7 Things To Consider Before Submitting To ThemeForest

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I’ve been one of the reviewer of ThemeForest since the beginning and encountered some issues when reviewing files thus I felt that it is neccesary to share with you some tips and point of views in order to help those who are dedicated to be an author for ThemeForest. Below are 7 things to consider before submitting to ThemeForest. I compiled this based on my experiences.

Know the market

It is always a good practice to do some research before doing something. Don’t wait, browse through the ThemeForest categories and check out what is available. You can see the design trend, buyers’ preferences and how the items are being priced. There is always a reason why an item can be the top seller in a short period of time. If you couldn’t find the reason, why not purchase it and have a look by yourself? See for yourself the reason why the item is a top seller.


Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting any files. This will reduce the chances of you having to re-upload your items again after being rejected by the reviewer.
Take WordPress as an example, you need to include WordPress default CSS for the images. You are not allowed to include any plugins within the download but you can provide a link for download from the original source.

Take a look at this help file template


Know your expertise

This is common, do whatever you are good at. For example, if you are not good in jQuery, do not implement that. I am not stopping your desire to enhance your Template. Normally, people will read tutorials and learn the basics. Some of them will download the source files and edit. I am not saying that this is bad. But, imagine a scenario where a customer requests some modifications due to their site setting? Are you sure that you will be able to handle those requests if you have limited knowledge in the required fields. Definitely it will be easier if you recommend another developer to him.

Besides, try to use your strength and fully implement your forte into the template. If you are a talented designer, try to do your best and create something that is really visually awesome. Functions are not everything but your template have to be very attractive and not forgetting the usability and UI.

Niche or general

I will go for niche. The question is how narrow is it. Take a portfolio wordpress theme for example. There are a lot of portfolio themes available in ThemeForest. Some of them are performing very well. Their common attributes are a design that is awesome; ease of focus and easy to navigate. Priority is design, the interface.

A portfolio site must be good looking, attractive and able to attract the user to continue browsing. Secondly, it must be focus oriented. Your portfolio showcase is the one that needs the most attention. Finally, equally important is the ease of navigation and of course the ease in contacting the owner.

Maybe you will go for a more general approach, a personal blog or a magazine. This is also good if your theme can be used for various types of sites. Indirectly, your target user groups will be bigger.

Test your work

Please do not directly upload your item right after completion. I suggest you to recheck it in different browsers, test it in offline and also online environments. I strongly recommend that every author need to set up a demo site for their item.

This is optional, try to validate your works with CSS and XHTML validations (except PSD Template). This is will absolutely increase the value of your work not only in the eye of a reviewer but also in the potential buyers.

Files included

In ThemeForest, they request different files in different categories. But all of them require a good help file.

Ready for support

In addition, always be ready in providing good supports to your customers.


After all, I hope this article can let you know what you need to prepare before submitting to ThemeForest. Besides, there are a series of interviews of ThemeForest Top Sellers ( authors ). You also can read some tips from them and try to make some money from the amazing marketplace. Finally, I hope this article can help you. Thanks!

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