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August 7th, 2007 in Illustrator, Tutorials by

Today I am going to illustrate a “bird” from sketch to vector. To do this tutorial, you need to have some basic of illustrator drawing technique or you can refer to my previous tutorial. Ok, let’s start then.

This is my sketch:-

This is the more detail hand drawing:-

Step 1

Here we start the process. Scan the artwork into your pc. Open a new document with RGB color mode. Go to file > Place. Place the artwork on the stage. Reduce the opacity to 50% and lock the layer.

Step 2

Create a new layer and move it below the artwork. Rename it as feather. We start with the feather because it is at the backward of all part for the “bird”. Start illustrates and fills it with black color. You will get this:-

Step 3

Secondly, create a new layer and rename it as body. Draw the white feather as it is just above the feather layer. Sure, fill it with white color.

Step 4

Create a new layer, name it as mouth. Draw out the mouth and set the gradient as shown below:-

Step 5

This is the process to draw out the eyes. Still, create a new layer and name it as eyes. You need to use the pathfinder for this part:-

Step 6

after all, you will get this:-

Step 7

This part will be a bit more difficult but still using the same technique. Create a new layer and rename it as leg. Simply follow the steps shown below. You may also use your own color for this part.

Step 8

Lastly, create a new layer and draw out the tree. Put this below the legs layer.

Step 9

To make it look more real. Simply create a new layer and draw out the shadow for each part that you think is necessary.

Step 10

Here is it! Cheers! Hope you enjoy this. Any question, simply email me or leave a comment here. Thanks!


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