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technoratimediaTechnorati has launch their blog advertising network. Have you try it? I already registered. However, it seems like they are still on the data collection stage. Frankly. the ads format isn’t the one I prefer. But I still select the most suitable one for my blog. Oh ya, it is a blog advertising network. Do this remind you something? If you are from malaysia, you probably know that there are two very competitive blog advertising companies. Nuffnang and Advertlets. So far, what have you earn from them? Some might be very satisfy with them and some may not…

Experience and Expectation

Okie, I am not going to compare or argue both of them. But I did tried them before. I also received cheques from them before. Okie, case close. Now, TechnoratiMedia, a place that you can earn something in USD. However, I still don’t know how is the performance. But I do believe that it depend on the traffics of your blog. Nothing like “I am friend of one of the insider, so I earn more.” or “the band isn’t match the earnings” or even “I got RM xxx in my account and I cash out 4 months ago, but it still pending, the person in charge say I am a frauder!” may not happen. I didn’t say it won’t happen. Just the possibility is lesser.

I expect that their network is way way wider. I also expect that they will have a better frauding system. So, what we need to do is only focus on our blog content. Nothing is more important than controlling your blog content quality if you wish to make money online. Try to turn your interest into business. Maybe it is just a small business and you only able to earn some pocket money. But, trust me, you will be very satisfy with that.

If you like photographing, write something about it. Share your thoughts, idea, skills, experiences etc. If you like to eat, share the good places you found. A niche blog is always better than a “rojak” (mixed content) blog.


Good luck to you all and happy blogging! Cheers!

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