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June 28th, 2008 in Articles, News by

Hi all, another update for LD today. I have been working on this site to add in some extra functions. It is hard to choose which to use and which not to use. Finally, I back to basic. Think over what my purpose to run this site. What’s my readers want? How can I provide? I always say that know more about your readers is always a good way yo improve our blog content quality. In the process, I manage to learn something new and find something useful again, from the word wide web. Let’s see what’s new here.

Web Design News

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I add in this new feature here to allow my readers get more web design related news. Besides, design only news also welcome. In other hand, whoever wish to promote or share their own or other’s articles will be always welcome. This take me about a day to finish it. I’ve tried out a few methods, but failed. I am not good in php. Since I am using wordpress. So, I back to it. I try to modify the comment.php and add in new input fields for extra info. I use Extra Comment Fields plugin from Nate Weiner. You can see there is a new section in the right sidebar. This also means that your submission will gain a link from here in every pages. Submit now if you want.

After that, play a round with css style. Done. The funny thing is, just right after I finished the modification. I notice there is a new entry by Collis in Nettus about this trick. However, I sticked to what I had did. I am using a page for it but they are using a post. But according to Collis, they will ask Joshua Blount to work out a complete wordpress plugin for this feature. So, wait and see…

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blog update

I also add in the content related function to help you for navigation when searching for some topic you like. I know this is just a basic function. I didn’t use it before this because I feel that it is kind of spamming within my blog. But now, for the good purpose, I use it here.


Finally, I decided to separate the comments and trackbacks. It is now look better and clean. I think it is good for the readers who enjoy reading other’s comments and feedbacks. Besides, I also add in a math protection plugin for the spam battling purpose. I use Math Comment Spam Protection by Michael Woehrer..


After the update was done. I feel that it is nothing impossible, even thought when you are using wordpress. You can actually so whatever you want. Just think about what you want in your site/blog, then look for the wordpress plug-ins directory or just google it. You may find a dozen of solutions out there. Because, someone already think of it before you did. This is also the beauty of internet. You will keep motivated by those talented people out there. It is good IF one day, I can be the first who create something new for the community. Well, that’s all about it.

have a nice day!

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