensions, ultimate useful but not yet competing to the standard of Firefox’s offerings, but the early development is showing that Chrome users can now enjoy rapidly loading times and minimal footprints and enjoy third party Addons.

  • Mega Collection: Best of the Best Free Social Media Icons

    Like the title said, this is a mega collection of beautiful Social Media Icons that you cannot resist adding to your collection.

  • X-Treme Accordion XML

    The most advanced XML Accordion application. No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Accordion SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site.

  • 30 Most Beautiful High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography – Part II

    In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDR) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques.

  • 70+ Business Card Designs

    It has been almost two months since our last post on business cards. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh and creative business cards.

  • How Freelancers Should Haggle

    In the recession it has become an necessity for every freelancer to know how to haggle professionally.

  • How to Set Up an Image Gallery in WordPress

    WordPress is a excellent platform for placing lots of images in your blog. In WordPress presenting lots of images in a single post is not ideal.

  • 19 Popular CSS Tools For Web Developers and Designers

    Even if you know CSS very well some tasks take lot of time to complete and for this there are lots of tools available using which you can complete your projects quicker. These tools can help you in creating forms, buttons, curve boxes, pages and lots of different CSS generated stuff.

  • Solving The Issue Between Flash And HTML5

    If you want to stay abreast of all contemporary web development trends and innovations take a look at these suggestions concerning Flash and HTML5 development which are very urgent for the web design community nowadays.

  • Freelancer’s 911

    In real life we can call 911 in an emergency, but there is no ‘Freelancer’s 911’ to call. Find out how to prevent disasters in your business before they happen.

  • Giveaway:One-Year Membership From Elegant Themes

    We all know ElegantThemes is one of the most popular theme provider in this business.The site is managed by Nick Roach a talented and professional web designer/WordPress developer.

  • 30 Very Catchy Typography Design Concepts in Print Ads

    Typography is becoming the new black…even in print advertising. Here are 30 print ads with typography as the main or dominant element in the design.

  • Creating brochures: 12 step-by-step Photoshop tutorials

    Creating brochures is a lot tougher than most people think. Here are 12 Photoshop tutorials that will walk you through creating professional-looking brochures.

  • 30 Creative Examples of Glossy Effect Logo Designs

    30 Creative Examples of 3D and Glossy Effect Logos

  • 30 The Best jQuery plugins inspired from Twitter and Facebook

    The plugins in this article will allow you to insert in to your website very interesting effects of Social media giants: Twitter and Facebook. If you want to create Facebook like Twitter fan page or Facebook post on Wall effect, these plugins are for you.

  • Slow Paced Conversation Pieces

    In answering the question of Usability, “Can I use it?” the sub-category of Page Load plays an instrumental part. Conversation Pieces is one such excellent example of a web product with Delayed Page Load Time.

  • Valentine’s Day Themed Pattern Tutorial Using Adobe Illustrator

    Saint Valentine’s Day is coming, soon millions of will be giving and receiving gifts to show how big are their love. This tutorial aims to guide you through the process of creating a unique St. Valentine’s Day themed pattern inside Adobe Illustrator.

  • 34 Ways to bring Traffic to your Website or Blog

    If you want to promote your blog/website, so here are some tips for you to make your Website/blog popular and bring traffic to your website/blog. Also it is having some useful links of most popular websites on which you have to make your account to promote your website/blog.

  • 33 New High Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

    This post differs from the numerous tutorials in Illustrator that we have posted in this site, because not only does they provide useful information, but they are entertaining as well.We are proud to present 33 New High Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for illustrator users from every level.

  • Broken Heart – Anti Valentine’s Day Collection

    Valentines Day is almost approaching and every other blog is posting wallpapers, graphics, vectors for the ones who are in love. But what for the ones who are singles, for the ones who have nothing to do but watch couples from a distant on this valentines day, for the ones who have been dumped.

    For designers even this situation can be turned into inspiration. So, in this article I will be posting graphics showing broken Hearts and anti valentine message in it.

  • 3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons – Arrows

    This 3d glossy green orbs icons arrows set includes a wide variety of arrows and arrowheads. Many of them come in sets of 4 or more – up, down, left, right (dotted arrows, solid arrows, mouse pointers, refresh, undo, redo, download … Etc) as well as several hand pointers.

  • 30 Twitter Hacks and Plugins to Spice Up Your Wordpress Blog

    Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few months and Still, It’s growing like crazy. Twitter has surpassed Facebook and others to become the fastest-growing site in the “Member Communities” category. Twitter is a powerful marketing and promotion tool that no active blogger can ignore.

  • 50 Fantastic Examples Of Origami Art Work

    Origami,from oru meaning “folding“, and kami meaning “paper” is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding

  • A 1080px 18 Column Grid PSD

    A 1080px wide 18 Column Grid in PSD format to use on your next web design.

  • 30 Free and Fresh iPad Wallpapers

    This post contains the first ever set of wallpapers created by several designers and photographers in the web for the iPad. 30 Fresh iPad Wallpapers are compiled below for those who are aiming to customize wallpapers for the gadget once they have it.

  • 10 Must See CSS Sprites Tutorials

    CSS sprites are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests made for image resources referenced by your site so it will increase page loading speed.This post looks at useful tutorials for CSS Sprites.

  • Goddess cadeira photo effect in Photshop

    This photo effect is primarily devised for womens, but I thing mans also can get cool result. In this photoshop tutorial we will use some layers styles, photoshop basic tools and we will works with lights, a lot. This effect isn’t hard to make, but as you can see it is effective.

  • 40 Most Creative and Sophisticated Advertising 40 Most Creative and Sophisticated Advertising

    Advertising refers wide announcement. It is used to stimulate or even create demand or perception to some certain products, services or ideas. The increasing competition of business today asks for better ads. However, most consumers have already evaded ads, and even employed technical means to pick them out. Thus advertising makers are obliged to look for newest originality and to achieve best ads.

  • 21 Stunning photos and pictures with a beautiful quote

    21 Stunning photos with lovely quotes.

  • Use of Effective Typography in Logo Design

    To have a nice looking and creative logo is so much important for any brand. Logo represent your brand, here we are presenting you some uniquely designed typographic logo for design inspiration.

  • 36 Awesome Film Noir Movie Posters

    Film noir is a cinematic genre characterized by stylish Hollywood dramas that deal with the big issues of sex, violence and money. The noir world is full of morally dubious crooks, corrupt cops, insurance scams, gambling, drinking, false accusations, fast talking broads, dangerously attractive femme fatales, and murder. The movies were made by some of the most important movie makers of the 20th Century including Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles; it was also a genre that attracted some of the best talent in poster designers. Film noir posters mirrored the strong design aesthetic of the movies themselves. This post brings together 36 classic designs, laid out in chronological order, from the 1940s and 50s, the golden era of film noir.

  • 30 University Postcard Designs – Vintage Collection

    This post features a collection of vintage university postcards representing each university’s rich history. Let these postcards tell you the stories and see how the old campus buildings looked like before the advent of modern technology and architecture.

  • op 15 Jquery CSS Animated Navigation Tutorials

    Top 15 Jquery CSS Animated Navigation Tutorials with download able sources

  • 42 Striking Examples Of Snowboard Designs

    Since its Winter season, i decided to make a corresponding post. Today i bring you a showcase of snowboard designs. Snowboard design has become very popular. Almost every snowboarding company, now

  • Create a holy mountain scene in Photoshop

    A video tutorial in Adobe Photoshop teaching you how to create a holy mountain scene.

  • Showcase of Popular websites Developed using Drupal CMS

    Showcase of Entertainment websites, news website, corporate websites, government websites built in Drupal

  • New Year, New Design Of Themeflash

    The first Eight months of Themeflash.com have been great but it’s time to step it up into current trend. If you’ve been following or not following Themeflash lately, you’ll notice that everything looks new at this blog! Times have come to changed site and the site was in desperate need of a redesign in order to grow and improve in content and design.

  • 30 Most Creative and Unusual Fonts

    Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, so do fonts. Today we’d like to feature 30 of the most creative fonts out there.

  • Showcase of E-Learning Websites for Interactive help

    We are with something different today, as you seen below according to our title or article “Showcase of E-Learning Websites for Interactive help” this is totally new and too much demanding topic for all generations so we make an roundup about E-Learning website design inspirations in an beautiful showcase where everyone who want to learn something about own profession can visit there any related website and take information. One of most searched keyword is learning which is focusing Dzinepress team today and sharing about different field related website resources of learning as you can say: educational learning, guitar learning, basic trainings, language learning’s, typing tutors and also some search engines which are belong to learning resources.

  • Facebook Applications to Must Explore

    Facebook looks like every other social networking site out there. Not all Facebook apps are created equal. You can find old high school friends or coworkers and chat with them through their personal p

  • Some CSS Tricks you may have not known before?

    These are some CSS Tricks you will really enjoy. These are very easy to use, hopefully you will enjoy these. If yes then don’t forget to write your comments or Thumbs up it ;)

  • A Showcase of Astonishing Spaceship Concepts

    This post is centered on unique interpretations of space ship by several talented artists in the web.

  • The simplest breadcrumb for Wordpress

    There are of course lots of plugins for WordPress, especially breadcrumb. I normally like to minimalise my WordPress and use as less plugins as possible. Here is a short tutorial…

  • 35 Underwater Photographs That Stand Out

    While we’ve become accustomed to most people being able to take compelling and rivoting photograph’s, one aspect of photography that will never cease to amaze me is underwater photography.

  • 3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons – Symbols Shapes

    This 3d glossy green orbs icons symbols shapes set includes an assortment of popular symbols and shapes (check marks, check boxes, comment bubbles, flourishes, male, female, peace, power on, squares, circles, diamonds, geometric shapes, hexagon, octagon, puzzle pieces, happy faces, spirals … Etc).

  • Six Ways of Achieving Your Freelancing Goals in 2010

    Do you have goals for 2010? Whether you do or not find out effective ways of how to set and achieve your goals this year.

  • WordPress Themes for Health Professionals

    WordPresshas changed the face of publishing content on the web. There are a lot of choices out there for someone wanting to choose a WordPress theme for their blog. But, that aside, the quality is certainly there,

  • Guidelines, Tools and Resources For Web Wireframing

    This articles discusses general web wireframing techniques and provide useful guidelines, tools and resources for beginners.

  • 50 Excellent Footer Design Inspiration

    This post is a part for Themeflash design inspiration series, the series which focuses on inspiration on graphic user interface designs that will help you in enhancing your interface design skills.

  • 35+ Most Essential Wordpress Tricks and Hacks

    We have categorized the list into Post Hacks, Comment Hacks, Tags,categories and Archives hacks, Search hacks and Other General Hacks

  • 75 Fresh Business Cards for Design Inspiration

    For marketing point of view to any kind of business, its very important to have a good looking business card. Business card reflects the seriousness of you involved in your own business. Therefore we have collected some nicely designed Business cards for design inspiration.

  • 8 Web Design Trends For 2010

    With the New Year rolling in, the old trends of web design are pretty much rolling out. The entire web community has become vigorous to bring up something unique and make a name in this wild and ever changing world of the three W’s.

  • 30 Websites To Download Free Stock Photos

    With these websites, you can get access to unlimited free high quality stock photos and save cost of hiring photographer.

  • 25+ Inspirational Tutorials of Valentine’s Day

    Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the English-speaking countries, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. In this romantic event we just make an beautiful roundup about Valentine’s Day Tutorials, which is most important before this event because our designers community searching related designs, tutorials and graphics for use in marketing design campaigns or want to make e-Cards for our loved ones.

  • 21+ Javascript WebUI Frameworks

    There are times when a web designer will have to emulate a desktop program for the web. Here are 21+ javascript based web Graphic User Interface tools which can help design consistent UI elements across different browsers.

  • 35+ Beautiful Tooltips Scripts With Ajax, JavaScript, CSS & Tutorials

    Tooltips are the easiest and coolest way to show additional information or special reference, which is often shown with mouseover or click actions, Here We’ve Collected 30+ Tooltip Scripts vary from CSS,Ajax based, mootools and jQuery with cool Animation . which you can easily incorporate into your future designs.

  • 5 Excellent Wordpress Pagination Solutions

    WordPress Pagination enables you to paginate lists of entries. For example, at the bottom of my home page you can see a list of linked page numbers to enable visitors to jump to any page number they want, instead of “Next” and “Previous” links.

  • How To: Create Or Convert Website Into Mobile Format

    Now a days more and more people are using smart phones to access the internet, because of this growing demand web developers and designers must focus on mobile format websites too.

  • Invoicera Unveils its New Invoicing Application for Designers & Freelancers

    Invoicera has recently unveiled the release of their new fully blown web application with tons of powerful features to further simplify the management of bills and invoices. The new version is a complete makeover and you may probably even fail to recognize it.

  • 50+ Current Tutorials From Around The Web

    Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of January. You’ll find everything from a Colorful Retro Futuristic Poster in Photoshop, to creating a Surreal Desert Scene. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

  • 30 examples of creative infography

    The following examples take information architecture to another level by making it beautiful.

  • The Secret of Getting Things Done When Working with Freelancers

    This article will reveal you a secret, and a big one at that.

  • jQuery Plugin: CuteTime, C’est Magnifique!

    In addition to the inclusion of French CuteTime in this latest release, version 1.1 features: ISO8601 date timestamp compliance, insertions using the %CT% pattern of computed numbers within the CuteTime cuteness, support for all foreign language …

  • 50+ Beautiful Wallpapers for Make more Romantic this Valentine Day

    Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the English-speaking countries, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. Today we are with some really awesome collections of Wallpapers which are belong to an romantic day as we call Valentine’s Day, we can express our feelings to someone in this creative way of designing, we should wear these beautiful wallpapers to our computer desktop for keep celebrate everywhere this too much romantic event.

  • 50+ Free Valentines day wallpapers for your desktop

    More than 50 free lovely and romantic valentines day wallpapers for your desktop. These wallpapers will add romantic mood to your workplace. All wallpapers are high resolutions and free to download.

  • Maximum and Minimum Width Solution for All Browsers

    min-width and max-width is very useful command of CSS, whereby you can specify a minimum width for any element. This can be particularly useful for specifying a minimum width for a page.

  • 75+ Websites To Submit Your Design News

    Getting exposure is not easy, this is why i made this post. I feel bad, because there are many talented blog writers, that don’t get noticed. They provide great content, but only get a few views a day

  • Pro Web Hosting Free WordPress Theme

    Pro Web Hosting is web 2.0-styled, web hosting-related, free WordPress theme, courtesy of Chalcedony Design. This Wordress theme is suitable for web hosting bloggers with purple-ish colour scheme.

  • 65+ Beautiful Green Typography Collection

    Green typography is used to represent nature and eco-friendly styles. If anyone wants to use Green Color properly it can hell lot of amazing styles.

    In this post we would be providing you with some of the best green color typography you may have ever seen.

  • 31 Rare Wordpress Themes

    Here are 31 High Quality Free WordPress Themes.

  • Change Author’s Comments Color and Styling.

    Change Author’s Comments Color and Styling.

  • 25 Ultimate Useful Form Tutorials Using CSS and Javascript

    In this article I just featured many good looking contact forms, so you should know how the contact form is good looking. Now let’s take a look how to create outstanding and beautifully designed form element from scratch ourselves. Things can get tricky even if you are experienced designer.Although It Is hard to attract visitors attention, but this article should help to stand out and create semantically correct, good looking and accessible web forms, radio buttons, buttons, checkboxes, field sets and everything that come to your mind when you are creating contact or login page!

  • Photoshop Tips and Tricks

    Photoshop basic tips and tricks alongwith technique, mostly Photoshop user don’t know these basic techniques. Please visit and let me know have you ever known these Tips and Tricks?

  • Web Development Gurus To Follow Round 1: JavaScript

    In a multi-part series, I am compiling lists of Web Development Gurus that you must check out and follow through their blogs or on Twitter! In my opinion, it is essential to be in contact with fellows colleagues in your field to really learn the tricks of the trade.

  • Monday Morning Inspiration #31

    Every Monday Morning we’re give you a bunch of cool design Inspiration. Do you wanna share your Work, next Monday, in this Post join our Flickr Group!

  • Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in January 2010

    This update covers tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in January 2010. Featured publications include: A List Apart, Perishable Press, DevSnippets, Webdesigner Depot, Nettuts+, Inspiring Pixel, Gaya Design, PV.M Garage, Line25, Woork Up, Six Revisions, Tutorialzine and more.

  • 40 Most inspiring vector character illustrations

    Having a unique design is a must to get your visitor’s attention. Vector characters can establish a memorable image of your site in the reader’s mind which stands through the toughest of times.In this article, I have showcased some of the best and most inspiring character illustrations.

  • 180 Resources sites to download Royalty Free Stock images

    Everyone like photographs and like to mix with your creative work in design community.we have to be aware of copyright policy of every image we use.-some images are to be paid and some are free. We ne

  • 30+ Very Useful Color Tools For Designers

    Choosing the right colors and color combination for your web or print design is crucial when trying to invoke a certain feel, reaction or emotion from your viewers. In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of color selectors / color combination tools to make the selection process a little easier when trying to figure out what colors to use in your next design. All these tools are unique in their own way, so find the one that is right for your design needs and good luck with that next big project. Enjoy!

  • A Showcase Of Web Design In Hollywood

    We’ve seen a lot of showcases of web design in specific countries or specific industries but something that hasn’t been done yet is a showcase of the best and worst website designs in Hollywood.

  • Avatar movie inspired best designers artworks

    Looked at deviantART community, I noticed that a lot of designers designing their works of art of the Avatar movie basis. This led me to create this article, where I summarized the best artworks of designers that where created inspired by the Avatar movie. If you are the Avatar movie fan, these works you must interested in.

  • Free Icons: Ultimate Resource List

    In the past months I have written a couple of articles on icons; the most recent titled: Freebies: Social Media Icons for Your Blog. In that post I wrote about the importance of using social media icons in your web design or blog. In today’s post you will find a list of 50+ websites and blogs that offer thousands of icons for free. In this great list of websites you will definitely find all your icon needs. Happy Surfing!

  • Rainbow Colorful Glowing Text Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

    One of our new team member showing his effort in this beautiful tutorial where you can learn about “Rainbow Colorful Glowing Text Effect” using Adobe Photoshop CS3, in this tutorial we create this effect through easy to pick techniques and everyone can do like this, hope everyone leave comments for this author because he will work hard in future.

  • 35 Examples Of Creative And Meaningful Typography Art

    Typography is one of the most creative art which blends silhouettes,shapes,3D and illustrations with words and letters.This is not only the technical creation but

  • Give Your Resume a Creative Boost

    No matter what your situation is, it is always prudent to have a well crafted resume to call upon when needed. It is your ticket to new job opportunities and clients.

  • Web Resources Blogs Powered By WordPress

    The Web has become a huge resource for pretty much everything—the idea of having a library in every home is virtually a reality. However, the problem is that there is no librarian to guide you through it and maintain a certain level of quality in the material made available.

  • Web Design – What are Client’s Requirements?

    The best among the best web designs are those that revolve around your clients requirements. “Client is always right”, and if your web design company acknowledges this fact, it has paved way for prosperity and long term sustainability in this field of web designing.

  • 10 Sites to Make Business Cards Online

    Make business cards online easily without the need for a graphic design software or design experience with the easy-to-follow online business card makers.

  • The Smashing Book in Review

    The Smashing Book has been well praised from within the web design and development community. Smashing Magazine typically releases high quality content but does the book live up to the hype?

  • 18 Useful Wordpress Contact Form Plugins

    Here, we share 18 useful WordPress Contact Form Plugins where you can build you contact form easy without programming skill.

  • Freelancer’s Blur: Coffee and TV

    Rarely do we wonder at the effects of these things on our work-life. Find out how caffeine and TV effect our work.

  • Fresh Examples of web 2.0 Designs and Interfaces

    Fresh Examples of web 2.0 Designs and Interfaces gathered from DA

  • 40 Latest Trend Vintage and Retro Business Cards

    Every company need an identity for advertise his brand and business cards also part of any company identity which will play major role in brand or company marketing and when we follow some latest techniques for our graphic design campaigns them brand looks more attractive as we shown in our today article “40 Latest Trend Vintage and Retro Business Cards”. Here in this beautiful vintage and retro business card designs you may take some design ideas because we specially arrange an well vintage designed showcase for our design lovers who were finding these kind of latest and different design ideas.

  • 5 Tools for Web Designing

    Every kind of work implies the use of tools to make it more productive and professional.

  • Why everyone goes blogging?

    More and more people are starting to have a blog. But I have a question, what is the main cause which determines them to make a blog? Here’s a few answers!

  • The Evolution of Popular Brand Logos

    This post is about logos, we see them all the time. For example on mobile phone, on cars, in TV and not at last on clothes. Some people pay a lot of money for a T-shirt with a special Logo. But what exactly is a Logo?

  • Creative Advertising Photography And Photo Manipulation By Fred Perrot

    For your inspiration doze i have selected a talented artist named Fred Perrot. He is France’s leading advertising photographer and has done many projects for BMW, Absolut, Peugeot, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Tefal, Renault and Nespresso.

  • How to Increase Productivity by Simply Disconnecting

    Tried and true suggestions to immerse yourself in work and not be sidetracked by technology.

  • Warm Amber Photoshop Patterns Part 3

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px or 740px * 740px) seamless Warm Amber (part 3) textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • Create an Old and Stained Newspaper Icon in Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create an Old and Stained Newspaper Icon from scratch. We will learn some basic to intermediate techniques in Photoshop such as making use of brushes, textures, masking, the burn tool and a lot more!

  • 10+ Wordpress Frameworks for Theme Development and Customization

    WordPress is the most frequently used Content Management System (CMS). The beauty of WordPress is that it allows maximum customization to everyone either freely hosted by WordPress.com itself or standalone on your own host.

  • Four Types of Freelancing: Running a Freelance Business Full-Time

    This is part 3 of a 4 part series that looks at dif­fer­ent approaches to free­lanc­ing and which one may be best for your sit­u­a­tion.

  • 5 Alternative And Tiny CSS Grid Systems

    CSS Grid Systems can save us a lot of development time. Despite the most popular CSS Frameworks that we covered before, there are still some tiny CSS Grid Systems that worth a look.

  • Websites Inspired by Flowers – Part 2

    Make sure that every website decorated with floral graphics looks as unique as every flower. Also, the article is a perfect source of inspiration.

  • 8 Best Twitter Statistics and Analytics Tools

    Almost everyone knows the power of twitter now but very few know how to get more out of it. To use Twitter fully and become successful, you must check statistics of your account and analyze it.

  • Hostway : The First to Integrate Automatic SiteMap

    Hostway Corporation will start rolling out to its 1.5 million retail and channel customers innovative technology in February.

  • Show Adsense Only to Search Engine Visitors

    Happily, this solution displays your AdSense ads to search engine visitors only, which means more clicks and a higher CTR.

  • Free Illustration That Businessmen Would Love

    An illustration featuring the globe is always a perfect match when it comes to a business website or a corporate blog. Note: for a limited time only it’s available free of charge.

  • Working with Flash: Tips & Tricks to Create a Detailed Image

    “God is in the details”. This is a phrase I’ve heard many times before. Perhaps this is why I love taking a closer look at all the small details that make up a whole.

  • 37 Cool Wordpress Hacks And Tutorials You Should Try

    You know WordPress comes with standart functions and we use many plugins or codes to give our blog a different look or functions.Of course we have to use these kind of plugins and hacks if we definetely need them.

  • 55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

    This article has some of the most wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that you will definitely find useful.

  • Twine Tied Up in Load Time

    In answering the question of Usability, “Can I use it?” the sub-category of Page Load plays an instrumental part. Twine is one such excellent example of a web product with Poor Page Load Time.

  • Create Avatar movie poster in Photoshop

    This tutorial elaborates how you can create a Navi image of any usual photo as you add impressive text and backgrounds to make an Avatar movie poster. Let us begin to see how you can get this amazing Navi photo effect in just 8 easy steps.

  • Creative 404 Error Pages With Characters


  • Create Lady Birds Insect Tutorial Using Adobe Illustrator

    Lady birds, is there any other insect that symbolize the prosperity and freshness of the nature more? You can find these cute being almost anywhere and they won’t ever cause anything but cheers. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a cool lady bird using Adobe Illustrator. We always offer 100% free design inspirations so that’s why you can also download source file of Adobe Illustrator (.ai file format), hope you will write your comments for more motivations.

  • Create A Cool Typography Effect in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, we’re going to use Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop CS4 to create some really cool-looking effects to decorate our Typography. We will be using a combination of layer styles, color blending,

  • 70+ Brilliant Examples of Logotype and Typography Inspiration.

    Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques.

  • Photoshop Pen Tool: Love it or Leave it

    Pen tool is the most unpopular tool among new users of Photoshop. Here are ten tutorials to help you master the pen tool, the most powerful tool in Photoshop.

  • 10 Critical Design Factors

    Website is design kind of a window through which a company, firm, or an individual represent the services or products.

  • Create Dynamic Distortion Effects

    This awesome piece of work is by Doucin Pierre computerArts. In this tutorial he will explain how to Brings velocity and meltdown to your subjects with a little Photoshop magic. In the following steps, he’ll let you in on one of the most effective and easily mastered techniques that I use to make striking, dynamic distortions of subjects…

  • Monday Morning Inspiration #30

    This Post belongs to our “Monday Morning Inspiration” Series. Every Monday Morning we’re give you a bunch of cool design Inspiration. Do you wanna share your Work, next Monday, in this Post join our Flickr Group!

  • Creating rounded corners with CSS2 & CSS3

    Rounded corners are as popular as ever with web designers and there are a multitude of ways that they can be created. This tutorial show’s you several methods to add rounded corners using both CSS2 and CSS3.

  • 100+ Truly Stunning Skateboard Designs

    In the month of December I wrote a post titled: 60+ Amazing Snowboard Designs. I started snowboarding as a youngster and have become pretty good at it since. One of the things I never really mastered was skateboarding. While all my friends were playing and riding around with their skateboards, I was on my bike. The one thing I do appreciate about skateboards are the creative graphics on the boards.

  • Superb Jquery Image Effects and Tooltips Tutorials

    a Superb Jquery Image Effects and Tooltips Tutorials collection

  • 20 of the best Free Premium-like wordpress themes

    What I have collected here is something which most of us wished we had it before we started our blogs. I have collected over 20 of the most awesome free themes with premium like functionality and design

  • Win Tuts network subscription

    We are happy to inform that Our first Giveaway is Sponsored by Skellie from Tuts+ Network. You can get a chance to win TUTS+ subscription.

  • StockFuel – 500 credit giveaway!!

    We are happy to announce our first competition. The 1000th member to sign up to our site will receive 500 free credits! If the user is referred to the site by an existing member, they will also receive 500 free credits!

  • 40 Photoshop Tutorials To Create Gorgeous 3D Text Effects

    You can use Photoshop perfectly but more important thing is the creativity in mind.First you will imagine and then you have to show your technical skills.Especially when you start working with text,the imagination becomes more important for us.

  • 45 Free Most Wanted iPhone Games

    I am sharing one of my oldest hobby which is games, but today in this modern world we are striking with some amazing and most wanted free iPhone games, iPhone is like online multimedia smart phone which contains the main functions of several popular in famous gadgets.
    iPhone games specially designed according to user experience and this gadget have variety of features as we can imagine before in past, as examples: Multi-Touch interface, the accelerometer, GPS, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional audio.

  • StockFuel.com – the quality creative stock resource

    StockFuel.com sells top quality, well priced creative stock for your web, flash, multimedia, print, audio and video projects.

  • 15 Inspiring Transparent Business Cards

    Here is a list of 15 transparent business cards just in case you need some inspiration. Transparent cards are a good choice if you want your card to stand out.

  • 40 Remarkable Web Designs with Magazine and Newspaper Style

    Everyone is driven by one or the other source of inspiration. This time there is once again a contribution, which you should simply provide inspiration. Generally, having magazine or newspaper style in web designs is very traditional as earlier the sites were heavy content driven.

  • 10 Virtues of Website Design

    How to keep the clients happy and keep them coming back or sending referrals? 10 virtues to be considered while designing website will help you!

  • 26 Well Designed Websites that Help Haiti

    Examples of effective and well designed websites of non profit organizations that help Haiti

  • Firebug Demystified

    Firebug is an exceptional tool that can increase your productivity many fold. However it is amazing to see a large number of web developers working without it. This article covers essential overview, useful tips and links to some really awesome resources that will help you master this wonderful tool.

  • Amazing 3D Room Interiors

    a Amazing 3D Room Interiors renders collection

  • Joomla Showcase: 44 Beautiful Joomla Website Designs

    There are a lot of beautiful Joomla websites and this article showcases 44 Joomla designs which include E-commerce, online magazine and also personal blog.

  • Really Useful CSS Tips and Tricks for Web Designers and Developers

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is most important language technique for web designing and development, we mostly prefer in our modern designs where some new techniques also introduce like CSS3 and some third party scripts as well which can help in latest website designs. Now CSS offering many advanced advantages which helping in table-less and web 2.0 designs, as you know number of websites offering tips and tricks about CSS, but we choose some very useful techniques which you cannot ignore as designer or developer.

  • 20 Must Have WordPress CMS Plugins

    WordPress was build to be used for blogging only but with the use of many valuable plugins you can extend it to a full content management system. I don’t think so if anything is left out which you can’t find in Plugins, means you can turn your WordPress into whatever you want.

  • 50 most brilliant typography designs for inspiration

    As designers, we cannot escape typography. It’s everywhere on the web. It’s in the air we breathe, the things we see and most importantly, it’s in every design that makes us go ‘Wow!!’

  • 10 Amazing Web Design Tutorials

    Web design is about the pleasures and habits. With a tutorial that will be explained later, we’re sure you will have the ability to design and develop the site with the design and layout is interesting. This tutorial is very easy to follow and fun to do! . Here are 10 Amazing Web Design Tutorials to help you get started.

  • 12 really useful CSS tools

    Tons of cool CSS tools were created to make your life easier and keep web designers’ work barable

  • jQuery ThreeDots: yayQuery Plugin of the Week!

    I’ve been a fan of yayQuery since shortly after their initial podcast episode. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise and elation when I heard them announce that my ThreeDots plugin was this week’s jQuery Plugin of the Week… almost falling down the stairs as I listened this past Friday while entering the subway here in NYC.

  • Best of the Web for the Week of January 10, 2010

    Today we are showcasing “Best of the Web”. We have scoured the internet in search of other design driven blogs and websites to showcase what they have to offer for the week of January 10, 2010. There is plenty of great stuff out there such as tutorials, freebies, resources and lots of inspirational pieces. I am confident that your designs will benefit from these hot new finds.

  • Free xhtml/css Templates for WEB DESIGN from Templateworld

    All templates in this section are FREE, table less, W3C-compliant web design layouts designed by Template World designers. These templates have been tested and proven compatible with all major browser environments and operating systems.

  • How to Socialize Your Website

    In order to succeed and combat the competitive online world, you need to maintain a good reputation online. A good reputation not only builds confidence and grows sales, but ultimately leads to better revenues and higher profitability.

  • 80+ Professional PSD Logos (Fully Customizable)

    There are a great bunch of logos out there that can inspire you to create your own, however it is very difficult to find customizable logos that are free and let you tweak them to your needs. The guys from Shaboopie.com were frustrated when they couldn’t find any customizable logos to play with so they made their own.

  • Design a custom Wordpress theme

    Find out how you can customize your theme in a way that suit your blog’s topic. See how the customization is done by changing graphic without touching the core coding.

  • 20 Amazing Creature Illustrations by Imaginism

    a 20 Amazing Creature Illustrations by Imaginism collection

  • 35 Amazing Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers

    We hope everyone need to change and something different for make 3D your desktop we participating with some amazing effort of Fantasy Art and 3D desktop wallpaper,s where you seen some super hero inspirational characters and also abstract art. In these digital art works we must choose wallpapers and make own gallery about creative abstract wallpapers and use in our desktop for more beautiful.

  • 6 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

    If your website has well defined goals like increasing sales, generating leads, disseminating information, corporate branding, products exposure…

  • 35 Popular Free Online Photo Editing Tools

    We can use many programs to edit images and our first tool is of course Photoshop but there are many free online resources to edit,to give effects and share the final images with our friends.

  • Free Illustration – Perfect for a Nightclub Website

    Hurry up to download a free illustration featuring a beautiful girl dancing in a nightclub. It’s available for one week only!

  • Corporate WebSites Powered By WordPress

    Blogging is a fast changing medium. The way internet users view blogs today is vastly different to how it was just two or three years ago.

  • 40 Mind Blowing Surreal Photo Manipulations

    a 40 Mind Blowing Surreal Photo Manipulations post

  • Mind Blowing Illustrations & Branding By Fully Illustrated

    While browsing internet i came across a media company named ‘Fully Illustrated’ which offers creative services, from design and branding to illustration and 3D motion graphics.

  • Showcase of 40+ Exceptional Orange Website Designs

    We are showcasing some of great website designs using Orange color themes, in listing we showing most of web 2.0 design techniques, all designs belong to creative peoples portfolio which we more publicize to others for better design inspirations. If you are designer or company took professional and creative ideas and implement for your brand make more famous in design world because design always call peoples for more attraction of your brands.

  • Seamless Chromatic Mosaic Patterns – Light

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Chromatic textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • 8 Don’ts For htaccess

    htaccess file is a configuration file which is run over Apache web server. It is used to configure different settings and functionality of the Apache server for a given website.

  • Win 20 free copies of the awesome “ULTIMATE SEO GUIDE”!

    Today, I’m giving away 20 FREE copies of THE ULTIMATE SEO GUIDE. In order win your free copy of this awesome eBook, simply Digg this page and leave a comment. Easy isn’t it?

  • Importance of Website Architecture and Navigation

    Your website’s overall architecture (design) and navigational structure determines the success of your online business.

  • Twitter’s Crawl

    In answering the question of Usability, “Can I use it?” the sub-category of Page Load plays an instrumental part. Twitter is one such excellent example of a web product with Poor Page Load Time.

  • 22 Free High-Quality Icon Sets For Your iPhone

    iPhone is getting popular day by day and those who are using it have fallen in love with it. If you love iPhone too and want to give it a personal touch, you can do it via a new icon set.

  • Where To Buy Premium Wordpress Themes?.Top Providers Of The Theme Market

    Remember those times when you start blogging using wordpress.We all first look around for free themes and maybe we tried and changed our themes dozens of times.

  • 5 Fresh jQuery Plugins Make You Love Your HTML Forms More

    Working with HTML forms is really a nightmare because your forms always mess up. This post includes 5 newest and useful jQuery plugins that help you work with HTML forms better and love them more.

  • 30 Simply Amazing Graffiti Art Tutorials

    We proudly presenting an amazing list of graffiti art with full of colors and some really like abstract art work, Adobe Photoshop is truly beloved tool for these kind of designing, there is not only paints their imagination in multitude of colors but also refine them to create some of the most striking graffiti graphics.There is simply awesome graffiti art techniques using tools, tips and tricks, most of the Photoshop lovers will enjoy all tutorials.

  • Design Professionals on WordPress

    Sometimes words alone are not enough to convey a message. However, creating a Web page that includes both text and pictures is more involved than randomly inserting graphics on the page.

  • Wow Typography Art

    Combination of alphabets makes a whole sentence if its a combination in particular manner. But alphabets are not just use for only making sentences, sometimes it can be used as art. Now just check this images below, aplhabets are used to create art.
    So here some beautiful typography art for design inspiration.

  • Enhance Your Site With Website Maintenance Plans

    A good website maintenance plan updates your site regularly and always keeps the site up to date, thereby cutting costs to a minimum.

  • 3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons – Animals

    This 3d glossy green orbs icons animals set includes a wide assortment of animals (dogs and cats, bears, birds, butterflies, camels, cows, deer, elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys, penguins, rabbits, seals, snakes, spiders, turtles … Etc) as well as eagles and other birds, various types of fish, cartoon critters from ants to lady bugs, dragons, dinosaurs, and a few hello kitty icons.

  • Excellent Resources Help You Create Your Own Social Networking Site

    Ultimate list of resources help you build you own social networking site or community news site.

  • Newsletter Design: 50+ Great Examples

    A good newsletter campaign can be a great way to inform your subscribers of all your company’s latest news, products and specials. In this post you will see some great examples of newsletter designs from various online companies. If your in need of some design inspiration, this post just might do the job. Enjoy!

  • Create A Cool Typography Effect in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, we’re going to use Photoshop CS3 for creating some really cool-looking effects to decorate our Typography using a combination of layer styles, color blending, lens flare and images.

  • Pxleyes Top 50 Photoshop Contest Entries Of December 2009

    The 50 highest scoring entries in the Pxleyes photoshop contests during the month December (2009)…

  • 26 Creative and Inspirational Dark Colored Blogs

    Mostly webmasters prefer light color combinations in the themes they use and especially white is the most prefered color.But in the last few years,we see

  • Style your Web Design Using CSS3

    We are absolutely at an intriguing issue in time with the web. There are stimulating new characteristics in the pipeline for Cascading Style Sheets that will permit for a blast of creativity in web design. These characteristics encompass CSS fashioning directions that are being issued with the imminent CSS3 specification.

  • 10000+ High Quality Photoshop Brushes for Free Download

    Photoshop brushes are great tools that can’t miss in high quality tutorials and in creative designs. And now on the internet there are thounsands of Photoshop brushes available for free download. Today I will show a great collection of 10000+ free photoshop brushes that you wanna use for your next design project.

  • Free Funky Seamless Orange Patterns

    Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large seamless Free Funky Orange textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

  • Amazing Grunge Artworks by Alex

    a Amazing Grunge Artworks by Alex cherry illustrations collection

  • 85+ Art of Caricatures by Jason Seiler

    Really awesome work over there which we just receive from an Dzinepress lover who want to share with others an greatest artist work which is unforgettable and amazing Caricatures, excellent design inspirations for newbie’s of digital artists…

  • jQuery 1.4 Resources For Developers

    jQuery 1.4 include several changes and new additions to the framework. W3Avenue has compiled a list of resources for jQuery developers that will help you get up to speed with some of these new features and changes.

  • Create a Clean Blue Portfolio Design in Photoshop

    Have you ever wanted to create clean and nice portfolio design? In this tutorial I will show you how to design clean blue portfolio layout.

  • 50 Digital Fairy Tale Character Illustration Collections

    Today, we have put together a collection of digital character illustrations that are based on some very well-known fairy tales.

  • Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration – #3

    Here goes third Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration collection. This week collection also includes some recommendations from our readers. We would love to hear from you for our next week roundup. You can write us about your recommendations through Contact page. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.

  • Glowing Purple Neon Icons – Natural Wonders

    This glowing purple neon icons natural wonders set includes a wide assortment of icons from nature (flowers, roses, houseplants, palm trees, pine trees, rain clouds, rain drops, the moon, the sun, a few planets, and lots of stars … Etc).

  • 20+ More Amazing Portfolio Websites

    If your website design portfolio is not creative, eye-catching, or innovative, it will not matter what websites you have in your repertoire, you will loose that edge in the market. So, if you are like me, you love looking at amazing web development portfolios and being truly impressed.

  • Strategizing Web Content: The Right Strategy for Writing for the Web

    Users do not commonly browse the internet looking for a good design or decent user experience. Users browse in search of good content. The more effort you put into your content the better the pay off.

  • Most Beautiful Websites of 2009

    A selection of the most beautiful websites of 2009

  • 20+ More Amazing Portfolio Websites

    Like I wrote in “20+ Amazing Portfolio Websites,” your portfolio is the most important website you will design and develop in your career, because it is where you can really show off, be original, and stand out in your field.

  • 25+ Bundle Packs of Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

    This is very special Photoshop Tutorials based article where we sharing some famous Adobe Photoshop Tutorial roundups where you can lean many modern techniques via these famous resources who providing many roundups about designing stuff and we choose some greatest posts for you.

  • 20 Stunning YouTube Video Sketches for Design Inspiration

    In this post I am sharing 20 famous YouTube video sketches for design inspiration. Two artists Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger redraw the most famous YouTube videos with colored pencils.

  • Halftone Navigation Menu With jQuery & CSS3

    In this tutorial, we are making a CSS3 & jQuery halftone-style navigation menu, which will display animated shapes in accordance with the selected navigation link.

  • The 7 Components Of Design

    Before solving complex design problems you need to understand the basic components of design at your disposal. Much as a musician seeks to understand pitch and rhythm, melody and tempo, a designer should seek a greater understanding and control over unity, gestalt, space, dominance, hierarchy, balance, and color.

  • 50 Packaging Designs That Pack A Punch

    There is an old adage that taught us: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” but in a world where there are thousands of competitors for any one specific product, this does not hold true.

  • Online Resources for WordPress Developers and Designers

    Whats make the WordPress the most appealing Internet Development platform today? I thing It is a combination of flexibility and a great User Friendly Content Management System for blogging as well creating websites.

  • Crazy Photo Manipulations by Sebastian Niedlich

    Ultra cool and kinda creepy these creations really spark the imagination into overdrive.

  • 10 SEO Tips for Web Designers

    It is useless to have the best designed website which no one can find! Many web designers often ignore search engine optimization to improve their website’s search engine results page rankings.

  • The Top Overlooked Photoshop Tutorials of 2009

    Here’s a second chance to catch up on our top overlooked tutorials of 09. Hope you guys and gals enjoy and here’s to a great 2010.

  • 43 Free Wordpress Themes that Look Totally Premium

    You want to compete against the biggest sites on the internet and think that you need a hell expensive wordpress theme for this? Think again. Today, you can download a totally gorgeous, premium looking wordpress theme — absolutely free. This list of 43 WP themes is a good way to get started…

  • 50 Incredible Asian Vector Portraits

    A vector portrait is basically a computer-generated work of art made up of lines. The coordinates of these lines, which contain blocks of colour between them, are plotted with the aid of computer software. Vector images can easily be differentiated from bitmap (raster) images, which are arranged as arrays of individual pixels.

  • Create A Cute Vector Octopus in Illustrator with Simple Shapes

    In this Illustrator tutorial, we will learn how to Create A Cute Vector Octopus in Illustrator with Simple Shapes. This is a pretty simple illustration of an octopus using basic Illustrator tools and shapes.

  • 70+ Resources for Wordpress Theme Development and Learning

    WordPress is surely a