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cssmatesCSSMates is a forum site which is for all the CSS lovers to discuss all about CSS matter. So, if you are one of them, don’t miss this chance to meet the pros! There are many resources sharing there for your references. Besides, if you are a beginner CSSer, you can always ask for help from the pros in the forum. They are very helpful. CSSMates is Designed and Developed by Tweenty Six media and just has been launched!!! It always make me feel good to start together with a new site/forum. So, let’s talk about CSS today and join a better community site.

How Kai Loon See CSS in His Life?

Kai Loon is a CSS lover, so, I will not want to waste this chance to learn more and enhance my skills in writing CSS. CSS is a beautiful language for me and I like it very much. It drives me to the web design field from graphic designer. It gives me a name as a CSS Designer. So, I need to work hard to make the title worth.

What I ‘d Experienced There?

About CSSMates, I found that the forum layout is simple enough to navigate. But the design really need some enhancements. Maybe they are still undergoing the development? There is an error when I post up a new topic or comments with attachments. I can’t post with any attachments. I hope they can fix it later or give users a guide on how to use their tools. User friendly interface is always a key features for a successful.


Anyway, it is a good place for the CSSer to discuss and exchange idea. It is always a good idea to gather all the people with same interest and boost up the knowledge and skills developments. I hope that I can learn something useful there and also help those newbie or whoever facing any CSS problems. You may also ask here in LoonDesign if you don’t mind. Ok, happy posting in CSSMates!

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