How To Describe CSS?

April 21st, 2008 in Articles by

After I posted up the 5 useful CSS Tricks. I received some comments on how to explain what CSS is ? Or maybe how to define CSS? All the comments come after the first comment from Amei who asked “Does CSS code=HTML code?” Then I read some different descriptions after i explain mine. There are a lots of CSS hardcore coder out there and also web designers. I think each of them have their different point of view for CSS, XHTML or maybe Javascript and PHP. It will be fun when we compare it with pur daily life.

Kai loon said:

“HTML is the parents and CSS is their child, CSS has beautify his parents life since he was borne. Now, The kids grow up and can have their own career but still they are under protection by their parents.”

xaer8 said:

“HTML code is like the face, while CSS code is like the make-ups. Without make-ups, you won’t look pretty.”

sandersky said:

“html is like a pclear condom while css is a green glow in the dark coating. it makes the condom a lot more attractive and less plain.”

So, how about you? Mind to share your unique descriptions?

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