Giveaway: Win Photo Effects Credits From Rollip

December 21st, 2009 in Articles, News by

What Is Rollip?

Rollip is an online professional photo effects editor. There are 40 effects for you to choose. Simply upload images and select the effect you want, then download the modified images in seconds!


How It Works?

1 credit means 1 photo to process. When your normally buy (pro) credits, you get 15 credits for $2.99 per time you charge.

Upload Process

  1. Choose an effect.
  2. Upload an image.
  3. Done! and download the image. You will receive an email which contain the download link as a backup.

The Result

I’ve tested the effect, please take a look. I am using the Drawing Style.


Original image

Edited image

It is easy and efficient!

What You Can Win?

A total of 660 credits are ready to be giving away! You can modify an image using 1 credit from Rollip.

How to Win?


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