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I am so frustrated today by this incident. My work being stolen by my friend! At the end, I am the person who supposed to be ask for responsibility. I don’t know what had happen and I wish that you guys can help me on this. Please, leave me some comments here and advice, what you see and do you experienced this before? As a freelancer or web designer, we also asked to draft out the layout for a site and the client will approve it for the next development. Have your work been stolen before? Here is my case.

The Story

Back to 2 months ago ( i think so ), my friend, Y asked me to help him on a web designer project. I will responsible for the design work. The price isn’t high thought but I take it because I take it as a help for my friend. I also have double confirm that it is only cover the PSD design. Besides, the timeline is kinda short. However, I manage to create the layout and the client accept it. After that, there is several changes and add on that is not cover since the beginning.

After few days, Y ask me to pass him the work. I send to him.

Then he ask me: “Eh? Where is the sliced images? and the CSS/HTML file?”

I replied: “Huh? Thats not included in my task man”. T

hen he told me: “aiks, it should be included and I need it as soon as possible!”.

I am very pissed off (sorry to say this) with that, before this, he already ask me for several modification and add on. I already take it. Now even worst. Then I replied: ” ok, I can rush for you, but that may need to increase the price.”

His replied made me go mad. “You do so little stuffs need so much huh?!” .

Me :”… ok, I quit. Please do not use my design and I also wont ask for anything from you, we still friend.” I thought this is a good solution since he also have no objection about it.

I was just trying to keep the good friendship between us. There is no way to destroy friendship because of money. He also said that it is ok, he will ask his other friend to help. Then, I suppose that should be no problem.

Today, I am so free to check out some client’s sites I work for. I found the site – Switch1 and this is what I did for them before this – Mywork.( Sorry to the site owner, I am not meant to do this but it is to the webmaster who build your site ). WTF, I totally go mad! I try to calm down and send him a message asking for explanation. Below are the replies.

Me : Can you give me an explanation?
Y : So, what you want?

Me : Huh? I want the reason.
Y : How much you want?

Me : ( WTF, you think I am a bagger? ). I am not talking about money, I want you to explain why. You promise that you won’t use it but now you use it.
Y : Yes, but I modify most of them.

Me : Most of them? …
Y : Yeah ~

Me : Wow, ok. Good….(After this, you won’t want to know)

But What make me feel sad is this:

Y : You should think of your not responsibility and your selfishness. You can just quit like that and let it all to me. You know what? Because of this most of your friends do not want to contact you.

Well, I already don’t know what can I say. I just delete him from my MSN list. That’s all.

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