CSS Sliding Door using only 1 image

May 27th, 2008 in CSS, Tutorials by kailoon

Before I know about this technique, I was using different images for each of the button I needed in a navigation bar. I found that it is not user friendly and also need more CSS coding. Besides, it is increasing the processing time and bandwidth in loading a site. In this tutorial, I will show […]

Free Complete Photoshop eBook from Sitepoint

May 19th, 2008 in Freebies by kailoon

Sitepoint is giving away free ebook – The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques. This is the ultimate Photoshop compendium for web designers. They only allow free download in a limited period of time. So, act fast. Follow this link and keep yourself a copy of it: The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web […]

W3 Markup – PSD to HTML

May 18th, 2008 in Review by kailoon

have you ever been to this site before? I visit their site for so many times already but I still keep re-visit because of the attractive order form they have. I visit their site and keep tweak around the sliders to figure out how they calculate the prices. The first impression when I visit a […]

7 Useful Web Design Tips

May 12th, 2008 in Articles, Web Design Tips by kailoon

What do you think about web design? You can find the articles related to “how to” do web design everywhere by mentioning as “top tips” or else. However, I did read it and find it useful. I recommend them to those who are willing to step into this field or those who can’t get himself […]