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RockStarYou may find that there are two banners under the ads section now. Well, there aren’t advertisement but some useful stuffs for you. Today I will introduce a useful book for you who dedicated to be a freelancer in the future or currently already been.

first of all, where I found this book? As you know, I am a self taught web designer, I always looking for quality resources site to find some idea or learn something new. I found this site one day and it keep appearing in my mind after I read their tutorials and also attracted by the web layout. I know that I found something I am looking for all the while – PSDTUTS. The first tutorials I read is the amazing Advance Glow Effect, can you believe it? There are 450 comments so far… and you can also count the number of trackbacks there..if you have time. The tutorial is simple but come out with stunning effects. From here, you can know how well is the author with handling his designing tools and knowledge. I learn a lot from here not more on tutorials but the way they run the web site and also how to create a quality website. This is even more important to us to maintain our blog content as a blogger.

Who is the author? Freelancer’s problems?

After a while, I found that the author is also the founder for freelanceswitch, a Community of Freelancers. You can find out some useful advise, jobs and resources from there. this remind me something, there is a lot of freelancers in Malaysia. For me, I already have some friends are doing freelance for full time. Some of them doing well and some doesn’t.

I believe that these are the common problem for most of the freelancers and you know better than me as I am not a full time freelancer.

Learn from the experts

So, you maybe need this book from the experts – How To be A Rockstar Freelancer. basically, it cover everything from getting started to expanding your business. The book take you through almost every aspect of freelancing from getting started to getting paid. The book is on sale now as an eBook for $29 at FreelanceSwitch and the printed version for sale on Lulu for $35. You can read the Table of Contents and purchase the Book at freelanceswitch. If you still not confident enough with their ability. You can visit their sites and have a look yourself. I think, if you really wish to go for full time freelance then you probably need this. For self improvement, for knowledge diversify and for a more effective strategy to kick start. You can view the first 15 pages of the book including the contents and some sample pages at the Lulu Book Preview.

LoonDesign change .. again?

Am I here to start my business to be a referral? Nope, I don’t mind if you do not refer from me but sure it is my pleasure if you did. I only wish that freelancer in Malaysia also can come out with some great works, can have their community to have improvements not only on skills but also management. From my point of view, freelancer also can be professional. You need to be responsible, have good time management and for sure – multitasking. The quality of the product is important but to be able to deliver the goods on time is even more important. You are failed if you were late even though you have an amazing products. Well, this is just my point of view.

I think this can be a useful tools (book) for you, still. have a nice day!

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