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If you are a web designer / designer blogger, you may notice that the collection lists which start with something like “Top 100 awesome ..” or “40 + Brilliant Web Design …” or even “The Top Inspired Web Site You Can Not Miss” etc are already a trend. When I start notice this, I feel like they are trying to take advantage from the original authors. To gain traffics, visits and then increase ranking. I am feel it is unfair to them. But, after a while. I found that the list is quite useful. Let me explain why?

The Purpose Of the Top List

If I am not mistaken, those top list trend started by the magazine sites. For example smashingmagazine. (Pleae correct me if you know who is the starter. I am saying this according to my sixth sense) Then, other site’s owner take this as an reference to get the idea in writing new blog posts. The main purposes for the top lists are:

I read some comments from Noupe recently. They are saying that the site Owner keep reposting the same stuffs all the time. They are asking for something originally created by the author. The second requirement is accepted. But for the first opinion, I feel that we should appreciate the hard work by the author in compiling such a good list and going to share with us. If he is bad enough, he can just compile it without a linkback to to original post. Right?

My Experiences

I really appreciate the lists. I understand that it is not easy to compile a list of over 100+ nice sites or products. I tried before and what I can do is only browse through the gallery site, search engine and some of my favorite sites. However, sometimes. They really list out something that I never see before.

However, when someting going to be popular. You may see something similar started to show up. You find other great lists with the increament number of list. For example, original was “40+ Best Illustrator Sites” will turn something into – “Another 60+ Best Illustrator Sites”. I am not saying that it is bad. It will be nice if the content keep the original quality. But if it is not?

I also wish to compile some of my favorite lists and topics. But I just find no where to kick start. Maybe I am not a good researcher. I think better I stay focus on my own thing and create something good and let the expert to compile it.

Last Question

What you wish to read from here? Tutorials in CSS? Photohops? Illustrator? Top List? Javascript? Ajax? or ….comic (I really want to do this when time’s right and allow me to do that)? Let me know my dear readers.

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