A Full Tutorial In Creating WordPress Theme From Scratch

July 14th, 2008 in Articles by

Finally, I’ve finish my tutorial series for how to create a wordpress theme from scratch. I will show you from Structuring, Designing, CSS coding and finally wordpress implementation. I divided into 4 parts. It is a very long tutorial. For anyone who are interested in learning how to create a wordpress theme. Or those who wish to know more about the structure about a wordpress theme. Or those who wish to modify their current wordpress theme. I recommend this to you. Spend some times on it. Any question, just drop me a comment there.

The Objective

The purpose I did this tutorial is to help the wordpress users to know more about the themes they are using. Besides, I also introduce how to use the custom fields which is a very useful feature of wordpress.

Share The News

Finally, I hope that the tutorial can be a useful archives. So, I hope that you guys can help me to spread the news to the community. Any good or bad comments are welcome. I know there must be some mistakes I made during within the tutorial. I hope that the pro wordpress themes designer won’t blame me but try to share their knowledge with us. Thank you. have a nice day!

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