Digital Photos Into Artistic Paintings

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digital photo into artistic paintingsBefore I became a WordPress Designer. I work as a Graphic Designer in a company which required me to all the IT stuffs including Networking, IT support, Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Storyboarding and Server Maintainer. So, I experienced to be a graphic designer before. I also do some research and study for that field. I like drawing, so that I always love those artist who can directly draw and paint in Photoshop. If you don’t what is artistic paintings, try to search for it in youtube with artistic painting using photoshop as keyword. They are awesome!

You can find it is too much for us and take long time to learn. Personally, I like the skills they have and also hope that I can get some tips from whoever knew it. I hope I can learn it one day. Recently, I found a software that can transform a digital photo into paintings.

GMX PhotoPainter

GMX – PhotoPainter is a digital painting software that transform images into handmade drawings.
Styles Includes:

Below are the sample from gertrudis graphics digital paintings :

digital photo into artistic paintings
Watercolor effect.

digital photo into artistic paintings
Pen & Ink Painting.

Kai Loon Point Of View

It is a good and useful software that can cut down the workload of a Graphic designer. As we know, Graphic Designer spend hours in front of monitor just to edit some minor part of the photo to increase the details and quality of the photo. If there is a software to help, why not? Photoshop also have such effects and function. However, still, “right task for the right people”. Now, “right software for the right purpose”. Thanks!

This is a sponsored review post. However, Kai Loon have the right to review the products from bad to great.

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