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August 13th, 2007 in Graphic Design, Tutorials by

I bet that many of you wish to know how to paint your artwork digitally. Today, I am going to make a tutorial about this technique. I am still in the learning progress in this field, any mistakes or errors, please let me know and I am always ready to listen from you. This is an artwork that I draw for this tutorial. Always start with an easier one will be better for a beginner to get the concept for future development.

Step 1

Let’s start then. If you have your own artwork, sure you can use it and if you don’t own one, you can download mine. Open the image in the Photosop. Here is some shortcut keys for you :-

[ to reduce brush and smudge size

] to increase brush and smudge size

Step 2

Create a new layer and rename it as face, change the blend mode into multiply. Grab the brush tool and set it to a 20px soft brushes will do. You can use the color given or you also can use the color you like. Always start with a lighter color is easier (I also don’t know why?), dont’t too care about the color painting, it can be overlapping. In this stage, the result maybe not so smooth. So, we need to use the smudge tool to make blend the color. This required some skills and technique. Well, great passion is needed for great output. After a while, you may get this:-

Step 3

Create another new layer and rename it as cloth, change the blend mode into multiply. Same grab the brush tool and after that smudge tool. Here, I add some white area as the lighting effects. You may ignore it if you don’t want.

Step 4

Create another new layer and rename it as cloth bottom, change the blend mode into multiply too. Brush and smudge.

Step 5

Create another new layer and rename it as hat, change the blend mode into multiply. This is a more difficult stage and I hope you can be patient on it. I also add some white area on the hat to make it livelier. To smudge it, you need to follow the flow of the drawing line.

Step 6

After that, create a new layer and name it as sword, multiply too. Same work.

Step 7

Finally, the hair part.

Step 8

Here is it!

Step 9

I make some filter effects to make it more look like a painted work. Merge all the color layers, go to filter > artistic > dry brush. Brush size 2, Brush detail 10 and texture 1. Finally, go to filter > texturizer. Texture canvas, scaling 50%, relief 4 and light is top. Here is the final output. Hope you enjoy this.

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