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How many of you is getting goof income from your blog? How many of you are satisfy with the money you earn so far? How many of you already earn a fortune from this and resign from permanent job? For me, I am earning something from my blog here which is just enough to cover my hosting and domain. And also the efforts I put in providing tutorials and resources. It is hard to make money online. I tried a few ad network before. From local to globe. I feel more happy to use Google Adsense and BuySellAds so far. No delay payment, no ugly ads and always having consistence earning.

Personally, I prefer Banner ads. 125 x 125 is my favorite. When you put them together, they just look as good as a photo gallery. It is nice to be display. Not like those fancy flash ad with text flying here and there. For banner ad, I am using BuySellAds only for now. I never think of change to other network after I started with them. I am very happy with the performance so far. Maybe sometimes it is a bit slow in loading. But the problem already solved.

I notice that they only serve ads to blog which related to web design, web development and tech site. I also browse through the marketplace in their site. Some of the high traffics site is offering low price but they can’t get any ads. I am lucky that I manage to sell a few slots with my poor little traffics.

New Features Soon

Recently, I received an email from them. They are now working on some nice new features:

Their concept is trying to make things as straight forward as possible. I think they make the right decision. For me, I prefer something very straight forward.

My Experiences

For example, currently I am developing a site. I would like to have very straight forward interface. but the owner tell me that he scare that the users do not understand the site. Then ask me try to make it as details as possible to let people know the nature of the business. What the H*. The company is already there for more than 1 year. You still have to worry about this?

Maybe you will say he got his point to not losing the potential clients. But, what is the purpose of the FAQ sections? Terms and Conditions? Contact Form? I have no idea about this. For me, BuySellAds only provide a very simple user interface now. Even I don’t know how to use their services for the first time but I write them an email and ask. Why? Because I want to use it! As simple as that. Then maybe you will say because I am a web designer then I know better on those we application stuff. But, if I am not a web designer or working something which is web related. Why I need to sign up at BuySellAds. Right?

My Expectations

Wow, sounds like I am out of the topic already. Sorry, I just want to share my experiences here. The philosophy of LoonDesign. I write my thought. I only provide original writing which is came from my heart. Alright, back to the topic. BuySellAds is now only for beta version. I am still waiting for the new features to be launched. They really need a sorting function for the ad marketplace. I prefer something like sort by price, rank etc. Also not forgotten the ability to change the price on our own.


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