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Well, finally, my personal blog launched. So this is my 1st post so I would like to talk about something about myself (quite bored isit?I will try to make it short nyway )

Hmm..I am a graphic designer now and just work for 6 months since my convo last year on Sept. Actually I study Multimedia Technology from one of the so called International campus ( UMSLIC ) on a Island called Labuan.(actually do you know where is it?). FYI, Labuan is a wilayah persekutuan like KL, and 1 more thing there is tax FREE! you better drink a beer rather than a coke there coz it only cost you RM 1.40 – RM 1.80 (when i was studying there). After graduate, really duno what kind of job i can get from what i had learn in from school. Finally, i decide to apply for a job that related to my interest —- art and design.

From the beginning of thos job, i really duno what can i do and really like a kid coz duno anything about adobe photoshop and illustrator, dun even know what is offset printing and what to keep eye on it when designing poster or any print media. After a few months “deal” with Adobe and oso ask from uncle google I finally can said that I am a graphic designer now.(sure that is still a lot to learn.

My Philosophy in Design is just like what Milton Glaser said:”Simple isn’t better, just enough is better.” So, I develop this blog is to share what i had learn and also not forgotten to share some of my opinion on something you may also concern. Also, this is a good training ground for me and wish is for you too.

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