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July 6th, 2007 in Designing, Tutorials, Web Graphic by

Today I am going to do a very simple but very useful tutorial. It is about the blending option. Blending option is a very important component in PS and if you can get use to it well then you can make life easy when you doing graphic design. I choose to use text for this tutorial and you may also be able to use this technique in other object such as the button, logo and etc. let’s start now.


Create a new document (400px X 200px) with white background color.


Type something with a bold font so that we can see the effect more detail. I use Arial Black, 48pt and type LOONDESIGN again.


Ok, let’s start with the blending option by double click the type layer. Check the Inner Glow Option and set the blend mode to normal, 35% opacity and 8px for size:


After that, Gradient Overlay with 100% opacity and linear style.


This is the most important part and you should do some experiments on this. For now, set as below:


Final step, Stroke Option, 1px inside stroke with 100% opacity and the color shown below:


You’re done! Easy, right?


Here is some other examples, hope you enjoy!

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