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Hasrimy, a freelance web designer based in from Malaysia with a very promising portfolio.

Please tell us more about yourself

I love web standards. I love design with CSS! I am trying to bring web standards to Malaysia, create awareness to the public – let them know what the criteria of a good website are. It does not only depends on design, but it must have validation.

Hi all! Thank you so much to Kailoon for giving me this great opportunity to be featured in his website! My name is Hasrimy, the founder of My forte is more on the web design concept and creating ideas on how website can really benefits the user as well as to improve the business and also reach the targeted customer easily.

Currently, I am dedicating my entire time concentrating on web design and web application together with my partner (he is in charge more on the programming and coding side). The idea is to expand our services widely and provides a convenient environment to our customers by offering a one stop solution centre.

I have wide experiences in this field. I started from a small design house to a reputable GLC company. I also learned a lot when I lectured in a few colleges and private universities.


How long have you been in this field and why?

I have been involving in this field for more than 6 years. Why? Because I have a deep passion on it. It is part of me. It is all started as a hobby. I am very keen into arts since school and I have spent most of my time to draw each day without fail. I also look at it as a therapy for me – as escapism from all the stresses and pressures.


How did you market yourself in the beginning of your design career? How about now?

I started from small. At the very beginning – I have to chase people to be my client. Offer them my services (very cheap price!) and have to convince them that I can do a better job. Gradually, I started to create my portfolio. And now, I have a strong portfolio to sell myself!

After that – from word of mouth and client’s recommendations – then I’m getting more jobs in hand. From there I created “” – purposely to showcase my work to my clients and indirectly also as a reference website for my students to learn CSS! From there I got listed in CSS Mania (a second Malaysian who was listed there ; and people started to recognize my existence.

Every day I will improve my design – every morning before I started my work, I will make sure I updated my ideas with the latest design technique by surfing webcreme, css mania, computer love, netdiver and other related sites.

Now I received a lot of request everyday through my website – local and also international; from people who would like to hire me for their web design, web applications, logo, and printed materials and so on. My website is the best ‘marketing personnel’ that work for me 24/7, 365 days, without fail!


What is the common challenge when dealing with a project (web)? How you came over the challenge?

The most challenging part is to convince the client with your concept. Of course idea is the most challenging part in any design. System is fixed, design is abstract. No matter how good is the design, if the client does not like it – it’s a total failure! So for me – understanding the client needs is the fundamental in developing ideas and concepts based on their requirements.

What your own define the “quality” or “complexity”?

Quality = satisfaction of work produced + client’s satisfactions
Complexity = strategy + dedication

How you see the freelance market in Malaysia?

I foresee that in the near future, there will be lots of Malaysian working from home aided with only small laptop and supported by Internet connection. That’s the reality and the trend is extending. Designers prefer to work on their own. They can earn more money and at the same time, gain more self- satisfaction.

For me, freelance market in Malaysia is getting bigger (from an online business view) and the world is getting smaller. Everything is within our fingertips. My business segmentation not only caters for local people but also I received a lot of request from UK, London, Taiwan, Singapore and Ireland. They are keen to approach our local market not mainly because our human resource is cheap, but the main factor that triggers their interest is our quality of work. It’s very hard to get a good web designer who really can design according to web standards…

Can you please briefly explain your workflow on a project?

My work flow is simple. First I will ask the client their requirements for the website. After that, I will proceed with some study and research. As a result of that, I will get back to my clients with my new propose ideas for them. If they are satisfied, then I will start with developing the whole website.

Any advice for someone who just starting out?

My advice is simple – no matter what you are doing, the most important thing is you must identified and develop your passion and interest first before proceed with what you are doing.

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