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This is a horrible week for me … totally not in mood to work and creating stuffs. Well, I think it must be a reason why people call me the moody guy. Now, I understand why designer shouldn’t work together. If have to do so, then must handle different projects. Otherwise, they can’t produce perfect works (at least in their mind). Every designer have their passion to have their very own style and design in certain task. They don’t like other people (especially other designers) to modify their works.

Why no 2 designers in 1 project?

Different people have different kind of tastes. For example, maybe you like girls who enjoy outdoor activities but I prefer girls who are quiet and not that active. Maybe you prefer to wear a nicely to go to shop but I prefer T-shirt and jeans only. Well, human is unique and same with those designers. They will have their own thinking and imagination in their mind which you can’t never see it. So, if you are a web designer or whatever designer in a team. I hope that you are the only one who responsible for the whole design task.

When 2 designers are going to develop a web. The result can be good, nice, great or bad, ugly etc. But you will never say it is unique! It is because it done by 2 different unique human. Or maybe you will say that both of them have the similar kind of style but it will still some minor differences that make it not prefect.

Can I handle a web design by myself?

Well, every designer can handle it. The only matter will be how you see the task? If you like the job, you will think of it every seconds even when you are sleeping. I experienced before during the period that I am doing CSS for a web site. Those codes flying above my head when I am sleeping. In my dream, i am typing the code … Can you believe it? Maybe the result is not good in other’s point of view but I sure you will be very proud of it when you’re presenting to your clients.

Confident is very important for a designer. Usually, you will heard something bad about your style. For example, ” I don’t like this la, it seems weird lo”, “Hmm, is it better if we use other colors instead of the Dark blue?”, “hey, check this out! This is amazing! I like their design! You need to learn from him!” …Well, if you’re a freelance web designer, I bet you heard this before. Cheer up mate, you can say anything you experienced before, anything about your freelance experiences …

Am I too stubborn?

Hmm. I think I am. At least I can feel it sometimes. Well, I think it is good for a designer to keep on his work and create something new with his very own concept. We shouldn’t always look for the current popular designer’s work and follow it just like that. We need to find out WHY he can be so famous? What’s wrong with our works? Then, only we do some adjustments and create something new. People like new things that they never see before. Maybe it is ugly or not complete, but, at least, it is original from your brain. So, it is your baby. You will be proud of it.

I am not a good writer. So, maybe I can’t make myself clear on what I wish to tell. Pleas forgive me for my poor writing skills. If you still reading this line means that you are interested in this topic and my article. Then please leave me a comment. Thansk!

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