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November 17th, 2008 in Articles, News by

One of our sponsor Markup4U has recently redesigned their web site too. The new design looks great! I like the way they present the order form, it makes the order process way much easier and faster.

Here is another good news for you! Markup4U is going to sponsor for this contest. Let’s check out the prizes first.

About Markup4U


A brief introduction about them, Markup4U team converts your designs into top notch xHTML / CSS semantic markup or a WordPress theme.

You only have to provide them with your design in any common format and receive high quality markup hand-coded by CSS experts. Markup will perfectly match your design. Special attention is paid to Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility and Semantics.

Their service includes the following options by default:

  1. Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Compatibility
  2. W3C Valid XHTML Strict, W3C Valid CSS
  3. Level A Conformance to WCAG 1.0
  4. Search Engine Optimization

The Prizes


For the contest winner we would like to offer one page slicing with the following additional options included ( worth $299 ):

Depending on the design that the winner sends us we may also include the “Printer & Handheld Devices CSS ($99)” option for free.

Runner Up

One page slicing ( worth $175 ).

How to Win?

We appreciate that if you can help us to spread out the news and benefits the community. Thanks!

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