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June 19th, 2008 in Articles, News by

announcementsSince the vectortuts was launched. I had just created a zooming icon using Illustrator. Then, I sent it to vectortuts. After they approved the concept. I start to write the full tutorial in details. Maybe I just forgot how to write a tutorial since I leave it out for a while. I spent 4 hours to finished the tutorial with a already finished result. I found that the hardest part is how we are going to present and explain the work flow step by step. So, readers will not get confused while following the tutorial. After I finished the writing, I re-check the whole thing and then submit to vectortuts. So, now I only need to wait for the publish of the tutorial. Relax ~ Besides, there is alo some changes for LD …

LoonDesign Flickr Group


I had created a flickr group for our readers to share their great piece of art with us within the group. You can find it at the bottom of the sidebar. After you have been following my tutorial all the while, what have u did? Mind to share with us? We also welcome someone who are professional to share their fantastic works with us. So, join now and upload your photo today.

Random Featured sites


You may notice this section long time ago. It is located on the top right eye chatching area. Yeah, I forgot to announce that. Initially, I wish to place whatever sites, design or great stuffs that I wish to share with you guys. But then, I think it is good also if you wish to share your great site with us. So, now, it is open to you guys who want to showcase his/her site here. Kindly drop me an email and I will check out your site and put it up if accepted. It will be displayed randomly and only 2 sites in a month for $50. First 2 sites are FREE. So, act fast.

LoonDesign featured in site galleries

After a year managing this site. Finally, it get some rewards. Evn tough it is small. But still a little achievement for myself. I had updated the showcase sites in my about page. Feel free to check them out. Well, thats all. Have a nice day!

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