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In terms of revamping Loon Design, I wish to do more survey to make my blog a better place for my readers. I install poll plug in which you can find it in the side bar on the right hand side of this web. You need to scroll down to see it as it is above the BlogRush widget. I spend about half an hour to put it on my blog. So, I guess it still consider easy to install and implement. You may need to edit some code in the admin panel. But don’t worry, it is simple and easy. They will guide you there.

Please Vote, if you think it worth a vote
So, anyone who think this blog deserved a vote from you then I will be glad of that. Your feedbacks are always welcome. I will change the poll question once a week or in 2 weeks. I wish to collect more date before I redesign the layout and decide what content I should continue and what shouldn’t. Actually I don’t really care what you dislike here but I think I can’t be selfish here. I need to consider my reader’s feeling also sometimes. Right? If you also wish to own a poll in your blog. You can grab it here ( There are many useful and popular plug in there. )

The comic as I said before was finally came out in draft and I still try to make it better. I also try to make more characters now. Frankly, this is my first time to make a comic. I found that it is pretty hard in drawing and getting idea as well. Many things need to be take into consideration. Then, I came out with this idea. I wish to include my readers, friendly bloggers (who linked me) into my comic. Well, maybe it is not a popular comic but I really wish to own it. It will be in 4 boxes comic like what you read in the star newspaper. It may be in a storyline based or may not be, still thinking of it. So, whoever wish to get involve, you can send me some of your details, a photo ( any size as I can see your face ), any idea what you want your character to be, anythings. For those who review my blog to own their personal comic character, I may put you in. But still, I wish to have your permission first.

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