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First of all, this is a review post BUT, I am NOT PAID to do this but I will receive a special gift from them. I am here to share the information with you guys about the Malaysia Online Personalized Gifts Store– Beat.

Before this, I read some post was talking about Malaysia on-line store in the future. I also feel that their future is bright enough but it take times to make people feel more convenience to shop online. After I read this e-store, I think that should not be a big problem to shop online which have their physical shop in real world.

They sell seasonal and non-seasonal gifts. The interesting part is you can be the designer for the gift you purchased. Sounds great right? Their mission is to encourage people to express their own artistic impulses in their web site. They provided personalized & unique gifts. Meaning to say that you can buy something that printed with your photos and special wording on it.

Here you can buy some common gifts such as mugs, T-shirt, puzzles, cushions, mouse pads, key chain etc. As we know, it required a huge quantity to make something like that when we order from manufacturer. When you purchase only 1 item, then the cost may fly high. But, there is no minimum quantity order. You can make your only one personalized mug and give it to your love one.

We know Christmas is coming soon. They also design some beautiful mug template for you to make your personalized Christmas mug. Magic mug is the most interesting stuff for me so far. According to the description there, the picture will be revealed when you fill in hot water! Cool ~ Besides, I also love the T-shirt.

Before this, I wish to buy a Levis couple T-shirt which is actually in one pair. But, I need to purchase over a specific amount to buy that. It is too expensive for me. So, I would choose HeartBeat T-shirt as it is cheaper. But I think they should allow us to fully use our own design for the T-shirt design. Now, they provide some template for the photo Tee. Not saying that the template is not good but I think it will be better to let customer to make the whole design. Just my little suggestion…

Well, you can now visit their web and get yourself your item with your own brand! they accept online payment and also credit card payment. It is so convenience.

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