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nettutsAnother big site had been launched after the great success of PSDtuts by Collis Ta’eed. This time, they go for website building tutorials/resources – This is a site that you MUST bookmark. Now, it is only a soft launch and the site will be updated slowly with 1 or 2 tutorials a week. Somehow, I think they will pick up the speed while people submitting their tutorials. So, if you are a web designer or web developer. You may not want to miss any of their tutorials or topics there.

Who Are They?

Collis is the founder for psdtuts who also maintaining Freelanceswitch and FlashDen. He also published a book called RockStar Freelancer. I just saw this book being featured in the Web Design Magazine. I also submit my tutorial there and luckily being accepted and published in their web.

Take As References but Not Copy Forever

I like his stuffs and his style. I knew that some of you may said that my site look similar to them. I admit that I got some influenced by them on this. But, I just feel that their style really nice and match with what I was thinking all the time. So, why not take as a reference since I still new in this field? However, there are also some part that I don’t like, so, I will use my idea to cover that.

When you cannot find a good design or style for yourself, why not try something else? Maybe not something new but at least something you never try. Who know they can give you some inspiration and you can come out with something amazing?

A Good Resources For Web Developer

At NETTUTS they will be tackling pretty much any subject to do with building websites including:

So, don’t wait, head over there and read for their first tutorial in how to create a paypal payment form. This is a useful tutorial for those who wish to sell somethings online with paypal.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day!

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