LoonDesign is 1 Year Old Now!

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Time past fast ( what a classic opening ), LoonDesign is 1 year old already. LD (LoonDesign) had provide some good stuffs for the readers. Me, the only one who is running this site all the while. She gave me a lot of sweet memories but there is also some negative feedbacks. All the way, I would like to say thank you to all my readers who always return and show me their support and interest. Let’s back to where we met …


From the beginning, I only wish to write some tutorials and get some traffics so that I can earn some pocket money from our local advertising company. End up, all of them seem like not so promising and having some “friendly fighting” among them. So, I quit. I go for paypost. I write whatever they offer. End up, I am having a “rojak (mixed)” content blog. I don’t like it. So, I changed. I stay focus on writing stuffs what related to my field – web design. I am sure that I made a correct decision. I am more happy to manage the site in this way and direction.

Now, I still write some paypost. The different is advertisers will look for me and I will also filter the topic they want. I will also reject the offer which is not related to my site or I think their products or services are not good. I always love to share good stuffs with my readers.

Below are some of the best of LD.

The Best Of LoonDesign

the best

Flexible Glossy Orb

I write this tutorial based on the glossy trend last year to get some traffics. I also wish that I can provide an easier and more flexible way to create a glossy orb. It has been featured by NI-Limits. I get some confident here and continue to write more.

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the best

Illustrate Image Into Vector

This tutorial explain how to turn an image into vector using illustrator. I used the one of my favorite anime’s character as an example to work on. This tutorial also featured in Top Ten Tutorials For June 2007 by NI-Limits.

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the best

Water Color Effect

One of my favorite effect in photo editing. I have seen these effect before I learn Photoshop. You can probably find it on the cover of Chinese novels. Last time, I thought they really draw and paint it using water color. But now, I can make it using Photoshop. Featured in The PhoshopRoadMap.

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Drawing A Rat for Chinese New Year 2008’s Zodiac

I did this for my company Chinese New Year Newsletters. I like it, it is cute. So, I write a tutorial about it. I was a bit surprise when I get mostly positive feedbacks. Thanks guys.

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the best

A Gorgeous Dark Web Layout

My first try to write a tutorial about creating a web layout. I noticed that it is some different when I was writing a web layout tutorial. I need to practice more on this since I found that my readers enjoy it so much.

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The First Free WordPress Theme

Blue Blog

Wow, my first ever free wordpress theme. I published this firstly on my new site – themetation.com. I wish to use that as a medium to release more high quality wordpress themes. Share some tips and recourses with the readers. I love WordPress. That’s why I do this.

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Grunge Web Layout

I am so proud of this. It was published on psdtuts. It is a good success for me in my web design career. Tell you a secret, I just can’t sleep that night after I get their confirmation email. Wow…
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I will try to spend more time on wordpress themes development. I will also not forget to continue writing some tutorials. I will also try to improve my writing skills. All the while, I appreciate your patient in reading my articles which is lack of skills. Finally, I wish all of you have a nice day! Cheers!

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