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psd to htmlhave you ever been to this site before? I visit their site for so many times already but I still keep re-visit because of the attractive order form they have. I visit their site and keep tweak around the sliders to figure out how they calculate the prices. The first impression when I visit a site is always based on the interface design. W3 markup have a very clean and direct structure interface that allow users to find out what they want. I like their tag line – “code is art”. I just love it!


W3 Markup, based on the name you can expect it is a site that provide something related to web development. Yes, they provide service which help you to convert your web design in PSD to HTML. beside, they also offer “Re-slicing” of existing sites (bring old code up-to-date). Well, this is also what I offer to my clients. Besides, they also provide the client intranet as a tool to facilitate easy management of multiple projects.

The Powerful Order Form

psd to html

I would like to talk more about the order form they provide. It is simply amazing, I like it so much. The beauty of this ajax order form is clients and request based on their requirements which means you can 100% control the code style and preferences. What you need to do is to tweak the slider according to your projects’ scale and time line you and offer. No doubt, bigger scale with limited time line will cost more. Other than that, you also can customize it based on layout, coding, software implementation and some advance option such as favicon, preferred javascript library and etc. After you get all what you need, you can directly make a payment and wait for the end result come to you.

psd to html

They take care of every tiny elements and requirements that needed in web development. This is a very effective way to show that “we are professional, we are capable and we and handle your projects nicely”. I have some kind of feeling like I am interactive with a human-a-like form. It is good enough to take care of my requirements. In the other hand, it also cut down a lot of time from the developer site to negotiate and discuss with the clients. A very straight forward concept. Order, pay and get.


This is a good site and they provide some excellent services. Nowadays, it is hard to get a web site which is cross browser (especially I.E6), SEO friendly and with valid CSS/XHTML. Personally, I always make sure my coding is up to this standard. I will try my best and maintained my concept and principle in my future tasks!

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