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This is a review on for an online photo portal in Malaysia – EOE Online. Basically, it provides lots of photographic products for online shopping, products trading among consumers and also allows users to order for prints online instantly. Besides, there are also some exciting activities for the users such as photo competition, photo gallery, photo dedication and etc. What I can say is it is such a heaven for the photographers. So, whoever addicted to photographing may interested in this post. You may meet your requirements and details on some products that you like. Give it a try!

Design / Interface

For the interface design, I can say it is simple and neat. But when come to web design, I think that the main page have no focus as it flooded with content and images. For the rest, it is still the same problem. But one thing is good where they using some line design to make it look more clean and fresh. They should use the priority of section to select which to be show in the main page and which to show at the bottom or in the sidebar.
Camera Gallery

Camera Gallery

Here you can find out the latest camera showcase, specifications and review. It is a good way to let users to get some info or reference before purchase on certain products. The best part is there is a function to let you to compare among cameras.


There are lots of activities available on eoe online such as photo competition and the prizes given are great enough! Besides, they also allow users to upload their photo into the gallery to share with others who also like photographing.

Shopping cart

This is page that show more consistency and functions well. It is easy to search for the item you need and they also provide guideline on how to shop online. The steps are being show clearly and easy to follow.


No doubt, you may find something in lower price here as they are always giving discount offer for members. It is up to 30% of discount.

Current Competition

Chinese New Year is coming and food is definitely one of the important elements of this festive occasion. eoe Online is taking this opportunity to reward KFC meal vouchers to members who found the most ‘Gold’ (big and small) with the highest accumulated points on the eoe Online site!
The Contest runs from 11 January 2008 (12:00hrs) until 29 February 2007 (12:00hrs).

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