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Recently, I had a gathering with my University’s friends. We graduated for about 2 years and also work for about 2 years for sure. We ask how are you and also tell each other what we are doing now. They all not my course mates actually but all from other courses like banking and finance. However, they all work in bank, so, I consider myself is in the bankers meeting that day … However, what I want to share is when they ask what I am working on now. I just don’t know how to answer … Web Designer? Graphic Designer? or simply Designer?

Not Competitive

I study multimedia Technology for my degree. I really don’t know which field I can go for after graduate. Come on, Multimedia Technology, what is in your mind when you heard this? Video Editor? Animator? Motion graphics? Flasher? Web Developer? Designer? Well, as I know. You need some decent skills in related field and also a strong portfolio before you go for an interview. This is what we need in the advertising or multimedia field. People will not interested into you even you got high grade in academic.

Our skills and knowledge are just too wide and too general. I come from local university and I have to admit this. The first interview I attend is in an advertising company. I interview for the animator. I just too shine to show my final project after I watch their previous works. For your information, the final year project is the only portfolio for us to bring into our job interview. We only have one and also the only one. We are not competitive enough compare to the student from private colleges. They got their portfolio(s) and also market value before they graduated. Some more, they know what the market want better than us.


Right people for the right job. Most of the employer hire within this concept. Below is some example:
For Video Editor, you need to know about production, preproduction and post-production. For skills wise, you need to know Adobe Premier and After Effects. Well, I used that before and my final project is also a Video Animation. The most wanted students in this field are still from The One Academic (for local sources).

For Graphic Designer, you need to have the sense of art and good visual. You need to master 2 shoftwares – Photoshop and Illustrator. Further, you might need to have your very strong portfolio before you graduated. You can put your works in your personal website or upload to flickr. Basically, people will look for people who studied in art school for example MIA, Dasein and The One Academic.

What To Do?

So, it is no room for us who study Multimedia Technology which is too general and also can consider not professional. Before I graduate, I heard that there are few of our seniors doing well in 3D graphic and now working in Cyberjaya (MSC) company. However, I saw their works before in school. It is good but how many of us manage to do that? Only 2 – 3 people out of 200 ++ people mange to get such related job. So, what the rest are doing out there?

I contacted them before (those senior), some of them work as admin, some even work as customer service in bank or other company. The worst case I heard is they can’t get a job even after I graduated. Can you imagine that? no income for 1 year? I can’t get myself into such situation. Scared …

So, What Am I Now?

I work as graphic designer before and now as web designer. I like web design since I started this blog. I just can’t stop from blogging stuffs and addicted to those comments I got from my posts. It is interesting to let people know how we think and also anything we did wrong or right. However, I only learn HTML before in my course. I took about 1 week to master the tableless CSS structure. After practice and practice, I started to love it. I like simple and clean stuffs. I think CSS have all the attributes I like. simple and clean. Further, it is so easy to use and also more organized.

So, how can I start my freelance without any portfolio? Every time I get a job via this blog, they ask for my portfolio. After that I say I don’t have. Then they still want to ask price, I replied. Then … no reply anymore from them. Well, can you tell me why you still ask for price after you know I don’t have portfolio? You expect something FREE is it? OR you think I will accept something like a backlink from your website to produce your big project? I just don’t understand what they really thinking. I admit that I don’t have portfolio and I also not charge high. I calculate based on the hours consumed for the project and also the requirements.

This is even harder than those who already have their portfolio and also certain amount of clients. I am new and I need portfolio also, why not you help me on this while I will also put 200% effort to complete your stuffs because I need a good portfolio for the future. How people see your portfolio? I really not sure in this, they always say “I like your style, but can you create something like this for me” then put a link to a site that totally different from my style. Then I wonder what make him send this request to me?

Haha..looks like out of title already, ok, let back to our title. Well, I think I am not a web designer because I don’t know JavaScript, ASP, MySQL and so on. What I know is only CSS, PHP and WordPress. Now, I can’t even create a table. Haha… I am so shame of this, I can’t answer my friend when he ask me what is td and tr. Well, I think this is good thing as we no need table for the future web design … I think so…


So, since I know wordpress. I consider myself as a WordPress Designer. What do you think? Is this ok with you? A WordPress Designer – Kai Loon.

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