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February 17th, 2008 in Articles, Inspiration by

LowMoraleRecently I am addicted to those animation in flash design so I search for some flash animation in Google. i like to watch animation in flash and series will be nice as it will have the noncontinuous story that you can follow. It is slightly different from anime that you watch currently. Sometimes you really can see the passion of the animator when you watch their product. The details, idea and creativity are spectacular. It is always nice and enjoyable to watch this kind of stuffs and it sometimes can inspired us and come out with something new.

Happy Tree Friends

HappyTreeFriendsHave you watch happyTreeFriend before? It is certified as Cartoon Violence (CV) and you are not allow to watch it if you are underage. “Watch on your own risk”: advice by Kai Loon. The way they present the animation is special but simple. It is nice and fun. The animation that I am going to introduce is another kind of style but also with simple storyline. It is related to our daily working life and sometimes we might also think of it. It help us to ‘express’ our feeling at that hard moments. How about you? Experienced it before in your daily life?

LowMorale By Monkeehub

LowMoraleLowMorale is a seried of animations showing a man in his work. how he see it from his point of view. There is no conversation or dialog in the animation but you can easily understand what he wish to tell us. The site also been featured by Macromedia in 2005. It is a product from Monkeehub which was found in 1979. From the description, I was told that the founder – Latih was drawing before he could walk … Can you believe that? I can’t even think when I was 4 … Maybe still playing with my shit on the bed …

LowMorale – The Music Video with flash

LowMoraleThere is also a Music video based on LowMorale character. It is really nice … The animation already killing me… not even count in the professional level of the music and melody. I like it very much. I am still thinking how he do those effects with flash. I do not know more in flash but I think it is using masking, am I right? If you know how, please let me know, anyone? Flash master? Really wish to know …The combination of the animation, lyrics and melody are simply perfect. One thing, pay attention to the character emotion when he is singing. damn real and funny.

JCB by Nizlopi

LowMoraleThere is also another site which you can find a nice song there. If you like it, you can purcahse the CD there also. The web design is also based on the same simple but nice pencil drawing with LowMorale. Well, this is all that I wish to share with you all today and I will keep posting some interesting stuffs related to design whether it is a web design, graphic design, flash animation or others that i might not yet find them. Personally, I do not in to 3D design, I prefer 2D graphic. Stubborn guy I am. But, the combination of 2D and 3D effects will always come out with something brilliant. For example, The USAVICH.TV. have fun!

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