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November 8th, 2008 in Articles, News by

After nearly one year with the previous cartoonist layout, do you still remember that? A boy sits at the top of the site with cloudy sky. I like it very much. This time, I maintain my own style and expand the site’s usability.

Still remember the old version?


Why Redesign?

Actually, there are a few reasons behind this. Long time ago, I mentioned that I want to have my own comic series online. The previous layout is not suitable to add in more section. Secondly, the submission of Web Design News is getting more day by day. I’ve learn a lot from the user’s submission too. I think it is a good place for you to crunch some latest web design news.

Thirdly, the freelance job requests are killing me. I am a good guy and I hardly say no to them. So, every time I will try my best to fulfill their requests. Now, I create a status header. You must be noticed there is a little boy sit on the top right of the site. It will show my current status to the potential clients. So, if they need something urgent and my status is hired. Then they can look for someone else. But if they really want me, they still can contact me for arrangement.


Besides, I also want to have a complete and nice online portfolio. Now, you can check my latest portfolio here. (I will try my best to update)

Lastly, I can write post faster and easier with this new theme. I have made myself a theme setting for all my needs. There are also a few different templates for different categories.

What’s New?


I have a new logo now. Initially I draw this for the sidebar twitter icon. But I like it very much. It’s like a bird but also look like a penguin to me. Just cute! So, I take it as my site logo. Nice?


I’ve create a set of icons special for my site. I like them very much and they blend well into the page. Do you like it? I was thinking to release for download in several sizes. Do you want them?


Since I’ve turn into a full time freelancer, and online portfolio is very important to me. I take the footer to be the my portfolio gallery and displayed in every pages. Feel free to check them out.


Different template for portfolio post. I think this is the most straight forward way to present my works. What do you think?

Here we go! I’ve added a comic section. There is not much restriction on the content but I try to make it related to web and fun.

We accept interesting story from you and we turn it into comic. If you can draw, feel free to upload your story in comic. There will be credit given to the author.
Want to get even more involvement? You can draft your own character and send to us too. But, don’t forget to include the character personality, style and characteristic.

Thanks To:

I would like to thank all of you for your great suggestions and contributions from all of you.
Special thanks to Collis who get me involve in ThemeForest and also have a change to work with the amazing Envato team (freelance). I learn and gain a lot from him. I learn how to deal with clients, what is my value, where is my position and what I gain from ThemeForest is the source of freelance works.

Thanks to Sponsors

I want to say thank you to all our great sponsors for helping keep LoonDesign running at full steam. I will try my best to boost the traffic here and make your money worth!


I am very enjoy using this new layout. More efficient and organized. I am a good guy. I like sharing. So, Please help me spread this New Layout Relaunch to everyone!

Coming Up Next

There will be a contest coming soon, ya, you hear me right, LoonDesign first ever contest! I’m now talking with a few sponsors about the prizes. Stay tune!

Feel free to browse through the site and if you find bug, error, typo etc. Or you have any better idea . Kindly let me know. Thanks!

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