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How many WordPress Plugins are you using now? Are they necessary or are they all effective? I leave this to you to answer because you are the person who are using them. Well, there are thousand of different plugins out there and new plugins come out everyday. Each of them have their own functions and purposes. However, not all the plugins are useful. If you choose a bad written one, it may harm your site one day. I experienced this before myself with LoonDesign. So, here is a list of plugins that I tried before and some of them I keep using and play around with them till now.

All in One SEO Pack

If you are a newbie for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), like me, this is a good one for you to monetize your blog. It is easy to use and manage.

Get Recent Comments

This is a great one to display excerpts of the most recent comments and/or trackbacks in your blog. There is another useful plugin for the same purpose. Simple Recent Comments

Intouch Ajax contact form

I’ve been using this contact form for my blog and some others site. It works very good and filters all the spams. Seriously, NO SPAM at all. It also allows you to customize the email subject, thank you messages, and adds addition form fields. It is considered a must use plugin from Kai Loon. There is also another popular contact form, Secure and Accessible Contact Form by Mike Cherim and Mike Jolley. I have never try this before but I’ve been told it has a good rating, so, give it a try.

WP PageNavi

WP PageNavi adds a better paging navigation to your WordPress site. It is nice if you have a lot of posts because it allows your visitors to skip from page to page.

Ajax Polls

A flexible polls plugin. The layout is completely customizable via Admin panels. It also allows you to archive the polls. A good way to do some survey on your blog and to know your reader well.

Paged Comments

This plugin is useful if you get a lot of comments on your blog. It breaks your comments into a number of pages. Imagine if your blog gets over a thousand of comments? You definitely need this plugin. You can see how it works in LoonDesign here!

Subscribe to Comments

Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry. It is useful to get the back the readers for the second visits to your blog. It also help readers to stay updated of those post they’ve commented. It is a must for any blogger.

Most Commented

To show the hottest entry in your blog. The highly discussed contents of your blog can be displayed in a list.


As you can see in LoonDesign, there is a guest gravater for whoever comment here but not yet register their own gravatar. It is useful to get yourself easily been recognized by others when you comment in others blog.

Admin Drop Down Menu

It basically makes your secondary menu activate on mouseover. It save your time on writing or editing in wordpress admin page. A must installed plugin for all wordpress blog.

Adsense Deluxe

The simplest way to insert adsense into your post content. First you define your ad code through the Admin options, then insert a HTML snippet (“< !–adsense–>“) into anywhere of your post content, and it will automatically replace it with your ad code.

Got Banners

For those who wish to sell banner ads on their blog. You can try this out. Got Banners is a simple plugin for rotating banners (especially 125 x 125px). Unlike other banner rotators, Got Banners rotate all of the banners putting them in a random order each time.

Google XML Sitemaps

If you need to generate a XML compliant sitemap for search engines, Google Sitemap Generator is the best choice (supported by most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo,, and MSN).

New Tag Cloud

The plugin provides an widget which shows a tag cloud with the tags used by the new WordPress own tagging feature. Again, it is easy to use and you can set the maximum font size, font size different between sizes and others easily from the admin page.

NoFollow Free

To encourage your users to submit comments it has some options to replace the nofollow only when the author posted X comments before and put back the nofollow when some blacklisted words are matched. The replacement of the nofollow is also based upon the users type (registered and visitor users). Every option can be customized by the options page “NOFF“. You can also refer to my previous post here.


Social bookmarking sites allow websurfers to save, catalog, and share interesting pages they find online. The Sociable plugin appends links for your readers to use those sites to the end of each of your blog’s posts, increasing your potential audience. I tried this before and it works well. So, why not give it a try?


A simple and nice sortable archives plugin.

WP eCommerce

This is a great plugin for someone who wish to sell stuffs on blog. It is a Ajax powered shopping cart, very easy to use. I not yet fully try this out but will implement it in the future for LoonDesign WordPress Theme shopping cart.

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