Devsnippets Launched With A $4600 Contest Prizes!!!

August 14th, 2008 in Articles, News by

devAs the name suggests, serves as a public gallery about everything has to do with design and development stages, from HTML/CSS to javascript and ajax to things like WordPress hacks. It has been a trend to have a small community, news submitted feature within a site. But now, they are trying to make it more focus and niche. Everyone can submit submit his favorite and most valuable code, design snippets and tutorials using the snippet and news submission form. but please make sure you do not try to spam. I have submit my articles on noupe since a month ago. It really bring in promising traffics and new readers also came in.

First Launch Contest

There will be a contest for the launching which worth $ 4,600! Check here for more details on what you will get if you win. It is easy to enter the competition. Log into, then login and submit the news. thats all! So, head over and submit some of your favorite snippets now!

Web Design News

just in case if you don’t know, LoonDesign also provide the web design news section. I build this after I know about it from noupe. I found that it is useful and it really can help the readers in building traffics and spreading the useful news! I quickly try to make one by customizing the comment.php in WordPress. After all, the reaction is quite encouraging. Do you mind to let me know whether it help to spread out your news? I hope it perform well and do help you in bringing in new readers!


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