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Christmas is coming soon and my supervisor ask me to change the header for our company website to greet everyone. I started my draft and think. I always like white Christmas. So, no doubt. My design will go for white and blue. When I nearly finish the design. She came over and said that the design can’t be used because she don’t want it to be special for Christmas as we are in Malaysia. A season greeting will be enough. Then, I was thinking. Season Greeting. What should I put in for that? What kind of theme I need to use. According from her description, she what something like party, celebrating, some gifts, some ribbon and you know what appear in my mind? Haha … A lucky draw contest! A Perodua Kancil at the center and many gift boxes around. Haha…a big title above with shiny effects and blink blink like that…

I think is my problem la. I never heard about season greeting, no idea what is that for? So, now have to re-design again. It is for the new year purpose I think. So, stick to this point and redo.

I don’t want to waste my work and idea. So, I decide to write a short post here and take this chance to say ” Merry Christmas ” to all my readers. Wish you have a sweet and warm Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

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