5 Useful CSS Tricks

February 28th, 2008 in CSS by kailoon

As you guys know, I am CSS designer now working under a blog advertising company. Most of the time, I deal with the CSS codes and web design. I found that CSS is a useful tool to beautify your website. However, for those who don’t know CSS, it can be a bit complicated but once […]

Another Kind Of Animation Design In Flash

February 17th, 2008 in Articles, Inspiration by kailoon

Recently I am addicted to those animation in flash design so I search for some flash animation in Google. i like to watch animation in flash and series will be nice as it will have the noncontinuous story that you can follow. It is slightly different from anime that you watch currently. Sometimes you really […]

Most Wanted WordPress Plugins

February 9th, 2008 in WordPress by kailoon

How many WordPress Plugins are you using now? Are they necessary or are they all effective? I leave this to you to answer because you are the person who are using them. Well, there are thousand of different plugins out there and new plugins come out everyday. Each of them have their own functions and […]