The Survey 2008 And My Survey

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a list apartA List Apart, once again, calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. To pool their information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way the profession is practiced worldwide. Last year nearly 33,000 people took the survey. This help them to figure out what kinds of job titles, salaries, and work situations are common in our field. It is a big contribution in this field. If you think you are getting unsatisfied paid now. You better take it.

The Survey 2008

the survey 2008I already took the survey. Some of the questions are really what I was always thinking. If you are also a web designer or whoever making websites. Do you think that you are getting the money which match the your efforts and workloads? For overseas, I am not sure. I think you guys maybe better than us who are in Malaysia. I read an article about how to price your work. The minimum charges for a basic web site is USD 2000 (RM 6000). Basic which means is static, no CMS. Here, I bet you have to take that offer in around RM 1000 or lesser. Plus, you will have endless modification works.

In this survey, they did asking about the satisfactory of your current work. How you charge your clients? What’s the different after you change the pricing? And also what is your job title?

So, May I know your Jon Title? Can someone who read this article write your job title here? For example, for me:

Web Designer – CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, WordPress.

My Experiences

Me, myself have received quite a few offers. After I sent my quotation. There will be no reply at all. Price problem? My quality of work is bad? I am pretty confident on my works actually. Further, I did sent along what I will provide with the price given. Also some extra features that he/she never think about which can help his/her online business.

I am very happy when someone want to start online business, especially in Malaysia. I will try to help them as much as possible. But, if you are focusing on online business. In other words, your main income will be from the internet. So, you better take good care of your website and system, right? You may need to pay more for that. That’s normal. Who can provide you a complete CRM + nice layout + maintainence while your offer is less than RM 1000? Will you take it? I have no idea.

My little opinion, the web designers / developer also human being. They also have to pay bills and all that. Besides, the times and efforts they put are deserving the price they quoted. We also don’t want to bring down our reputation and porftolio. Business will only grow when there is a win win situation for both sides.

My Survey

I also created a survey below. Please spend some times on it. Your contribution is highly appreciated.


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