Interview: Bel Koo from Dream Design

December 17th, 2008 in Articles, Inspiration by

Bel Koo, a freelance web designer based in Perak, Malaysia. She is one of the best young web designer I’ve seen in Malaysia.

Please tell us more about yourself

Hi! You can call be Bel, I came from Ipoh, Malaysia. I like art/design since I was young. Now I love web design. I studied graphic design in Perak Institute of Art. Now I am doing freelance web design. My personal site is Dream Design.

Bel Koo

How long have you been in this field and why?

I tried to do freelance web design after graduate. After 2 years, I manage to try something different.

Bel Koo

How did you market yourself in the beginning of your design career? How about now?

I like web design all the time, I always try to do something simple. There are many different kind of web site. From the beginning, I know nothing. I have to start from something really simple, step by step. I spend more time to do research on foreign and local web site. try to understand how they did it. I am very proud of myself because finally I manage to do that!

Bel Koo

Where do you get your inspiration and how do you keep up to date with what is happening in the industry?

Visits others web sites, see their design. Also take a close look at other art web site, tutorial portals etc. Here are my favorite sites:

How you see the freelance market in Malaysia?

I’ve learn a lot during doing freelance. The freelance market in Malaysia have its own trend. Company prefer to look for bigger design studio rather than a freelancer. So, we need to have our own design style and try produce something different/unique.

Bel Koo
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