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June 21st, 2007 in Illustrator, Tutorials by
princess mononoke

Today I am going to show the basic way to illustrate and image into vector. Basically, it is quite simple to illustrate an animate rather than a real object. Its color tone is simple and easy to apply. It is a good practice method for the novice. This is the image that I am going to use, Princess Mononoke( one of my favourite characther of Ghibli’s product ). I think I watch it for not less than 10 times…okok! Let’s start then …

Before start, here is some tips for you to make the process faster and easier.
*Ctr + C and Ctr + F = copy and paste into the original position but forward.
*CTR + +/- to zoom in/out.

Step 1

Open the image, double click on the layer and rename as img, checked the dim image=50%. Create a new layer and make sure it is below of the img layer. Pick the pen tool, start draw from the face area. We will only draw the outer line of the image. For the color, just use the eyedropper tool to pick up from the image we use on the area which we are drawing. Rename layer as face_bg. After that, you will get the result as below:


Step 2

After that, we will draw out the shadow area which is the darker side. FYI, you only need to draw carefully when the area is intersect with the others. Rename layer as face_shadow. After that, you will get something like this:


Step 3

To create the shadow area, select the face_bg layer then CTR + C and CTR + F. While the duplicated face_bg layer selected, left click on the face_shadow layer by holding shift. Goto window > Pathfinder, click the intersect shape area, then expand. As below:


Step 4

Next, we are going to draw out her eye. You need to zoom in to draw this part.

Step 5

After that, we will add the border for the face area.

Step 6

After that, we will draw her hair and hat.

Step 7

So, just continue the drawing by using the technique stated above. After a while you should get some thing like this:

We are done! So, remember, it is always esay to start from simple. have a nice day!

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