The Envato Marketplaces Re-Design: Kailoon Involvement

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Envato Marketplace re-design

I am always excited to be part of Envato team ( marketplace reviewer ), this time, it is even more awesome because I had the pleasure once again to work with Collis Ta’eed and the team at Envato. It is a true honor for me.

It is not an easy job to redesign such a huge network of sites, a lot of pressure on the team behind it. You will need to know what the community needs, what to be included and what not. The first time I saw the nearly finished mock of the redesign, I know that the community is going to love it. It provide lots of great features and possibilities for future implementation.

I am going to break down a few points on how I see the re-design and show you some of my drafts (logo and concept design).

The Logo

Envato Marketplace re-design

I am not sure who else is involved on logo redesign part, as far as I know. Collis is the person in charged. He contact me and show me the sample of what he want. The first impression when I saw the sample is, I like the font! Seriously, it makes a lot of sense to use that font to match the logo style and sizes. For logo, I am not really 100% re-design it but partly. If you still remember the old logo. It is an animal hiding behind the marketplace name. We keep the same concept, but this time, it is more stylish and minimal. We only show part of the animal of every logos.

New Envato Marketplaces

Here’s some screenshots of the brand new marketplaces.

Envato Marketplace re-design
Envato Marketplace re-design
Envato Marketplace re-design

What Work Did I Do?

I’m going to show you some of my early mock-ups that I sent to Collis months ago. Before you look at the mock-ups then, it’s probably interesting to know how Collis went about the project. He approached 3 designers (Liam Mckay, Aaron Lynch and I ) informing us of his master plan to give the Marketplace a refresh. He wanted a new perspective on the design and some ideas from outside of his own head.

Our brief was to create something conceptually new and fresh, and we had lot of creative freedom on that. I understand that Collis was going to take our designs and create something himself in the end. So, what he was looking for is actually idea and usability. I think it was clever approach on Collis’ part, it offered him a variety of styles from a variety of designers that he could take and shape into a fantastic design. So, aesthetic quality isn’t the major issue when doing the re-design. Below are the mocks.

Envato Marketplace re-design
Envato Marketplace re-design
Envato Marketplace re-design

My initial idea is to turn the item page into the author selling page. The priority will go for the author’s items. Then followed by related items or recommend items. Looking through the final live version I can see tiny things that could have been made as a result of my designs, but I am not sure.

Final Thought

It was a great experience to be able to directly work with Collis and such a good company. I hope to have more chances like this to learn from them. Besides, I am just too excited that I can be listed alongside with Liam Mckay and Aaron Lynch. I love their works every much!

Now that the site is all new and shiny it’s the perfect time to sign up, if you haven’t already. One account will be able to access all marketplaces and get some awesome audio, flash, templates, graphic and other digital files in low price!


1 thing I love about the new re-design is the author follow and the announcement feature exclusively for authors.

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