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Again, today is Monday, 1st day of every week and the day which hate by most of us (I think). As I said before, I am a Graphic Designer cum IT Officer in this company. According to the designation, you can know that I am the most wanted person for many companies who always ask for multitasking IT guys or employees. I do the IT support, Graphic Design, Web Design, Security system, Linux Local Server maintenance and also photographer. Sound like I want to shout out here is it?

Hehe… Tell you 1 thing, I enjoy this kind of job because I really can learn something but only for the initial stage. After 3 months here, I already get boring with this. Why? Because I am the only person to discuss with! Every thing I have to handle myself and no one will give you suggestion or even understand what the problem is.

There is few things always in my mind when I come to this point. Every weekend I open The Start newspaper (classified) and look for job and the requirements. For our job, Designer:-

Luckily, you are able to meet their requirement and secure for the job but how much you think they will pay you? RM 2k to be a super newbie? Well, you will get to sign a paper which stated that your probation period is 6 month with RM1.5k basic salary. Increment after confirmation but depend on your performance and experiences. RM 1.5k, what can you does with this. For the petrol to feed your cars which fetch you to office through Malaysia Mega Build traffic system? To pay for toll? To pay the parking compound? I have no idea with this. I won’t talk much with this because this really drive me crazy.

After you take the job then you become the superman. You need to sit in front a mirror and discuss with HIM. Always say yes and follow the instruction on the design which set by your boss. So, later you will find that the boss is the person who thinks out of the box and who able to work independently because he never asks for your help. He just orders you to follow. Now, you noticed that the person they wanted is actually your boss himself.

For me, I always dream to work in a team where I can always discuss and exchange opinions. I don’t think this is kind of not independent. At least we got someone to listen to us, this is very important for our mind development especially for the youngster. This also one of my motivations comes from. I like to listen to others opinion because creative industry need huge amount of ideas. We need to learn from each others BUT not copy from each other. I found that many of our local designers like to follow other country’s trend of design and the style for the whole country also same. Sometimes just look like come from 1 designer. You can start pay attention to the poster and print media around you. You can found that those designs are almost same. We need to refer to others so we can improve ours.

Nowadays, there is not much advertisement able to catch my attention. The most impressed recently was the Digi yellow man. The idea and presentation are brilliant and effective. People can easy remember the ads and will discuss and talk bout it the next day. The comments are positive. Past few years, Petronas did a good job too but the idea and concept never change make it become bored.

I am not intending to say something bad for that designer’s work and also not to promote myself here. I just speak my thought!

1 man can do everything but 1 team can do anything.

Wish that our (Malaysia) multimedia & Creative industry can be one of the best in the world. Hope that this post won’t be banned.

How about you with your current work? Mind to share?

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