Hi, I'm kailoon.

I am a freelance front-end designer & developer based in Malaysia.

Me #

I started my web related career in 2006. I have a bachelor degree in Multimedia & Technology, but everything I know of and on the web today is self-taught. I founded LoonDesign Studio and started providing creative design & web development services since 2008.

I am more of a designer-developer hybrid, or a design-minded front-end developer or front-end designers. I do branding, logo design, graphic design and I also write HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript that powers web user interfaces with a focus on responsive design, semantic markup, accessibility, and performance.

  • Standard-compliant.
  • Optimised for mobile as I take the mobile-first approach.
  • Fully responsive as I use custom CSS or TailwindCSS.
  • Cross-browser compatible and no IE, please.
  • Accessibility, a product needs to be usable by users of assistive technologies by default, whenever possible.
  • Vanilla Javascript whenever possible.
  • Optimised for performance because page speed is google ranking factor.

I work remotely from my home office in Malaysia.

Now #

Right now, I contracted to Envato as a senior reviewer for one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world — ThemeForest. I have been doing contract works with Envato since 2008, shaping the content library for ThemeForest & Envato Elements. You might remember me as kailoon the reviewer from ThemeForest.

I also work with companies and clients personally, building web sites and application UIs with a strong focus on responsive design, accessibility, performance. Over the years, I have the honour to collaborate with clients ranging from startups to SME. A few of them has grown successfully or getting acquired. Some of my featured clients are Envato, 99.co, Evercondo, MeetPoppy & Qbasis. Check out my portfolio.

Drop me a line at chankailoon@gmail.com if you have an idea in mind that we can work together. The more details about your project you include in your message, the faster I will get back to you. You’ll hear back from me within 1 - 3 business days. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂