The 3rd WebmasterMalaysia Gathering – Update

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Well, well, well… I know I am too late to post about this. Please forgive me. It is a bit busy here recently to setup my another site and preparing another free wordpress theme for you. As I mentioned before, I will attend the 3rd WebmasterMalaysia Gathering on 5th 2008. And, I did. This time I spend more time chit chat with friends, Eddie, Danny, Loh, RuhaniRabin, Adrian and also Mark. Some of them I met before but some of them I only talk to them online before.

The Event

It is a good day. First thing I heard since I reach there is “your boss is coming? is it?” Guess what is next? “I wish he don’t”. Haha… I think you know the reason better than me IF you are a local blogger who is using our service. Anyway, all of the webmasters look so aggresive. Most of them started to do social networking already. Well, networking is important for online business I might say.

After a while, the event start. Seriously, I don’t know how to write about what I heard that day. I totally can’t focus. I am so busy to chit chat with them. Please forgive me. But I did pay attention to LiewCF talk, Adrian and also Ikram Omar from Filament-Phase.

Especially Adrian, sharing about prevention of fraud on online payment. He brief us about the normal types of credit card payment and the basic methods to fight fraud online. I learn something that might help me to develop my own online business someday. Thanks!

The Photo

Liew CF

Adrian from Neowave

Eddie and Danny

Finally, Group Photo

Group Photo

I think I still manage to learn something from this gathering. But it is in another way. Somehow, it is always happy to have a gathering. If Exabytes really can make it as a monthly event. It will be interesting. Cheers!

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