Flexible Glossy Orb

June 18th, 2007 in Designing, Tutorials, Web Graphic by

I saw many kind of tutorial from the web about how to create a glossy orb effect. Actually, all of them are having the same effectsand look great. Today, I am going to create a glossy orb that can be resize and customize easily.

Step 1

We will start with a new document (500 x 500 px). Create an image as shown below using the ellipse tool. rename the layer as orb and doubble click or right click on the layer > blending option > gradient overlay:

Step 2

Create a new layer from the layer pallete or press CTRL + SHIFT + N, rename as overlay. CTRL + left click on the orb layer, with the new layer selected, use the gradient tool, set the foreground color to #000000 (black), select the radial gradient, foregrounf to transparent, and drag from the bottom to 2/3 to the top. Change oerlay layer‘s blend mode into overlay. You will get the result as below:

Step 3

Create another new layer and rename as white. Set the foreground color to #ffffff (white), ctrl click on the orb layer to bring up the selection, select the intersect with selection option, draw the shape as shown. By using gradient tool, foreground to transparent, linear gradient mode, drag from the top left to the bottom right as shown in the image below, change the opacity to 50%:

Step 4

CTRL + t when the white layer selected, resize the layer as shown and reposition the layer to get the best effect:

Step 5

Create another new layer on the top of all layers and rename as glossy, create a shape as shown with the elliptical marquee tool. Once again, with the gradient tool, linear gradient mode, foreground to transparent, foreground color #ffffff (white). Drag from left to right to get the effect as image below, change the opacity to 60%:

Step 6

When the glossy layer selected, goto filter > distort > shear, drag the point to the position shown below, reposition the glossy layer:

Step 7

Well, here is it. Now you should have the layers below in your layer pallete.


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