Paint Rukawa – Step By Step

September 9th, 2007 in Graphic Design, Tutorials by

This tutorial will guide you to paint an artwork and turn it into a comic.I’ve made a tutorial about paint your work before but since they is some comment that the steps are not details enough. So, I decided to make one more which I think is more details in step by step painting and drawing.

Let’s start then. Still, you will need to use some shortcut key to faster your task.
{ = decrease brush size
} = increase brush size

Step 1

Open the artwork or you may use mine.

Step 2

Create a new layer and rename it as skin and set it to multiply. Paint the skin for Rukawa using the color shown below. You also may use your preferring colors here. Always start with the lighter color. Before start, you have to decide the lighting direction. Here, I assume that the light is come from the top left.

Step 3

Grab the smudge tool and set the hardness to 75%. Left click and drag between 2 colors to blend. This required some patient and may need to redo sometimes. So, do not rush. If you need the color to be lighter, drag from the lighter color to the darker and opposite if you prefer it to be darker.

Step 4

Create a new layer and rename it as shirt and set it to multiply. Use the color to paint like below.

Step 5

Smudge the color or blend them. Here, you need to resize the brush sometimes to make a sharper blend effect.

Step 6

Add some white color for the text on shirt and some light effect on the shirt. Smudge it.

Step 7

Create another layer and rename it as ball, blend mode multiply. Paint it with the color shown below. Smudge it.

Step 8

Create another layer and rename it as hair, blend mode multiply. Paint it with the color shown below. Smudge it. Then paint with darker color and smudge it. You may need to add some white color to make the hair more real. To smudge the hair, you have to use smaller brush.

Step 9

Paint the mouth and add some darker color to the area which you think need to be modified. This is an additional step which for you to make it better and better. Since I found that the color I use for skin is too light, so, I decide to make it darker. So, I just paint some darker color with same tone on the skin layer and smudge it. This is why I use separate layer for each part. Easy to modify!

Step 10

Go to windows > Brushes and use the setting below. Set the foreground color into black (#000000) and the brush size set to 3px solid / hard. Grab the pen tool and set it as below.

Step 11

The technique is simple. Below is the sample drawing. Draw a line with pen tool and right click and stroke path with simulate pressure using brushes tools.

Step 12

Slowly draw out the outline of Rukawa and DO NOT draw it in 1 shot. If you see it carefully, you may notice that the pressure part is always on the middle of the line. So, always draw a small part and stroke path. Then only draw a new one. You need to make it on a new layer. After that. Merge the layers by with CTRL + E and duplicate the layer. Set the new layer blend mode into soft light and 60% opacity. Done!

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