The client is looking for a minimal logo mark, yet recognisable. Tinder (previously Tinder Lab ) is a software development company based in Singapore.




The Brief

Tinder means dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire. Therefore, the elements / concept will be something relevant. There are a lot of fire / flame logo out there, its hard to make it unique.

The Proposal

After the brainstorming session, I understand the needs from the client and the target audience. More importantly, the language they would like to use to communicate with the audience.

I play around with the flame shape and try to produce a recognisable and bold mark. ( I’d lost my initial sketches as this is a pretty old project, but one of my favourite) I came up with three variants above

  1. A basic flame surrounded by a hexagon, why hexagon? It is the connecting centre of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back. The service provided by Tinder become a medium for different platforms.
  2. I am not fond of variant 2 due to it’s complexity and it failed to convey the message or service offered by Tinder.
  3. Variant 3 is more of an exploration from variant 2, if it works, we could apply this to variant 1.

Final Result

After a few round of discussion with the client, we actually make the decision to go with variant 1 due to it’s boldness and simplicity.

Final Tinder Logo
stationary mockup

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