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First of all, I would like to say thank you to Webmaster Malaysia, Lim CS & Exabytes for organizing the WebMaster Gathering for the first time in KL.The gathering was held at Starbucks cafe in KL Sentral. There were forum members, bloggers & software developers who attended the gathering. The presentation section from Hanson Toh (Google Malaysia), Najib (Drupal) and Gobala were the key attraction of the event. Well, you may think that this is a late post for the event but I am not going to talk more about the event. I would like to share what I learn from there. Hope this won’t make you feel boring when I say ‘learn’…

Enjoy your blogging life
The presentation that impressed me to write this post was presented from Gobala Krishnan. Not because of the how to make money online but the principal and concept from him. The phrase ” turn your skill into product ” keep waving in my brain recently. This sound easy ( only 5 words..haha..) but it take times to achieve. I was thinking about how to turn my skill into product and sell for money…ops…money again…no la, since I know it is damn hard to make money online although there were many successful stories around which we still don’t know whether it is a fact or myth. I am actually thinking how to use my skill on blogging.

I know I can’t work under pressure when come to design. So, I take it into this way – how to use my skill in my blogging life to make it fun, joyful and interesting. This will definitely encourage me on blogging because I can get what I want with my skills. Not money..but…the confirmation and confidence. I think the my move to make this a comic blog soon is correct and I will no doubt to enjoy my blogging life more than ever. It is always good that we can blog something related to our hobbies and interests. If you make it in the right way, it may balance your life and increase the quality of your daily life (I really think like this…hehe…) So, make use of your blog to do whatever you like and what you love to do.

Blog For Money? How to write quality post? Tired…
I was tempted to blog for money some time ago after I start this blog. That is a hard moment for me. Everyday, check the blog statistics, install plug in, join those money making website, link here and there… tired….end up? How much you think I earn so far? How much I get in cash, on my hand? is an egg. Yup, no joking. Now, I noticed something. I don’t know you guys realize or not. Those so called money making blogs are blogging the same content and repeat and repeat again. All those tips and tricks are seem to be different but when you think deep, they are actually same. Some of the content even blog years ago by other bloggers.

I am not here to complain or start a war but I just want to advise those bloggers who read on the topic I mentioned above be more careful and aware of the level of reality of the post. Maybe you are reading a quality content but maybe you are reading a ‘story’ created by the author. I also jealous on those who make a fortune from blogging because it is really a bonus for you as a side income. But I think we better don’t do thing that we aren’t familiar with. It may cause you a nightmare after that.

Key of A Quality Content
For me, a quality content can be define as the content that you want/wish to write but not the content that you have to/ need to write. This is also why I impressed from the what Gobala trying to said. We can use our skill on our blog. Take me as example, I like drawing, I wish to share my design philosophy and ideas. Then I blog about design. I can’t publish my own comic so I make it on my blog (my little world, hehe…)…

When you are blogging about something that you like, that will be a quality post for sure. It is because you really blog from your heart and you know it well. My feeling of blogging is totally different compare to the moment I start this blog. But I am still rush now, not rush for the traffic but just can’t wait to launch it and getting feedback from you. The biggest enjoyment or desired of a designer is always the feedback from the audience/user. The 2 second reaction from the audience/user ( WAAA…/ COOL ~…etc with mouth wide open) is the most precious moment for us! Sure there might be a negative feedback but as what I believe “There is always hope when you are facing problems”.

Well, I wish you can find the right path for your blog in the future. Happy blogging! Once again thanks to WebMaster because the event inspire me a lot and change my view in blogging. Thanks!

Peace ~

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